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    If there's no one suitable shaken from the trees around the NFL to be no. 2. Need to sign a running back that can pass block. Doesn't have to be a great running back, just needs to be able to pass block. Darby can't, Toston isn't particularly good, Ogbannaya is iffy. That or just put a backup OG or DT in at running back on pass plays from time to time... Really bored, just thinking out loud.

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    Re: Backup RB

    How do we know Toston and Ogbannaya are iffy?


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      Re: Backup RB

      I'm not exactly concerned over this as everybody. I mean sure I'd like to have a reliable backup for SJAX but if we cant find one its not the end of the world. I'm sure one of the rookies can step in and do the job.


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        Re: Backup RB

        Kenneth Darby is my boy, please do not disrespect him like that


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          Re: Backup RB

          Originally posted by Alec22 View Post
          Kenneth Darby is my boy, please do not disrespect him like that
          KD is a good, reliable fullback. I too feel good having him as part of the Rams running game. We do need, however, to find a good, reliable back-up RB; whether from within or from outside our current roster.

          I'm excited to find out who this RB will be. :helmet:
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          • Lesson
            Which RB do you keep? Darby or Toston?
            by Lesson
            Assuming the Rams get a RB from the draft, which RB do you think should be with the Rams next season?
            -12-29-2010, 02:07 PM
          • richtree
            Drafting a #2 RB High is a Waste of time
            by richtree
            Here is my agrument not to draft a RB until round 5 or later(if at all).

            1. SJAX is elite back . He will want a ton of carries and catches. He is rare 3 down back. He will be happy the more he is out there.

            2. 2 backs with a star in front doesn't = any more wins (LT sproles, AP C.Taylor , etc)

            3. The Oline makes the backup RB. ex. D.Ward found cut off Practice squad. Patriots throw anyone back there as #2 RB with success. #2 Backs should fit your system and excel in the limited action for blocking, change of pace, speed.

            Prime example is --> T. Choice Cowboys. Good O-Line people thought F.Jones was amazing, then when T. Choice was given some time he worked great as well. If F.Jones was on the Bengals last year he would have done squat.

            4. If we drafted someone like Ian Johnson, McCoy, etc. They will want touches and if successful demand to be traded or paid since they are picked high in the draft and want to start. Creates a bad situation.

            5. Darby and Pittman looked ok. I think if we started the season with the addition of Brown, Fells, Karney, and a healthy McMichael or blocking would be alot better.

            6. Finally, we have other needs that are much more important.

            LB, DT, OL, WR = four biggest needs (first four rounds)

            If I have to pick a 5th need it would be pass Rushing End.

            so that makes #2 RB our 6th need or 7th if you want another CB first.

            Just my take on it all
            -03-17-2009, 08:53 AM
          • MauiRam
            Toston has eye on backup RB opening with St. Louis Rams ..
            by MauiRam
            by Bill Coats


            Since taking Steven Jackson in the first round in 2004, the Rams have drafted just two running backs Brian Leonard in the second round in 2007 and Chris Ogbonnaya in the seventh and final round last year.

            Leonard was traded to Cincinnati in '09 after two generally uneventful seasons with the Rams. Ogbonnaya spent most of his rookie season on the practice squad.

            It's no surprise, then, that the team has struggled to come up with a suitable backup for Jackson. Kenneth Darby has proved little in two years with the Rams, Samkon Gado was let go after the '09 season, and Ogbonnaya doesn't have a large enough body of work 11 carries for 50 yards off which to form a judgment.

            So once again, the No. 2 job behind Jackson is open. Of the 15 rookie free agents working out at rookie minicamp this week, two are running backs: Keith Toston of Oklahoma State and DeMaundray "The Diesel" Wooldridge of Idaho.
            Click here to find out more!

            Toston doesn't have a cool nickname. But he probably has the best chance of landing a spot on the team. "This opportunity is one of my dreams," he said, "so I feel pretty good about getting a chance to live it out."

