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My experience in Portland for the game...

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  • My experience in Portland for the game...

    Hi everyone... longtime reader who doesn't post much here mostly due to time constraints. I had a fun experience with the Rams-Hawks game last weekend even though I didn't get to watch the game at all.

    I'm a freshman at Claremont McKenna College this year and a member of the football team (NCAA Division 3). Our team was playing Lewis and Clark college, which is near Portland, so we were spending sunday in portland. Alot of the people at my school (which is just outside of Los Angeles) are from the Seattle area, and naturally, alot of them are Hawks fans. Declaring myself a Rams fan early on, I took all kinds of heat from seahawks fans on the team about how great their team is, etc, etc. (and had to put up with their silly 4-0 record vs our 2-2...)

    So we're in the Portland area for the game and all the seahawks fans on the team are calling their friends to check the score, talking trash, etc. The score was something like 24-7 at halftime (we didn't get that many updates as we had a practise of our own and were exploring a mall in portland which lacked a good sports bar to watch the game in), so most of them said a few final words of smack-talk and assumed that the game was over. Well, later that afternoon, I call my brother back in Los Angeles and ask him to tell me the score of the game from, assuming that the Rams lost. He reads me 33-27 Rams, so I assumed that he must be referring to the wrong game, but finally, I realize he wasn't. Elated, I go back and proceed to rub the OT comeback victory in the face of all the stupid seahawks fans for the flight home and the previous couple days.

    anyway, it was better in person than the story sounds I guess.

    Go Rams!


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    Re: My experience in Portland for the game...

    Nothing beats getting the last laugh!

    Glad you had a good time.
    Clannie Nominee for ClanRam's Thickest Poster


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      Re: My experience in Portland for the game...

      I've got a similar story from last weekends Seahawks game.
      It's the 21st annual fall bird hunting weekend, but Sundays we're at camp for the only game in town, the Patsies. Knowing I'm the only Rams fan out of the 9 of us, I get it all game..... Patsies win, 19 games, yada, yada, yada. The race is now on and it drives me out to my pickup, for the espn radio highlites of the 4:00 games. By the middle of the third quarter, I come in to refresh my cooler and they all know the Rams are down big. 19 in a row, pick a real team.... and so on. I get back in my truck and I can't get the station to come in, period. Any sports station for that matter, and im just a little peeved. I'm glad I have some great buddies to sooth my aching soule... mutter, mutter.
      I'm driving home from camp and still trying to get the final score on any sports station, thinking that they lost and probably by a bunch more than the 24-7 I last saw. Half way home on my 4 hour drive I get TSN radio with this, " next up Marc Bulger the winning QB from the St. Louis Rams". Keeping my truck on the road for the next 15 seconds was a chore to say the least.
      All my buddies got a very nice phone call thanking them for thier support.

      At least the game was taped and it was a joy to watch it, knowing it was a great outcome.

      Thanks fer listnen.

      Maineram :ramlogo:


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        Re: My experience in Portland for the game...

        Good stories guys. Thanks for sharing. Gotta love the digs that your buds will give you, especially if your team is losing at the moment.

        We talk a lot of football at work and you would think that I owned the Rams for the amount of comments that I get. They are pretty easy on me though since none of them are from rival teams.

        I found it funny that one of the guys that plays on my soccer team started talking about Dane Looker, and Archuleta. He had done some research on the Rams and found Dane cool because we have a Dane on our team and he liked Arch for his workout program. This is from a diehard Redskin fan. I guess they need something else to think about at this point in the season.


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          Re: My experience in Portland for the game...

          All great stories guyz... I have a feeling this won't be the last time we get a post on that great game, considering we all have our own little version of it. But I guess it doesnt matter where you were, who you watched it with, or what you did to celebrate... in the end... it was just an amazing game played by an amazing team (the RAMS of course! not those crappy Seagulls )


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            Thanks Mom
            by Guest
            For years I watched the local game telecast waiting for the Rams scores to flash on the screen. While I could have gone to my mom's house where we gather weekly to watch the Rams game, I elected to go with my girlfriend to defend our scotch doubles 8-ball championship by attending an annual tournament we won last year.

