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Jets Game predictions please

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  • Jets Game predictions please

    Lets have those game predictions in here please

    Mine ??

    I think the Rams come out (without Faulk) and put on a text book display of how not to play the Rams.

    Rams win this easy.

    36 - 21 :mask:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    wow RamDez .. you think the Jets are going to score 21 points!


    prediction is
    Rams good solid run game but most TDs will be in the air .. one punt return for a TD .. I'm looking at

    40-13 Rams Win!


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      Well, I feel the rams have to get to Vinny, And I don't feel they can, hence the 3 scores.

      Hope I am wrong :wiseman:

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        ;) Hmmmmm .... this is a hard game to call.... do i predict the bloww-out im expecting...:o ;) .... or do I go consevative ....
        Naaaaaahhhh! Ill go with the BLOW-OUT 49-10
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          Ok, I may get blasted here, but I just don't think our offense is going to be able to do anything this week. Plus, with NO looming....I am going to do it and say this with a sad heart but sound mind. Jets 28 Rams 24. Strange things happen in that place when the Jets are playing, we are a little banged up, and I wouldn't mind to lose this game if we must. Dosen't hurt us in any early tiebreakers. And if I am wrong, I will be the happiest guy on this board.


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            I hope you're right Tx.

            I don't know if we can knock you off, because we've only played one half of good football. (Of course that was enough to beat the stanky fish)

            One thing I will say, with all due respect to your re-tooled defense, this is the most balanced (and talented) offense you have faced this year. Probably the best measuring stick to date.

            The defense has been pretty bad especially against the run, but showed some guts on Sunday. And surprisingly we are ranked 4th in the league in keeping teams out of the endzone once they have gotten into the redzone. Of course we haven't faced an offense like the Rams, although Indy isn't too shabby at times.

            It'll help if we can build on our league leading +15 in turnovers

            Being a fan, I gotta pick the Jets so I'll say it's 31-28 in a wild and wooley one.:<>


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              Well seeing how you guys almost wilted in a physical contest against the Giants (the Rams did get some unbelievable calls). And our linebackers playing great and physical this year. In our house in the cold and wind. Our Defense played an inspired second half against the fish.

              Jets 24 Rams 17. :evil:

              How are you Piper?

              Mark11111 from Gang green


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                I am sticking with last weeks prediction.I must have had the New York teams mixed up.

                RAMS 27 JETS 17

                A close game,but we shut down the running game this week.

                GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!


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                  I haven't watched the Jets too much this year, but I did watch their game against SF and I wasn't too impressed with their defense against the rush. I see more yards than expected from Canidate and at least one TD from him. I also predict three TD passes (dare I say a Cromwell special?). Altogether: 31-13.


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                    The Rams are a team built to play on a fast surface. The weather forcast is for rain and wind. If the weather is bad the Rams will struggle on a slow muddy field. Advantage: Jets
                    If it were being played indoors on artificial turf I would give you the edge. The Jets are more used to playing in poor field conditions which gives them a clear advantage over the Rams.


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                      This one is going to be too close for comfort. Our offense struggles in this game without Faulk and in the elements. The D continues to impress......

                      Rams 17

                      Jets 10


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                        slow surface, Low scoring, but still winning

                        Rams 21
                        Jets 10
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                          Let's add a defensive touchdown to that, Masi. Rams 28 The others 10.


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                            Jets-24 :upset:

                            The Rams will lose a game this year....but not this week. I'm looking for them to go at least 6-0 before their first loss.


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                              Weather and field

                              Jetman67 has said what so many keep saying -- that the Rams are "built to play on a fast surface". No offense to Jetman67, but, EVERYONE has more traction on turf. EVERYONE spends time playing on grass -- including the Rams and every other team who's home field is turf. I hope this game is an example of how the turf argument is a fallacy. Or, maybe I should say that I hope it's a fallacy. I hope it rains. If the Rams are slipping and breaking down I will gladly eat my words, but I don't think the Jets or other wet weather grass teams are tougher and more adept at playing football on grass and I believe this game will prove that.


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                                GIANT GAME predictions in here please
                                by RamDez
                                OK, lets get your game predictions in early.

                                I will take the first 7 or 8 and put them on the front of on friday.

                                I say:

                                In our second home game we continue to roll on the opposition.

                                Rams 28 Giants 10 :rolleyes:
                                -10-09-2001, 04:29 PM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                I want Game Predictions Banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                by Guest
                                Because every week you people sit here and pick the score. it does us no good so please i am asking you please stop with the game predictions. to tell you the truth it is a jinx, what it does is it get's all of us ram fans cocky and when we lose you go blaming the coaching staff. if God wanted us to win we would. so please stop doing game picks.:clanram:
                                -12-19-2005, 10:19 AM
                              • ZigZagRam
                                2004 Predictions
                                by ZigZagRam
                                We all made our pre-camp predictions as to where we see the Rams finishing this season. Now that the pre-season is winding down, I'm interested to see where everyone stands. I'll start:

                                Pre-Camp Prediction: 12-4

                                Current Prediction: 10-6

                                There's no reason why we shouldn't open the season 4-0. But with a tough schedule ahead, I don't think the Rams will win 8 of the last 12. They will take the division from a Seahawk squad that falls flat on their faces, and if they get a few breaks, I still think this team has a chance to do some damage in the playoffs. But doing it on the road will be difficult.
                                -08-31-2004, 10:23 AM
                              • NY RAMFAN
                                by NY RAMFAN
                                Let's do it again, now with the schedule
                                15-1 - MF gets his ring and retires
                                13-3 - D steps up
                                11-5 - SJ breakout season
                                10-6 - Had some ups and downs, but we made it
                                8-8 - Too many injuries
                                7-9 - >500 but it is a tough schedule
                                3-13 What the hell??!?!?!?!?!
                                this is a transition year, doesn't matter
                                -04-08-2006, 07:39 AM
                              • MsWistRAM
                                And the Winners are....
                                by MsWistRAM
                                ....the RAMS, of course! But as far as predictions go...

                                Crumbwell: 42-20 on top! So close!

                                There after, honorable mention goes to thoey 42-13, EvilDiscoMan 38-17, and in the ball park was ram3057 41-24, MaxQ 38-13, hank0066 48-17, etc. I was only a TD off myself with 42-10. Next week should be good and then playoffs games after that, and then to top off the predictions--SUPER BOWL!! WOOHOO!

                                ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))) all around!
                                -12-30-2001, 05:54 PM