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Landettas best game since....

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  • Landettas best game since....

    I think that tonight was landetta's best game since he knocked three punts out inside the ten yard line in the last game between the cleveland rams and the decautur stanleys (i believe landetta filled in as punter that day for an injured waterfield).

    Distance and accuracy, he was just fantastic and as one of the guys that has been on his back for a while, i offer my heartfelt congrats and thanks for a great job in a huge win.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Landettas best game since....

    I agree General, not bad, I'm sure the guy is Part human, Part machine, the age he is!!!!

    steve :ramlogo:
    "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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      Re: Landettas best game since....


      He gets my game ball!!


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        Re: Landettas best game since....

        I'll grant you that he had distance last night on a couple of punts that Ray Guy would have been proud of. But he also sandwiched that around a punt that he didn't get past mid-field when it was time to boom one. He also dropped one into the endzone when you would think a coffin corner was calling. Maybe he needs a hearing aid. Perhaps he thinks when someone says "coffin corner" they said his "coffin was in the corner." He did do enough though to get me to rethink whether he is Landeada-NOT.


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        • NJ Ramsfan1
          Yu Darvish- GUTLESS
          by NJ Ramsfan1
          As a big Dodgers fan, needless to say I am extremely disappointed in last night's game 7 loss. The Dodgers' bats didn't show up for much of the series (they hit .205). Guys they counted on during the season played poorly (Justin turner a no-show, Kenley Jansen a blown save and a loss, Cody Bellinger a strikeout machine, among others). They blew a 3-1 lead in game 2, and later 4-0 and 7-4 leads in game 5 with their ace on the mound. Even with all that, the series was there for the taking. And they had game 7 at home. They didn't get it done- and didn't deserve to win.

          While he had plenty of company, Yu Darvish deserves the brunt of this scathing critique for his totally gutless performances in games 3 and 7. How a pitcher with his ability could have not one but TWO starts in which he couldn't get out of the 2nd inning is mind-boggling, disgraceful and unprecedented from what I can remember going back a lot of years watching this sport. He should donate his game checks to the American Heart Association since he apparently has none. He's forever damaged how I and undoubtedly many others will view him regardless of what he does from this point forward in his career. Absolutely no balls whatsoever and no appreciation for the occasion and what was at stake.

          A bitter, bitter pill to swallow.
          -11-02-2017, 07:07 AM
        • general counsel
          Great win but.....
          by general counsel
          Great performance, we looked like champs tonight. However, in the same way that i cautioned against getting too upset last week, i make the same point this week, ie lets not overeact. Great win, but still preseason.

          All the same, seeing the first string offensive line play well is very very encouraging. For the millionth time, given time to throw, bulger is devastating. Rev Ike is simple not coverable one on one by any #2 corner and The Big Boy is truly a man child out there in the open field. Hate to have to get in front of him and try to bring him down once he gets up a head of steam.

          Wish manu hadnt dropped that perfect throw from bulger over the middle. That play will be open for us ALL year but he has to make the catch when it hits him in the hands.

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -08-29-2005, 09:35 PM
        • general counsel
          My observations on the game
          by general counsel
          I watched the full replay this morning on nfl network. Here are a few of my general views, with the flashing red light overview that these are only observations based on one preseason game, insufficient data is available to draw any conclusions.

          1) Jackie Slater is an Excellent broadcaster. He is also an enormous human being, his girth is quite impressive.
          2) Claude Terrell is the largest guard i have seen. He looked pretty impressive and is certainly ahead of sapaia on the depth chart.
          3) Willig was not terrible. He is brand new. sure, he got beat clean once, the other sack on him i thought was a coverage sack. remember we are not looking at him as a left tackle, if THe Big Man goes down, we have lots of troubles.
          4) Tucker struggled quite a bit. i wonder if playing him at tackle is an attempt to move his position for opening game or provide flexibility for later. He stayed in a long way and played a lot more than sapiaua. Tucker missed an entire year, i think people have been too harsh on him too soon.
          5) Claiborne looked good the little he played.
          6) Bartell had some nice plays where he was right with his guy.
          7) We got very lucky to win that game. A bear receiver dropped a ball that hit him in the hands in the end zone in the last 45 seconds.
          8) Fitz looked ok to me, nothing great. arm didnt seem that strong. Interesting choice, physical talent vs. brains. Smoker should get a real chance.
          9) Brandon Green was obviously dominating during scrubiny time.
          10) Dez was impressive on punt coverage. It is quite clear to me that his off season workout routine has paid big dividends.
          11) The chat room was great.
          12) Hard to tell yet on hodges. He sure didnt blow me away, but wasnt terrible. The biggest disappointment was the last punt, which really was awful when we had a chance to pin them down at the end of the game without timeouts.
          13) Barring injuiries, a little birdie tells me garrett is in trouble. I think ivy and fair are both ahead of him at this point.
          14) Pisa was really flying around out there. continues to remind me of isiah robertson.
          15) it was great to see leonard literally throw fred miller into the qb
          16) Mamliamamliamula is one of the most underated rams. His blocking has improved quite a bit IMO and he makes some very very tough catches. I think he can contribute more this year if given the chance.

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -08-14-2005, 05:26 PM
        • general counsel
          tough guy of the game award goes to.....
          by general counsel
          Roger Saffold, who i continue to think very highly of. He has struggled with injuries this year, but the guy came back into the game at least twice after dragging himself off the field hurt, which what looked like some kind of back problem. I really hope we get him back this week.

          Honorable mention goes to johnny hecker for getting off the punt after he dropped the snap, knowing that he was going to get creamed, which he did.

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -12-10-2012, 12:56 PM
        • Guest's Avatar
          Personal story about Slater
          by Guest
          Quick story about big jackie and how mean he was on the field.

          One of the guys that worked for my prior company was a defensive end in the nfl in the late 80's early 90's. When i met him, i of course asked him who the toughest offensive tackle he ever played against was.

          He had no idea i was a rams fan, and without hesitation, he told me "Jackie Slater." After a brief discussion, he told me that his first play in the nfl was opposite big jackie. It was a third and long and big jackie buried him. Next play, as they are lining up, my guy says to big jackie, "Nice block,"

          Big Jackie spits a HUGE goober right into this guys face, growls at him, something to the effect of "Shut the F---- up rookie"

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -05-10-2005, 02:23 PM