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Is the staff insane?

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  • Is the staff insane?

    I posted a couple of weeks ago that star players on this team don't have business in the game at the end of a blowout. No one seemed to think twice about it. I think that is dangerous coaching, not to mention tasteless.

    Which brings me to my next point..

    How many hits does Warner have to take before the staff realizes that their star player is not Superman?

    Does anyone know how many times Warner was hit Sunday? 16 was the last count I heard. 16 hits on the QB of the "best team in the league" is ludicrous! Is it just me?!?!
    What was Martz talking about in pre-game when he said he didn't want Strahan making any pep rallies over there? I only ask, because he did nothing to stop Strahan all game long. Nothing except put in another tackle half way through the 4th quarter. Strahan was all over Warner all day. He had 4 sacks and probably 8 hits atleast. Yet the staff did nothing. No chip blocks, no double teams, nothing. Tucker can't handler Strahan on a good day, much less being banged up. Where does Martz get off is my question?! Did Martz think he would just suite up and play tackle himself or something?!

    Faulk is out and Warner is next. Mark my words, Warner will go down this year because of the staff. There is not a person on the board that wasn't holding their breath when Warner went down in the 4th. The next time he might not be so lucky. There is not a team in the league that would pass up a shot at Warner. Whether it's a legal shot or an illegal shot. You have to protect your players.

    Flame away!
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    Don't always agree with porkchop, but I'm with him on this one. With the exception that in the game against the Giants we couldn't pull Warner because Strahan wasn't contained so we didn't have the points on the board to support a replacement in the QB position. Replacing Tucker earlier or altogether might have given us the breathing space. Now the game against the Lions we should have. I hope we don't stretch our luck too much.


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      Don't get me wrong guys. I never said take Warner out of the game. I just said protect him. There are all kinds of things the coaches could have done and did not.

      In my opinion, our receivers are great. There are going to be times when we don't have to flood the pattern with 5 receivers. We could use a little more protection. Keep a back or TE in to block.



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        Looking back on this game, the biggest problem was lack of protection. Martz should have pulled Tucker and did not.

        He has admited it was his fault ...... Only worry is that should not have happened.

        Someone should have pointed it out to Martz :upset:

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          Guys, that was a normal NFL game about 10 years ago. Yes, I think Warner is getting hit way too much. To cure that, running the ball more than 3 times in the first half helps. Most of our routes that are successful are about 7 yards to 20 yards anyway. So if we go 2nd and 9, then 3rd and 7, with our offense, we should be able to get the first down. Takes pressure off Warner, gets the O line moving forward (which every one of those milk drinkin meat eatin boys love to do), and may just open that passing game up just the notch we need. But what do I know, I never played.


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            GIVE RYAN A REST

            Did anyone notice how well Rod Jones played when he came in for Ryan Tucker? Sure, Strahan was wearing out, but Rod handled him well. I see that Rod is starting against the Jets. I think that is the right move by Martz. Obviously Tucker can't play up to his normal level and he's probably the weak link on the line to begin with. I admire Tucker's determination but something has to be changed for Kurt's sake. Man, we all knew Strahan was coming! It sure makes me wonder about the coaching staff. Oh yeah, Rams 27- Jets 17.


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              Nice to see some representation from Centralia, Home of James Brady, Gary Gaetti, the winningest HS basketball team in the nation, and Country Bob Edson's sauce (my wife is from there, as you can tell).

              You're right, Rod Jones did a good job on Strahan. We'll see how he does in a full game. I still think the coaching staff is unsure of him b/c of his off-the-field problems in the pre-season. (check out this article if you're not familiar w/ the story)



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                I usually have no patience when it comes to coaching mistakes but I see Martz and just think you have to be patient. The head coaching gig is new to him and mistakes are going to be made. You just pray that they aren't major. He screwed up with Tucker and owned up to it. That is good enough for me. I agree with you in regards to the Lions game too. No reason to be stat padding in the 4th quarter against an obviously outmatched and frustrated group of Lions. You show up the wrong guy and there will be hell to pay.


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                  You mean is Martz insane???????

                  What on earth is up with Martz?!? Ring master of the greatest show on earth??? He almost became a bumbling barnum and clown reject!!! If the Rams are ahead in points towards the end of a game, take out your starters, I repeat: TAKE OUT YOUR STARTERS, otherwise Martz may find himself in the unemployment line or next to Da Bears ex-coach. I mean, you don't have to be a rocket scientest to realize that you don't need your big guns if all you need are some firecrackers to end the game. Why risk your future, the teams future and give your top players a chance to get injured during garbage/mop play time???

                  Second: Martz needs to have tatooded on his hand: Take out players who are injured with a seperated body part and a broken hand. Tucker is no superman and should have never played last week thus risking a season injury to a non-healed body and risking a season or career injury to probably the best QB in the entire NFL!!! Also, he should have taken out Faulk regardless of Marshalls desire to be in the game. If Faulk is playing with a sore knee, pu t in the glass-man Trung and pray Trung does not break a leg when he gets tackled. Why have Trung as a backup if you play a RB who is not 100%. That way, it gives time for Marshall to heal and allows the team to enter the playoffs as opposed to not entering the playoffs due to an injured player who injured himself even more or was injured due to a player not being able to play 100% due to being injured, thats what backups are for!

                  Ahhhhhh.....5 and ohhhhhhhhhh me oh my as Dick Emberg says.
                  The last unbeaten team in the league is nearing the 72 dolphins mark. Could they repeat the 72 fishes mark? Only time will tell yet the way Martz is coaching, I would say no, we will probably lose a few games, perhaps 3 or 4 total due to Martz's experience as a coach. I think if Shula was coaching, the team could possible repeat as the 72 fish since Shula brings to the table more of the intangables that make a great coach. Yet don't get me wrong on Mad Martz, he is an obsolute guieness when it comes to the offense yet he needs to see the big picture better and make adjustments and calls so that both sides can perform to their optimal potential.

                  This sundays game against the Jets will be a good measuring stick to see and evaluate just how much octane the high power Rams really do have. I, firebirdramsam predicts a 7 point victory against the jets with Trung making us true believers that he was worth the pick for his rookie season even though it was hampered with freak injurys.



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                    Can't argue with that logic....

                    The above post pretty much closes the case on this issue...Well said.