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  • Jacksonites Unite!

    I hereby proclaim myself to be the number one "Jacksonite." A position formerly held by my esteemed collegue, Av. I'm sorry Av, but, you gave up your position when you proclaimed yourself a "Faulkonite" (or something like that) a couple weeks ago.

    I believe that Steven Jackson has shown what he can do for this team. Don't get me wrong, I am a big Marshall Faulk fan and I believe he is one of the greatest all around running backs in NFL history. He is surely (don't call me Shirley) destined for the Hall of Fame. But, he seems to be dancing around a little too much for my taste. He seems a little unsure of himself anymore. He's getting smothered in running plays lately and has been dropping too many passes. Don't get me wrong, I believe Marshall still is a valuable component of our offense, but, IMO he has lost a step. Granted, the offensive line could have something to do with his struggles on running plays, but, Jackson seems to be overcoming such things.

    I'm ready for Jackson to get into the offense with Fauk on a 50/50 +/- basis at this point in the season.

    Jackson has demonstrated his salt so far this season and is deserving of more playing time. He is a force to be reckoned with. Does anybody know his yards per carry? It has to be impressive.

    Av, said a while ago, the ranks of Jacksonites would grow. I'm wondering, is that true? Are there any other Jacksonites out there who wish to step forward and be heard?

    Go Rams!!!

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    Re: Jacksonites Unite!

    I'm still the first Jacksonite, viper! The Faulksonite thing was a joke.

    I think we've already got a few members - Tx and RamWraith are on board in spirit, if not in name.

    This is not to say that Faulk has no place. But Jackson needs to get more and more of a role.


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      Re: Jacksonites Unite!

      Steven Jackson is outgaining Marshall Faulk even as his backup. I still want to see both getting touches, but the ratio should at least be 50-50. I wouldn't mind that. Sometimes Marshall's style is effective, and sometimes Jackson is more consistent.


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        Re: Jacksonites Unite!

        Sooner or later, Jackson is going to take a long one to the house.


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          Re: Jacksonites Unite!

          I like Jackson, but I would not be in a rush to make him all that. He is still a rookie and bound for rookie mistakes. He did fumble the ball on his first run and I am sure he is bound to make other mistakes.


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            Re: Jacksonites Unite!

            Neither of you can proclaim true Jacksonite status until he's displayed somewhere in the avatar.


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              Re: Jacksonites Unite!

              I like Jackson, but I would not be in a rush to make him all that. He is still a rookie and bound for rookie mistakes. He did fumble the ball on his first run and I am sure he is bound to make other mistakes.
              Damn good point. Jackson shows enormous potential, but he's young, untested and still learning. Are we going to jump on and off the "Faulk's still the guy" bandwagon every other week?? Faulk needs to stay the feature back, although I do think Jackson needs more touches.


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                Re: Jacksonites Unite!

                Originally posted by NickSeiler
                Neither of you can proclaim true Jacksonite status until he's displayed somewhere in the avatar.
                here here. One has a avatar of Faulk and one has ......... well god knows what that is Avenger ;)

                Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                  Re: Jacksonites Unite!

                  I believe Jackson has 6.2 yards per carry going in to the Monday nighter with the Bucs.

                  Maineram :ramlogo:


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                    Re: Jacksonites Unite!

                    What are you guys in 3rd grade.. "I'm the 1st Jacksonite" Weiners the lot of you!!! :tongue:


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                      Re: Jacksonites Unite!

                      Just stirring the pot, folks. It's all in fun! The point is Jackson has shown alot of upside. An article posted on ClanRam recently said he is averaging 6.9 yards per carry. Martz used him more in the Seattle game than he had previously. I think that's a trend that should continue. I especially like seeing both Jackson and Faulk in on two back sets. It's harder to defend as they can both be dangerous!

                      Oh, and Av, you're still the number one Jacksonite...the man, the myth, the legend! Afterall, you did come up with the name. Besides, I'm not ready to change my avatar! :redface:


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                        Re: Jacksonites Unite!

                        Neither of you can proclaim true Jacksonite status until he's displayed somewhere in the avatar.
                        Or in your sig. :tough:


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                          Re: Jacksonites Unite!

                          Well, I just got a Jackson jersey for my B-day, so I guess that mekes me a Jacksonite as well.
                          JUST WIN ONE FOR THE FANS

                          "HIT HARD, HIT FAST, AND HIT OFTEN"
                          Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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                            Re: Jacksonites Unite!

                            Originally posted by RAMMAN68
                            Well, I just got a Jackson jersey for my B-day, so I guess that mekes me a Jacksonite as well.
                            Oh yeah, I'm planning on getting a #39 jersey as well. Then, of course, Hawaii 5-0. :ramlogo:


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                              Re: Jacksonites Unite!

                              That Avatar, Dez, is me.

