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  • Turf vs. Grass

    Who has an opinion of Turf vs. Grass? I keep hearing people talking about the Rams being "built" for turf. I feel like this argument is overused. Isn't everyone faster on an even, sturdier surface?

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    Oh yeah, its faster on turf. No doubt. But it also hurts more when you land on it. It's a trade off, one that I'll feel better about when they get that new turf into the Dome of America's Center. Most of the practicing that the Rams do is on grass. So they have plenty of experience on it. Grass is a slower surface, but you're less likely to get hurt. They have an injury called turf toe, never heard of grass toe.


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      I played on both in H.S. and College. Turf is much faster. If you wear the right shoe, there is virtually no chance of slipping. That's why you see so many more knee injuries on turf; people's feet stick to the surface when they make a cut.

      Still, its not like the Rams have never played on grass; all of our "skill" players grew up playing on grass in JFL, school, and college. Both teams have to play on the same surface, so I don't think its nearly as big an advantage as some NFL pundits like to think.


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        Don't they keep stats on these things?:confused:


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          Don't the Jets have their own forums?


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            Just for everyones information

            I always invite the next teams supporters to come and chat in the ClanRam forum, the week before the game.

            As everyone knows, Smack Talk is kept in the Smack Talk forum, to save potential mistakes :upset:

            I dont think Jet Guy was smack talking, just asking a question ;)

            Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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              Thanks RamDez,

              I was just asking a question. I didn't want to
              actually do the research myself.

              I mean I'm from New York, This is just the way I talk.

              MaxQ, Assuming you're a open minded individual, Wouldn't you welcome differing opinons to your own. I mean is it really interesting to you to just say day after day how great your team is?


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                Sorry guys, I'm new. Didn't realize there was a smacktalk forum. Also, thought Jet Guy was smacktalking. Sorry, Jet Guy. But, actually, yes, it is interesting for me to just sit around talking about how great my team is.


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                  The Rams are kinda built on turf for their speed, but at the same time, they do just as good on grass, they're not stupid enough to practice only on the turf. I also played in high school on turf and it is much faster which helps the rams...something that we'll lose next season without the superdome and georgiadome, but grass vs. turf isn't that big of a problem, we win wither way


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                  • Dominating D
                    Grass versus Turf
                    by Dominating D
                    During the Rams run to the championship Dick V. acquired a talented group of players that played extremely well on turf.

                    My question to the clan is do you believe the Rams current players are better suited for the turf or grass?

                    In my opinion the Rams are a much better team on grass. They are bigger and stronger and the speed that was the biggest strength to the greatest show on turf is long gone and replace with stronger and slower players on both sides of the ball.

                    I do believe this will make the team stronger on the road. Hopefully they can find a way to win at home.

                    Go Rams
                    Makes no difference
                    -08-29-2010, 06:14 AM
                  • RamsFan16
                    The Dome vs Outside Stadiums?
                    by RamsFan16
                    Do you guys sometimes wish that the Rams played outside rather than inside? I mean don't get me wrong I love being "The Greatest Show on Turf" but I sometimes get tired of playing in the dome and would like to be the home team outside sometimes. So all I'm asking is that do you guys sometimes wish we played outside?
                    -11-06-2005, 06:32 PM
                  • Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                    Are the Turf Demons Real?
                    by Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                    Upon reading an article by Will at Ramsherd, Ive begun to wonder yet again if most of the Rams injuries are indeed because of the controversial Turf.

                    Here's a nice list Ive found on the site that details all the injuries the rams have suffered this year from the Preseason and Regular Season:

