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Is the staff insane?

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  • Is the staff insane?

    I posted a couple of weeks ago that star players on this team don't have business in the game at the end of a blowout. No one seemed to think twice about it. I think that is dangerous coaching, not to mention tasteless.

    Which brings me to my next point..

    How many hits does Warner have to take before the staff realizes that their star player is not Superman?

    Does anyone know how many times Warner was hit Sunday? 16 was the last count I heard. 16 hits on the QB of the "best team in the league" is ludicrous! Is it just me?!?!
    What was Martz talking about in pre-game when he said he didn't want Strahan making any pep rallies over there? I only ask, because he did nothing to stop Strahan all game long. Nothing except put in another tackle half way through the 4th quarter. Strahan was all over Warner all day. He had 4 sacks and probably 8 hits atleast. Yet the staff did nothing. No chip blocks, no double teams, nothing. Tucker can't handler Strahan on a good day, much less being banged up. Where does Martz get off is my question?! Did Martz think he would just suite up and play tackle himself or something?!

    Faulk is out and Warner is next. Mark my words, Warner will go down this year because of the staff. There is not a person on the board that wasn't holding their breath when Warner went down in the 4th. The next time he might not be so lucky. There is not a team in the league that would pass up a shot at Warner. Whether it's a legal shot or an illegal shot. You have to protect your players.

    Flame away!
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    Don't always agree with porkchop, but I'm with him on this one. With the exception that in the game against the Giants we couldn't pull Warner because Strahan wasn't contained so we didn't have the points on the board to support a replacement in the QB position. Replacing Tucker earlier or altogether might have given us the breathing space. Now the game against the Lions we should have. I hope we don't stretch our luck too much.


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      Don't get me wrong guys. I never said take Warner out of the game. I just said protect him. There are all kinds of things the coaches could have done and did not.

      In my opinion, our receivers are great. There are going to be times when we don't have to flood the pattern with 5 receivers. We could use a little more protection. Keep a back or TE in to block.



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        Looking back on this game, the biggest problem was lack of protection. Martz should have pulled Tucker and did not.

        He has admited it was his fault ...... Only worry is that should not have happened.

        Someone should have pointed it out to Martz :upset:

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          Guys, that was a normal NFL game about 10 years ago. Yes, I think Warner is getting hit way too much. To cure that, running the ball more than 3 times in the first half helps. Most of our routes that are successful are about 7 yards to 20 yards anyway. So if we go 2nd and 9, then 3rd and 7, with our offense, we should be able to get the first down. Takes pressure off Warner, gets the O line moving forward (which every one of those milk drinkin meat eatin boys love to do), and may just open that passing game up just the notch we need. But what do I know, I never played.


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            GIVE RYAN A REST

            Did anyone notice how well Rod Jones played when he came in for Ryan Tucker? Sure, Strahan was wearing out, but Rod handled him well. I see that Rod is starting against the Jets. I think that is the right move by Martz. Obviously Tucker can't play up to his normal level and he's probably the weak link on the line to begin with. I admire Tucker's determination but something has to be changed for Kurt's sake. Man, we all knew Strahan was coming! It sure makes me wonder about the coaching staff. Oh yeah, Rams 27- Jets 17.


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              Nice to see some representation from Centralia, Home of James Brady, Gary Gaetti, the winningest HS basketball team in the nation, and Country Bob Edson's sauce (my wife is from there, as you can tell).

              You're right, Rod Jones did a good job on Strahan. We'll see how he does in a full game. I still think the coaching staff is unsure of him b/c of his off-the-field problems in the pre-season. (check out this article if you're not familiar w/ the story)



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                I usually have no patience when it comes to coaching mistakes but I see Martz and just think you have to be patient. The head coaching gig is new to him and mistakes are going to be made. You just pray that they aren't major. He screwed up with Tucker and owned up to it. That is good enough for me. I agree with you in regards to the Lions game too. No reason to be stat padding in the 4th quarter against an obviously outmatched and frustrated group of Lions. You show up the wrong guy and there will be hell to pay.


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                  You mean is Martz insane???????

                  What on earth is up with Martz?!? Ring master of the greatest show on earth??? He almost became a bumbling barnum and clown reject!!! If the Rams are ahead in points towards the end of a game, take out your starters, I repeat: TAKE OUT YOUR STARTERS, otherwise Martz may find himself in the unemployment line or next to Da Bears ex-coach. I mean, you don't have to be a rocket scientest to realize that you don't need your big guns if all you need are some firecrackers to end the game. Why risk your future, the teams future and give your top players a chance to get injured during garbage/mop play time???

