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  • On the flip side...

    There're the people they've brought in.

    I recently posted a thread praising Devaney and Spags for having the foresight, (obviously IMO), to cut the players they did when they did.

    Here's who they've added. Again, (excepting Brown), this is only in the LAST YEAR!

    (Alphabetically), Amendola, Bajema, Brown, Butler, Carpenter, Diggs, Dockery, Feely, Fraley, Payne, and Robbins.

    Before you start, I'm aware we don't have a verdict on some of them, but that's not my point. You can play the "friends of" game, claim they're at "end of their career", and "are only back-ups" (in some cases) all you want, but one can argue they are ALL solid, if not huge, improvements at their positions. (Or at least great signings and good depth, Tex).

    None of 'em are pro bowlers, and none of them are going to significantly improve the team single-handedly, but as a collective, they will, and it is indicative of the approach management is taking, and it's all positive.

    To oversimplify, I feel we've gone from back-ups as starters and street agents as back-ups, to starters and back-ups. And I haven't referenced the last two drafts which still look very promising.

    Are there really still people who see no reason to be a little positive?
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    Re: On the flip side...

    Gotta have back-ups to push the rest of the team, and this team sure could use a shove at certain positions.


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      Re: On the flip side...

      I think it'd definitely at least an upgrade to the depth of the team and players who can (mostly) play for a longer time than those whom we have parted with. Further, they're players who are a better match for the schemes that we're playing than those whom we let go.
      I believe!:ram:


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        Re: On the flip side...

        I agree with you Vegas. I think Devaney and Spags were faced with an impossible situation and have done their best under the circumstances. The jury is still out on a lot of these guys plus recent draftees, but the roster is better than it was.

        Football is not like baseball- where a blockbuster trade or a dominant pitcher can put you over the top. You must build through the draft and through shrewd personnel acquisitions.

        I am still a believer in these two guys, but I also expect significant improvement in the won-loss column this year.


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        • r8rh8rmike
          Rams' GM Discusses Reasons For His Optimism
          by r8rh8rmike
          Rams' GM discusses reasons for his optimism

          BY JIM THOMAS
          Sunday, August 1, 2010

          General manager Billy Devaney has seen the preseason prognostications and wisecracks. He knows what the record was in 2009. And '08. And '07. And like most Rams players, he wants to do something about it.

          "The only way I can say it is the players are (ticked) off still from last year," Devaney said. "You want to say forget last year, and last year's over. But let me tell you, this isn't any fun. I know it isn't any fun for our players or anybody in this building to hear all the time: worst team in the NFL, 1-15, lowly St. Louis Rams.

          "If that doesn't (tick) you off, or get you motivated in the offseason, then we have the wrong kind of guy. There's a lot of motivated people here to get this thing going and start winning football games."

          Other than the selection of Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford with the No. 1 overall draft pick, it was an offseason devoid of big-name acquisitions for St. Louis. Nonetheless, Devaney feels there is no comparison between the 2010 Rams and coach Steve Spagnuolo's inaugural Rams squad of 2009.

          "It thought we had a great offseason," Devaney said. "The intensity and the participation of the players in the offseason program was outstanding. Even though we were in shorts and T-shirts, you could just see in Year Two how much more comfortable our players were in the system.

          "We looked faster than you would expect. At this time last year, we were installing playbooks for the first time — the wheels were grinding. So the thing that jumped out in the spring — the whole tempo, everything, looked much faster and quicker."

          Whether this is truly the case, or simply misguided optimism, remains to be seen. But with Rams training camp now in full gear, we're about to find out.

          In a pre-camp interview with the Post-Dispatch, Devaney discussed the state of the roster, the impact of the pending franchise sale, and more:

          PD: How would you characterize the offseason in terms of personnel acquisitions?

          DEVANEY: "Knock on wood, I think it's going to turn out to be a pretty darn good draft. I know people say why didn't we jump out and sign a big marquee-type free agent? That was never part of the plan. I think the guys that we added are going to be 'fits' and the right fits here. And to be honest, just the way free agency worked this year — the available free agents — there weren't that many names out there to begin with."

          PD: Did the pending franchise sale lead to any financial constraints in going after players?

          DEVANEY: "None whatsoever. We were allowed to put our plan in place, and we weren't restricted at all. Not one bit. Not once did we go to ownership and say, 'hey, we'd really like...
          -08-01-2010, 09:21 AM
        • RamsInfiniti
          Can we compete in 2009?
          by RamsInfiniti
          I know it's early, but contingent on Bartell signing, and Butler coming aboard, which I have a feeling they will, can this team really compete in 2009?

