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    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Tuesday, October 19, 2004

    (Opening comments)
    “Well, we knew going into this game it would be a slug fest for us. A typical Tampa-St. Louis game that goes right down to the finish. Offensively, as you watched (Tampa Bay quarterback) Brian Griese, I thought was terrific, and I think they are really coming together offensively. Jon (Gruden) has done a good job, and of course, defensively, they are the Buccaneers. What more do you have say. So to come out of there with a win like that is obviously terrific. And we haven’t beat Tampa in a long time, so we are very pleased. I can’t say enough about our defense. They had their backs against the wall throughout the game and responded. We got three turnovers inside the red zone, then coming out they created a turnover for us to set up the score. It just doesn’t get any better. It was a great job defensively. We had the one long pass, and a run for about 20 or 25 yards, but other than that, I think we held them to 2.2 yards per rush. I was very pleased with our defense, and the progress of our defense. We had the big sack at the end of the game, and then on the very next play was a throw into the end zone for an interception. Offensively, when we had to go down and get points at the end and we did. A nice drive, with a throw to Torry (Holt). Then we had to hold onto the ball and we were able to take it down to the 25, but we weren’t able to make the field goal. Special teams, we have some issues on kickoff coverage, and it needs to be addressed. Some of it is personnel. We will make the changes and adjustments that we need to make and get that fixed. I couldn’t be more happy with P Sean Landeta. He’s the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week. He averaged over 50 yards a punt, and two of them insid the 20 yard line. He kicked one out there about 61 yards that was called back, so what does he do? He follows it up with a 63 yarder. Sean was just terrific. I think this is the sixth time in his career he has won this honor. All in all, it was a good win, we’re excited about it. I was concerned about the focus of this football team, but again, they continue to get better and show the resolve a good team needs to have.”

    (On the turnovers)
    “We just keep working at (getting turnovers). It’s something we work at everyday at practice. I think you could see S Aeneas Williams on the last one just reach in and rip the ball out. We are not doing anything differently.”

    (On S Adam Archuleta and Cornerback Jerametrius Butler
    “This was the first time, this year, that I talked to him before the game, and he felt good. His back is much better, and he said it was the best it felt all year. And he played like it. He looked terrific in the game. Jerametrius was outstanding this game. Just superb. He had eight tackles, four assists, that’s 12 tackles. An interception, three passes broken up, and of course he had a fumble recovery, so he had a terrific night.”

    (On QB Marc Bulger)
    “He’s throwing the deep ball like he did in the past. For a while there, he didn’t throw it as well. I think he’s very confident. He started out that way, but got to the point where he was a little tentative with the deep ball. He would get a guy running down the field and he didn’t want to miss him. Right now he has a better feel for the speed and when to get rid of the ball.”

    (On RB Marshall Faulk and RB Steven Jackson splitting time in the backfield)
    “I don’t have anything to do with who’s in the game. (Running backs coach) Wilbert (Montgomery) mixes them in there, we try to keep them both fresh. Most of the time I have no idea who is at halfback, I can’t think of that, I don’t worry about that anymore. I used to have to worry about it, and think about it. I have absolute confidence that he (Steven Jackson) can function at the same level, in terms of knowing what to do, as Marshall. In our system, to do what we do as a rookie speaks volumes for Steven and the job he’s done. With not having mini camp and the OTA’s that he missed out on, he’s come in and has been professional and mature about learning this stuff. He’s studied it, been a student, listened to Marshall and Wilbert, and prepared himself significantly. This is the first time that I have felt like we could be in a situation where you’re not worried who’s in there if Marshall’s not in there.”

    (On his thoughts on George Allen and being tied with him for third most wins)
    “I don’t have any other than as a spectator, as many of us were. I know that he was a legend and a great football coach. To be mentioned in the same name with George Allen would be disrespectful to George. He’s one of the all-time greats. In terms of the 49 wins, we have a great organization that has given us terrific personnel both as coaches and players. It has been a thrill, and is a thrill, and will continue to be a thrill. I hope for many years to be a part of that.”