                              As for being the first Jacksonite... When I was 15 years old, I had a heated Summer love affair that didn't last. But years later... I learned that I had a son.

                              Go Steven Jackson! Daddy's watching you!


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                              • RamWraith
                                Jackson is all the rage!
                                by RamWraith
                                By Bryan Burwell
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                What do you do when you're on the verge of something you've been craving all of your life? What do you do when the dream is so close, you can feel its inevitability and maybe its uncertainty too lurking on the horizon like some rumbling summer storm?

                                Steven Jackson considers this daunting circumstance for just a moment and flashes that familiar disarming smile. "I've been groomed for this," he said. "This is what I've wanted since I started playing football when I was 7 years old."

                                Considering the crash-and-burn mess that so many of his peers have made of their star turns lately, you might expect that Jackson might approach this newest phase of his life with some sort of healthy trepidation. Celebrity is a scary business these days, as unpredictable as the weather. You're never quite sure whether the gathering storm will bring a soothing shower of fame and fortune or an angry torrent of disaster and shame.

                                Yet Steven Jackson is running toward the gathering storm of fame like it's a slash of daylight. After impatiently biding his time behind Marshall Faulk for two seasons, the former first-round draft pick out of Oregon State had a breakout 2006 season that thrust him into the NFL's ultra-talented upper crust. And now that Faulk has retired, there are no more uneasy conflicts about playing time, or debates about who is the heart and soul of this football team, or who is one of the NFL's most dangerous offensive weapons.

                                "He's right there. He's right on the verge of blowing up (and becoming a major NFL star) and he knows it," said teammate and Pro Bowl receiver Torry Holt. "He is ready to just explode and I can't wait to see it."

                                There are talks to give the powerfully built Pro Bowl running back his own weekly segment on ESPNEWS. You can't walk by a newsstand anywhere in America without seeing his face on the cover of at least three fantasy football magazines. He was featured recently in Sports Illustrated. ESPN has him on speed dial. There are those soon-to-be-released nationally televised Nike commercials, a locker stall full of custom-made Nike cleats, and 40-foot-high "I Believe" billboards all over St. Louis, which are supposed to be touting the Rams' upcoming season. But they could just as easily be tantalizing movie trailers for the upcoming Steven Jackson blockbuster, too.

                                "I was groomed for this; I always believed I would be a star, and I didn't see anything wrong with that," Jackson said. "I know that probably didn't play too well with the humble Midwestern mentality. But I was just speaking out and saying what I believed I was capable of doing. I never understood what was wrong with saying what was on my mind as long as I believed it and it was true. What's wrong with being a positive influence...
                                -08-27-2007, 05:46 AM
                              • RamsFan16
                                Steven Jackson - Hitting The Reset Button
                                by RamsFan16
                                Steven Jackson - Hitting The Reset Button

                                Mike Donnelly

                                Steven Jackson - Hitting The Reset Button

                                Since the St. Louis Rams' disappointing 6-10 finish last year, all Steven Jackson has wanted to do is find a way to press a reset button and start over again. With NFL training camps underway, Jackson's chance to hit reset has arrived, and once again he will try to establish himself as one of the league's premier running backs.

                                "This year, I think it (last season) really prepped me to know what to expect as a starter and the expectations that I have for myself and my team," said Jackson. "I'm coming into this season a lot more relaxed. I feel more confident than ever."

                                The Rams have long been labeled as the greatest show on turf, dominating opponents with a potent offense that led St. Louis to the postseason for seven consecutive seasons (1998-2004), until finally being shut out of the playoffs last year. With the crafty Marshall Faulk stepping into a reserve role, last season was to mark the emergence of a power running game featuring Jackson that could complement the Rams' aerial attack.

                                "It was a lot of fun but we had some bumps in the road like losing our (head) coach in the middle of the season," said Jackson regarding his performance last season in his first year as a full-time starter in the NFL. "Of course with Marshall still being there I had a lot of pressure facing me."

                                Just about everyone including Jackson himself, thought the likelihood of the Oregon State standout reaching the 1,500 yard rushing mark as the Rams' primary running back would be feasible. But Jackson failed to meet the expectations of the breakout season he so desired, as injuries to key players and unexpected absences ended up altering the way Jackson was originally intended to be utilized on offense.

                                Jackson ran for 1,046 yards on 254 attempts during 15 games as the starting tailback. His average of 17 carries per game, however, wasn't near the amount of carries that a ballcarrier expected to be the team's workhorse should've received. In terms of yardage and rush attempts, Jackson's totals may not have been what he was seeking, but he was able to become the first Rams rusher to gain over 1,000 yards in a season and also collect over 250 carries since Faulk last reached both marks in 2001.

