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Notebook: St. Clair eager for shot at Rams

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  • Notebook: St. Clair eager for shot at Rams

    Notebook: St. Clair eager for shot at Rams


    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

    Friday, October 22, 2004

    DAVIE Dolphins right tackle John St. Clair doesn't have a completely healthy right ankle, but he's doing everything he can to be in the lineup against the Rams on Sunday.

    St. Clair spent his first four seasons with the Rams, who made virtually no effort to re-sign him when he became an unrestricted free agent.

    "When you get an opportunity like I did this year, I want to prove to everybody that I'm a good player," St. Clair said. "Playing against your old team, I want to be out there."

    St. Clair missed the past two games because of the ankle he sprained against the Jets. He is listed as questionable on the team's injury report but practiced Wednesday.

    Rookie Vernon Carey has started in place of St. Clair; however, coach Dave Wannstedt said the veteran would be back in the lineup if he continues to practice.

    St. Clair's tour with the Rams was tumultuous at best. All 16 of his appearances as a Ram were starts in 2002. And during his time in St. Louis, the coaches shuffled him among all five line positions and tight end.

    "It was an awkward situation playing different positions like that," St. Clair said. "But at the same time they helped me mentally and physically to do what I'm doing now.

    "I learned a lot. It's one of the hardest offenses in the NFL, man, and playing all the positions helped me out, especially in free agency."

    St. Clair said he's still close with several Rams, including left tackle Orlando Pace and defensive end Tyoka Jackson.

    "But I'm on the Dolphins now so I want to win this weekend," St. Clair said. "We need a win."

    Injury report: Free safety Antuan Edwards (groin) did not practice and is doubtful. Wannstedt said Arturo Freeman is "ready to go" if Edwards doesn't improve.

    Edwards and Freeman had the most intense position battle during training camp. When Edwards was named the starter, Freeman made no secret of his disappointment and that he would welcome a trade.

    Edwards registered a season-high 10 tackles against Buffalo and had an interception overturned because of a penalty. But Edwards, who was stiff-armed by Bills running back Willis McGahee on a fourth-quarter run, has admitted he needs to play better.

    Running back Travis Minor, who practiced, is questionable with a high ankle sprain. Defensive tackle Tim Bowens (back) is probable after seeing his first action Sunday. Matt Bryant will kick again in place of Olindo Mare (calf).

    Noteworthy: The Dolphins terminated the contract of defensive end Chidi Ahanotu and signed defensive tackle Josh Shaw to the practice squad. Ahanotu, who was also fined by the team, refused to report on Oct. 13 because he felt he wasn't getting enough playing time. "When Chidi walked out, we viewed that as a decision made in bad faith and we found that action unacceptable," General Manager Rick Spielman said in a statement. "It is wrong for someone to just walk away from a team without any consequences and the action we took reflects that viewpoint." . . . The Dolphins would only say there are tickets still available for Sunday's game. The game must be sold out before 1 p.m. today in order for the game to be shown locally. There are definitely plenty of seats left for the Nov. 7 game against the Cardinals and the Dec. 26 matchup with the Browns. The Dolphins are offering a "4 for $154 family package" that includes four tickets to either game, four Cokes, four hot dogs and a Gameday magazine. . . . Receiver Derrius Thompson, on catching his first touchdown pass in 22 games with the Dolphins: "Anything that happens this year for me is long overdue."

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Re: Notebook: St. Clair eager for shot at Rams

    Man, I hope St. Clair gets to play. I can't wait to see him against Leonard Little.
    Free safety Antuan Edwards (groin) did not practice and is doubtful. Wannstedt said Arturo Freeman is "ready to go" if Edwards doesn't improve.

    Edwards and Freeman had the most intense position battle during training camp. When Edwards was named the starter, Freeman made no secret of his disappointment and that he would welcome a trade.
    If I were the Rams, I'd watch out for this guy. He probably should've started in the first place, and he'll come in fired up. He's the darkhorse in their secondary.


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      Re: Notebook: St. Clair eager for shot at Rams

      St. Clair eager for shot at Rams
      Careful what you wish for, Mr. St. Clair!
      Clannie Nominee for ClanRam's Thickest Poster


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        Re: Notebook: St. Clair eager for shot at Rams

        Even in Serbia we know who St.Clair was. I mean who he is and that's so good!


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          Re: Notebook: St. Clair eager for shot at Rams

          Yo DenisSerbia, welcome to the ClanRam! I'm trying to figure out from your post if you are a St. Clair fan or if you are saying that he may not be so good. Please advise. Personally, I thought he was a weakness when he played for us.


