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St. Louis Rams owner prefers Stan Kroenke take over team ..

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  • St. Louis Rams owner prefers Stan Kroenke take over team ..



    IRVING, TEXAS In many ways, it has been a long 2 1/2 years for Chip Rosenbloom as controlling owner of the Rams.

    "Emotionally, there's so many things that go into it," Rosenbloom told the Post-Dispatch. "The issue of whether we would hold onto the team, selling the team, the timing of that, all of those issues are from a family that has been in the sports business since 1953 11 years before I was born.

    "It's part of the fabric of our family's lives. Emotionally, it's been very tough. And that's been one of the keys in finding the right buyer."

    Rosenbloom and sister Lucia Rodriguez inherited 60 percent of the team when their mother, Georgia Frontiere, died of breast cancer on Jan. 18, 2008.

    Between Rosenbloom's father, Carroll Rosenbloom, and his mother, the family has owned an NFL franchise first the Colts, then the Rams for 57 years.

    But largely because of estate tax issues, Rosenbloom and Rodriguez can no longer make a go of it as NFL owners. And after a long, tedious process characterized at times by frustration and surprise developments, the goal line is in sight.

    Although Rosenbloom wouldn't speak to it, progress was made at the just completed NFL owners meetings in the Dallas area. If all goes well, team owners could approve Missouri businessman Stan Kroenke's bid to purchase controlling interest in the team as early as August.

    In his first extensive interview since late January, Rosenbloom talked about the sales process and why Kroenke is a good choice as the Rams' next owner, and paid homage to Illinois businessman Shahid Khan.

    "It's been interesting," Rosenbloom said. "We're tackling a lot of issues here. We're trying to find the right buyer for us, the right buyer for the NFL, the right buyer for St. Louis. And do it in a way that respects the process."

    In a move that surprised many, Kroenke exercised his right of first refusal in matching a sales agreement reached by Khan to purchase Rosenbloom's and Rodriguez's 60 percent share.

    "Stan has been a great partner, a friend to our family for 15 years," Rosenbloom said. "It's his right to do what he chose to do here. We're happy that we have such a good friend in Stan and that St. Louis has such a good friend in Stan."

    In no way, Rosenbloom pointed out, should that be construed as a sign of disrespect to Khan.

    "I have great admiration for Shad Khan, and I consider Shad a friend," Rosenbloom said.

    Nonetheless, Rosenbloom would be gratified to see Kroenke take over the team because in a sense Kroenke would continue the family legacy in the NFL. He joined Frontiere as a business partner in 1995 when he agreed to purchase 40 percent of the team, a transaction that ensured the franchise's transfer from Southern California to St. Louis.

    "It is an interesting thing when these teams sell, and sometimes the past is totally forgotten," Rosenbloom said. "One of the most important things to me, and I know Lucia, too, is to protect the tradition and legacy of the Rosenbloom family. And that encompasses my mom, of course.

    "But that's not something where you can just sign a contract and say, 'This is how it's done.' Either the people that you hand the baton off to are going to do it or they're not going to do it. I feel very comfortable with Stan as a friend (taking over the team)."

    If Kroenke's bid is approved, Rosenbloom said he and his sister plan to stay involved with the Rams and with the St. Louis community "for decades to come."

    "Stan will help us fulfill our desires to stay a part of the organization's family, so to speak, whether it's through community activities or just being huge fans of the team," Rosenbloom said.

    It could be more than that. There has been speculation that Rosenbloom and Rodriguez will retain a small percentage of the team if it is sold to Kroenke. But Rosenbloom declined to comment on that possibility.

    Although the Rams have won only three games in the two seasons since Frontiere's death, Rosenbloom says a foundation for success has been laid through the massive changes he has overseen since '08, including new head coach Steve Spagnuolo and a totally revamped front office.

    "It's been important over the last 2 1/2 years to try and change the dynamic of the organization," Rosenbloom said. "I want to sit with you five years from now and say, 'Look at what the things we've done in (those) 2 1/2 years have brought. Have they been good things?'

    "And I would hope that that answer is yes. Primarily, that's been my goal, to try and find a way to get this thing run right with the people that we have in place. Now, I think we're on that path. I mean, I look at the organization and I feel very happy with the direction we're headed. Now we have a ways to go we have to translate that into victories on the field."

    Rosenbloom denied that the sale of the team has limited spending in free agency.

    "The sale of the team has had no impact on how we've approached free agency," he said. "We've left that process up to our football people."

    But he was a big proponent of drafting Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford with the No. 1 overall pick.

    "If you can find a guy who enters the locker room and can make a sudden change, just in terms of leadership, that's a great thing," Rosenbloom said. "From every action this guy's taken, he's a great leader."

