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Yikes! but a WIN over the Giants

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  • Yikes! but a WIN over the Giants

    Whoa! Okay, not what we were expecting, huh? The one thing we can agree on, at least they won. Could we PLEASE stop making them so close?

    Highlights: Tucker did the best he could under the circumstances against Strahan who's just a monster. At least Warner came away from that game in one piece (right?).

    Archuleta did well also under the circumstances. Hard to believe he's a rookie, but he plays with tenacity. Nice to know he can be counted on in tough times. We need players like this who can go out there and perform under duress.

    Hey, we know if we have to, we can win a game on Wilkens' fieldgoals alone if we absolutely have to. Luckily we didn't have to, though we came close.

    Faulk goes out, Canidate comes in, TD! Deja' vu? Seems like I've seen this before. At least we are getting indications that Trung is up to the challenge of filling Faulks shoes if he has to, because he has to, now that Faulk will be out with that (hopefully, just) strained ligament. I know, Trung is no Marshall, but he can make plays. We've seen him wire his way through a defense. He may not be the goto guy that Faulk is, but he'll be a big part of keeping this team on top till Faulk gets back into it. Luckily we also have a few other very nice receivers, so let's not worry and prove those wrong who say the Rams are out of it if Faulk gets hurt.

    Faulk and Bruce join Proehl in the 500 receptions club. That makes 3 on the same team, our team. Cool!

    Gotta love Archuleta and Wistrom's effort that turned the ball over keeping the Gnats from scoring and taking this one away from us in the last seconds of the game

    That defense! That New Name Defense! Sure they had some trouble keeping the Gnats out of the air at the start. But many turnovers (and ugly punts) later showed us they were up to the challenge. . Soon everyone will have to SHUT THE HECK UP about last season's defense. This one is here and READY TO RUMBLE!

    Downside: poor Faulk. Forget the physical injuries, those will heal (sorta). But 2 more fumbles on the record, 3 for the season so far. That's got to hurt! And we won't even mention those dropped passes by Holt and Faulk. (I'm sure they'd rather we didn't.)

    The penalty-fest was something, on both sides of the ball. That needs to be contained. Unfortunately, it seems like we are saying this after every game. It's a little more forgiveable when you win big. That's not what we got this time. It wasn't a big win, but a win all the same.

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    I'm have confidence that Faulk will be ready. I feel sorry for the next team he plays against. This game to me was a wake up call to the Rams. I honestly believe that the rams are a better team than what they showed today. I also honestly belive that they were playing a little overconfident and lacadasical on the field. I'm sure they are happy to win, but almost loosing should be good enough to wake them up. I feel sorry for New York's other team if the rams come out of their daze and show their true colors. I'm not trying to downplay the Giants defence, but if Tucker hadn't been injured last week I'm sure we would be looking at another blowout of a good defence.

    Faulk is going to be out at least a week with a knee bruise, so the rams offense will have a chance to show the rest of the NFL they are more than faulk. They will also be able to show what happens when teams blitz Warner.


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      Man, what a game. I was unusually quiet (my wife told me) until Wistrom picked off that pass. The whole neighborhood heard me then!
      I thought the last three and out was a mistake. They should have at least attempted one pass play. But, I realize now that the team was expecting the ĎDí to pull them through.
      I agree with you on the point that after Marshall fumbled for the third time (in two weeks), he will be ready to go when he returns. The look on his face on the sideline really was the look of dejection. I feel that the team might have taken the Giants a little too lightly. I also feel that this might bring on some determined running from Marshall in the future. I know that you have to have confidence in yourself, but the Giants showed up with a game plan that others will probably try to emulate in the upcoming weeks. I think the RAMS need to adjust their plans accordingly.
      I was really surprised with the number of penalties in the game. I guess thatís what happens when you are anticipating hits!!

      Instead of the bomb squadron, a win over the Jets on the ground (with a tank attack) would be something else!! (And it would give Kurt a little rest).

