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Post Practice 12 – Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo – 8/9/10

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  • Post Practice 12 – Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo – 8/9/10

    Tuesday, August 10 2010 @ 10:58 AM CDT
    Post Practice 12 – Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo – 8/9/10

    “You guys saw that (K) Josh Brown wasn’t out there kicking. He tweaked his hip, it’s going to be a day-to-day thing. There’s no sense in putting him out there to kick the ball. Now, I do think it’s good what we did because somewhere along the way that could happen in the middle of the game. (Special teams coordinator) Tom (McMahon) has worked to find a second kicker, it has been (WR) Jordan (Kent), it has been (TE) Danny (Fells) so I think it was good for those guys, maybe a blessing in disguise. (OT) Ryan McKee tweaked his back, didn’t go back in. (OT) Adam Goldberg…I’m going to say a hyper-extended elbow. (Head athletic trainer) Reggie (Scott) is going to MRI it and we’ll know a little bit more. Adam thinks he’ll be fine, but let’s wait and see what the pictures tell us. I thought they worked at it pretty good coming off a scrimmage at night. When I say a day off, they did lift and run yesterday so it wasn’t a full day off. They watched the film, but their bodies kind of had a day off. I thought they reacted pretty well this morning so we’ll get back out here again tonight and get another good one in.”

    (On his impressions of the scrimmage)

    “What jumped out at me right away…the little things bothered me at the scrimmage. When I sat down and watched the film after that night, what jumped out as a positive, I thought the offense had some juice that first series, both (QB) A.J. (Feeley) took us down and (QB) Sam (Bradford) got us down there. The flip side of that is when you go against yourself, that means something wasn’t very good on the other side. I didn’t like the big plays given up by defense. I’m using my old term here…there was some good, there was some bad, and we’re cleaning those things up. The little things on offense bothered me, the illegal formations, and the big plays on defense. Other than that, it’s about what you would expect on a scrimmage in the first week of training camp.”

    (On if he is still trying to get Bradford more reps)

    “There will be a few more. (Quarterback coach) Dick (Curl), (offensive coordinator) Pat (Shurmur), and I talked about that yesterday. He was at about 31 percent of all the reps, which is a third of them, up until the scrimmage. He got a good 45 percent in the scrimmage, he had like 33 reps. I think the next closest guy was like 15. We’ll increase that percentage a little bit here. A.J. is going to get fine-tuned and stay oiled up, and Keith (Null) and Thad (Lewis) are competing so we’re going to give them enough to compete, too.”

    (On if he is going to bring in a kicker for Saturday’s game)

    “May have to. (GM) Billy (Devaney) and I are talking about that right now. We’ll just do this day-to-day and if it gets to…Tom feels like if we have to do that we could do it Thursday and Friday and be OK.”

    (On how the three young defensive ends are coming along)

    “You see flashes. All three of them show flashes of good stuff in pass rush. They’ve got a long way to go, all three of them. With the run game, playing a what we call a ‘six technique’ on a tight end, they’re all struggling on that.”

    (On DE George Selvie having an ability to get into the backfield)

    “He does. He’s a long guy that’s got really good get-off. On those plays he had the other night, it was all getting off the ball. He’s obviously been taught well. That’s the first thing for a defensive end is to get a good jump on the ball. He has that, he’s long armed, and he obviously did a lot of that in college.”

    (On how long he expects WR Mardy Gilyard to sit out)

    “Don’t know that. He was bothered by a wrist when he got here, you guys know that. Then he banged it on his forearm so we’re being careful with it because you’re in the same area. We’d like it to get healthy. When we threw the cast on him the practice before the scrimmage, he caught the ball pretty good with the cast. That was something he had to get over. Reggie will let me know practice-by-practice.”

    (On who is catching his eye at tight end)

    “The young guys. That’s probably natural because you’re used to what the older guys can do, Billy (Bajema) and Danny (Fells), but the two young guys are doing some good things.”

    (On C/G Hank Fraley and DT Fred Robbins sitting practice out)

    “Both of those guys, I forget what Hank’s…he had something from before that he was fighting through. I apologize I don’t remember exactly what it was. Freddy, back a year ago, has always battled a knee, he had the procedure. It was getting a little sore on him so rather than have the thing linger we just decided to shut him down today.”

    (On if he knows any more about S James Butler)

    “No, it’s going to be some time. We didn’t even have him come out because we didn’t want him standing on his feet. He’s limping around, he’s not on crutches or anything, but it is an MCL.”

    (On his expectations for DE Chris Long this season)

    “Well, I expect him to be a starting defensive left end that gives us enough production to make the defense effective. That’s what defensive ends do.”

    (On if OT Jason Smith was practicing with the first unit since he has fully recovered)

    “Really, for guys like that, this is still rehab because it’s not until you get past a couple of days…he didn’t do the one-on-ones and that’s part of the limiting the reps. Somewhere in here we might keep him out of team and have him do one-on-ones. It’s all Reggie’s gauge in the number of reps he puts on his toe.”

    (On being able to gauge what he has despite his current injury limitations)

    “You’ve got to fight through it. The guys that have to go should take advantage of their reps.”

    (On what he saw from WR Brandon McRae at the scrimmage)

    “I’m trying to go back on my numbers and my people here. He made that nice catch down the sideline, right? I thought there were a couple of blocks, to me that’s still important. I thought he had a better scrimmage than some of the things he had done in practice. He was up and down in practice but I thought he came through in the scrimmage.”

    (On how the odds are stacked against a guy that’s an undrafted free agent)

    “Tough, but when you get to this point in training camp, nobody’s saying, ‘This guy came here this way, this guy…’ We’re going to put the best players out there and if guys surface above another one, I think we’d be crazy not to keep the best players.”