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  • Jackson saw extensive time

    I re-watched the game yesterday and noticed how many snaps Jackson got, especially in the second half. Although he was not used the entire time, due to us being in passing mode, he was the back.

    This brings ups a couple of questions. Is Marshall a little more dinged than we all know about? Marshall dropped some EASY passes last week, why? Is Martz gaining confidence in the young buck?

    This next weekend will be an interesting tale, and should answer a lot of questions. I believe the key to this weeks game is running the ball down the throats of the Bucs to set up the pass. If Jackson see as many snaps as he did last week I expect a huge week from the kid.

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    Re: Jackson saw extensive time

    Faulk also dropped an easy one against New Orleans when the Rams were driving down the field late in the second quarter. That catch would have put the Rams at the 25 or so and easily would have scored.

    Faulk just dosen't seem the same to me. Sorry, I can't specifically put my finger on it, but he just dosen't look the same. When Jackson is in there, I feel he could bust one open no matter if the hole is there or not. Faulk, I don't have that same confidence anymore.


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      Re: Jackson saw extensive time

      I'll put my finger on it. He is not hitting the hole like he used to. He is looking ahead before catching the ball. He is protecting against injury when he is hit.

      Bottom line, Faulk has taken a beating over the years and isn't the same back as he was 3 years ago.


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        Re: Jackson saw extensive time

        Welcome to the Jacksonites!


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          Re: Jackson saw extensive time

          He is not hitting the hole like he used to
          I dont think he is hitting the whole at all... he seems determine to jink around people at the line of scrimmage... quite sad to see

          before everyone jumps on me... Faulk is one of my all time favorite Rams... but reality is reality... taking a RB at #1 was a very smart move by the organisation.

          I think we will progressively see more of Jackson this year to the point that he will be apointed starter most likely this next offseason.


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            Re: Jackson saw extensive time

            too much dancing with Faulk. He got away with that when the O'line was better and the run was the last thing Defenses were worried about.

            That horizontal running will eventually give way to Jackson, who hits the hole quick.

            They don't really use Faulk in the passing game anymore anyway...except as a "check-down". If they started drawing up more plays designed to pass to him in the middle of the field, I would want him in there as a versatile threat, but if we're just going to use him as a check-down, then you might as well go with Jackson.

            as for the drops, it's early in the season...he can still catch and will get over that.


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              Re: Jackson saw extensive time

              I really don't see a problem here. Faulk is getting ready for a film career as he gets his feet wet in Snicker's commercials(c). Jackson is gradually getting rid of the deer-in-headlights look. Faulk still is going to get some face time for BreathRight(R) Nasal Strips and Jackson still has time to learn to mask his StonerEdge(TM) Take-No-Prisoners style. It's time to go well ...


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                Re: Jackson saw extensive time

                Originally posted by adarian_too
                I really don't see a problem here. Faulk is getting ready for a film career as he gets his feet wet in Snicker's commercials(c).
                LOL, I do enjoy your commentary!


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                  Re: Jackson saw extensive time

                  Again....we are a little too quick at jumping the gun here IMPO! All great backs that are trying to make plays drops passes! I like Jackson very much but, MF IMPO is just trying to maybe carry the team on his shoulders maybe a little too much. Also if you haven't noticed, this year players are starting IMPO to take cheap shots at his knees! Go back and watch the films. you might see what i'm saying! When a team as the Rams are (knowing that they should be winning but,aren't playing to their potential) tend to try and make things happen! To jump start their team by making big plays. Marshall will be fine! I do like 39 spelling him though .It will keep Marshall a little fresher down the stretch for when its win or go home!


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                    Re: Jackson saw extensive time

                    Originally posted by talkstoangels61
                    Also if you haven't noticed, this year players are starting IMPO to take cheap shots at his knees!
                    Players taking cheap shots at Faulk isn't anything new, in my opinion. I remember reading stories from a season or two ago where there was an accusation of someone twisting his ankle at the bottom of a pile.


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                      Re: Jackson saw extensive time

                      I still think Faulk has a lot to bring to the table, but man oh man that Steven Jackson can run like a runaway train.


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                        Re: Jackson saw extensive time

                        I think it's clear to everyone that Faulk has lost a step. But, like many others said, he still brings something to the table. He's not done yet. He knows the game and the playbook so well that he will always be an asset. If he retires after this season, I hope they can keep him with the Rams somehow. For now, Marshall can still score touchdowns and make some moves, and Steven Jackson is a freakin' off-tackle steamroller. I like them both.


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                        • general counsel
                          Dissapointment with steven jackson
                          by general counsel
                          I am disappointed with steven jackson, especially the mental errors. I recognize that he is very young and that the blocking has been spotty. I am not suggesting he has been lousy, only that he has not lived up to my hopes and expectations for this year.

                          I dont see him breaking tackles at the line of scrimmage. I dont see him cutting back effectively in the hole. I see a guy who when he gets the first block and can get past the line with some space does some major damage in the secondary and who certainly runs hard, but i dont see a guy that looks like he can carry a team on his back or even close to it.

                          I see passes hit him in the hands in the flat that he drops. I see fumbles. I see a horrible flip to mcdonald on the play at the goal line.

                          I see faulk cutting back through the holes MUCH faster than jackson and running almost as hard. I am not saying that faulk should be the starter, but am suggesting that jackson has a LONG LONG way to go before someone compares him to marshall faulk.

                          I realize jackson and faulk are different kinds of backs, but i just dont see jacksons speed until he gets into space. I see a LOT of running sideways and not cutting up the field quickly enough. Watch faulk dart in and out of space, and that is at age 32!

                          any thoughts from the group?