      GO RAMS GO!!

      Fan !!
      Always a Rams Fan............

      Rex Allen Markel


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        yes an ugly win but like I always said a 'W' is a 'W' numbers go by the way side!

        but I wanted to comment about the Running .. we are 91.0 yards a game on the ground .. NO NO NO .. we have the MVP in our back field .. yes he can catch the ball as well .. but he is also a runner! .. we should be around 125.0 a game not 91.0 yards a game .. this is where we are hurting our MVP is getting shut down .. sorry guys Warner can't do 350 yards in the air each week .. I have seen this over and over for different teams .. eventually the QB gets picked off like 3 to 4 times in just one game .. the Running game NEEDS to get back on track .. the Rams are at least averaging 20 more yards a game in the air compared to other teams .. this is great but with only 91 on ground .. it does hurt .. and we turn into a one Dimensional team

        teams will just prepare for the pass game and not worry about the run to much


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          excellent, excellent point Rammstein...

          we MUST establish our running game better and some of that is because of the defenses we are seeing and some of it is an iffy Offensive line, one that has gotten on martz's bad side a couple times and put warner on his backside. If the boys up front can block a little better, we will see an improvement in the run game.

          It will be something tougher to do with trung instead of marshall, but like germaine, this year is the year where trung proves he's got the goods to help the team... i feel he will get the job done, as long as he stays healthy and holds onto the ball.


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            I've always liked the back up idea .. though they might not get the playing time or experience .. they are paid professionals .. they are there for a reason because the team believes in them

            I'm not too worried about Trung .. due to the fact that he has Marshall as his insparation(sp) and guide .. Marshall is one smart back and there is no doubt Trung has been spoken to on many occasions by Marshall about the game as a whole


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              another excellent point with inspiration and tutelage.

              Trung is a professional and i have a ton of confidence that he will get the job done. I'm just concerned (probably don't need to be) about how he will do. Martz and everyone else has hyped up his 40-time, but those things are always misleading unless you can do it on the field...

              professionalism and skill, trung's the man now...until marshall comes back;)


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                These are all excellent posts. I agree that backups are needed. They should get more playing time so we really know what they can do, but I trust the coaches to keep a watchfull eye in pratices. Trung is going to be fun to watch he is not Marshal but I also rember saying Kurt who? We have had them both in at the same time already and would enjoy seeing this more often. With Marshal's knee not as bad as first thought Trung will make the best of this time.


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                  If the Jets are expecting a passing game, you know we'll switch to the run just to throw them off. Trung was excellent in training camp on the short pass and very wiry when it came to weaving through a defense. And you know if Marshall is on the sidelines, he'll be in Trung's ear the whole game. No worries!


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                  • moklerman
                    Marshall Faulk Q & A on SI
                    by moklerman

                    Q&A: Marshall Faulk
                    Posted: Thursday September 21, 2006 3:14PM; Updated: Thursday September 21, 2006 3:14PM

                    Last week SI writer Richard Deitsch interviewed Marshall Faulk for the magazine's Q&A. The seven-time Pro Bowl running back is an analyst for the NFL Network as he rehabs his knee. Here are additional excerpts from the interview:

                    SI: You're sitting out this season with a knee injury. Do you expect to play next season?

                    Faulk: If I can get myself healthy, without a doubt.

                    SI: If you're unable to return from this knee injury, how difficult will that be to accept?

                    Faulk: If my last game was the game last January against the Cowboys in Texas Stadium, then so be it. I don't look back and reflect. I played more downs than most men will ever get to play.

                    SI: Is there any other team you would play for outside of the Rams?

                    Faulk: No. If there was not a role for me on that team, that would be it for my NFL career.

                    SI: You are a New Orleans native. You were in Detroit playing in an exhibition game when Hurricane Katrina first hit. What do you remember about those initial days?