    (On Marshall Faulk’s 100th rushing touchdown)
    “That is so special to achieve that. Obviously that is something that we are going to embrace.”

    (On resting the players after a Monday night game)
    “We have a little system that we got into after Monday nights that has worked well for us. Talking to our trainers over the last few years, after these Monday night games, as coaches you want to get right back to work on Wednesdays, and go Wednesday, Thursday, Friday practice, and get back into the routine, but physically they’re not ready to do that. So what we’ve done is made Saturday morning a quarter or third of a Friday practice, it will be more of a glorified walk through. Then we will get on the plane, look at the tape at the hotel, and play the next day. That gives them two days to fully recover physically. Particularly, from mid season on, their bodies need that, they need that. It’s worked well for us, and they come back a lot fresher. Your slighted a little bit in preparation, but they’re focused and energized with it. When we didn’t do that, Wednesday was a struggle, and we struggled through that next week because they are fatigued pretty good and they’re still trying to get over from that game. You ask anybody in the league, it’s Friday until they start feeling decent. So you have to give them some time.”

    (On if Monday night games affect the game planning for the next game)
    “It does, but having these two days allows us to catch up and get into the regular routine. We still have the same preparation time that we normally would have. If you had practice on Wednesday it would cut you a day short and your staff would have to work on the next week on Monday, and that’s always hard to do for anybody.”

    (On K Jeff Wilkins)
    “He did sprain his ankle, and I was very concerned about it. In fact, on that kickoff that went out of bounds, it was a result of that. Actually, the more he kicked, the better he felt with it. That’s why before we attempted the field goal at the end, I asked him how he was. He was kicking the ball off very well, so I felt like he would kick it well enough. Obviously if he’s concerned, I’m concerned, but I felt like it was worth a shot at that point. It just didn’t work.”

    (On Wilkins making special team tackles)
    “I was teasing him telling him that he was going to have to start playing for us in the secondary. He’s a rocket, he took off. I didn’t realize he was that fast, and he had a sprained ankle. He took off and nailed him on the sideline, both of them. He really showed his athleticism and his speed. We’ve always said that he’s not just a kicker, he’s a football player, and he really is. A lot of times there is a difference, but not in this situation.”

    (On DE Leonard Little)
    “He had a lot of pressures. I don’t have the numbers on him, but I know he had a lot of pressures. He chased him out of the pocket, and forced a lot of throw aways.”

    (On the defense line)
    “They played well. Tony Hargrove played 29 plays, he had two tackles, he had a tackle for a loss, he had a pressure, and a quarterback hit, in just 29 plays. For a rookie, that’s a good evening.”

    (On the run defense)
    “I’m very pleased. Going into this game, that concerned us the most, was the hold up against the run and we’ve gotten better and better each week. The different things that we are doing defensively, our players are becoming much more familiar with now. Anytime something is different it is hard, but I think they are getting comfortable with it.”

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  • RamWraith
    Mike on the Mike
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Tuesday, December 28, 2004