            There were televisions there so I told one of the people who were in attendance that I would pay him one dollar each time he reported a change in the score. (Local TV’s were on ***** game). By half time I fired the messenger somehow justifying to myself that it was his fault the score was so lopsided.

            Consider defending a billiards championship on a Sunday while playing against mostly 49er fans and the Rams getting blown out. Believe me when I say there is allot going on there besides pool and football. Anyone who plays pool knows that concentration is paramount and if you can break your opponent’s concentration then you probably are going to beat them. Fortunately I have studied the mental game and how to keep from being distracted so their efforts to whew my concentration were in vein. Just about the time we were finishing off our last opponent people started talking of a Rams comeback. So I say, “Yea right, forget it guys it isn’t going to work.” They replied “No really were not lying the Rams have just pulled within 3 points.” With these backwoods 49er fans telling me that the Rams had just pulled within 3 points I was forced into the ancient art of concentration. Yes chanting ommmmmmmmm, ommmmmmmm. We won the tournament (Undefeated I might add).
            I then went to the television and started watching the improbable comeback of the ***** over the Cardinals. When the Rams score flashed it said 27 - 27 OT. I let out a holler that could be heard by people walking around… outside… three or four blocks away. Did I apologize for not believing the fickle 49er fans? Nope! I missed a great comeback but looking back, I would do it the same way and defend my championship. There is something special about watching the faces of 49er fans fall off while your team comes from behind like the Rams did and taking home the local hardware to boot. So how does this equate to thanking mom? Well when I called my moms house she told me that at halftime she was telling one of my sons about the sage in 1999. This of course prompted my son to set some sage on fire and place it under the television. Now according to my son, in the future if there is no sage in the house and the Rams lose we have no one to blame but ourselves. Anyone want to tell him that sage is meaningless hocus pocus? Anyway thanks mom, Dad would be proud of you.
            -10-12-2004, 01:06 PM
          • rams8821
            As I drive to CHarlotte
            by rams8821
            Just me rambling....

            As I leave Saturday morning from Raleigh NC, with my Rams car flags, car magnet, Will jersey for me, Jackson for wife and son, and Holt for Daughter, Ill reminisce of past Rams game experienes. Ill think about the earlier Rams years of the late 80's early 90's. Can you say FLipper Anderson?? That game in the meadowlands, while I was not there, it was a joy to watch on TV. Then ill think about the 90's and think to myself, man we are really fortunate to be where we are today. We were the laughingstock of the league before that magical season of 1999. My most memorable Ram game in person was the 2001 NFC Championship game against the Eagles (I was EXTREMELY lucky to get TWO FREE tickets from a co-worker whose parents live in St.Louis). That 2nd half made me really appreciate what Marshall Faulk did for the Rams. But I digress...

            So what will I be thinking on that ride down. Well my family of course, but as for football and this game...

            Ive posted before that this game very well could turn around our season and thats what Im focused on. I dont think it will be easy, but no game in the NFL is. At least our backfield wont consist of Chris Chandler and Arlen Harris. Im going to enjoy this game, becuase not only will it be a good game, but I get to take my son and daughter to their first Rams game. So win or lose (Man I hope its a win), I know we'll have a great time!

            I know this post didnt serve much of a purpose, but just wanted to get some thoughts out there.
            -11-16-2006, 04:50 AM
          • peramoure
            by peramoure
            I think for those of us who post on this board (I myself post irregularly butread frequently), this is a pretty amazing time for us. I don't put the Rams up on a podium above my personal life and I don't spend hours a week reading about the Rams, but I do watch the games, I do pay attention, and I can name every player, starters and reserves. ;-

            I love the Rams. I'm 26, I grew up in LA, and my dad had a serious anger problem. Every time the Rams lost he would punch a hole through the wall or kick a cupboard door. The worst of it all was when the ***** came to town - I knew as a little kid that the ***** meant a grumpy dad later in the day. I didn't know Joe Montana or Jerry Rice as a 5 year old, but I grew up to know them well. As my dad's football expertise and attention level faded, my attention level rose to incredible heights. As an 8 year old I would get the team address from Beckett Magazine and would mail playing cards in for autographs. Jim Everett wrote me back and signed. Bettis, Bruce, Flipper Anderson, Kevin Greene. I have many other teams, but those Rams were important to me.