                    Faulk: When you live in New Orleans or Down South, you go through hurricanes all the time. So that's no big deal. The hurricane wasn't what caused the brunt of the problem. It was when the flooding started. I was worried about my family when the hurricane was coming through but I felt like we'd been through this before. But once the flooding started and a couple of days passed and there was no help, I couldn't help but wonder: Man, what's going on? What's it going to take to help?

                    SI: What is like for you to return to New Orleans today?

                    Faulk: I feel for the people who had to go through it. The thing that gets to me is that it's still the way it is. I know the business area is coming back but I hope what they are doing is getting people to move back who were from the [residential] areas where the minority population was pretty much 100 percent.

                    SI: A couple of years ago you finished fifth in an SI poll of the NFL's smartest players. Did you think of yourself as a smart player?

                    Faulk: The guys ahead of me were quarterbacks, right?

                    SI: All except Ray Lewis.

                    Faulk: I doubt they [the quarterbacks] were as intelligent as I am because they don't know the running part of the game. I felt like I was prepared for whatever would happen on the field. It allowed me to go out and play free because I didn't worry about whether teams through something at me because I had studied it. I was prepared.

                    SI: Any early thoughts toward Super Bowl teams?

                    Faulk: Before Carson Palmer came back, I thought the Colts had the best...
                    -09-23-2006, 10:51 AM
                  • ramstough39
                    At the end of Jackon's career...
                    by ramstough39
                    Will he be known as "better" than Marshall Faulk?

                    No, I don't think he will be, in my opinion. I think nobody can truly be like Faulk -- a back that could run the ball helping you out on the tough yardage; 'caught the ball; blocked and really made some nice ones for Kurt Warner back in the hayday; and last but not least, he motivated our St. Louis Rams' offense for years, becoming a true team leader, and I just don't see Jackson doing ALL of those. Then again, that's just my opinion.

                    I apologize if this has been asked before, but I'm just trying to spark ClanRam from all of the "Why Linehan why?"-type threads, and all the sadness that has been going around. No, I don't get online often (don't have the time, realistically. However, I do visit alot, just it's the fact I don't have the time and chance to post.)

                    I'm just looking to read some opinions, and etc. from other fellow Rams fans.


                    GO RAMS!
                    -11-15-2006, 02:39 PM
                  • jdpbmo
                    Rams vs NE
                    by jdpbmo
                    Man o' man, that was a good game. First award goes to the defense for doing their thing. Right now they are the glue that is holding this team together and on top. I love to watch that offense and they are something else, when the interceptions and fumbles are avoided. That point still bothers me, but hey you can't throw too many stones at 8-1. I would really like to see them stick it to TB and NO. I don't think they will have much trouble with TB, but the NO game will be tough. I hope Brooks throws some interceptions then takes off to tackle the man so we can plow him like they did Warner in the dome. I thought our special teams did an excellent job. Their crowd was really into the game and Warner and company did a great job of neutralizing them by scoring. I also liked the way we held the ball at the end of the game by a stiff does of Faulk and Warner. Faulk is amazing, as a player, as a person, as a role model. I thought Warner threw the ball better last night, at least it looked like the thumb didn't affect him as much. I think when they got that first down late with the little flare to Faulk that is the first time I have seen Martz show emotion. Hell, even when he's on someone he seems cool and composed. I didn't understand the timeout with a few seconds left in the 3rd quarter? Not much else, just great job again and a wonderful team effort.:angryram:
                    -11-19-2001, 11:37 AM
                  • RamWraith
                    Marshall Faulk Sounds Off
                    by RamWraith
                    By Bernie Miklasz

                    Good eveningÖ

                    Retired Rams RB Marshall Faulk, an analyst for the NFL Network, was a Tuesday afternoon guest of the ďFox HoleĒ radio show hosted by Martin Kilcoyne and Maurice Drummond on Team 1380 AM. Team 1380

                    Faulk, the future Hall of Famer, had a lot of strong things to say about the sorry state of the Rams and their season-opening 38-3 loss at Philadelphia.

