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  • No Whining!

    I haven't had the heart to read a whole lot about what others are saying about yesterday's game, but I'm tired of "the official's call." from what little I've heard. For ny to even SUGGEST Garnes didn't grab Canidate just dumbfounds me. How far did his jersey need to be stretched for them to feel the call was justified? Add to that, the possession on which they got their 3rd field goal - on which one of the ny DBs was hammering on Holt's arms WITHOUT LOOKING BACK FOR THE BALL. Where the he** was THAT call? There are FOUR more points on the board for us.

    I suggest ny should be THRILLED what the refs DIDN'T do to them. What about the repeated headlocks placed on Wistrom and Little that were NEVER called? The tackle where the guy grabbed Holt's helmet to pull him down - ummmmm, sorry folks, but you cannot use ANY part of a ball carrier's helmet in an attempt to tackle the runner - remember Fletcher getting that called against him (using the back of Deuce Staley's helmet to pull him down) in Philly?

    Props to the Giants and the scheme they put in place to throttle the Rams down. Don't cheapen by whining about it being taken away from you. You had as much given to you as you had taken away.

    As for us Rams fans, we all know we escaped by skin of our teeth. However, when you play a very GOOD team, play without your A game, and still win...well, that takes a GREAT team.

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    No whining needed. That was not the best game I have seen, but for our Defence to give up only 2 scores and ny to give up 3 that makes for a well fought battle. I loved it, there was many no calls and a couple of should not have called but thats football. There was serious hitting going on from both sides and emotions running strong. Neither gave up. Both defences should finish in the top 6 or 7. But The RAMS are still undefeated.


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      No offense, but I'm tired of the excuse for bad calling by officials as "that's football". If the players can't get away with having their socks too high or their knees showing, why should officials get away with bad calls, or in our case, no calls? I am impressed with the fact that the Rams are able to pull a win out of the hat despite all the bias the officials show. How much better would that game have turned out if they hadn't been?


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        No offense taken.

        Of course you are right. We might have been better with the replacements. Some of the zebras deserve praise and some deserve respect. But too many leave me scratching my head. Still was good to see our warriors overcome and get the job done. The way our Defence is coming together an our woo hits coming in bunches I can't wait for more.


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        • Fat Pang
          The first ten minutes.
          by Fat Pang
          I really wasn't sure which forum to put this post in. It's about football, but it's not about the Rams or the NFL. It's also very personal, or at least it's very personal in the sense that it's purely about my sensory perceptions of the first ten minutes of a football game from a players point of view. So, I plumped for the the default choice of the lounge, on the basis that in the unlikely event that I offended anyone with my musings, not very many people would see it.

          As I think we can all agree, whether Ram fans or not, (and there are some who grace our forums who add to this site and aren't) the start of the football season is something to be savoured and anticipated. We start thinking about the future as soon as our teams last snap is concluded. Whether we were happy with the achievments of our chosen team or not,the future provides the panacea for all ills. Anything is possible in the virtual nirvana that is the future. Worst to first in one season is possible, we all know it, so what's to stop us from dreaming?

          It's one of the best features of the human condition, a natural optimism, that, guided by the love of the sport, finds itself a comfortable chair, a jaundiced view and dreams of glories to come. I've already discussed this somewhere else of course, and informed you all of my intention to look for the best this season. I'm sincere in that and hope that I'm pleasantly surprised, but I realised this morning that as I did so, I was talking from a fans point of view.

          This is natural of course because I am an armchair fan, but I was also a player for nearly eight years, and so realised that there are other points of view to explore. Player and fan aren't necessarily related either. At college, I knew guys who loved playing the game and were very good at it but who hated watching it and regarded the three hours spent doing so as a complete waste of time. Happy to have their own bones broken, but not too interested in seeing others break theirs.

          So there is a difference that we often ignore when it comes to being passionate about the result of a football game and the outcome of a season and the vantage point from which you view it.

          We're all guilty of it too. How often have we screamed at the television, berating those players who are on the wrong end of a caning for not caring quite as much as we do? How often have we held them culpable for dashing our dreams? How often have we accused them of being paycheque(paycheck) players with all that is implied in that statement?