                                "I had a 1,000 yard rushing season which is remarkable in itself without some key guys at times," said Jackson. "Marshall didn't play a lot, Marc (Bulger), Torry, (Holt) and Isaac (Bruce) all went down, so a lot of times I had to get my 1,000 yards without a lot of guys normally in the starting role with me."

                                Following in the footsteps of Faulk, a three-time NFL Offensive Player of the Year winner, seven-time Pro Bowler and future Hall of Famer,...
                                -07-27-2006, 09:12 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                Rams' Jackson has been this way before
                                by RamWraith
                                The running back was successful in following Ken Simonton at OSU; now he is replacing Marshall Faulk
                                Friday, August 19, 2005
                                RACHEL BACHMAN
                                To get an idea of how Steven Jackson will handle taking over for rushing legend Marshall Faulk this season, St. Louis Rams fans need only read Oregon State football history.

                                In 2002, Jackson handled the starting tailback job on the heels of Ken Simonton, the Beavers' career rushing leader with 5,044 yards. So what did Jackson do in the shadow of such a legacy?

                                He set Oregon State's single-season rushing record, with 1,690 yards.

                                "So the same steps that I'm walking now, I've already walked," Jackson said in a telephone interview. "It's no pressure. I feel like I've been through this, and I have something I can look back on and see how things worked out for me."

                                Life, Jackson said, is good. In July, he held a free football camp at his high school, Las Vegas' Eldorado, for 125 kids. Also in the offseason, the Rams installed FieldTurf at the Edward Jones Dome -- good news for Jackson's knee, which suffered a partially torn ligament and bruise on the dome's Astroturf last season.

                                To top it off, Jackson, the No. 24 pick in the 2004 draft, was named the Rams' starter in the offseason. Not bad for a guy who turned 22 last month.

                                "It's special," Jackson said. "Coming into the NFL, everyone dreams of not only getting there, but once you get there, wanting to be a starter. So I'm happy that it happened as soon as it did for me. It helped me prepare this offseason knowing I was going to be the starter, not to have to look over my shoulders. . . .

                                "I really feel like now I'm starting to live out my dream."

                                Jackson shared duties with Faulk last season, running for 673 yards to Faulk's 774. Jackson started three of the Rams' 16 regular-season games and played in both playoff games.

                                But now the starting position is Jackson's, along with the attention that goes with the title. Jackson said fans greeted him warmly last season.

                                He said no fan had gotten particularly crazy in his or her devotion, but "I had a couple of fans offer to cook dinner and invite me over," he said. "That's something I can't do, though."

                                Jackson said Faulk, who has gained almost 12,000 yards in 11 seasons, has not had a problem with his replacement.

                                "Marshall's not that kind of guy," Jackson said. "He understands that the game's going to go on. He's so advanced and so smart with things that he wants to pass the knowledge down to me so that one day I'll be able to do the same thing for another young guy."

                                Faulk's best advice to Jackson? Be yourself.

                                "Don't go out of my way trying to do things that he does, because we're two...
                                -08-19-2005, 01:57 PM
                              • general counsel
                                Dissapointment with steven jackson
                                by general counsel
                                I am disappointed with steven jackson, especially the mental errors. I recognize that he is very young and that the blocking has been spotty. I am not suggesting he has been lousy, only that he has not lived up to my hopes and expectations for this year.

                                I dont see him breaking tackles at the line of scrimmage. I dont see him cutting back effectively in the hole. I see a guy who when he gets the first block and can get past the line with some space does some major damage in the secondary and who certainly runs hard, but i dont see a guy that looks like he can carry a team on his back or even close to it.

                                I see passes hit him in the hands in the flat that he drops. I see fumbles. I see a horrible flip to mcdonald on the play at the goal line.

                                I see faulk cutting back through the holes MUCH faster than jackson and running almost as hard. I am not saying that faulk should be the starter, but am suggesting that jackson has a LONG LONG way to go before someone compares him to marshall faulk.

                                I realize jackson and faulk are different kinds of backs, but i just dont see jacksons speed until he gets into space. I see a LOT of running sideways and not cutting up the field quickly enough. Watch faulk dart in and out of space, and that is at age 32!

                                any thoughts from the group?

                                Ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -10-07-2005, 12:53 PM
                              • theodus69
                                Jackson or Faulk
                                by theodus69
                                Now I have took a beating on my remarks about Jackson. I have said I'm not sold on him and of course, the Line thing is the sticking point, But if the Rams are gonna get back to the High flying offense, Where does Jackson fit in? Isn't he a 30-40 carry a game guy? And if so, where does that fit a high flying offense? I think Faulk would be the better choice even at his present age! Jackson to me doesn't fit this offense. Which actually wouldn't surprise me if the Rams don't go after a R-back in the draft early. Jackson could be some good trade bait also. That's my thought so let yours fly!
                                -03-04-2006, 01:51 AM