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    From SI's Dr. Z

    How could the Ram receivers sprint by the Seahawk DBs in such untroubled fashion? Because they're good, and Marc Bulger had time to throw. On the TD pass, as I mentioned in my rankings piece, the blitz was picked up and the pass was right on the money, delivered in 1.88 seconds. And it was strong safety coverage on the wideout in the slot, a speed mismatch.

    A double feature from Ron of Eugene, Ore. Does Mike Martz burn early timeouts so he can go into his late game Fast and Furious pace without the distractions of things like time outs? Not totally, although he does seem to use more of them earlier than other folks do. Once I asked him about this, and he said sometimes he calls them to give a unit a rest if he thinks it's tiring out. But no, I don't think he deliberately wastes them. There's no sign that says you have to use them all, anyway.