          I know that I felt that I had cause to do all those things for virtually the entire 90's.:x

          However at work this morning, whilst writing a lesson plan that would teach chinese children whose native language is Cantonese, to write Japanese Haiku poetry in English, (Not as hard as it sounds) I thought about this very pertinent fact, something I was surprised I hadn't considered...
          -09-06-2006, 07:36 AM
        • jdpbmo
          reviewing calls from the booth
          by jdpbmo
          Okay, enough is enough. I can usually sit by and hold my piece, but I am so tired of this idiotic process the NFL uses to review calls. It isn't that I'm against the reviewing of questionable calls. I am 100 % for it. I want the call to be right. A noncall or wrong call shouldn't cost a team the game. It all came to a head in the Detroit/GB game when they didn't bother reviewing the touchdown late in the game. How crazy was that? If I was in charge of that part of the game, there would be some people looking for work tomorrow. My main problem with the process is that you are asking officials that make a call, or maybe don't make a call, to reverse their own decision. You are asking them to second-guess themselves or perhaps members of their crew. Now we can sit there and say "well, so what if they have to reverse a call to get it right". Hey, news flash, these officials have egos. They don't want to come out and say "sorry everyone, we just blew that last call". So they look at the replay to satisfy us, then come back and say "indisputable evidence to reverse the call on the field". That's a load of crap. There have been plenty of calls that they show that need to be reversed, but until you get a seperate crew of 2 or 3 people in the booth who do nothing but review a call when it's challenged, you will continue to see this craziness happen. Why wouldn't you have people not associated with the officiating crew reveiwing these calls? If you did, you would find a number of calls overturned when it's obvious they are wrong. You would find calls that are legitimate standing as good calls. People would be satisfied for the most part. Except for the Z E B R A S. They will find they are making a call or two incorrectly in important situations. But you know what else you are doing? You are taking some responsibility from them. What does everyone think? jd
          -11-25-2001, 08:37 PM
        • Guest's Avatar
          The Curse Of The 9ers
          by Guest
          What will officials dream up Sunday night when the Rams take the field in San Francisco? Letís turn back to 1998. The first call occurred with the Colts leading 21-7. The ball was intercepted by Indianapolis defensive back Jeff Burris in his own end zone. He returned it to the 9ers' 32-yard line, which almost certainly would have led to a 24-7 lead and, given the way that Peyton Manning was carving up the 9ers' at the time, most likely an insurmountable 28-7 lead. Instead, the officials called Burris for "holding" and the 9ers were handed the ball back and ultimately a touchdown.

          On the 9ers' next possession, Young again threw a pick, again it was overruled ruled by a defensive holding penalty, and again the 9ers got the ball back and scored. The result of the botched calls? A point swing of a minimum of 14 and as much as 28 points. The blown calls by the referees were so bad; the NFL had to come out with a statement in essence apologizing for the poor officiating.

          The Colts farce allowed the 9ers to host the wildcard game Enter Green Bay, a team they hadnít beat in 5 tries. A Jerry Rice fumble was ruled down by the referees, and four plays later, a touchdown pass to Terrell Owens.

          Enter New York; another playoff game which the 9ers had little chance of winning even with all the referee huddles that always end in gifting the 9ers the ball or the call. Even though the Giants blew a sizeable lead and deserved to lose the game given the fact that they laid down like dogs for the 9ers one cannot deny the injustice of the referee shenanigans which gifted the 9ers yet another referee aided win. Once again the NFL had to cut and paste their 49er apologist bile as if this sort of thing is not common in the NFL. Oh wait they are right, its not common place in the NFL unless itís an important 49er game.

          Does anyone remember the game last year? The NHS describes it best in this snippet.

          So when 12 seconds into it, an important game for the 9ers was being dictated by an inexplicable referee reversal to give the 9ers a touchdown on the opening kickoff, followed minutes later with a penalty negating a would-be 9ers turnover on a kick return, followed by several more of the classic "referee huddles" throughout the afternoon, fans nodded and understood. Even if the Rams injury-depleted split squad came to compete today (which they didn't), the script already had cast them as losers.

          The opening minutes were the 49er Problem in a nutshell. As the 9ers broke open the opening kick return, the "flag" message clearly appeared during the run-back. No big whoop, all seasoned NFL fans are well accustomed to having penalties negate good returns. The ref signaled the illegal block against the 9ers, and the game was set to start with the 9ers mired deep in their own territory.

          But wait! Someone, somewhere instead decided that it wasn't a...
          -10-01-2004, 08:54 PM
        • RamsFanSam
          Officiating this past season...
          by RamsFanSam
          I have a few minutes here before I go to catch up with my best friend from high school. I haven't talked with him for 25 years. So, while I am waiting for the hot water heater to catch up, I figured I would have my say.

          The new uniforms worn by the zebras this year did nothing to hide their lousy eyesight.