    (Opening comments)
    “That was our best effort, last night, by far, of the season, as a football team. With our coverage team and our kickoff (team), obviously, we created ourselves some issues that we need to clear up. It’s just one guy being a little over-anxious to collapse in towards the ball. It really isn’t anything more difficult than that. (Kevin) Stemke has done a great job for us, so far, punting. (He has) eliminated any kind of return with his hang time. So far, he’s been everything that we’ve wanted at that position, and he’s done very, very well for us. Our defensive player of the week is Bryce Fisher. He played only 17 plays, but he’s also the NFC’s Defensive Player of the Week for his performance. Out of 17 plays he had two tackles, five assists, so that’s a total of seven, a sack, a caused fumble, two hits on the quarterback, and two quarterback pressures. That’s pretty remarkable. Offensively, Steven Jackson, the rookie back, (had) 24 carries, 148 yards. Just a terrific performance by Steven, even though he had to leave with a knee injury there early. And our special teams player of the week, with four tackles on special teams, was Trev Faulk. I’m very pleased with the effort. I’m very pleased with how sharp we were. Marc (Bulger) came back, offensively, and I though he was terrific. (He had) lots of zip on the ball, probably, as much zip as he has had all year. I was very pleased with the offense, in particular, Orlando Pace, who I thought played his best game of the season. (He was) very physical, he finished things, drove back the ball. By far his best game, maybe in two years here. He just did a terrific job. Again, our tight end Brandon (Manumaleuna), these balls in our running game that go outside, he’s basically blocking the defensive end by himself. We couldn’t have those types of runs without his effort and the job he did. He was outstanding, too, as a blocker. Defensively, Pisa (Tinoisamoa) had three tackles, a tackle for a loss, two assists, and a fumble recovery. Jerametrius Butler, again, two tackles, an assist, and three passes broken up. So, making progress. I felt like defensively, we played with the type of emotion and passion that we are used to seeing around here on defense. A lot of that has to knowledge. Knowledge of what you’re doing defensively, feeling confident with what your assignment is, and being able to adjust. Offensively, I really felt like the offensive line, that is probably the best we’ve played this year. We’ve got some young guys. Tommy (Nütten) came back and did a terrific job, too. He just really played well. Blaine (Saipaia) continues to get better. He’s really going to be a fine player. I’m very pleased with the effort of this football team, and the outcome of that game.”

    (On G Tom Nütten)
    “Having Tommy back, and having Tommy healthy, and he hasn’t been healthy...
    -12-29-2004, 06:32 AM
  • RamWraith
    Mike Martz Press conference
    by RamWraith
    Monday, September 19, 2005

    (Opening statement)

    ?Good afternoon. Well, it feels good, obviously, to win a division game on the road. Those things are hard to do, particularly at the beginning of the year, so to come away at this point after a disappointing start up in San Francisco, to be one-and-one feels good being in a position to open up at home in the third week.

    A couple things about the game: our special teams play, I thought improved remarkably. The special teams player of the game is Reggie Hodges, and Reggie?s numbers, seven punts for 42.9 average, a 40 yard net. He had one inside the 20 yard line and a longest one of 55 . Very consistent. The thing that we have always asked of Reggie is that consistency that allows us good field position, and really was a difficult? He hung the ball up nice, turned the ball over, difficult balls to return. He was outstanding in this game. It was what we hoped we would get when we went out there. Hopefully, Reggie can continue along those lines. I thought that our kickoff coverage, the average starting field position was the 20-yardline, which is outstanding. the kicking game the battle, really, is for field position and then anything else, from a turnover standpoint that you can get is a bonus. I think from a field position standpoint our teams were excellent, particularly the coverage teams.

    Defensively, there are some outstanding efforts there defensively. Adam Archuleta, six tackles, a tackle for a loss and three assists, and the tackle for a loss, of course, was the sack. Leonard Little, four tackles, three assists, a fumble recovery. He had six hits on the quarterback. He had one quarterback pressure, an outstanding afternoon for Leonard. Jimmy Kennedy probably one of his best games of his career here, had three tackles, had a tackle for a loss, had two sacks, had a caused fumble, quarterback hit, and then two quarterback pressures. Our defensive player of the game, Ryan Pickett, he had four tackles, five assists, two sacks, a caused fumble, and a hit on the quarterback. And I thought Pisa did an outstanding job. The corner, DeJuan Groce had a real nice interception down the sideline. I thought we played real good team defense. The completed ball, I think we rallied to it, got them out on a awful lot of third-down situations, which was a difficult thing for us last year and years past. third and long, we weren?t very good. We rallied here. Larry has done a really nice job of putting this defense together and this package, and some real nicely timed calls down there in the redzone, and that blitz to get the sack to win the game.

