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Rams Defense, too lose?

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  • Rams Defense, too lose?

    I have been able to see the last three Rams games, I am a defense person at heart. I am concerned about what I am seeing defensively. Arch made a great play the other night, tackle, strip ball, and TD, incredable play. BUt we are letting them score on us at will!? We scored first against Tampa, they rolled right down the feild and scored at will. I was amazed that a third string QB was given the time to do what he wasnted. I don't know what his totals were but he made the Rams D look real bad. I am very concerned that the defense is not that good. :helmet:

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    Re: Rams Defense, too lose?

    Well, that 3rd string QB was a former Pro Bowl QB. But still that is no excuse. Tampa's offense had been struggling this year and they looked pretty good Monday night. I think the thing that was getting me upset the most was how much space their receivers were getting. In my opinion this has to get fixed or a really good offensive team is going to kill us.


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      Re: Rams Defense, too lose?

      Originally posted by Marshall1
      I was amazed that a third string QB was given the time to do what he wasnted. I don't know what his totals were but he made the Rams D look real bad. I am very concerned that the defense is not that good. :helmet:
      First off, I am not saying our D is top flight. Also, I am not outting the whole blame on the officials. But I just have to shine a light on something the NFL is trying to keep in the dark.

      How many times did you see obvious holding right at the point where the RB turned the corner? Or how many times did you see holding just as Griese was releasing the ball or breaking away from pressure?

      I saw plenty. I also saw the officials reverse 1 first down and one 9 yard play where less obvious holding (maybe even none) was "committed" by the RAMS. It is a LOT easier to move your offense when you can eliminate some of the rules.

      If only our DBs could learn to obstruct the other team's receivers "without" contact after 5 yards; we could defend the pass better. ;)



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        Re: Rams Defense, too lose?

        There is only so much money to go around. When the offense takes up 60 percent of the salary cap, you get what you get on the other side of the ball.


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          Re: Rams Defense, too lose?

          Originally posted by txramsfan
          There is only so much money to go around. When the offense takes up 60 percent of the salary cap, you get what you get on the other side of the ball.
          Ya but Chamionships are won with defense, keep that in mind. :helmet:


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            Re: Rams Defense, too lose?

            Originally posted by Marshall1
            Ya but Chamionships are won with defense, keep that in mind. :helmet:
            Well, if that's the case the Rams are doing it backwards. However, that's why we love this team right?


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              Re: Rams Defense, too lose?

              Originally posted by Marshall1
              Ya but Chamionships are won with defense, keep that in mind. :helmet:
              I used to think that too but we've had a good D since Danny retired but have been struggling on O (re: see our current state). Basic football tells you that a D and a good running game is a winning formula. I think balance is a winning formula.


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                Re: Rams Defense, too lose?

                Originally posted by Marshall1
                Ya but Chamionships are won with defense, keep that in mind. :helmet:
                Currently, 3 of the top 4 defenses in the league have losing records.
                1. Denver 5-1
                2. Washington 2-4
                3. Miami 0-6
                4. Tampa 1-5
                (combined win% of .333)

                However, 4 of the worst 6 defenses have winning records.
                27. St. Louis 4-2
                28. Arizona 1-4
                29. Detroit 3-2
                30. Minnesota 4-1
                31. Indianapolis 4-1
                32. New Orleans 2-4
                (combined win% of .563)

                Strange times we're living in here folks.
                The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                • AvengerRam
                  We didn't lose this game because of...
                  by AvengerRam
                  ...the decision to go for it on 4th down. Sure, in hindsight, the 3 points would have been important, but if the gamble had worked, we may have won easily. (I do agree with the criticism of the play call).

                  We also didn't lose because of the interception. That was a poor decision, but we never should have been in that position.

                  We lost because of the defense. They failed to make plays all day. It seems that we cannot handle the loss of 2-3 starters. That speaks to our depth, no doubt, but I also sometimes wonder if Greg Williams' defense may be too complicated to plug in backups.

                  In any event... here we are... back at .500.

                  -10-17-2016, 04:20 AM
                • LaRamsFanLongTime
                  This team
                  by LaRamsFanLongTime
                  Does anyone really think this team is as bad as we are playing right now? I had high hopes for this season and took it pretty badly when we started losing right out the gates. I am trying to think of why and it is so obvious.

                  Is it the Coaches fault? It can be but with all the injuries how do you come up with any consistancy in your playbook? Short passes QB dies long Passes QB dies. RB hurt plus the whole line hurt = no run game to take pressure off beat up QB's. So no I could not put this on the coach. Take away Welker, Tom Brady, and The whole o-line and the Patriots are not a great team.

                  Lets see now defense? Yeah they still suck and have weekness in every spot. That is an area though I fealt going into this season that was a huge ????? The defense is definatly rebuilding and hopefully the high pick we get will be used on a immediate difference maker.

                  Offense see the coach area we all know that an offense that banged up could not put up the numbers we are used too around these parts. Last week though we saw some life out of them.

                  So the obvious choice is the reoccuring week defense and banged up offense. I am not sitting here thinking this team will be bad for the next 10 years. I think this season was an injury plagued season that will be long forgotten by mid season next year. Yes I do know that is a long time but we have no choice but to wait it out now do we?