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            Re: Notebook: St. Clair eager for shot at Rams

            I thought he was below average as a tackle, but I would have liked to see what he could have done as a center or guard. After all, he was an All American at center in college.


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              Re: Notebook: St. Clair eager for shot at Rams

              Originally posted by NickSeiler
              I thought he was below average as a tackle, but I would have liked to see what he could have done as a center or guard. After all, he was an All American at center in college.
              I totally agree with you on this. It has bothered me that a former All American would not at least be given an opportunity to play the position he was accustomed to. And with McCollum getting up in years it is apparent that the Rams will have to search for a new center sooner than later. Might that player had been St.Clair? We'll never know.

              P.S. On the picture that appears with your posts Martz is being hugged by a Ram; but the only number I can see is #6. Who is this guy? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

              WHAT SAY YE?


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                Re: Notebook: St. Clair eager for shot at Rams

                Defensive end Erik Flowers, #96.


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                  Re: Notebook: St. Clair eager for shot at Rams

                  That's correct, Nick: DE Flowers is under that jubilant helmet.

                  Careful what you wish for, Mr. St. Clair! -- Yodude


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                  • Nick
                    Wannstedt denies that he faced a staff mutiny
                    by Nick
                    Wannstedt denies that he faced a staff mutiny
                    By Joe Schad
                    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
                    Thursday, September 02, 2004

                    DAVIE Coach Dave Wannstedt on Wednesday denied a report that there was a "coaching staff revolt in the off-season when Joel Collier became overwhelmed with the role" as offensive coordinator and Wannstedt "had to make a change."

                    Collier had been promoted from running backs coach to offensive coordinator but quickly stepped down. Marc Trestman, then the team's new quarterbacks coach, was passed over in favor of tight ends coach Chris Foerster.

                    According to the story in USA Today Sports Weekly, "The offensive staff basically told Wannstedt they'd quit if Trestman was promoted to the coordinator's role."

                    On May 10, Foerster, a former Indianapolis Colts tight ends coach, was promoted by the Dolphins to offensive coordinator, over Trestman, who had been an offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns, San Francisco *****, Arizona Cardinals and Oakland Raiders.

                    Citing exhaustion, Collier returned to his job as running backs coach. Wannstedt, who has long declined to make Trestman available to comment, said he wanted him to develop Miami's quarterbacks.

                    "I gave my reasons 1,000 times," Wannstedt said. "With what we're going to do on offense and everything considered, I definitely believe that to keep the thing headed in that direction, that's why I picked Chris. But no, it didn't have anything to do with the other offensive coaches. I made the decision solely by myself."

                    Wannstedt said the quarterback play has never been better. And that Miami's challenge on offense is getting players to execute, not getting coaches to get along.

                    "The communication with receivers coach Jerry (Sullivan) and Joel and Chris and Marc has been as good as we've had here," Wannstedt said. "I'm telling you the truth. No one might want to believe it, but it's the truth. We're working through things and have been. Getting ideas is not the problem."

                    Ahanotu signs: The Dolphins signed defensive end Chidi Ahanotu, an 11-year veteran who played last season with San Francisco, recording 30 tackles and four sacks.

                    Wannstedt said the Dolphins will use Ahanotu as an inside pass rusher. Last season, Rob Burnett, who is now retired, played a similar role on third downs.

                    "They say anybody who plays with Jason (Taylor) automatically gets double sacks, and I'm waiting for mine to come," Ahanotu joked after his first practice.

                    Ahanotu is a friend of fellow Nigerian and former Dolphins defensive end Adewale Ogunleye. They have stayed in contact since flying to Las Vegas together to watch a Roy Jones Jr. fight this year.

                    Ahanotu, 33, played the first eight seasons of his career with...
                    -09-02-2004, 09:57 PM
                  • DJRamFan
                    [Dolphins] Not the time for change
                    by DJRamFan
                    Despite being the last winless team in the NFL, coach Dave Wannstedt doesn't plan to alter the starting lineup.

                    BY DAVID J. NEAL

                    [email protected]

                    Perhaps you figure the silver lining in the ever-expanding winless cloud over the Dolphins is now you'll see some of the Dolphins young players getting more game time.

                    You want to see that, you better have PlayStation or Xbox. The coach of the live action Dolphins isn't planning on doing things that way for now.

                    Not only did Dolphins coach Dave Wannstedt restate that Jay Fiedler would start at quarterback this Sunday, he digressed into this at the end of answering a question about the defense:

                    ''As hard as our players are playing, as hard as our players are working and practicing, my commitment to them, my obligation to this football team, is do whatever we can do to reward that type of effort, to try win this game on Sunday,'' Wannstedt said. When asked bluntly when it's time to give untested players more time, Wannstedt said, ``As long as these guys keep working as hard as we're working, we have to give them the best opportunity to win today.''