                    With a big thank you to Team 1380 producer Ben Boyd, who recorded and transcribed the interview, here are some excerpts of Faulkís most notable commentsÖ

                    Faulk suggested that the Rams should be better than they are:

                    ďDecisions have to be made. Do you blow it up, where do you go, what do you do? I mean, players that have had big time success, weíre talking Pro Bowl caliber players: Marc Bulger, Torry Holt, Orlando Pace, Steven Jackson. They look like they donít belong in the league. And itís not because they canít play. Youíre not going to tell me that. Iím not believing that they all of a sudden canít play in this league.Ē

                    Faulk contrasting the Bearsí upset of Indianapolis to the Ramsí poor play:

                    ďYouíre not going to tell me that the (Bears) offense that they put out there is more talented than the offense that the Rams put out. Itís preparation, itís understanding what you have; itís having guys that are reliable.Ē

                    Faulk, on the Ramsí decision to release WR Isaac Bruce to open a starting job for Drew Bennett:

                    ďIím sorry, Iím a little biased to Isaac Bruce. I love Isaac Bruce, and Iíll let facts be known that thereís no way ó and I donít dislike Drew Bennett ó but there is no way that this guy is better than Isaac or belongs or should be on that team instead of Isaac. Itís things like that, itís misjudgment of talent. The guyís been hurt. Heís often hurt. No knock on him personally, but they needed (Bruce). They could have used him (Sunday).Ē

                    Faulk on Steven Jackson:

                    ďI said this earlier in the year, and I think people took it wrong, because I heard a couple comments. I said the Rams shouldnít pay Steven Jackson. I donít understand why theyíre going to pay him. And I think people took it, like, maybe Stevenís not good or not dynamic. When you canít block, and when you canít sack the quarterback and stop the run, thereís no need to have a running back like this. Thereís no need to pay him what youíre going to pay himĖyouíre not going to get to use him. What was he, like, 11 (actually 14 carries) for 40 yards? Thatís a lot of money sitting in the backfield, and not have it or be able to use it, or you fall behind by 20 points. Now heís definitely out of the game. And his effectiveness and what you love about him and what youíre paying him for is no longer necessary. I only forecasted that the Rams would be playing from behind, and people thought I was taking a jab at StevenĖit had nothing...
                    -09-10-2008, 04:38 AM
                  • AvengerRam_old
                    Before it gets ugly, let's give Faulk his due
                    by AvengerRam_old
                    Trust me, its only going to get worse...

                    With all the rumblings about Marshall Faulk - supposedly not getting along with Linehan (seems bogus)... out of shape (seems accurate)... knees still a problem (almost certainly true)... considering retirement... might go on IR and try a comeback next year (could that be just for cap reasons?) - it seems likely that his exit from the game won't be an Elwayesque final moment of glory followed by the proverbial ride off into the sunset.

                    Its a shame when a great player isn't able to enjoy a storybook exit. I felt that way about Aeneas Williams' fade out, for example. And though Marshall will certainly have at least one more moment in the sun when he's inducted into the Hall of Fame, that's a few years off.

                    For now, its just messy.

                    So... before it gets even worse, I thought I'd start a thread for us to post a Faulk memory. Certainly, he's given a lot to the fans with his electrifying performances, and he deserves his due.

                    For me, its wasn't one game or one moment that stands out. Rather, it was a feeling that I had at the start of every game during the 1999-2001 run. The feeling that, no matter who the Rams were playing, there was no question that the best player on the field (at any position) was Faulk. It was like, I would imagine, the way Bulls fans felt when Jordan was in his prime.

                    Oddsmakers, matchups, home field advantage... none of those things mattered. If Faulk was on the field, he was the best player out there and, as a result, the Rams had a chance to win.

                    I miss that feeling.
                    -07-11-2006, 06:59 AM