                  I think we let Linehan have at least a healthy season to see if he can right the ship. If this team faulters next year then a change should be made. BTW is it just me or should the conditioning coach be put out to pasture.
                  -11-01-2007, 04:37 PM
                • ramhard
                  Bad assumptions - only on offense
                  by ramhard
                  Now I know that the defense was the key problem in the game. However you have to take the defense in some ways as a given. There is not enough seasoned cover talent at CB, the safeties don't have good coverage skills (see Arch on Shockey, but I admit Shockey is a monster), and the interior is inconsistent. No matter what Marmie does, I don't think anything can change those three things (this year). However I've been thinking a bit about the offense, and how with the same talent things can be different. It seems people make the same mistakes that I often see in business - taking as fact certain assumptions (I've put the assumptions at the end of the message). I think the Rams offense is one of the best in the league BUT has some flaws. But what happens is that people take the flaws as part of the given, rather than figuring out a way to keep the core of the good and correcting and adjusting for the flaws. My view of the Rams offense is that when it is perfect (as in the GSOT days) it can dominate so much that it can overcome these flaws. But when there are injuries, talent holes (guard, TE) the flaws get magnified. The key isn't putting up points or yards, but winning playoff games. Now don't flame me by misreading that I think the Rams' offense is bad - didn't say that - I just think that Martz and Co. is being either hardheaded or short-sited in fixing the flaws, and making this a Superbowl offense that can control the ball, doesn't put a weak defense in bad positions, and protects the QB. I think you have to adjust to your entire team's situation.

                  Here are some assumptions that people have thrown at me about the Rams offense:

                  1. It is a high risk offense, so that turnovers (particularly interceptions) are a fact of life and why the Rams lead the league every year in turnovers. However this often puts the defense in bad situations, and shifts game momentum.

                  2. The Rams have X zillion plays and X zillion formations/protections (fill in the very large number) so it is hard for players to come in and contribute early (but hey when forced to we can work in someone like Barron - so maybe it doesn't have to be so complicated). It also causes breakdowns in games as players are more apt to worry about assignments than execution.

                  3. The Rams air attack is built on speed, so they only draft and want smaller fast receivers. Big receivers aren't fast or nimble enough to play in this scheme and get deep. So we don't see the Rams receivers out jumping or muscling DB's for the ball... we depend on the genius of the scheme to get them open. Well Air Coryell had a small receiver named Kellen, and the Giants big receivers sure seemed to get deep and looked plenty fast.

                  4. The Rams air attack takes time to develop so that sacks are inevitable. Which means that you are willing for your QB to take a beating, while the backups are named Martin and Fitzgerald. Then the assumption...
                  -10-03-2005, 06:36 AM
                • Rampingitup
                  Still excited
                  by Rampingitup
                  Let me first say sorry for some of the snippy comments I have directed at some of the complainers. I forgot one of my favorite cliches, "You have the right to state your opinion, and I have the right not to listen."

                  Having said that I am still excited about this season. The loss to the Eagles stung, as any loss does, but I was still a little encouraged at the way we did hang tough against one of the best teams in the league.

                  We have good depth at running back, something we have been sorely lacking for the last several years.

                  Regardless of what people think I thought our defense did a reasonably decent job trying to hold up an elite offense. We did not get completely run over as some other teams did. We kept it competitive for quite a while, and in fact if you take back the interception TD that game was really close.

                  The offense showed flashes, just not consistent. And the drops were, and are, infuriating! Rookie nerves can be blamed for a couple of the drops, but the others were really inexcusable. Maybe you can't make every play, but you should make the easy plays. You are wide open, no one near you, the ball hits you in the hands, you CATCH it! Just like in practice. But again, the running game looked pretty sound, the O line held up reasonably against a really good blitzing defense. Get rid of the ball a little faster and catch some of those drops and we would have made the Eagles pay a little more dearly for those blitzes.

                  Special teams did just fine, and seems to be the most stable part of the team right now. (Hate saying that, but at least it needs the least amount of work)

                  So if the receivers start catching passes instead of dropping them, I think we should be in good shape over all. But the next seven weeks are going to be rough as hell.

                  Maybe I should take a sabbatical from here until it is over, so I can avoid all the gnashing of teeth, and ranting and raving. :-)
                  -09-15-2011, 06:31 AM
                • QUINNtessentialTruth
                  Albeit, our lack of discipline is still costing us games...
                  by QUINNtessentialTruth
                  Let me give you 4 lack of discipline plays, that not included we would have won. I'm sure you all know where I'm going with this.

                  Bradfords pick 6 and fumble..utter lack of discipline. Not sure why he made that throw. My friends have always made fun of me that I couldn't play QB at all growing up. However, even I wouldnt have made that throw. That fumble, nothing more than you have to secure the snap period. 10 points.

                  Defense the 2 carries 140 yards. Players had hands on him, you gotta make a tackle. Gotta establish a better L.O.S. post snap and be disciplined on the play. Don't have to mention how undisplined craig dahl is. Relying on Craig Dahl being the last line of defense is like...well relying on craig dahl being the last line of D. I will agree that both of those plays had a hold, especially the blatant one on the td on Brockers. Which is just ridiculous btw, I hope fisher complains. However, we have gotten used to the refs screwing us, so lets just stop going back to that. 10 points.

                  2 undisciplined plays on offense and 2 undisciplined plays on defense. The difference between the opposing team leaving with 16 points and 36 points...or even anything in between.

                  Btw another nomination, during that pick 6, is it just me or was there no effort on anyone of our offensive players to tackle him? It was almost like the Rams just walked to the sidelines and let the guy who picked it off run.
                  -12-16-2012, 05:54 PM