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Did I Ever Tell You Guys How Much I Like the Rams?

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  • Did I Ever Tell You Guys How Much I Like the Rams?

    Thank you so very much for giving the Bucs their 5th loss of the season . Congrats on getting back into 1st place as well, funny how in 2 weeks you guys erased all the Seahawk love and you're showing that the gateway to the West is still located in St.Louis. Not putting all my eggs in one basket but maybe we could see a lil' rematch in the playoffs.

    P.S. Do us a favor and knock off Carolina too, we'll do our best to take out the Seahawks when we get there.

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    Re: Did I Ever Tell You Guys How Much I Like the Rams?

    You got a deal!


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      Re: Did I Ever Tell You Guys How Much I Like the Rams?

      You are alright Daredevil. :smile:

      That was beautiful last night. The Rams are looking good and tough and momentum is building. The Rams will try and even the score with Carolina. We owe them a loss, and it would be great if you can take care of the Seahawks.


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        Re: Did I Ever Tell You Guys How Much I Like the Rams?

        I hate the Falcons.


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        • Hasselbeck8MVP
          So this is what a punch to the gut feels like...
          by Hasselbeck8MVP
          Sickening feeling, but I'm here to give you guys your props for winning - congrats.

          For 55 minutes we dominated, then for the last 5 we forgot the Rams still had a good offense.

          Find it kind of ironic we pissed away the game in Seattle much like you guys did last year - I guess that's just how these things go.

          Congrats again.
          -10-10-2004, 05:03 PM
        • ramsplaya16
          I would like to congragulate you.
          by ramsplaya16
          I would just like to say congrats on a well earned win. You guys out played us bigtime. So congrats. And as promised I will not post for 30 days
          -09-17-2006, 04:49 PM
        • LA Rammer
          by LA Rammer
          I can't believe what Indy did in giving up that game. Oh well Manning won't get hurt. Last thing I want is Seattle winning the superbowl. I hope we get a good team next year. Imagine we beat the defending superbowl champs 35-0 and post a division sweep.

          Go Rams!
          -12-24-2005, 04:00 PM
        • HansGruber
          I wish I could hate you but I don't...
          by HansGruber
          Open letter to all Rams fans from your hated adversaries in the North:

          When will y'all finally get a decent O-line for Bradford? Keep that damn kid on his feet and healthy so us Seahawk fans can hate you again. I mean, seriously. How many freakin' first round picks does it take? We've been waiting for you guys to rise up and give us a worthwhile enemy, and all we've gotten lately was a lame Steven Jackson - Aaron Curry beef. That was about as exciting as watching two grasshoppers make love. Have you ever seen that? Nothing happens! For a really... long... time...

          And frankly, these noobie 49er fans... WTF? I don't even remember when San Fran was relevant and I don't care about the rings they won back in the 1980's. It's not like I'm walking around in my old Steve Largent jersey bragging about Chuck Knox's Seahawks beating the heavily-favored Dolphins in the playoffs in Miami in 1983. Why would I? That happened like 87 years ago. I'm over it, already. Steve Young is over those SuperBowl wins, that dude is out trying to stay relevant in sports journalism, fighting off all those young kids like Kurt Warner and Brett Favre. The last time I saw someone wearing a 49er jacket was some hispanic gangbanger kid in the early 1990's, and he was getting beat down by a bunch of other mexican kids in Raiders gear in a parking lot. Isn't it funny how some things just never change?

          So please, for the love of God, can someone in St Louis please get it figured out so we can bring back that hated rivalry of not-so-long-ago? I still hate Isaac Bruce for standing on his helmet ON OUR TURF after that playoff loss in Seattle in 2004. I STILL hate Bruce for that. With every ounce of my soul. 2005 felt good, watching the Hawks pound the living crap out of the Rams, first in St Louis and then in that royal beatdown in Seattle later in the season. But then something happened, and you guys became the (Detroit) Lions of the new millenium. It's like the neighborhood jock stopped doing steroids and pumping iron and started taking estrogen pills and telling you all about the inner turmoils of the Jersey Shore girls every time you see him. WTF. There's no joy in pulverizing that dude, over and over and over. In fact, it's kind of creepy. Like kicking homeless people. It's just not cool.

          The hatred has died, Rams fans. Thinking back to when the Rams were any good is like digging up a copy of Top Gun on VHS and popping a few Zimas with your bros. Yeah, you heard me right. Zimas. That's basically what I think of when I think of the Rams. Carbonated artifically-flavored clear beer being drunk by a really douchey guy with a bad haircut.

          So what's up... can I get some hate please! Y'all gonna put up a fight this year or is it gonna be another beatdown with whimpering and crying from that fragile O-line and QB of yours?
          -08-28-2012, 06:58 PM
        • HansGruber
          Congrats on a great season!
          by HansGruber
          Congratulations, Rams fans. You finally have a team worth rooting for. I don't mean that in a dismissive or sarcastic sense. The Rams just came in to Seattle and gave my Seahawks the biggest fight since the New England game.

          Your defense is impressive. And I continue to be impressed with Bradford. Get that kid a decent O-line and a couple more receivers, and the Rams can be scary good. Soon. As in, next season. Rams are gonna do some damage next year. The NFC West is gonna be a slaughterhouse next season. I can see a 3-way battle royale between San Fran, St Louis and Seattle - although I think SF will come in 3rd (Harbaugh's lack of loyalty to a QB is going to bite him).

          Definitely looking forward to resurrecting a great rivalry. With all the draft picks you guys stole from Washington, I think St Louis will be a contender for the NFC West title as early as next season. And I'm looking forward to hating the "Lambs" once again.
          -12-30-2012, 04:51 PM