          Rams fans were at the bad end of lousy officiating during several games this year, but we were not the only ones. In the majority of the games I watched (and with Sunday Ticket and the Red Zone channel, it was a lot) I saw a lot of 'non-calls', a lot of 'over-done' calls, and a lot of bogus calls. Probably the worst of all was the pandering to the NFL's 'pet' QB's.

          Hey, Zebras, I have a news flash for you. Football is a physical game. When a 350 pound defensive end, running at full speed, leaps toward the QB a half second before the QB throws a pass, it is impossible for said DE to stop in mid-air. He will hit the QB. Seriously, ask any high school physics teacher. Sometimes, the QB is going to get hit. Next time Brady or Vick or Manning gets knocked on his backside, think before you throw a flag. Ask yourself whether the defensive player could have avoided contact. I bet you'd find that the majority of the time, the defensive player couldn't have done anything to avoid the contact. Just look over at the little pansy QB, tell him that football is a man's game, so quit acting like a 'girly man'.

          Another thing I would like to point out is that you are supposed to be impartial. I believe that you should look the definition of that word up in a dictionary. I have asked around, and those who know football say that they thought Seattle benifited from 'non-impartial' officiating more than any other team. I'm not sure I agree, but I do think Seattle did get more favors from you than did teams like the Cards, Lions, etc.

          Someone (I wish I could remember who) suggested that the officiating of each game should be reviewed by an impartial group, and that the officials should be held responsible for their performance. Miss a blatant foul, get a big fine. Throw an unnecessary flag, get a big fine. I bet that the games would be officiated a lot more fairly once cash started disappearing from the pockets of the zebras who don't do their job well.

          Now, for my last point:

          I said football is a physical game. I know the zebras have to be 'in the action', but what genius thought a ball cap and a whistle would be enough protection when a 350 pound linebacker blindsides your butt? Seriously, I have seen 5 year old kids with enough sense to know that a helmet is a good idea when riding a bike.

          Then again, maybe if a few of them had some sense knocked into them (or some BS knocked out of them) it might not be a bad thing....but, no. Even I can't be that cruel unless it involves someone mistreating my family.

          Well, that's all the time I...
          -01-02-2007, 04:57 PM
        • RamsInfiniti
          The team has lost all respect from it's fans and the league ...
          by RamsInfiniti
          Yet another pathetic performance today. Say what you want, but this is just adding more fuel to the fire when it comes to us being recognized as one of the worst teams ever. I've never seen a defense get repeatedly gashed like this one does on the ground. Our secondary actually hang in there today despite getting absolutely no pass rush, yet again. Do we not even know what a blitz is? I don't remember a single blitz being dialed up today ....

          Let me start off with the officals. Even they think we are a joke. Yet, the only real joke seems to be the officiating. Two times in the first half the playclock went to zero and sat there for at least one second before the Bears snapped the ball. No penalty called. One resulted in a deep pass to Hester.

          And what the hell was with the no call on the DPI on the fake punt? Did I hear the official say there cannot be pass interference called on a fake punt? That has got to be BS because there is nothing that stops you from lining up in a punt formation on every play. There can be pass interference on ANY forward pass, please correct me if I am wrong. A punt formation is no different than any other formation. Then that idiot ref tries to explain the call and mumbles like he was having a seizure. You have got to be kidding. Never seen a worse blown call, as Massey was hit a full half second before the ball got there. If that call was somehow correct, the rule definitely needs to be changed. Yet another personal foul late in the game they fail to call on the Bears. Twice, we got holding called on us on special teams and the flag wasn't thrown until after the runner was down. How about the personal foul call on Briggs, who wasn't even on the field, then magically it goes against the Rams. Seriously, how do these idiots keep their jobs?

          Some players that should be noted as POSITIVE ....

          1. Stanley looked awesome in the return game

          2. Special teams as a whole looked pretty good in coverage. I was all over Wade last week for lack of effort, but he made a great open field stop on Hester in the return game. BTW, Donnie Jones is THE MAN. Johnson and Stills are monsters on the coverage

          3. Pittman and Darby both again showed an ability to do some damage in space. Don't even bother looking at their running statistics, as I don't think I've ever seen an offensive line perform so horribly. I don't understand why the announcers kept repeating that we need a new backup running back. Pittman would be just fine if he got a little space. He looked very quick and shifty the couple of times the line didn't break down and have him busted up for a huge loss.

          4. Atogwe forced another turnover

          5. Torry Holt looked alive and well. That was nice to see

          Some notes about things that were negative ...

          1. Worst performance I've ever seen by a Ram offensive line. Pathetic in all aspects

          -11-23-2008, 02:16 PM