                  Second: Martz needs to have tatooded on his hand: Take out players who are injured with a seperated body part and a broken hand. Tucker is no superman and should have never played last week thus risking a season injury to a non-healed body and risking a season or career injury to probably the best QB in the entire NFL!!! Also, he should have taken out Faulk regardless of Marshalls desire to be in the game. If Faulk is playing with a sore knee, pu t in the glass-man Trung and pray Trung does not break a leg when he gets tackled. Why have Trung as a backup if you play a RB who is not 100%. That way, it gives time for Marshall to heal and allows the team to enter the playoffs as opposed to not entering the playoffs due to an injured player who injured himself even more or was injured due to a player not being able to play 100% due to being injured, thats what backups are for!

                  Ahhhhhh.....5 and ohhhhhhhhhh me oh my as Dick Emberg says.
                  The last unbeaten team in the league is nearing the 72 dolphins mark. Could they repeat the 72 fishes mark? Only time will tell yet the way Martz is coaching, I would say no, we will probably lose a few games, perhaps 3 or 4 total due to Martz's experience as a coach. I think if Shula was coaching, the team could possible repeat as the 72 fish since Shula brings to the table more of the intangables that make a great coach. Yet don't get me wrong on Mad Martz, he is an obsolute guieness when it comes to the offense yet he needs to see the big picture better and make adjustments and calls so that both sides can perform to their optimal potential.

                  This sundays game against the Jets will be a good measuring stick to see and evaluate just how much octane the high power Rams really do have. I, firebirdramsam predicts a 7 point victory against the jets with Trung making us true believers that he was worth the pick for his rookie season even though it was hampered with freak injurys.



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                    Can't argue with that logic....

                    The above post pretty much closes the case on this issue...Well said.


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                    • AvengerRam_old
                      How the "Warner Bashers" Really Feel
                      by AvengerRam_old
                      I've seen the terms "Warner Bashers" and "Warner Haters" thrown around quite a bit on these boards. The truth is, though, I have never come accross a Ram fan who seeks to "bash" Warner or who "hates" Warner.

                      Rather, what most of us who have been assigned with this label do "bash" and do "hate" is the neverending, mind-boggling, bordering on psychotic, cult-hero worship, whining that some fans continue to engage in over Kurt Warner's departure.

                      So, to avoid any confusion in the future, here is how I feel and, I believe, how most of the "Warner Bashers" feel about the subject.

                      1. Kurt Warner will always have a special place in the hearts of Ram fans. His play from 1999-2001 was an integral part of the Rams' success over that span, as well as the Super Bowl win.

                      2. While we were disappointed to see him decline in 2002 and lose his job in 2003, we disagree with those who believe that the team made an error in transitioning to Marc Bulger. Although Kurt demonstrated this year that he still can play, at this point, we believe Marc Bulger is the right choice for the team.

                      3. We do not completely agree with the "Martz as villain viewpoint" with respect to Kurt Warner. While Martz did send mixed signals and seemed to contradict his own statements regarding his intentions during 2002-03, Warner also played a role in his own departure by making statements that alienated him from the team, allowing his wife to do so as well, and being less than forthcoming (or, alternatively, deluding himself) regarding his physical condition at times. It was a bad situation all around, and needed to end.

                      4. Some of us believe now that Martz should be replaced. That does not, however, mean that we believe that has anything whatsoever to do with Kurt Warner.

                      Like it or not, that is how we feel.

                      And one final thing which needs to be addressed:

                      5. Its time to move on. Kurt has been gone for a full season, and he's not coming back. He is not relevant to discussions about the current team any more than the 1,000,000,000 other "what ifs" that could be posed. As a result, we find it annoying when people try to inject his name into every conversation, regardless of the subject matter.

                      So, that's it. That's how we feel. If you want to call us "Warner Bashers," go ahead. Some people have no regard for the truth.
                      -12-28-2004, 10:32 AM
                    • txramsfan
                      Rabid's Rants on Warner
                      by txramsfan
                      I just read the Rabid's Rants this week, and do agree with him to a certain extent. 18 INT's for any QB is high, extremely high. However, certain circumstances have been the cause for some of these.