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    Re: St. Louis Rams owner prefers Stan Kroenke take over team ..

    So why not sell it directly to Kroenke right off the bat?


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      Re: St. Louis Rams owner prefers Stan Kroenke take over team ..

      I'm sorry but I can't help but think this the whole time I read it.

      I "Rosenbloom" have no clue what I'm doing as an owner. "3 wins in 2 years" "3 head coaches in 2 years also" Stan has lots of money and will buy this off me before I lose every dime I have. Hence I am going to kiss his buttocks till he gives me money for the team. Khan has lots of money too so ditto. If I play one off the other I will make more than if I just sell it to Stan.
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        Re: St. Louis Rams owner prefers Stan Kroenke take over team ..

        Originally posted by lordwhttgr View Post
        So why not sell it directly to Kroenke right off the bat?
        Cross-ownership rules. Chip can't sell it to Stan unless they can get league approval. Otherwise, this might have gone down a long time ago.


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          Re: St. Louis Rams owner prefers Stan Kroenke take over team ..

          Originally posted by Goldenfleece View Post
          Cross-ownership rules. Chip can't sell it to Stan unless they can get league approval. Otherwise, this might have gone down a long time ago.
          In addition to the cross-ownership rule, I'm sure Silent Stan was perfectly willing to let someone else do the negotiating thereby preventing business from intruding upon friendship .. After all Kroenke knew all along his contract stated clearly that he the right to cut to the front of the line if he chose to do ..


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            Re: St. Louis Rams owner prefers Stan Kroenke take over team ..

            Originally posted by Goldenfleece View Post
            Cross-ownership rules. Chip can't sell it to Stan unless they can get league approval. Otherwise, this might have gone down a long time ago.
            cross ownership rules exist to day also,,,but Stan is trying to buy.


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              Re: St. Louis Rams owner prefers Stan Kroenke take over team ..

              Originally posted by lordwhttgr View Post
              cross ownership rules exist to day also,,,but Stan is trying to buy.
              And he will likely be allowed to work out a compromise or waiver with the NFL. Isn't it wonderful that the Good Ol' Boys network likes him? This franchise might actually finally catch breaks from the league.


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              • RamWraith
                Future ownership of Rams in doubt
                by RamWraith
                By Jim Thomas
                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH
                Saturday, Jan. 19 2008

                Dale "Chip" Rosenbloom grew up surrounded by Rams football. Now he's about to
                own the team but for how long?

                With the death of Georgia Frontiere, her son and daughter will inherit the
                Rams. Rosenbloom, 43, is a filmmaker; Lucia Rodriguez, 46, a wife and mother.
                Both live in Los Angeles.

                They will split the 60 percent share of the team owned by Frontiere, but per
                league rule, only one person can have the controlling share. And that person is

                Those close to Rosenbloom say he has some sense of obligation to his deceased
                father to keep the Rams franchise in the family. (When Carroll Rosenbloom
                drowned in a swimming accident in 1979, wife Georgia Chip's mother took
                control of the team.)

                The problem is that Rosenbloom has a full career not to mention a wife and
                two children in Los Angeles. In fact, with six Rosenbloom movies released or
                in production in the past three years, the movie business has never been better
                for him.

                Among his movie credits are "Girl in the Park" (starring Sigourney Weaver),
                "Alice Upside Down" and the Shiloh trilogy, three popular children's movies
                about a boy and his beagle. Rosenbloom usually produces movies, but he also has
                directed and written screenplays. He even wrote a song for his 1990 release:
                "Instant Karma."

                Rosenbloom has an environmental movie about alternative energy "Fields of
                Fuel" set to premier at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

                Despite the demands of his career, Rosenbloom has been active behind the scenes
                with the Rams for years. He meets with the team's president, John Shaw,
                regularly and has attended several league meetings.

                Even in his younger years, Rosenbloom always seemed to be around the team:

                He was there when Chuck Knox was offered the Rams' head coaching job in 1983.
                (Knox ended up going to Seattle, although he returned for a second stint with
                the Rams in 1992.)

                He was there in September 1994, when the Save the Rams group of Orange County
                made a renovation proposal to team officials to keep the Rams at Anaheim
                Stadium. Rosenbloom asked several "pointed" questions during the meeting,
                according to the Los Angeles Times.

                Less than a year later, in March 1995, he was there when NFL owners initially
                voted down the Rams' proposed move to St. Louis.

                As Rams owner, Rosenbloom wouldn't suddenly become a hands-on owner like the
                Washington Redskins' Dan Snyder. Those who know Rosenbloom say he feels a great
                sense of responsibility in making it work in St. Louis,...
                -01-20-2008, 06:43 AM
              • MauiRam
                Rosenbloom confident on Rams sale ..
                by MauiRam
                BY JIM THOMAS Posted: Tuesday, August 3, 2010 12:08 am

                With a scheduled vote three weeks away on Stan Kroenke's bid to purchase the St. Louis Rams, team owner Chip Rosenbloom remains confident the deal will get done.