          By compete, I'm not talking winning the division, or even playoffs, but fielding a very competetive team that plays hard in every game and gives the opposition a run for it's money ...

          The NFL is a very dynamic league - it's doesn't take alot to term the team around. Look at our offensive line for instance. They had no identity last year, it seemed everybody was on an island, just doing there own thing. Add Jason Brown, and you imstantly add a spark and attitude to the line that we were desperately lacking. Is he the end all beat all solution to our line problems? No, not in the strictest sense. We still need to find a long term replacement for Pace, or even an instant fill in if he leaves, and we also need to decide Barron's future. But the addition of Brown does replace a liability in the HEART of the line. No longer do we have to worry about a guard having to pick up the slack of the center. Instead, they can focus on getting downfield and doing some damage paricularly in the run game. I know alot of people are down on Incognito, but he has shown an ability to get to the second level of the defense in the run game. Imagine what he might be able to do with a hoss like Brown next to him ...

          I think we are fine at quarterback. We need to groom for the future, but we've all seen what Bulger can do with time ...

          We are also fine at running back. It would be nice to add an uber quick dynamic back, but I think Darby is a more than capable #2. We need a beast of a fullback, but those can be found in the draft ...

          The receiver corp is an issue. Avery and Burton should develop nicely, but what about Holt. Is he even here? I am sure we will rely alot of the tight end, and we have a nice pair in McMichael and Fells. We need to get bigger at the wideout position. Adding Brown gives us some flexibility to possibly do this in the draft ...

          On defense, we need a younger edge rusher, but I am sure that Spags will do wonders with Long and Little. They might be quite a pair rushing off the edge. Huge defensive tackles are not required for his scheme, but a big body in the middle would be nice. Where we excel here is having guys on the edge like Hall and Adeyanju that can move inside and rush the passer on passing downs. If you have watched Spags schemes, you know that he likes his front four to be very versatile. We saw the damage that James Hall could do last year rushing from the down position. These types of players could be crucial ....

          Linebacker is a major issue. We still have no real MLB, and I think this has to be addressed for us to be successful. We need a guy in the middle that can shed blocks and force his way into the action. We have nice outside backers in Witherspoon and Pisa, should he be here. I don't...
          -03-01-2009, 10:44 AM
        • mikhal5569
          Q and A's W/Randy Karraker
          by mikhal5569
          Randy Karraker Q and A

          (This is an excellent Q and A piece that I found somewhere on the web. It's loaded with a ton of great questions and fairly direct answers, which should provide a lot of material to talk about during this slow time of the year. Sit back and relax it's going to take you a while to read through it, this bad boy is LONG.)

          by Bucky:
          A wide receiver question: If the Rams
          somehow end up playing two TE's nearly 50% of the time, which two wide receivers
          would you keep out there with the two TE's? I love Amendola as a slot receiver
          but I don't think he is that good if he has to line up outside. I have no clue

          Hey Bucky. I would anticipate Amendola will be out
          there most of the time. Envision what New England does. They can use him in a
          slot and split a guy like Kendricks out on the other side. There’s going to be a
          lot of movement so they can isolate Amendola. McDaniels loves him. He’s going to
          see a lot of snaps. I would think they’ll take KOR duties away though, to
          preserve him a bit.


          by ferragamo79:
          Do you see the Rams pursuing some big names or
          starters in free agency?

          More specifically:

          #1 Does Devaney
          finally get a back up/change of pace RB such as Sproles, Bush, or Norwood?

          #2 Do the Rams pursue much needed starters such as a WLB, DT (Many here
          are hoping for Cofield) , S and/or guard or do they stand pat with what they
          have? Do the Rams really see Greco as an option at guard?

          Ferragamo. When I was at Rams Park over draft weekend, the two names I heard
          that they liked, ironically, were Sproles and Cofield. Not only do they need
          that backup/change of pace guy of which you spoke, but they need a Kevin
          Faulk-type first down maker. Last year the Rams were 26th in 3rd down
          efficiency. The new TE and hopefully receivers should help that, but a
          difference making 3rd down back is key. Sean Payton says the Saints plan on
          having Reggie, and Norwood isn’t much of a pass catcher. Sproles looks like the
          best out there.

          Cofield would be an upgrade over what the Rams have,
          knows Spags’ system, and says his Giants career is over. He and Robbins are good
          friends, too. So I would hope the Rams would ante up and pursue him. He would be
          tied for first among Rams DT’s, at worst.

