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Polley's Resurgence, and other Random Thoughts

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  • Polley's Resurgence, and other Random Thoughts

    After being benched to start the year, and despite a rib injury, Tommy Polley has really stepped it up and contributed in the last three weeks. Over that span, he has 18 tackles, 2 sacks and a forced fumble. Nice to see him playing to his potential again.

    The last two drafts have really started paying off with several contributers, including Pisa Tinoisamoa, Kevin Curtis, Sean McDonald, DeJuan Groce, Scott Tercero, Steven Jackson, Anthony Hargrove and Brandon Chillar.

    I worried about a lot of things during the Seahawk game, but one thing that I did not worry about was whether Jeff Wilkins would make the kick to send the game into overtime. He is, indeed, money.

    As much as I have come to dislike the Patriots, I hope they take care of the Seahawks this week.

    I hope we see more screen passes to Jackson. Its great watching him run in the open field with smaller D backs trying to tackle him.

    Is there still a Rams-Bucs rivalry? I guess we'll see on Monday.

    On the Manumaleuna TD - I was trying to think of the last time I saw a man that big go that high up to grab a ball. I'm thinking it was when Charles Barkley was playing.

    The cuisine report for Monday night's game: Chicken wings - probable. A green vegetable (other than celery sticks) - questionable. Carb-free BBQ sauce - doubtful. Tofu - out.

    Am I the only one who thinks that Travis Fisher's return will be a huge boost to the defense?

    Did you notice which RB picked up the blitz on Sean McDonald's game winning TD? I'll give you a hint... it wasn't Marshall Faulk (though he probably learned that from Marshall).

    Anthony Hargrove will get his first NFL sack this week. Write it down.

    Less than two weeks until the Rams visit me here in So. Fla.! Can't wait!

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    Re: Polley's Resurgence, and other Random Thoughts

    You're right, it is good to see Polley playing football again. On Sunday I thought I felt an earthquake here in NorCal, but it was just Manu landing after that TD grab. Hopefully he can keep catching the ball. Monday could end up being a good night as we could end up a half game in first place if we beat the Bucs. Which would be pretty nice since they have been a thorn in our side the last couple of years. If there is one thing we can say about the Rams this year...they are not boring. Of course, we have been able to say that for a couple of years now.


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    • AvengerRam_old
      20 Quick Post-Bucs Game Thoughts
      by AvengerRam_old
      1. Whew!

      2. First place feels pretty darn good right about now!

      3. Way to go defense with 4 forced turnovers and a TD!

      4. Big game for Big Game.

      5. McDonald got absolutely robbed on a great punt return.

      6. Man, did we miss Trev Faulk.

      7. Steven Jackson's stats were not overwhelming, but he had a couple of key 3rd down conversions.

      8. Faulk still knows how to find the holes - but lacks the burst to take full advantage of them.

      9. Hope Wilkins plant foot ankle is okay.

      10. Hargrove making progress.

      11. Bulger continues to show the ability to shake off mistakes and make plays.

      12. Funny how we're not hearing about the lack of a long ball any more.

      13. Liked those two plays to Curtis in the fourth.

      14. Nice to dispatch the Bucs.

      15. Michael Clayton is a player.

      16. The CB play for the Rams was horrible.

      17. When is Travis Fisher coming back? (Soon, I hope.)

      18. Did I mention that first place feels really good?


      20. I'm tired, and I'm going to bed.
      -10-18-2004, 09:44 PM
    • tanus
      Tanus' Random Ramblings...
      by tanus
      1. Leonard Little is good, very very good. He might be the best player on our team. The tackle he had on third down when he chased Griese down from behind was marvelous.

      2. It's good to see Arch finally make a big play this season. Hopefully, his back injury is behind him and we can continue to see play like this from him for the rest of the season.

      3. The refs need to learn the laws of physics and realize its impossible for a guy to turn the way the Bucs defender turned if he got hit in the back.

      4. Don't send Wilkins out to kick a 56 yard field goal when he has a dinged up plant foot. Heave it up into the end zone as you have better odds.

      5. Marc Bulger has learned to throw the deep ball.

      6. Marc Bulger needs to hold onto the ball better when getting sacked. I can handle 1 INT per game.

      7. Grant Williams could cost us a game. Not truly his fault as he is slated for a backup tackle role.

      8. This Rams D really does have a love/hate relationship with me. I'm not a huge fan of this bend but don't break crap, but it has worked for the last 3 games so I can't complain too much.

      9. Larry Marmie actually had some great blitzes. The two he called before the Butler pick in the end zone were A+ in my book. Both should have been sacks but Coady just whiffed.

      10. I love Steven Jackson. This is the best first round pick by the Rams since Holt.

      11. I love Torry Holy. 2 TD's against the Bucs D is awesome.

      12. It's good to see Hargrove in the mix making some things happen. Hopefully he continues to develop and is the starter next year at DE.

      13. Trev Faulk is really missed on ST's.

      14. Shaun McDonald makes me go Hakim who? He is turning out to be a great 4th round pick.

      15. Kevin Curtis is starting to show why we picked a WR in the third round last year. He is starting to show that he was a great 3rd round pick.

      16. Marshall has lost a step unfortunately. That being said, I still love the 1-2 punch that he and Jackson provide.

      17. It is really tough to try and watch the Rams game, the Yankees/Sox game, and cook dinner at the same time.

      18. I told you it was random as I have no idea where I am going with any of this.
      -10-19-2004, 11:19 AM
    • evil disco man
      My Thoughts...
      by evil disco man
      On the game tonight.