                      1. Warner's thumb. It still hasn't been right since he hurt it. The deep ball is MIA really this year, but I believe Martz is as close to Woody Hayes as Bill Clinton is to George W. Completely different individuals.

                      2. Martz's play calling. MM abandonded the run in early games this year way to quickly, i.e. NO and TB at home. Anytime you come out slinging 15 or so pass plays to start the game, conventional thinking on INT's is out the window.

                      3. Tipped passes. How many of these INT's have come from passes that the WR's have let go through their hands and right into the deep corners? At least 4 I can think of.

                      One thing noticeable recently about the change in Warner is MM's prodding for Warner to move a little more. I watched the Fox Sports Special on Warner and he moved quite a bit in the Arena League. He wasn't Flutie, but he wasn't Jim Hart either.

                      I think Martz is addressing the Warner situation because no one else was banging the drum for Warner. Everyone was talking Favre, K. Stewart, or Garcia, but Warner just kept winning. Shoot, he has directed the Rams to a 12-2 record and perfect on the road.

                      I think the INT's can be reduced by both Warner throwing the ball away when nothing is there instead of trying to thread the needle everytime. Also, we have seen an increase in the running game lately, causing D's to play us closer. Both Warner and Martz can be blamed for the INT's, but I don't think he wants to grab Warners facemask and shake it anytime soon.
                      -12-29-2001, 11:32 AM
                    • Yodude
                      Insider: Warner earns vindication, another turn on top
                      by Yodude
                      Oct. 13, 2004
                      By Pete Prisco
             Senior Writer
                      Tell Pete your opinion!

                      Insider | Notebook | Mailbag
                      New York Giants quarterback Kurt Warner is on a cell phone, driving somewhere in New Jersey, talking about his new team and his new situation. As he speaks, he sounds more upbeat than he has in years, which is saying something because this is one happy dude.

                      "I'm loving it here," Warner said.

                      Showing vintage form so far, Kurt Warner is proving just how little his critics know.
                      Why wouldn't he? This was a man who was written off the past year, many speculating that his time at the top had come and gone. They said his 15 minutes of fame were over.

                      That feel-good story of grocery stock boy to league MVP was nice at the time, but as quick as he rose to the top, it was sure to be followed by talk that he would fall just as fast.

                      Washed up. Over. Done. Finished.

                      Warner heard it all the past couple of seasons, the talk growing from murmurs into a full-blown amplified beat by late last season in St. Louis. Forget his two MVP awards he won with the Rams. Forget his Super Bowl victory after the 1999 season. Forget all the passing numbers.

                      The doubters, including the St. Louis Rams coaches, insisted his time was up.

                      "I guess it's unprecedented what happened to me," Warner said. "To go from where I was to the last two years, it's hard to make sense of it. People formed an opinion on what was wrong with me and they all seemed to jump on the bandwagon. It was easy to come to the conclusion that I wasn't the same player based on the past couple of years. But I never put a lot of stock in what people were saying. I knew what I was capable of doing. The bottom line for me has not been what people think about me, but what the people in my locker room and in the organization think about me. I knew I could still play and still win."

                      He's doing both, too.

                      The Giants are the surprise team of the first five weeks, winning four consecutive games after losing their opener to the Eagles. At 4-1, heading into their bye week Sunday, they are a half game behind Philadelphia in the NFC East.

                      Warner is big reason for the success.

                      So much for his just keeping the seat warm until rookie first-round pick Eli Manning takes over. Warner isn't going anywhere. Not the way he's playing. There had been some talk that Warner would keep the spot until the bye week, and then hand the keys to the car over to the younger kid. That's laughable now.

                      Warner may not be putting up the huge numbers he did with the Rams from 1999-2001, but he is running the offense with precision, he's taking care of the ball and he's getting it out on time.

                      -10-17-2004, 08:21 AM
                    • RamDez
                      Kurt Warner – A Fond Farewell To A Great Man
                      by RamDez
                      Kurt Warner – A Fond Farewell To A Great Man
                      By Barry Waller
                      June 3rd, 2004

                      There are times when covering an NFL team that even the biggest fan
                      might find to be more work than enjoyment. Dealing with professional athletes
                      is a real pain at times, and trying to give fans the true story when so many rumors have sent them into so many directions is even worse. While there are times that the words fly out of a writer’s mind onto the pages he is composing, there are others when sitting down and rehashing the facts to tell a tale is almost excruciating. If I am doing a column twenty years from now, I probably won’t have had to labor over a story as much as this one.