          There aren’t may good OLB’s in
          free agency. I like David Thornton, but he missed last season with hip surgery.
          Kawika Mitchell started for the Giants in the Super Bowl vs. NE, but he’s
          getting up there in years and miles. Thomas Davis is always hurt. I’m assuming...
          -05-14-2011, 09:30 AM
        • AvengerRam_old
          The Naysayers Have No Power Here.
          by AvengerRam_old
          One thing I've learned from my years as a poster/moderator of this site: there will always be naysayers.

          We all know who I'm talking about. There are certain posters who you just know, even before you read there posts, are going to have nothing good to say.

          The naysaying topic du jour, of course, is the Rams' draft.

          I, for one, am not in the business of "grading" drafts. For me, it comes down to a simple question: does the tactic taken by the team on draft day make sense?

          This year, the Rams surprised me with many of their choices. I many cases, they did not select the players I expected. But, when I look at the draft as a whole, the strategy is clear (get Sam Bradford big targets with good hands who can work the middle of the field), and it makes sense.

          Still, there are naysayers.

          Well, I'm here to say... YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE!

          Why? Not because I say so. Rather, its because Spags/Devaney has earned our faith and trust.

          From their first to second season, the Rams went from 1 win to 7. The defense improved. The pass rush became feared. The turnover ratio improved. The team acquired starters at QB, both OT spots, MLB and CB through the draft. The team acquired starters at DT, OLB an S through free agency. The team acquired contibuters at WR, DT and S off the scrap heap.

          There is still a lot of work to be done, and there are no guarantees, but hasn't the Spags/Devaney team earned enough goodwill to be immune from statements like "that was a horrible pick" or "I hate this draft"?

          Contructive criticism is fine.

          Raising concerns is to be expected.

          But pure naysaying... well, to use a somewhat outdated catch-phrase... that is SOOOOO 2008.
          -05-03-2011, 08:42 AM
        • Warner4prez
          The Biggest Need??
          by Warner4prez
          Much has been made, and shall continue to be made about where to go with the 1st overall pick this year. What I want to know is what is our most glaring need? What can make or break this team? I'm prepared to give a little insight to each position and how they can impact our team.

          1.) QB: Obviously this is one of the biggest points of contention with all fans this year as well as from years past. It seems unlikely that the Rams won't do SOMETHING to address the QB position this year, but where are you at clan rammers? Personally I don't think a top tier QB is a major need. Perhaps we need a game manager, a Chad Henne type or Matt Moore. Watching the Rams turn into an air-raid offense seems unlikely no matter who gets the job though. One thing is for sure though, a fresh face under center could force defenders to pull a defender or two out of the box.

          2.) DL: Suh and McCoy have dominated their fair share of draft talk this offseason, rightfully so. Is DL the most glaring need to this team though? Coach Spags has made his mark on the NFL as a guy who can make the most out of largely unknown talent. His DL by committee mantra in NY really gave life to guys like Justin Tuck and Osi. Perhaps the Rams have their guys in Clifton Ryan and Chris Long. The uncertain future of players behind them does make an awful lot of people nervous. Top flight talent could anchor this unit for a decade.

          3.) WR: Last season gave a lot of WR's the light of day they may have never seen if not for the likes of Billy Devaney. He traded for the likes of Robinson and Gibson, and recruited Amendola, Kent and Martin from relative obscurity. A lot of hopes ride on Robinson and Avery to lead a largely unproven and unknown squad of receivers, but do either make for a threat to opposing defenses? Surely a true #1 receiver would do wonders for ANY QB to relieve a little pressure and maybe create a mismatch for our speedy corps.

          4.) OLB: J-Lau proved to be the steal of the draft for our Rams last season, and will hopefully anchor our LB corps for years to come. The only trouble is that we don't exactly have much of a corps around him. Vobora has captivated the teams attention as a spark-plug once only known as Mr. Irrelevant, but is he a true starter for this Defense at SLB? Paris Lennon is a journyman at WLB and merely there to keep the spot warm for anyone to come in and claim it. A couple of bruisers to play sideline to sideline would definately benefit the whole defense by adding extra protection to stop the run, as well as helping to check the increasingly popular WR Screen, popularized by Arizona.

          5.) TE: In the teams' attempt to run a West Coast offense, TE is supposed to be a keystone to success. Randy McMichael was once a top TE for the Dolphins and was expected to be a presence for the young Rams unit. That experiment is now likely coming to an end. Daniel Fells could still surprise as a viable starter, but there's...
          Wide Receiver
          Tight End
          Running Back
          Something Else?
          -02-22-2010, 09:36 PM