      - The team seemed genuinely enthusiastic despite their lackluster performance against the Chiefs and only a three-day break.

      - Once again the Rams burned all their timeouts fairly early, but the call by the officials on the Challenge was bullcrap.

      - Torry Holt was okay, I guess.

      - The offensive line was surprisingly stout. They showed flashes of good run blocking early on and gradually got better as the game went on. The pass blocking was, for the most part, solid. Scott Tercero was horrible at right tackle as usual, Tom Nutten was unfortunately injured soon after he came in, and Chris Dishman was very slow on his pulls, but he's a big fella.

      - I watched Brandon Manumaleuna as he pulled around to block for Marshall on one play, which looked like it would be a good gain, and he completely whiffed on his block.

      - Isaac Bruce was Isaac Bruce.

      - Marshall Faulk (as if I need to say his last name) was solid, but didn't show me anything to prove he hasn't lost a step.

      - Steven Jackson seemed to get quicker and more consistent as the game went on. He carried the team on his shoulders moving downfield on a drive in the fourth. His strength along with his ability to read blocks and react impressed me greatly.

      - Arlen Harris looks to be the same as last year. Boring, slow, but solid, especially for a fourth running back. Same with Dane Looker, minus the "slow" part (maybe?).

      - Shaun McDonald and Kevin Curtis looked supremely superb. McDonald was quick, fluid, and breaking tackles while Curtis made an amazing catch that was called back (holding) and displayed blazing speed. Those shin splints are a thing of the past, methinks. At this point, Shaun seems to be leading the race for the slot position. I loved the play where he took the handoff as he was motioning across the field and took it around the corner for a first down.

      - Bulger was off-mark on a couple passes as usual, but gave fans some optimism with his impressive play. Chandler was smart, accurate, and efficient as usual. He started off a bit slow (5/10 100 some yards and a pick) but tore it up the Skins' defense later on.

      - Hell, even Jeff Smoker looked pretty good. His first pass was a beauty. As he turned around to roll out, he was met face-to-face with a Redskins defender, but immediately flipped the ball out for a nice completion.

      - Erik Jensen dropped a pass that landed right in his cradle.

      - The defensive line was better than I expected. Leonard made a couple plays, Bryce Fisher was efficient at right end, Erik Flowers was in on a lot of plays, and all three were making tackles against the run. Damione Lewis showed good pass rushing abilities on his late hit (&@%$!). The tackles overall seemed to hold their ground and even clogged the middle (gasp!) on...
      -08-27-2004, 08:26 PM
    • AvengerRam_old
      20 Quick Thoughts On Big Win
      by AvengerRam_old
      1. Marc Bulger has H - E - A - R - T... HEART!!!!!

      2. He's got a pretty decent arm too!

      3. The Defense looked horrible in the first half...

      4. The way they got it together in the second half was shockulous (a combination of shocking and fabulous).

      5. Got to got to go to get Steven Jackson the ball even more!

      6. McDonald, Curtis and Looker all with big catches... what a thing of beauty.

      7. When McDonald caught that game winning TD pass, you think somewhere Flipper Anderson was watching at home saying, "that looked familiar"?

      8. Trev Faulk has single handedly turned around the Rams' kick coverage.

      9. Sooner or later, Leonard Little is going to make a big play.

      10. Can't wait to get Travis Fisher back.

      11. Subtle key to the game - Martz's decision to soften up Seahawks' D by running ball on first drive of second half.

      12. Brandon Manumaleuna... what can I say but... awesome catch!

      13. My heart's still fluttering!

      14. Welcome back long pass!

      15. Mike Martz - good job coaching!

      16. Marmie - don't know what you did at halftime, but it worked!

      17. Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long, who ridiculed Martz at halftime... would you like fries with that crow?

      18. Man this one feels good!

      19. The Rams/Seahawks rivalry is big... only going to get bigger!

      20. This was one of the most satisfying regular season wins ever!
      -10-10-2004, 04:54 PM
    • RamsFan16
      My thoughts
      by RamsFan16
      Here are some thoughts, and things.

      - Down near the Goaline the offensive line still struggles. Jackson got stuffed several times, his lone Touchdown was all him, with the second efford and his toughness. Need to fix that, or atleast work on it.

      - We need to blitz consistently to get consistent pressure. Leonard put some nice pressure on sometimes but the rest of the line shyed away during passes. Got good push but not enough pressure to screw up Rivers.

      - Our Defense might have looked horrible, but I think alot of the big runs by LaDainian would have been slimmed with Pisa back, yea you'll say one guy don't fix that, but we had the right play called but the Linebacker was out of place, usually Coakley not because he's bad but because of not that much game expierence. Pisa knows where Witherspoon will be and what he'll be doing, there just wasn't chemistery there and you could feel it, in my opnion.

      - Pass Defense broke down, only because of LaDainian and Gates, how often do you go against a Gates and Tomlinson every week who are on the same team? We wouldn't have seen Witherspoon look silly in coverage had we been playing against a diffrent Runningback.

      - Fisher continues to be exploited as a weakness, he didn't give up a huge play but gave up plays. Alot has to do with him playing 5 yards off the reciever, and getting beat off the line sometimes.

      - Am I mad we lost of course, is that what I'm most mad about? No, what I'm ticked off about is the fact that Merriman got to play, if you get slapped with a 4 Game Suspension, you should have to deal with it, with appeal or not. I think his presence was felt.

      All in all, yea I was mad at the end, but have cooled down and we start over next week.

      Go Rams!
      -10-29-2006, 05:08 PM