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    :ramlogo: Is there something that goes on in the locker room between the halves that could go on before the game? It seems to me at least in the last two games they were a totally different team in the second half both on defense and offense. Trying not to be negative but I was wondering. Go Rams.............

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    Re: Second Half Rams

    It does seem that Marmie has done a decent job in the past two weeks of adjusting the defensive scheme at halftime. The Rams gave up 38 points in the first halves and 10 points in the second halves of those games.


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    • LaRamsFanLongTime
      Linehans half time speach
      by LaRamsFanLongTime
      "Alright guys great first half. Now what do you feel we could do in the second half? All that stuff that was working will stop because they will make halftime adjustments. HMMMMMMMMM That it!!! Alright men do everything opposite of the way you did it in the first half and we should win this thing. Holt were gonna stop throwing to you Jackson what do you think? Outside runs cool got it. Defense that tight coverage and the pressure on the QB it has to stop! Alright boys lets stick to the plan and see if we cant blow this th......I mean win this thing!"
      -12-02-2007, 10:42 PM
    • Bald_81
      Deja-vu: We SUCK in the second half.
      by Bald_81
      Deja-vu in two ways. One, this has dated back all the way to 2007. We consistently for some reason come out flat and suck in the second half. This has happened when we are leading (like today) and when we are losing, so there are no excuses. Instead of rallying or building momentum for the rest of the game, we decide to go into a shell and just play Div. III style football. Two, I made a thread like this about three weeks ago following the Eagles game, so I hate to repeat myself but this is not stopping. We stay close in games then just lay down and give up. Au revoir, Linehan.
      -09-28-2008, 03:35 PM
    • RamWraith
      First-half rahs, second-half blahs
      by RamWraith
      By Jim Thomas
      Friday, Dec. 07 2007

      For much of this season, the Rams didn't know what it was like to have a lead.
      Now they've got to learn how to play with one.

      In their first seven games, the Rams never led by more than seven points. In
      fact, they never led period — not for one second — in road losses to Tampa Bay,
      Dallas, Baltimore and Seattle.

      But over the past five games, the Rams have had double-digit leads against
      Cleveland, New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle (at home) and Atlanta. In all
      five cases, the Rams either squandered or nearly squandered those leads in the
      second half.

      "If we could just not come in the locker room at halftime, I think that'd be
      great," quarterback Gus Frerotte quipped. "Maybe we could just stay in the
      corner (of the field), like they used to do in the old days."

      Because something's not the same once the Rams come back for the second half.
      To a large degree, it has been a season-long problem. Over the course of 12
      games, St. Louis has been outscored 192-66 in the second half.

      But the disparity has been much more noticeable — and much more dumbfounding —
      over the past five weeks, a period during which the team has played noticeably

      "We just can't get complacent when we get a lead," cornerback Tye Hill said.
      "That's basically our biggest thing now. When we get up big, we've got to find
      a way to put teams away. Play through the last whistle."

      The numbers are all but reversed in looking at the Rams' first- and second-half
      offensive production over the past five contests.

      — Points: The Rams have scored 84 points in the first half but only 33 in the

      — Yards: The Rams have gained 995 in the first half, 689 in the second.

      — Third-down conversions: 52.5 percent in the first half, 27.3 in the second.

      — First downs: 63 in the first half, 38 in the second.

      — Giveaways: One in the first half, four in the second.

      "I think it's execution; it starts there," coach Scott Linehan said. "You look
      at everything. What we are doing, (play) calling, how we are preparing through
      the week. All of that."

      But if there were an easy answer to what has gone wrong in the second half, it
      wouldn't keep happening.

      Are opposing coaches making better in-game and halftime adjustments? Are the
      players simply letting down a bit with the lead? Are the Rams tiring down the
      stretch because of a lack of conditioning?

      In-game injuries have been a factor. Against Cleveland, the Rams lost Pro Bowl
      running back Steven Jackson to back problems. Against...
      -12-07-2007, 04:31 AM
    • AvengerRam_old
      Stone Soup (A Folk Tale)
      by AvengerRam_old
      A man named Jonathan was traveling through the midlands, when he came upon a city by a river. The villagers viewed him warily, as he was clearly a Westerner. Still, one villager, noticing his small satchel, asked “what is that you have there, stranger.”

      “Why, that is my Scott stone. It is used for making soup.”

      “Strange…” the villager responded. “I would not think a Scott stone could make soup.”

      Jonathan offered to demonstrate, and set a pot to boil, adding the Scott stone. He tasted the broth, and proclaimed “this is quite good, but dash of Haslett weed would give it some great flavor.”

      The villager obliged, and brought the Haslett weed, which was added to the pot. It did improve the soup, but still it was not complete.

      “In days past,” Jonathan explained, “I added some Saunders roots to the soup. That really added something great.” And so, another villager brought this ingredient, which was added.

      “Almost perfect,” Jonathan proclaimed, “all we need now is some Devaney beef. Just a touch would make this complete.” This final ingredient was added, and all feasted on the delicious meal prepared.

      The next day, as Jonathan prepared to leave the next day, he offered to sell the Scott stone to the villagers so that they could make more of the wonderful soup.

      “What are we, a bunch of morons?” the villagers scoffed, turning their backs on the shyster, “clearly, we don’t need the Scott stone.”

      The end.
      -05-22-2008, 02:48 PM
    • AvengerRam_old
      The Story of Ramukkah
      by AvengerRam_old
      In the year 2009, the Temple in St. Lousalem was overtaken by the emperor Despagiochus. All things held holy were desecrated, and the people lamented.

      But a resistance began, lead by Jeffas Maccasnead. Despagiochus was ousted, and the Temple redeemed.

      But alas, when the time came to rededicate the Temple, only one draft pick was found. This would not be enough to light the way to purification until more draft picks could be acquired.

      Then, a miracle occurred. That one draft pick turned into eight players, sustaining the Temple and leading it back to the light.

      And so, each year, my children, we celebrate that miracle at Ramukkah time. The festival of draft picks.

      Happy Thanksgivikkah to my Rams family!
      -11-27-2013, 08:14 AM