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How important is the Pro Bowl

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  • How important is the Pro Bowl

    After reading an article in ESPN the Magazine this month it made me realize how important it is to send players from teams to Hawaii.

    The magazine reported how Owens and McNabb hooked up. It talks about the two hitting it off at the Pro Bowl and how McNabb did EVERYTHING in his power to get the guy to Philly. It really made me stop and think about how people meet each other and talk about the different organizations and how much a player can influence someone coming to the organization. So that voting time is here, I can appreciate how important it is that we get guys like Holt, Faulk, Bruce, Pace to the game. And when the time comes and people turn down the invitations because of "injuries" or being a hassle, they are really letting down a team not just themselves. The Pro Bowl is a networking devise that teams can really take advantage of and I never thought in those terms before.

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    Re: How important is the Pro Bowl

    You're right, but only to a certain extent. It really doesn't matter how much "networking" you do, when the salary cap constraints of your club makes it prohibitive to sign quality free agents.
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    • NJ Ramsfan1
      PRO BOWL- A Colossal joke
      by NJ Ramsfan1
      The Pro Bowl hasn't been any good for quite some time, but I just thought I'd point out that its an even BIGGER joke the Rams weren't deemed worthy enough to get even one guy on there as a back up. Jason Pierre-Paul (5.5 sacks) makes it but neither Long (11.5) nor Quinn (10.5) receive a whiff. Guess James Laurinaitis and his 184 tackles count for nothing, as does janoris jenkins and his 4 defensive TDs. SJ's 8th consec. 1000 yard season means zero.
      Pro Bowl and its voters ridiculous.
      -01-21-2013, 10:18 PM
    • r8rh8rmike
      Pro Bowl Falls On Hard Times: A Lost Cause?
      by r8rh8rmike
      Pro Bowl falls on hard times: A lost cause?
      08:03 AM ET 06.01

      Hawaii, New Orleans or the moon, how does one fix the Pro Bowl? "I don't think you can," Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey told "I don't have any thoughts on that," Bills general manager Buddy Nix added. One NFL general manager, who spoke to on the condition of anonymity, pleaded: "Just cancel it now, please." The NBA, Major League Baseball and NHL have found ways to make their all-star games interesting and entertaining for fans. Yet the NFL fails to hit the mark year after year with the Pro Bowl. To be blunt, the game is no longer relevant. The consensus among NFL coaches and front office executives surveyed at the owners meetings is that fixing the Pro Bowl is a lost cause.
      -06-02-2012, 10:53 AM
    • rams_fan81
      The pro bowl competitions
      by rams_fan81
      Did you guys see the competitions it was pretty good this year only a few things:

      In the throwing competition wasn't it a scrambling thing? How did Peyton win I know he hit the targets but you they have to make the rule on that better.

      And when the punter was in the skills challenge he might have won it if they didn't DQ him for not pushing the sled. It should have just been a penalty.

      I did really like the kicking challenge that was pretty cool to see those guys pulling trick shots, it was almost like a game of HORSE.

      I really think that the speed challenge should be changed because its too short. Before you realise it the whole competition is over. It might have just been me but it seemed really boring.

      What did you guys think?
      -02-11-2006, 08:32 PM
    • Nick
      Pat Kirwan on the Pro Bowl
      by Nick
      Kirwan stated today on Sirius NFL Radio one of the best theories I've heard on the Pro Bowl.

      Eliminate the game, and just honor the players with the recognition.

      That's right. Because how many players do you see elected to the Pro Bowl who find some sort of injury to use as an excuse not to go play? And what if they go play, and they get hurt?

      Is there really a point to having the game instead of just recognizing a player as being all-pro? When a guy's contract depends on him being healthy, do you think he's going to go play an exhibition game after a 16+ game season of wear and tear on his body?

      Do away with the game, and just recognize the best players of the season.
      -12-22-2005, 02:25 PM
    • CanadianRam!
      RAMS in the pro bowl!!
      by CanadianRam!
      as pro bowl ending is just about to end, cbs has an article about the guys they think should be on the pro bowl team.

      In the NFC, there are two :helmet: players listed

      anyways herez the article...enjoy!

      NFC offense
      QB: Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks. Reserves: Eli Manning, Giants; Mark Brunell, Redskins.
      Comment: This is really a down year for NFC quarterbacks, so Hasselbeck takes the start almost by default. The reserves? Somebody has to go.

      RB: Starters: Shaun Alexander, Seahawks. Reserves: Tiki Barber, Giants; Warrick Dunn, Falcons.
      Comment: Alexander is having an MVP-like season, so he gets the start. Dunn edges out Washington's Clinton Portis for the final spot.

      FB: Starter: Mack Strong, Seahawks.
      Comment: He's the guy leading Alexander to all those yards.

      WR: Starters: Steve Smith, Carolina; Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona. Reserves: Santana Moss, Redskins; Joey Galloway, Bucs.
      Comment: Smith is an MVP candidate, while Fitzgerald has put up huge numbers with the Cardinals. Moss has cooled some, while Galloway is having his best year since 1998.

      TE: Starter: Alge Crumpler, Falcons. Reserve: Jeremy Shockey, Giants.
      Comment: Clearly they are the two best in the NFC. Washington's Chris Cooley is a riser who just misses.

      T: Starters: Walter Jones, Seahawks; Jon Jansen, Redskins. Reserve: Orlando Pace, Rams.
      Comment: Jones is the league's best tackle, while Jansen gets the nod in a weak right tackle group. Pace is still a heck of a player.

      G: Starters: Steve Hutchinson, Seahawks; Chris Snee, Giants. Reserve: Larry Allen, Cowboys.
      Comment: Hutchinson and Jones make up the best side of any line in the league. Snee is a real comer who will be a perennial choice here.

      C: Starter: Olin Kreutz, Bears. Reserve: LeCharles Bentley, Saints.
      Comment: When he's not breaking teammates' jaws, Kreutz is a heck of a player. Bentley would get more notice on a better team.

      K: Neil Rackers, Cardinals.
      Comment: He has missed one field-goal attempt all season, making 34 of 35. That's amazing.

      NFC defense
      DE: Starters: Mike Strahan, Giants; Will Smith, Saints. Reserve: Adewale Ogunleye, Bears.
      Comment: Strahan lowered his body weight, but his production didn't drop. Smith has quietly developed into a star.

      DT: Starters: Rod Coleman, Falcons; Tommie Harris, Bears. Reserve: La'Roi Glover, Cowboys.
      Comment: Coleman is a sack guy inside, while Harris has emerged as a dominant player for a good Bears defense.

      OLB: Starters: Lance Briggs, Bears; Derrick Brooks, Bucs. Reserve: Karlos Dansby, Cardinals.
      Comment: Briggs is a rising star, while Brooks is a veteran who continues to play at a high level. Dansby could be a starter in years to come.

      -12-15-2005, 04:49 PM