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    Grant Napier is a Northern California sports caster. Thankfully he was fired from his stint anchoring the local news network sports desk. His hatred of the Rams is outdone only by his hatred of Mike Martz. About 5:30pm PDT I was driving out to my moms house where we gather to watch the Rams and of course I had the radio dialed to the station that would be bringing in the MNF game and as luck would have it this over opinionated talk radio host was berating Raider fans as they called in to talk about the recent state of the Raiders. Of course Grant Napier is a N.Y. Giants fan which leaves him open to pick on any Bay area team fan that calls into his show. Sure he does his best to keep up with the local sports casters planting lips on any thing S. F. and especially when giving one of his sermons about the profit that emerged from the heavens in 1981 and changed the face of football. Yes worshiping at the Bill Walsh alter.

    When the Rams were emerging in 1999, his expert analysis of the eventual Superbowl champions was summed up with "fluke". Then as the season rolled towards the playoffs and the Rams were clearly a team to be taken seriously his analysis remained at fluke. As the Rams story grew beyond his fluke analogy his journalistic integrity shined brightly when he announced on his radio show these words. “If you’re a Rams fan don’t call in, I won’t take calls from Rams fans”. Maybe he was pissed at Bruce for the slobber knocker block he threw against one of his beloved Giant defenders. If you remember the hit that Bruce laid on a Giants DB which sprung Hakim another 50 yards into the end zone then perhaps his hatred of the Rams is deserved? (Hakim ran backwards into the end zone from about the 5 yard line taunting 5 or 6 Giant defenders.)
    Now that you’re up to date on this jerk lets rewind back to last night when I tuned him in ALA the MNF broadcast. A Rams fan called in wisely disguising the fact that he was a Rams fan and stroking Napier just enough to get a word in about the Rams. It was classic to hear this Rams fan out fox Napier when he sarcastically said, “Grant I know Martz is an idiot, and all that but what do you think of the Rams chances this year. Well Napier being a creature of habit stated every negative and derogatory comment about Martz that his feeble mind could come up with and said nothing regarding the Rams chances. The caller slipped when he said I think “WE” have a solid chance, click commercial. I knew this was a Rams fan from the get go but Napier was forced to discover this after the fact. Who ever you were on the Radio last night thumbs up. You’re not only a good Rams fan but a crafty one as well. The point to all of this is not how certain sports casters can rub you the wrong way, this is just a fact of life but when Grant Napier started in on Martz using no sentences and words alone such as egotistical arrogant, stubborn, stupid, finished and at least a dozen more descriptive words my first thought believe it or not was RamWraith. You will have to be a regular here to make the connection but I made the connection of what he is talking about with his “Cheerleading” here on the board. I hear you Ramwraith!

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    Re: Martz - Napier - RamWraith

    A story that very much hits home with me RT.

    As an original Wisconsinite, where the Green and Gold blood runs thick this was an every day occurrence. Minnesota however, it happens only when the Vikings are doing well. I will say though, the last couple years I hear more and more local TV and radio broadcast rip Martz. We fans need to stick together when it comes to other teams fans ripping OUR coach!!


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      Re: Martz - Napier - RamWraith

      I am hearing some respect for Martz and some hatred for him. It amazes me that so many announcers are against the Rams and against Martz.

      RamWraith...I got to visit Minnesota for the first time.
      My Dad had his surgery up in the Mayo clinic and I spent a fews days in Rochester last month.
      The people seemed very nice, and the Mayo clinic is an amazing place.