                      Oh, sure, nobody died, no beloved sports figure met his maker far too young on the day after Memorial Day, which is the toughest stuff to cover from a personal side; but in a lot of ways, it seems like something truly died for Ramsnation when the team released Kurt Warner. When the long predicted move was made official this past Wednesday however, there was no outcry from Rams fans, no wail of sorrow at a tragic event. Not surprisingly, Warner himself left town with the same class and good feelings that are his trademark.

                      Like a parent, spouse, or child who has seen a loved one slowly slip away due to illness, those of us who will never forget what #13 meant to a team and a city have little emotion left to give as the irreversible end finally came. They have gone through the same predictable emotions of anger, denial, bargaining, and depression, then a numb acceptance of our fate, as cancer victims, ever since Kurt Warner began showing he was human after all. Ironically, the most incredible and improbable feel good story in NFL history involved a man who embodies everything decent about the human animal, despite his immortal like play when at his best.

                      As the negative stories and feelings about Warner as the Rams quarterback appeared, they acted upon his legacy like tumors on bodily organs, some spreading and mutating to other areas. We may never know how the negative vibes played a part in what so quickly turned a two time MVP passer into a backup. If Warner shines with the Giants, another team needing the kind of miracle that Warner gave Rams fans and the world in 1999, maybe it will provide a bit of a clue.

                      I was at Warner’s last start, in the Meadowlands against those same Giants, and as painful as it was having to suffer with him on that day, and suffer the slings and arrows of Giants fans during and following the game, I feel blessed that I got to see as much as I could of Kurt Warner in person. It was that personal contact over the past six seasons that makes his inexplicable fall from grace so distressing.

                      In the NFL, everyone knows the salary cap, and other factors makes it nearly impossible to keep players for entire careers, something Rams fans have had to...
                      -06-06-2004, 03:38 AM
                    • Nick
                      Just when we start to praise Kurt for a good start to the season...
                      by Nick

                      November 8, 2004 --

                      IT is time to get Eli Manning up in the bullpen. Get him ready, Tom Coughlin. The bloom came off Kurt Warner's rose yesterday.

                      Warner (two fumbles, two interceptions, seven sacks) gave the 5-3 Giants, disgraceful 28-21 losers to the Bears, absolutely no chance to win. You can round up plenty of suspects, and Coughlin will, but the most ominous development was Warner looking very much like the quarterback chased out of St. Louis by Mike Martz.

                      It was Warner who was chewed up by the teeth of Lovie Smith's carnivorous blitz and left wounded by a bloody Bear trap. The Eagles are three weeks away and if Warner staggers around the lot like some punch-drunk club fighter next Sunday in Arizona, Coughlin should not be afraid to give The Kid his NFL baptism under fire.

                      After what he witnessed yesterday, after what we have seen in Pittsburgh from wunderkind Ben Roethlisberger, the temptation soon may become irresistible to get on with The Greening of Eli.

                      Because of Manning's unique pedigree, the only thing Coughlin has to fear is fear itself. If Warner doesn't quickly find the magic wand he brought with him over the first month of the season, there would be no better way to give his team a spark. For all the talk about Komeback Kurt, remember that he has thrown only five TD passes for the season.

                      Coughlin admitted he considered yanking Warner in the second half, but opted to give Komeback Kurt a chance to redeem himself. But with 1:56 left, from his own 40 following an onsides kick recovery, Warner was sacked on successive plays and a fourth-and-20 prayer for Jeremy Shockey had no chance.

                      Coughlin, too smart to leave Warner twisting in the wind and ignite a tabloid feeding frenzy, made it clear that Warner will start next week. But he'd be wise to start giving Manning reps with the first team immediately.

                      The word from Eager Eli: I'm ready.

                      "I get more comfortable every week," Eager Eli said. "If I were to get in there, I could run the offense."

                      What makes you think you're ready?

                      "Just being mentally prepared. That's the only thing I have to base it on."

                      No one, however, knows better than Eager Eli — son of Archie, brother of Peyton — that it would be anathema were he to lobby for the ball.

                      So meet Diplomatic Eli.

                      "Right now he puts the team in the best position to win. You gotta stick with your guy."

                      And: "He's a veteran and been around and has won a lot of games. That's football. You can't win every game, you can't play perfect every game."

                      And: "You never want to create a controversy or a problem between your teammates and especially another quarterback. You gotta...
                      -11-08-2004, 12:12 PM