                    Pre-preseason: Two rookies ó WR Brooks Foster and Safety Eric Bassey ó injure their knees on the brand-new Lindenwood turf during a very light-hitting exhibition game for fans. Itís the same type of turf that is used in the dome. Meanwhile, Adam Carriker badly sprains his ankle on the same field. Preseason: Donnie Avery suffers a sprained foot in practice, while making a cut on the turf. Avery is able to return in time for the regular season opener. Carriker is not so lucky, though, sustaining a season-ending shoulder injury during the Governorís Cup game against the Chiefs.
                    Home Game #1 (Week 3 vs Packers): Laurent Robinsonís season ends on the turf as his ankle gets rolled onto while setting a block. He fractures his fibula and sprains his ankle. Marc Bulger is also removed with a shoulder injury, though he would return to start three games later.
                    Home Game #2 (Week 5 vs Vikings): Gary Gibson, the promising DT who stepped in for Adam Carriker, breaks a bone in his ankle joint during a routine play on the home turf. His season is over.
                    Home Game #3 (Week 7 vs Colts): CB Bradley Fletcher and long snapper Chris Massey both tear up their knees during routine plays and are done for the year. Richie Incognito sprains his foot and misses several weeks, just as Donnie Avery did in preseason.
                    Home Game #4 (Week 10 vs Saints): WR Keenan Burton, the teamís most prolific pass catcher to this point, is lost to a gruesome knee injury in the first quarter, running a simple dig pattern.
                    Home Game #5 (Week 11 vs Cardinals): Before the Rams even get to the game, CJ Ah You is lost for the season to a knee injury sustained on the practice turf. Ah You is the third DT to go down. OJ Atogwe finally returns the favor by bouncing Kurt Warnerís helmet off the turf, sidelining the QB for a game and a half, and breaking his career-long streak of games started. However, karma would bit bite back hard, as Marc Bulgerís season unofficially ends with a tibia bone fracture at the knee joint. Jason Smith also suffers a major concussion that would knock him out for the rest of the season, though he is never placed on IR.)
                    Home Game #6 (Week 12 vs Seahawks): Jason Brown sprains his knee and misses the second half, leaving the offensive line in tatters. And Jason Smith, while merely sitting on the sidelines of this house of horrors, suffers a relapse and has to be hospitalized.
                    Week 13 (At Soldier Field vs Bears): Even though itís not turf, Soldier Field has been called ďthe worst natural grass surface in the league.Ē Atogwe can attest to that, after severely injuring his shoulder while trying to tackle Matt Fo...
                    -01-14-2010, 11:55 AM
                  • Guest's Avatar
                    The turf in the dome
                    by Guest
                    How is it possible that the team and the city cant reach an agreement on changing the turf. The upfront money is peanuts in comparison to the added risk of injury and the physical beating that these guys take.

                    I have been swamped with a new job and not around much lately, so if this topic has been beaten to death i apologize, but i really just cant believe how shortsighted it is to not invest the money to do the best that can be done to protect the investment in the players.

                    general counsel
                    -02-15-2005, 08:43 PM
                  • evil disco man
                    FieldTurf will be in Dome only one year
                    by evil disco man
                    FieldTurf will be in Dome only one year

                    By Bill Coats
                    Of the Post-Dispatch

                    The first artificial-turf field at the Edward Jones Dome lasted 10 NFL seasons. The next one will be retired after only one.

                    The FieldTurf that will be installed this summer will be temporary, officials from the Rams, the Convention and Visitors Commission and the Regional Convention & Sports Complex Authority said Tuesday at a news conference on the dome's concrete floor. That's because a satisfactory removable system - a requirement for accommodating other events at America's Center - hasn't been developed, said Bruce Sommer, the CVC's director of facilities.

                    But Sommer emphasized that such a system should be in place at the dome before the 2006 season.

                    "We are working with all the companies that are doing" research and development, Sommer said. "And we fully expect - and they expect - by some time early next year that there will be one that we will be satisfied with. And then that will be our new permanent turf."

                    The regional sports authority is footing the $168,000 bill for the temporary surface. FieldTurf is thicker, heavier and softer than Astroturf, the original dome surface. Plastic fibers that are 2 1/2 inches tall are sewn onto a backing, and then sand and small bits of recycled rubber are layered between the simulated grass blades.

                    With the new turf at the dome and another being installed at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, 22 of the 32 NFL teams will be playing on FieldTurf.

                    "This is important for a lot of reasons, primarily the health concerns of all the players," Rams coach Mike Martz said in a statement. "This is exciting to be able to play on a more forgiving surface." Martz, who was out of town, was not available for further comment.

                    FieldTurf was placed in the indoor practice facility at Rams Park before the 2002 season and became an instant hit, said Bob Wallace, the team's executive vice president. "We realized that this is a better surface," he said. "We sometimes like working on that at Rams Park more than even the grass. We really like the surface, the softness of it and the forgiveness of it."

                    Installation probably will begin in mid-July, with completion in time for the Rams' first preseason game Aug. 12. After the season, the surface will be returned to FieldTurf, which has its headquarters in Toronto.

                    So, in essence, a field is being "rented" for the 2005 season to satisfy the city's lease with the Rams. It requires that by July 2005 the dome remains in the top 25 percent of NFL facilities. Without the original Astroturf surface being replaced, that condition wouldn't have been met, Sommer said.

                    "This is not something that we had an option to do or not to do,"...
                    -05-10-2005, 10:32 PM