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  • Tonight's game plan


    GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Tonight's game plan

    Haha, fast and furious. Burn that sage today, fellas. :ramlogo:


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      Re: Tonight's game plan

      A healthy dose of stephen jackson (20+ carries)


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        Re: Tonight's game plan

        With the way Tampa plays the Cover 2, the underneath routes to Bruce and Holt should be available. Without Lynch, I wonder if Tampa will blitz as much as they used to.

        Defensively, the TE for Tampa is a weapon in their game plan. The Rams will have to be able to put Tampa in a 3rd and long. If Tampa is able to get 3 and 4 or shorter, they should be able to convert first downs.


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          Re: Tonight's game plan

          Pound the ground! Their defense is a tale of two units. They can shut down the pass, but aren't very good at stopping the run. Keep'em honest with Jackson and Faulk.

          As for our the ears and blitz away. Pittman's stats will be bloated, but Griese will have more than enough to think about. Make him rush his throws and we could win the turnover battle.
          The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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            Re: Tonight's game plan

            I'm hoping to see a good dose of Jackson pounding things out on the ground and some misdirection with Faulk. I'm hoping that we don't come out and try to prove ourselves through the air come hell or high water. The Bucs have looked good against the pass thus far, and I'm worried that Martz might see that as a challenge that he wants to overcome. I'm hoping we try a gameplan similar to what worked against the *****, and adjust accordingly.


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              Re: Tonight's game plan

              I personally would like to see Tory Holt pick up several yards, but that is just because I have him in my fantasy league. :helmet: I think they need to keep TB confused. Give the ball to Marshall and Steven, throw in a few passes to Tory and Issac. Most of all the line must give Marc time in the pocket. :ramlogo: If TB can get to him and force him to move it may be trouble. :angryram:


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                Re: Tonight's game plan

                throw in a hook and ladder play like dallas did on sunday that would be cool to see otherwise give the offence the gift they all deserve 25+ carries by faulk/jackson and pass the hell out of em out of the building!


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