                "We're optimistic that the transaction will be supported by the owners and the league," Rosenbloom told the Post-Dispatch on Monday. "Our relationship with Stan has been and continues to be excellent. We're finalizing documents and expect it to be voted on Aug. 25."

                Rosenbloom's comments come on the heels of a SportsBusiness Journal report that some members of the NFL finance committee were upset at Kroenke's two-tiered approach to purchasing the Rams.

                Kroenke exercised a right of first refusal in April, in essence deciding to match the bid by Illinois businessman Shahid Khan to purchase the 60 percent of the Rams currently up for sale by Rosenbloom and sister Lucia Rodriguez.

                It's believed that Khan's offer was not a single-payment offer. In other words, Khan would pay part of the franchise purchase price initially, and then buy the rest of Rosenbloom's and Rodriguez's 60 percent share at a later date.

                Kroenke "inherited" those terms when matching Khan's offer. But realistically, the terms probably have been tweaked over the course of discussions and meetings involving Kroenke, Rosenbloom and the NFL.

                It's not that Kroenke couldn't pay cash in one installment if he had to. In fact, he paid cash for his current 40 percent share of the Rams when the franchise moved to St. Louis in 1995.

                But on one level, it seems puzzling if members of the finance committee indeed are against a two-tiered payment method by Kroenke because there is precedence for such purchases. Most recently, Arthur Blank bought the Atlanta Falcons in two installments, as did Steve Bisciotti with the Baltimore Ravens.

                The NFL is scheduled to vote on Kroenke's bid Aug. 25 in Atlanta.

                Through a spokesman, Kroenke declined to comment.
                -08-03-2010, 09:51 AM
              • MauiRam
                Intrigue behind Rams sale
                by MauiRam
                Sports Columnist Bernie Miklasz
                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                Let's get down to business. It's time to update the attempted sale of the St. Louis Rams. The process has been secretive for the most part. Obviously, there's a lot that I don't know.

                But after making several rounds of phone calls this week and talking to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation, I'll share what I know.

                And I'll also discuss the ongoing effort of Blues chairman Dave Checketts, who is attempting to put together a consortium to purchase the 60 percent of the Rams owned by Chip Rosenbloom and his sister, Lucia Rodriguez.

                Checketts is carrying the football on behalf of St. Louis. That's a positive, but there is a downside, and later in the column I'll explain why.

                Let's get started:

                No sale is imminent.

                Several out-of-town interests are pursuing the franchise. And indications are that the potential buyers have communicated a desire to keep the Rams in St. Louis. For example, one potential buyer lives out of state but has business interests here and is thought to be pro-St. Louis.

                That said, no one in St. Louis should take anything for granted. Buyers know that Rosenbloom and Rodriguez want the Rams to remain here. And if a buyer has other motives, it makes no sense to telegraph those intentions to Rosenbloom. Or to the Goldman Sachs investment firm, which is handling sale inquiries.

                Last Sunday on the CBS pregame show, Charley Casserly identified a new potential buyer: Texas-based banking billionaire Gerald J. Ford. It's true. It's also early. Ford, 65, is a promising candidate. But he hasn't been vetted yet.

                Casserly also suggested that Rosenbloom and Rodriguez are under pressure to sell before the end of the year, because of estate-tax issues related to the death of their mother, Georgia Frontiere. A source with intimate knowledge of the Rosenbloom-Rodriguez tax issues disputes that.
                Between now and October 2013, Rosenbloom and Rodriguez are obligated to pay interest on the estate-tax bill. They are not required to begin making payments on the principal until Oct. 2013. At that point, the pressure to sell the team would increase, but the source stressed it would still be possible for Rosenbloom and Rodriguez to keep the Rams. An expected increase in the capital-gains tax (in 2010 or 2011) doesn't help Rosenbloom and Rodriguez, but the source insists that isn't an important factor in the sale timetable.

                Stan Kroenke, who owns 40 percent of the Rams, has remained silent. To buy the available 60 percent, Kroenke would have to convince the NFL to change the rules prohibiting cross ownership. (He owns the NBA Denver Nuggets and NHL Colorado Avalanche.) Kroenke is a key to this. Because if he agrees to stay on as the 40 percent partner, the new owner would...
                -11-15-2009, 09:06 AM
              • HUbison
                Checketts solidifies Rams bid
                by HUbison
                Checketts solidifies Rams bid

                By Bernie Miklasz
                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                As Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch reported recently, the sale of the Rams has been narrowed down to a list of three potential buyers.