    Offensively, the player of the game, Steven Jackson, 18 carried for 93 yards, 5.2 average, with a touchdown. He had a couple of catches, and he did an outstanding job pass blocking.
    Andy McCollum was outstanding. Isaac Bruce was outstanding five...
    -09-20-2005, 06:15 AM
  • RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan--Sunday, August 20, 2006
    by RamWraith
    (Opening statement-injury report)

    “Jon Alston had a mile hyperextension of his right knee and appears to be fine. Jamal Brooks came out of the game ok. He had that toe…he actually did real well on it. Brandon Green does have a bone bruise on his ankle. It’s been treated. Had an injection last night, seems to be much better. We’ll play that day-to-day, he’ll be limited. Madison Hedgecock’s got the high ankle sprain. He’s still out. Torry sprained his sternum when he fell on the ball. The x-rays turned out just fine. He’ll be sore. Won’t practice, probably won’t practice Tuesday either just to get him back to 100 percent. He should be ready to go in the next couple of days. Leonard won’t practice tomorrow, but he’s making a lot of strides with that strained quad, just the swelling. Orlando should be limited tomorrow and Paul Smith as well, and we should have Drew Wahlroos out tomorrow. He’ll be in a cast. He’ll be limited in contact to see how he does with that. Just a couple more. Kevin Timothee should be back. He hurt his ankle in practice last week. Claude Terrell’s got a wrist that we’re trying figure out…get a couple more opinions to get him some kind of brace or something he’s comfortable with so he can get out on the practice field. For the most part, came out of that okay. We’ve had a couple of our guys, especially in the last week, get injured, but they haven’t been serious so that’s the good news.”

    (Opening statement-on the game)

    “On the game, looking at the tape, still the old adage ‘there’s still a lot of good things there.’ The fact that our defense basically shut out their offense, our first team defense did, when they were in there, was a bright spot. I think one for nine on third down as a unit was encouraging as well. Offensively in the last two games, in the first quarter, we’ve had nine explosive plays. Our goal for a game is eight, so in the first quarter we’re not playing the other team’s second or third unit, so we’ve shown our ability to be explosive. We’ve got to do better when we get down there in scoring position. We just haven’t been able to come away with points a couple of times because we either miss a field goal or have it blocked or we’re out of field goal range for who’s kicking right now. It’s been one of those things we’ve been talking about. We just need to do a better job there, and execute what we’ve been running down there. That’ll be the difference and we’ll look to see that improvement here in the next couple of weeks, get that shored up before the first game. Special teams was better in the first quarter. Our first two games primarily has just been our starters in the first quarter and then we’ve pulled them all out by the second quarter. It hasn’t been the consistency you want to see in special teams throughout the game but much better coverage this week with those units than we had. We did have the lapse with the punt team on the one but we need...
    -08-20-2006, 08:11 PM
  • RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan--September 25, 2006
    by RamWraith
    Monday, September 25, 2006

    (Opening statement)

    “No injuries of any significance to report. Had a few guys who required treatment. I think both Orlando and Pisa came out pretty good from the game. Pisa came out feeling real good as far as the elbow. That was a real pleasant thing from the injury report today; just some pretty basic soreness was all. In evaluating the game, we certainly dodged the bullet, but in a lot of ways, we never should have been in that situation. We kept playing and we played every play, and that’s what we talked to the team about, that they all matter. Certainly feel good about being able to stand here after a game like that, the way we played through the game, to come out on the better side with a victory.”

