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  • Rice to Seahawks

    Are you concerned with Jerry Rice going to the Seahawks?
    Yes - He's a HOFer
    A little - he's still a threat
    No - he's over the hill

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    Re: Rice to Seahawks

    Yes and no. I think he can consistantly make the catches that his new teammates can't, but he does not have the speed to get down the field. He could be good as a posession reciever, but won't be a deep threat.

    I'm very interested to see what his role with the Seahawks will be. I can't imagine he will start, but who knows? If he doesn't start, it seems to me he's right back to the secondary role he played for the Faiders that promted his desire to be traded in the first place.


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      Re: Rice to Seahawks

      Originally posted by DJRamFan
      Are you concerned with Jerry Rice going to the Seahawks?
      Not really, I haven't heard a word about him at all. He does like the west coast, doesn't he. :ramlogo:


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        Re: Rice to Seahawks

        I can't imagine he will start, but who knows?
        With The whole puff puff pass thing he might start this weekend.
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          Re: Rice to Seahawks

          In most cases, Rice is not much of a threat; he is on the downhill slide. But, considering how well the Rams' defense played at Miami, he could hurt them. I think my great aunt Paula, if she suited up, might be able to have a Pro Bowl day against the Rams' secondary.


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            Re: Rice to Seahawks

            Rice needs to bow out before he becomes a useless pile of sh%t ! He already missed the get out while on top and get out while you still have some dignity, so next will be the PILE!!!!! Some jocks just don't know when they become an embarrassment! Which will soon follow if Rice doesn't get out!


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              Seahawks: Rice release request granted
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              Seahawks: Rice release request granted

              by Fanball Staff -
              Friday, February 25, 2005

              The Seahawks released wide receiver Jerry Rice on Friday. Jim Steiner, the agent for the NFL's all-time leading receiver, said his client asked to be released. "We asked for his release, and obviously they want to accommodate him," Steiner told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Steiner added that Rice is still interested in returning for a 21st season if he can find the right situation. After joining the Seahawks in a mid-season trade with the Raiders, Rice had 25 receptions for 362 yards and three touchdowns.
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              Marshawn Lynch to Seahawks
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              For a 4th rounder in 2011 and another (conditional) pick.

              Per Jay Glazer via Twitter.
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              Starbucks to honor Seahawks
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              Starbucks has recently added a new size to their menus:

              Short, tall, grande, venti, and Tatupu

              If you haven't had an opportunity to sample the Tatupu, don't worry. Come Sunday, your entire team will get to try it. By the way, who's your backup quarterback???
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              The Rams take down the Seahawks, baby!!!
              by Nick
              What a game!!! The Rams topple the Seahawks!!!
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            • Rambos
              Seahawks WR Sidney Rice out for season with torn ACL
              by Rambos
              season with torn ACL
              By John Breech |

              Sidney Rice reportedly has a torn ACL and will miss the rest of the season. (USATSI) Sidney Rice's career in Seattle might be over. (USATSI)

              It's a good thing the Seahawks are getting Percy Harvin back soon because the team will have one less receiver going forward. Sidney Rice has a torn ACL and will miss the rest of the season, the team announced on Tuesday.

              Rice was injured in the second quarter of Seattle's 14-9 win over St. Louis on Monday night. On a first-and-goal play from the St. Louis 9-yard line, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tried to hit Rice in the end zone. Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins made a play on the ball and afterward, Rice was slow to get up.

              Eventually Rice was taken to the locker room and at the time of the injury, Seattle said he was doubtful to return.

              Through the first eight weeks of the season, Rice has been the Seahawks third leading receiver with 231 yards, trailing Doug Baldwin (372) and Golden Tate (439).

              Before Rice's injury, Harvin's return was viewed as a big deal in Seattle, now that Rice is done for the season, it's an even bigger deal. Harvin is expected to return this week when the Seahawks host the Buccaneers, according to CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora.
              -10-31-2013, 08:48 AM