                          Ramming speed to all

                          general counsel
                          -10-07-2005, 11:53 AM
                        • sbramfan
                          Jackson should not have replaced Faulk this year
                          by sbramfan
                          This guy is a rebel. He thinks he can do everything on his own. Marshall is smarter and better than Steven Jackson.

                          On the 4th and 2 play, all the blockers went to the left. The play was designed to go to the left. FOR SOME REASON, Jackson decides to give up on that, and "stop", and cut back to the middle. If he just keeps going behind the blockers, he get's the first down.

                          Give him the ball? Why?

                          He needs to shut his big mouth and learn how to be a running back in this league. There have been numerous mistakes this guy has made at critical times.

                          HE SHOULD NOT HAVE REPLACED MARSHALL FAULK. He should have been the situtational guy to come in and get more experience. I hope he learns, but I'm starting to think he will just be a frustrating dissapointment.

                          We can't even trust him to follow the play call. We can't trust him to get 1 freeking yard because he will abort the play, and try to "cut back". Sure if there's a wide open hole, he looks like he could be great, but who doesn't when there's a hole?

                          @#%[email protected]%J%$#%)"(#$U%
                          -12-11-2005, 10:58 AM
                        • theodus69
                          Jackson or Faulk
                          by theodus69
                          Now I have took a beating on my remarks about Jackson. I have said I'm not sold on him and of course, the Line thing is the sticking point, But if the Rams are gonna get back to the High flying offense, Where does Jackson fit in? Isn't he a 30-40 carry a game guy? And if so, where does that fit a high flying offense? I think Faulk would be the better choice even at his present age! Jackson to me doesn't fit this offense. Which actually wouldn't surprise me if the Rams don't go after a R-back in the draft early. Jackson could be some good trade bait also. That's my thought so let yours fly!
                          -03-04-2006, 12:51 AM
                        • RamWraith
                          Jackson is all the rage!
                          by RamWraith
                          By Bryan Burwell
                          ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                          What do you do when you're on the verge of something you've been craving all of your life? What do you do when the dream is so close, you can feel its inevitability and maybe its uncertainty too lurking on the horizon like some rumbling summer storm?

                          Steven Jackson considers this daunting circumstance for just a moment and flashes that familiar disarming smile. "I've been groomed for this," he said. "This is what I've wanted since I started playing football when I was 7 years old."

                          Considering the crash-and-burn mess that so many of his peers have made of their star turns lately, you might expect that Jackson might approach this newest phase of his life with some sort of healthy trepidation. Celebrity is a scary business these days, as unpredictable as the weather. You're never quite sure whether the gathering storm will bring a soothing shower of fame and fortune or an angry torrent of disaster and shame.

                          Yet Steven Jackson is running toward the gathering storm of fame like it's a slash of daylight. After impatiently biding his time behind Marshall Faulk for two seasons, the former first-round draft pick out of Oregon State had a breakout 2006 season that thrust him into the NFL's ultra-talented upper crust. And now that Faulk has retired, there are no more uneasy conflicts about playing time, or debates about who is the heart and soul of this football team, or who is one of the NFL's most dangerous offensive weapons.

                          "He's right there. He's right on the verge of blowing up (and becoming a major NFL star) and he knows it," said teammate and Pro Bowl receiver Torry Holt. "He is ready to just explode and I can't wait to see it."

                          There are talks to give the powerfully built Pro Bowl running back his own weekly segment on ESPNEWS. You can't walk by a newsstand anywhere in America without seeing his face on the cover of at least three fantasy football magazines. He was featured recently in Sports Illustrated. ESPN has him on speed dial. There are those soon-to-be-released nationally televised Nike commercials, a locker stall full of custom-made Nike cleats, and 40-foot-high "I Believe" billboards all over St. Louis, which are supposed to be touting the Rams' upcoming season. But they could just as easily be tantalizing movie trailers for the upcoming Steven Jackson blockbuster, too.

                          "I was groomed for this; I always believed I would be a star, and I didn't see anything wrong with that," Jackson said. "I know that probably didn't play too well with the humble Midwestern mentality. But I was just speaking out and saying what I believed I was capable of doing. I never understood what was wrong with saying what was on my mind as long as I believed it and it was true. What's wrong with being a positive influence...
                          -08-27-2007, 04:46 AM
                        • viper
                          Jacksonites Unite!
                          by viper
                          I hereby proclaim myself to be the number one "Jacksonite." A position formerly held by my esteemed collegue, Av. I'm sorry Av, but, you gave up your position when you proclaimed yourself a "Faulkonite" (or something like that) a couple weeks ago.

                          I believe that Steven Jackson has shown what he can do for this team. Don't get me wrong, I am a big Marshall Faulk fan and I believe he is one of the greatest all around running backs in NFL history. He is surely (don't call me Shirley) destined for the Hall of Fame. But, he seems to be dancing around a little too much for my taste. He seems a little unsure of himself anymore. He's getting smothered in running plays lately and has been dropping too many passes. Don't get me wrong, I believe Marshall still is a valuable component of our offense, but, IMO he has lost a step. Granted, the offensive line could have something to do with his struggles on running plays, but, Jackson seems to be overcoming such things.

                          I'm ready for Jackson to get into the offense with Fauk on a 50/50 +/- basis at this point in the season.

                          Jackson has demonstrated his salt so far this season and is deserving of more playing time. He is a force to be reckoned with. Does anybody know his yards per carry? It has to be impressive.

                          Av, said a while ago, the ranks of Jacksonites would grow. I'm wondering, is that true? Are there any other Jacksonites out there who wish to step forward and be heard?

                          Go Rams!!!
                          -10-15-2004, 09:13 PM