            The point of this note is that the past 7 or 8 years have sucked. My best friend is a Seahawks fan, and I live in Dallas, Texas.

            But something has changed. My girlfriend got back in town last night and smiled and said "The Rams won!". My neighbor stopped me to yell "YOUR TEAM WON DUDE!". My dad called to talk about how we beat the Seahawks - and that is important to me.

            People know I'm a Rams fun. They didn't typically rub it in my face when we won 1 or 2 games a year but they share my pleasure and satisfaction that my team is (so far) competetive. That is what sports is about - that is what being a Rams fan means to me.
            -10-05-2010, 12:20 PM
          • 12'th Man I Am
            Good Game
            by 12'th Man I Am
            Dear Rams Fans,

            Wow, this Season has not treated us right, either that or the Football God's hate us. How our teams became so bad after we we're some of the best in the National Football League is beyond me.

            But to the point, I think you guys (Rams) played a hard fought game last Sunday. But it was the team with more Willpower and Strength that won. You know, being two 2-11 Teams is hard. A Loss is like a death, and a Win is something to celebrate for hours for...that is if you're a 2-11 Team.

            I just wanted to drop by and say Hi, and what was up. I bleed blue and green every day, but I also am a fan of Sportsmanship. And like chatting with other fans of other teams.

            I think you can blame the Refs for a certain call in the game. I honestly thought it was very ticky tacky. In other words...'LET US PLAY FOOTBALL'!!

            Again guys, good game. Hope to hear from you guys. And hopefully we have better, more thrilling games between us. And hopefully we'll both have winning records.

            12'th Man I Am
            -12-16-2008, 04:19 PM
          • Rambos
            After 22 years, Rams' fans are loud and proud
            by Rambos

            Bill Plaschke

            This is what happens when you wait two decades for the return of your football team.
            You don’t leave early. You stay to the sweltering end. You raise your sweaty souls above creaky Coliseum seats in the final moments of their homecoming game and you roar with hope and rage and history.
            You roar loud enough, nearly all 91,000 of you, to inspire your weary and backpedaling Rams defense into one last stand.
            You roar long enough, your hands waving in the air, to turn the charging Seattle Seahawks’ offense into jelly, one-false start penalty then a lost fumble by Christine Michael to clinch the game.
            You roar deeply enough late Sunday afternoon to nearly make an old defensive end weep, Hall of Famer Jack Youngblood shaking his head in the locker room after the Rams 9-3 victory in the first regular-season NFL game played in Los Angeles in 22 years.

            “It was a rush,’’ said Youngblood, his throat thick. “Just a rush.’’
            OK, St. Louis, change of heart, we’ll keep these guys around awhile, if only for the magic they spread across 39th and Figueroa on a day that ended with thousands standing and screaming and refusing to go home.

            It wasn't pretty but Rams win home opener, 9-3, over Seahawks

            The Rams made their home debut after Monday night’s inaugural debacle against the San Francisco ***** in Santa Clara, and, yes, they are still boring and amazingly still haven’t scored a touchdown.
            But yeah — wiping brow here — it was a three-hour rush.
            It was the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing a pregame concert with Anthony Kiedis wearing a Jared Goff jersey and football pants — the only play the kid got all afternoon.
            It was CeeLo Green singing the national anthem in what appeared to be a red mumu. It was talk show host James Corden dancing in what was definitely a Rams cheerleader outfit.
            It was LeBron James in shorts, Magic Johnson on the aisle, and those darn Kings hockey players toasting beers in the end zone.
            “Ko-be, Ko-be,’’ chanted fans at James because, well, of course they did.

            It was cheesy Hollywood, but it was also history, with the Olympic torch being lit above a row of six Rams’ Hall of Famers looking nifty in their yellow jackets. The group included Jackie Slater, Tom Mack, Eric Dickerson, Orlando Pace, Marshall Faulk and Youngblood. Even though Faulk and Pace never played in Los Angeles, the Rams included them in all festivities, which was cool, except at halftime they were introduced as “Los Angeles Rams,” and that’s not really fair to St. Louis.

            “I thought the production associated with the game was incredible,’’ Rams Coach Jeff Fisher said. “There was some good stuff there.’’
            In the end, though, it...
            -09-19-2016, 08:11 AM