                    Of course, the guys getting the playing time now are 0-6. Not only is that 5 games back of a potential playoff spot, it's 37 percent of the way toward an offseason in which the Dolphins have to decide on certain players.

                    Making such analysis without having an adequate sample size is called ``guessing.''

                    There's Quarterback A.J. Feeley, for example, who has played 10 quarters this season. Linebacker Eddie Moore, the 2003 second-round pick, is essentially in his rookie season after missing all of 2003 with an injury. Rookie offensive lineman Vernon Carey has started two games while starting right tackle John St. Clair has been out with a sprained ankle.

                    There's also the issue of stalling development of what talent young players do have.

                    Feeley shrugged, ``It's [Wannstedt's] decision. That's just the way it is. What it is is what it is.''

                    But at this point in your career, how much good does being on the sidelines do?

                    ''Anytime you're not playing, you can learn,'' Feeley said.

                    Moore is parked on the depth chart behind Morlon Greenwood and Junior Seau. Greenwood will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. Seau is a future Hall of Famer who still brings a strong game, but he's 35.

                    ''There's no use in trying to change up and make drastic changes right now,'' Moore said. ``The ball just isn't rolling for us right now. Eventually, it will be.

                    ''Eventually, my time will come,'' he said.

                    LITTLE ACTIVITY

                    Today's NFL trade deadline should bring minimal activity both with the Dolphins and around the NFL.

                    Dolphins general manager Rick Spielman said through a team spokesman, ``A trade...
                    -10-19-2004, 01:33 PM
                  • RamWraith
                    Rams have slipped, Miami DE says--injury front
                    by RamWraith
                    By Jim Thomas
                    Of the Post-Dispatch

                    Three years ago, Miami defensive tackle Daryl Gardener offered these words of warning before a Dolphins game in St. Louis: "We've got speed, quickness, strength and size. We've got it all. When we get (to St. Louis), just take the key, lock the door, and let's see what happens."

                    After St. Louis pulverized the Dolphins 42-10 in that 2001 contest, Rams coach Mike Martz presented each of his players with a "Key to the Dome" plaque - complete with a metallic-style key attached.

                    Gardener is no longer with the Dolphins. But defensive end Jason Taylor is.

                    On Wednesday, Taylor provided some, uh, food for thought in discussing the Rams' offense with Dolphins reporters. The Rams play the Dolphins on Sunday in Miami.

                    "They're a good offense," said Taylor, a two-time Pro Bowler. "They're not unbeatable. I mean, I don't think they are what they were a few years ago with their whole 'Greatest Show on Turf' thing. They have some quality players, and we have some quality players, too. I think it's a good matchup for us. We'll get a glimpse of where we are at this point."

                    Taylor was then asked what was different about the 2004 Rams compared to their earlier offensive juggernauts.

                    "They're not what they were before," Taylor said. "They've made some changes. Kurt Warner is gone. They had it rolling back then. They were scoring 50 points a game. ... Don't get me wrong, they're still a darn good offense. They might not be scoring 50, but they can put up 49."

                    Taylor probably is right in his assessment, but will the Rams - who had Wednesday off - take it that way?

                    T. Fisher, Kennedy are upgraded

                    For the first time all season, cornerback Travis Fisher and defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy aren't listed as "out" on the Rams' official injury report. Kennedy is listed as doubtful for Sunday's game in Miami, meaning there's a 25 percent chance he'll play. Fisher is listed as questionable, meaning there's a 50 percent chance he'll play.

                    Fisher, who suffered a fractured forearm in the Rams' Aug. 23 preseason game against Kansas City, has been cleared to play. He has done a lot of drill work during practice in the past couple of weeks and could play at Miami.

                    Kennedy, who has been doing running and drill work on the side, probably is a little farther away from game readiness. He suffered a broken foot Aug. 5 during a joint practice session with the Chicago Bears in Macomb, Ill.

                    Tyoka Jackson is questionable

                    Defensive lineman Tyoka Jackson is listed as questionable with a hamstring pull that kept him out of the Tampa Bay game. He's not expected to return until the New England game Nov. 7.

                    Linebackers Robert Thomas (ankle) and Trev Faulk...
                    -10-21-2004, 04:02 AM
                  • RamWraith
                    Edwards will start at free safety for Rams
                    by RamWraith
                    By Bill Coats
                    Of the Post-Dispatch
                    Since signing free-agent safety Antuan Edwards on Nov. 11, Rams coach Mike Martz had been eager to get the six-year NFL veteran on the field. Now, the trick is keeping him there.

                    Edwards made a strong showing Monday in his Rams debut, collecting eight tackles and forcing a fumble in a 45-17 loss at Green Bay.