    (On a lot of the games coming down to the fourth quarter)

    “Every game…we talk about it as coaches all the time about how hard it is to win games in the NFL. It’s hard to win. Sometimes we make it hard on ourselves, but it’s amazing how close, really, the games are, regardless of records or who’s playing who. Every game comes down to some critical play. We had some critical plays that don’t necessary show up on the box scores that happened in that game. I can mention a couple. When Travis Fisher misses a tackle, gets up and runs down Bryant Johnson who looks like he’s going to score….a couple plays later we intercept the ball. That was a critical play that looked like a disastrous play. Within scoring position, he stops the touchdown and then we step up and get the turnover and Victor runs down a receiver, which was a heck of a play…a rookie running down a receiver in that situation and tackles the kid. I think two or three plays later was the tipped interception to O.J. . Some key plays that looked like the guys were going to maybe score and kind of blow the game open and make it a little different…just shows you that those hustle-type plays make you a little bit luckier. The more you hustle, the old saying, the luckier you get, and I think that really held true in this game.”

    (On this being the most bizarre game he’s been in)

    “Yesterday’s number one now because of recent memory. It’s similar in that you think it’s over in reality, but you’re not giving up that last bit of hope. You’re staying calm. It’s important to stay. I’m not sure Jimmy Kennedy gets up on that guy, maybe forces a short snap, you don’t ever know. That’s why you’ve got to play every play and don’t take any of them for granted. We certainly know that on our side with the turnover that we gave them, certainly kicking ourselves for putting ourselves in that position. That’s why you’ve got to be on your game in those critical situations.”

    (On what he said to QB Marc Bulger after the fourth quarter fumble)

    “I don’t think that’s the time…you coach your players all the time....
    -09-26-2006, 06:47 AM
  • RamDez
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    by RamDez
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Friday, October 22, 2004

    (Injury Update)
    “It looks like Travis Fisher will practice this week. We’ll get him into the mix. Jimmy Kennedy will practice to some extent. We’ll see how he is out there on the field. He has conditioned and ran real well over the past week or two. We’ll give him some individual drills to see where he is, and measure his progress by how sore he is tomorrow. Other than that, we are in pretty good shape. Jeff Wilkins is nursing a sore ankle from an ankle sprain. We won’t know for a few days what we will do. It’ll come down to the wire on Sunday to see how he is. Tyoka still remains questionable with that hamstring. He’s not quite there yet, so we have a couple of days to see (where he is). We are starting to get people back , which is always a good thing.”

    (On Miami)
    “This is a short week and we head to Miami. This defense, a week ago, was the number one rated defense in the National Football League, and now they are two or four. But whatever it is, they are very substantial on defense, like they always are. Offensively, they have struggled somewhat. They have a lot of injuries, but they have moved the ball well enough to score points and win.”

    (On the difficulties of finding a kicker at this point of the season)
    “I think it’s all relative to what he has been doing. When we worked (Jeff Chandler) out, he was fine. I’m just going to make the assumption that he is ready to go if we need him.”

    (On getting Jimmy Kennedy and Travis Fisher back)
    “We were starting to wear down on the defensive line, with Tyoka out, and particularly on the inside having Jimmy (Kennedy) back, I mean that is a big man. If he can pick up where he left off, so to speak, which will be hard to do. I don’t know when he will be back, completely, but I’m really excited about his attitude and his approach to getting back here as fast as he can. In terms of (Travis) Fisher, he was playing so well when he broke his arm, that we feel he is a top-flight corner. And it looks like he should be ready to go, which will help us tremendously in the secondary.”

    (On Travis Fisher’s play before he was injured)
    “When he broke his arm in that preseason game against Kansas City, he was playing as well as he’s ever played. To have three corners like we have healthy, that’s quite an advantage. Most teams have two really outstanding corners, and with him, we feel like we have three substantial starters and we’re excited about that.”

    (On the Dolphins)
    “A few years ago we were sitting in here at 0-5. The Oakland Raiders came in here, and they were the best team in the National Football League at the time. They led the league in both offense and defense, they led the league in both categories. We played them and we beat them handily. You just don’t know. There are no breathers in this league. It just doesn’t exist. This will be...
    -10-23-2004, 02:53 AM