            The 6-foot, 214-pound Toston (pronounced TOAST-un) didn't become a full-time starter until early in his senior season, after All-Big 12 back Kendall Hunter went down with an ankle injury.

            Toston rushed for 1,218 yards and 11 touchdowns for the Cowboys. He also latched on to 25 passes for 261 yards and a TD. He finished his four seasons at OSU where Pro Football Hall of Famers Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas once toiled with 3,234 total yards: 2,727 rushing and 507 receiving.

            Toston, who succeeded Hunter on the all-conference squad, felt that he played himself onto several teams' draft boards. "Through the whole operation, I was talking to teams. But it ended up not happening," he said. "So I had to take what they gave me."

            The culprit, Toston suspects, was his pedestrian 40-yard dash time 4.66 seconds at the NFL scouting combine. "That could've scared some teams away," he conceded. "But I'm a football player. And the way I play is best shown when I'm wearing pads."

            The Rams haven't seen him first-hand in pads they're banned at minicamp. Still, Toston got a good look during the three-day, five-practice event and could be invited back for more.

            "Although I'm a free agent, I feel just like a draft pick," Toston said. "Everybody's equal."

            Toston described his style as "almost the same exactly"as Jackson's. "He's a powerful back and he makes moves when he has to. I'm a power runner and I make moves," Toston said. "But only when I have to."

            -05-02-2010, 09:17 PM
          • MauiRam
            Rams' backup RB situation remains worrisome ..
            by MauiRam
            Posted July 02, 2010 @ 10:08 a.m. ET
            By Dan Arkush

            Needless to say, the Rams have concerns galore coming off a one-win season, and one of the biggest, our sources agree, is the continued lack of a decent complementary running back behind workhorse Steven Jackson. Since selecting Jackson in the first round in 2004, the Rams have drafted only two running backs Brian Leonard in the second round in '07 and Chris Ogbonnaya in the final round last year. Leonard never panned out and was traded to the Bengals last year, while Ogbonnaya is one of only two veterans currently on the roster third-year pro Kenneth Darby, who has been ordinary at best, is the other in the mix to back up Jackson this season after the Rams failed to draft any RB reinforcements this season.

            Said one team source: "Spags (Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo) said it was no big deal (not drafting a RB), but Jackson is coming off (April 15) back surgery, and you just never know when running backs might hit that wall. It's been two years now that they've had to run Jackson to death, and it just seems very puzzling that they haven't made more of an effort to find a decent backup."

            The way we hear it, the best backup option at present could be rookie free agent Keith Toston out of Oklahoma State. "I think he's better right now than either Darby or Ogbonnaya," the source said of Toston, whose style is considered very similar to that of Jackson. The Rams have contemplated signing former Eagles star Brian Westbrook, going as far as to bring him in for a physical exam in April. Westbrook would seem to be a no-brainer addition if he were healthy enough, but we hear the two concussions he suffered last season, in addition to a problematic left knee that might not react well to the Rams' playing surface, continue to make him a long shot to be wearing a St. Louis uniform in 2010 or any team's uniform, for that matter.

            Well Dan, thanks for stating the obvious, but I doubt Spags and Billy are losing any sleep over acquiring a solid backup for Jackson. Six days from now the Rams will attend Unga's pro day, and if they are underwhelmed by Harvey's performance, then they can turn to the waiver wire and have their pick of any rbs which are released during camp and preseason. If we had to go through the season with our current rbs, there'd be cause for concern. However, that's not the case, and given the way Billy D. and Spags have aggressively turned over the roster they inherited and subsequently infused the team with new talent, I'll not lose any sleep over this either ..
            -07-02-2010, 11:14 AM
          • steviej
            Better R.b?
            by steviej
            Who would you rather have?
            Marshal Faulk
            Steven Jackson
            -12-30-2005, 01:35 PM