                    "He played very well ... exceptionally well for the amount of time and preparation he's had," Martz said. "He filled fast, he made some real nice open-field plays. He has terrific range. He can get to the ball."

                    Said Edwards: "It felt good playing football again. For being new to the system, I thought I did pretty good."

                    His stout play, combined with a lingering stinger that has affected Aeneas Williams' neck and shoulder, earned Edwards a start: He'll be in the lineup at free safety Sunday when the Rams (5-6) take on NFC West rival San Francisco (1-10) at the Edward Jones Dome.

                    "I'm excited to go out there and do whatever I can to help this team win and play the best ball I can play," said Edwards, 27. "I started in Miami, started in Green Bay, so I consider myself as a starter in this league."

                    The overriding challenge for Edwards has been staying healthy. A litany of injuries, ranging from torn knee ligaments in 2001 to the severe groin pull that he had when he arrived here, have conspired to keep him on the sideline for 29 games. He played in all 16 games his rookie season, after the Packers made him their first-round pick (No. 25 overall) in the 1999 draft, then was out for 27 of the next 64 games. Edwards cites "bad luck and being in the wrong place at the wrong time" as reasons for most of his nicks.

                    "In this league, it's hard to prevent injuries. It's a contact sport, so you're going to have injuries every week," he said. "Unfortunately it's happened to me more than most. It's very frustrating. But I have to keep pressing on, keep showing I can play, until they kick me out."

                    The Dolphins stunned Edwards by giving him the boot Nov. 10 after he'd started eight games. He was released the day after coach Dave Wannstedt resigned amid the Dolphins' 1-8 start.

                    "I was really surprised. I thought they were really joking with me, to tell you the truth," Edwards recalled.

                    The Rams grabbed the 6-foot-1, 210-pound native of Starkville, Miss., signing him to a deal for the rest of the season.

                    "He's big and physical," Martz said. "We thought there was terrific value in him."

                    He was inactive for two games with the groin injury. Now, Edwards said, he has healed and is ready to prove that he's deserving of a spot in the league.

                    "Every day you have to prove yourself in...
                    -12-05-2004, 06:29 AM
                  • RamFan_Til_I_Die
                    Injured East St. Louis Flyer makes friends with Rams players
                    by RamFan_Til_I_Die
                    Injured East St. Louis Flyer makes friends with Rams players

                    BY STEVE KORTE

                    ST. LOUIS -- With all the St. Louis Rams players huddled around him, Demond Hunt Jr. broke practice Thursday with the words, "Go Hard."

                    Hunt is the 16-year-old East St. Louis Senior High School football player who collapsed because of a brain injury that caused him to suffer a series of seizures and small strokes during the Flyers' game against Collinsville on Oct. 3. He was treated to a tour of Rams Park just one week after being released from the hospital.

                    "I've been through it, and I know they're going through it right now, so we're going to have go hard," Hunt said of what he said to the Rams players. "I said, 'Go Hard on three. One, two, three, Go Hard."
                    Hunt was given a Rams jersey with the No. 13 -- that's his number as a linebacker for the Flyers -- and his last name printed on the back.

                    Several Rams players, including punter Donnie Jones, running back Travis Minor, wide receiver Dane Looker and defensive ends Chris Long and Leonard Little, spent some time talking with Hunt.

                    "They told me get my head up, keep God first, everything happens for a reason, some good will come after," Hunt said.

                    Rams coach Jim Haslett hugged Hunt.

                    "We've been kind of waiting for him to get out of the hospital so we could have him over as a guest," Haslett said. "He's a great kid. It's a shame something like that had to happen to him and take away his ability to play football or sports in general.

                    "The big thing he has to understand is that there is a lot of life left, and he should be thankful for that. It was nice to have him out here, and I know the players really appreciated it."

                    Little gave Hunt a pair of practice gloves, and wide receiver Torry Holt took off his practice jersey and tossed it to Hunt as he was running off the field.

                    "It meant a lot," Hunt said of being invited to Rams Park. "It shows me that they care about different people in the area. I came here and showed them support, and they gave me love."

                    Hunt was released from Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis on Nov. 7. He said he goes to speech and occupational therapy on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He'll start being home-schooled Monday, and he won't return to East St. Louis Senior High School until the second semester of the current school year.

                    "I'm getting better," Hunt said. "I have to take some more MRIs later, but I'm getting better."

                    Hunt said his memory is coming back. The last thing he remembers from the night that he collapsed is saying, "'I can't breathe. I can't breathe.' I remember coach trying to get my shoulder pads off. I guess I fainted after that."...
                    -11-14-2008, 08:42 AM