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  • Rams Cards

    This is just a notification for anyone interested that I am putting my St.Louis Rams cards up for sale on at ebay.
    I have a very extensive collection from Ram rookies dating back to 1999. If you are missing a card in your collection, odds are pretty damn good that I have it.
    I think I might have every Marshall Faulk rookie card in existence or pretty close.
    I have the newer players, like Avery, Laurintius, etc.

    Autographs, special inserts, game worn, everything.

    Trust me when I say I hate selling these cards, but I just don't have a choice.

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    Re: Rams Cards

    Why are you selling them?

    What is your id on ebay, ill have a look for you. Not sure i could afford them myself, because of the us export!!


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      Re: Rams Cards

      Seller name is the same as here on the clanram mikhal5569, thanks


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        Re: Rams Cards

        When are you putting this up?


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          Re: Rams Cards

          10 Cards went on ebay yesterday. The auction's for those will end sometime around two or three Eastern time tomorrow 07/01.

          I have a Boss Hogs Kurt Warner autograph currently up for bid, with a reserve of $65.00 I haven't had an updated beckett for years, but I believe the card to be worth somewhere in the area of $129. someone else is selling the same card for $99.00

          Best of luck.


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            Re: Rams Cards

            I have a ruined Marshall Faulk rookie card, a 1994 Upper Deck Premier Prospects #3, free to a good home. This is his most valuable regular rookie card by the way, last I checked would have been worth around $50.

            Left side got squashed somehow? It has some light marks. I couldn't get five bucks for if I tried.

            Let me know if your interested. $2.00 for shipping and handling and it's yours or it's probably headed to the trash.
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            • mikhal5569
              Rams Card Collections
              by mikhal5569
              I was just wondering how many people on here collect cards? I have a pretty good collection, something along the line of three hundred cards. That might not sound like a lot but, every single one is a rookie or highly collectible limited addition.
              Collectors might want to check out their Kurt Warner cards, most of his rookie autographs jumped something like $70.-$90. Also, a lot of Torry Holts cards seemed to jump in price pretty well also, although I'm not really sure why. I didn't have a chance to really look at the magazine very long, but I felt it was note worthy news to pass along for people who collect like myself.
              I have a HUGE library of Marshall Faulk rookie cards, die cuts, limited specials, you name it. And even the ultra rare Monster of the Grid iron card. ( Can't find a consistent price on it but told it's worth around $40-$50.
              I would be willing to trade for some good Steven Jackson cars, or maybe even a Bulger IF you have a really good one, you never know?
              -08-14-2009, 07:32 AM
            • ZiaRam
              Cards keeps rolling on!
              by ZiaRam
              Pujols absolutely destroyed the brewers to tie it up in the NLCS! Anyone else been following this? Series tied up 1-1. Think they going to take it?
              -10-11-2011, 01:16 AM
            • Bing69
              Rams V Cards
              by Bing69
              Can anyone tell me what time the game kicks off on Thursday GMT? aka UK time...?

              -10-01-2012, 06:57 AM
            • macrammer
              Predictions.......Rams v Cards Round II
              by macrammer
              yes, the Rams whupped the Cards 33-0 a little over a month ago. Yes, the Rams are the better team. But I have watched a few pressers and the Cards are pretty confident that playing at home will be the key here. While playoff chances still remotely linger for the Cards, losing Sunday is a sure nail in their coffin. I anticipate this game will be very hard fought TRUE divisional battle.

              Rams 24
              Cards 21

              What do you think?
              -11-28-2017, 02:59 PM
            • HUbison
              What a glorious day
              by HUbison
              Prior and the Cubs get shelled 8-0
              the Yanks get embarassed at home 22-0
              And the Cards warmly greet the Padres to Busch by pounding them 9-3
              The Cards lead the NL Central by 15.5
              The Cards lead the NL by 10
              The Cards lead the majors by 6.

              If the Cards play .500 ball the rest of the way in, and the Cubs go undefeated, the Cards would still win the division.

              Life is good.
              -09-01-2004, 05:02 AM