                And that hasn't changed, according to multiple sources close to Rams managing ownership partner Chip Rosenbloom.

                Rosenbloom would like to make a decision within a month or two. Rosenbloom and his sister, Lucia Rodriguez, prefer to sell their combined 60 percent share but could opt to hang on to the franchise rather than settle for an unsatisfactory offer.

                One of the three potential buyers is a group of investors organized by St. Louis Blues Chairman Dave Checketts.

                Multiple sources tell me that another group has strong ties to Toronto, which should concern those who want to see the Rams remain in St. Louis.

                As for the third potential buyer ... candidly, I've been unable to nail down that part. But I know it isn't anyone from St. Louis. And I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the bidder is based in Chicago.

                I hope that Checketts prevails in this auction, or the Rams could be in play for a move after the 2014 season.

                Checketts is our best hope to secure a long-term future for the Rams in St. Louis.

                Or to put it another way: Checketts IS the St. Louis offer.

                I trust Checketts to work with area politicians and business and community leaders to solve the looming stadium problem.

                Checketts has made good progress in his Rams efforts. According to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation, Checketts has partnered with a formidable money man in Texas billionaire Gerald J. Ford, who was ranked No. 289 on the Forbes list of the 400 wealthiest Americans last fall. Forbes estimated Ford's worth at $1.35 billion.

                Ford, 65, made his fortune by buying and selling banks. He's friends with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Ford donated $20 million to SMU in 1997 to help the school build a new football stadium on campus. Indeed, Gerald J. Ford Stadium opened in 2000.

                This is a significant development. For the Checketts bid to comply with NFL ownership rules, one member of his group must control a 30 percent share of the franchise. And multiple sources tell me that Ford is locked in as the 30 percent owner. Ford doesn't want to run the franchise on a daily basis and would leave that to Checketts.

                Ford's addition (at 30 percent) is only part of the equation.

                To cover another 30 percent (including his own percentage) Checketts has been busy lining up additional investors from the St. Louis community.

                The list includes prominent and recognizable names. The investors aren't yet willing to come forward to publicly confirm...
                -02-01-2010, 06:23 AM
              • r8rh8rmike
                St. Louis Rams Owners Weighing 3 Offers
                by r8rh8rmike
                St. Louis Rams owners weighing 3 offers

                By Jim Thomas
                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                St. Louis Rams owners Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez are closing in on a decision to accept one of three offers to purchase the team or walk away from the bidders and keep the franchise, league sources told the Post-Dispatch on Tuesday.

                A decision could be reached before the NFL draft in late April, not because of any kind of firm deadline, but simply to avoid uncertainty surrounding the team and its future entering the 2010 season.

                All three offers, described as "acceptable" by the sources, are comparable to what the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise recently sold for which was in the range of total franchise value of $720 million to $800 million.

                The only known bid for the team is from a group of investors headed by St. Louis Blues hockey chairman Dave Checketts. The identity of the other two bidders remains unknown, although one was a relative late-comer in the process.

                The three bidders are committed in varying degrees to keeping the franchise in St. Louis, and that may have an impact on any sale decision.

                Rosenbloom and Rodriguez own 60 percent of the franchise, which they inherited from their late mother, Georgia Frontiere. Frontiere died on Jan. 18, 2008 two years ago Monday after a long battle with breast cancer. It is that 60 percent of the team that is for sale.

                Stan Kroenke owns the other 40 percent of the team.

                But at least one of the bids is for the full 100 percent of the team, in which case Kroenke's share would be bought out as well. But if Rosenbloom and Rodriguez end up selling only their 60 percent of the team, Kroenke could potentially scuttle the deal by saying he wants to "cash out," or sell his share of the team as well. If that's the case, the 60 percent investor may not have enough money to buy the full franchise.

                Those close to Rosenbloom say he has yet to get any indication from Kroenke on what he will do, although there have been signals from the Kroenke camp that he will simply hold his 40 percent share of the team if Rosenbloom and Rodriguez sell their 60 percent.

                Kroenke also has matching rights on any outside offers for the team. But under current NFL cross-ownership rules, he would not be allowed to exercise that right as long as he owns majority shares of the Denver Nuggets NBA team and the Colorado Avalanche NHL franchise. Kroenke also owns 29.9 percent of the English soccer club Arsenal, a team valued at $1.2 billion.

                Some clarity could be added to the issue this week. The Rams' brain trust is meeting in Los Angeles today and Thursday for the team's annual end-of-season summit meeting. Kroenke is expected to attend at least one day's worth of the meetings. If Kroenke indicates that he's on board with any...
                -01-19-2010, 09:48 PM