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even more embarrassing than the defense

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  • even more embarrassing than the defense

    Was Little being eaten up by JOHN ST. CLAIR. LMAO...

    very seldom was he double teamed or even got close to the QB. That is scarey!


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    Re: even more embarrassing than the defense

    If the Rams don't:
    1. learn to tackle
    2. play with heart consistently
    3. commit to a running game
    4. revamp the entire secondary

    we will lose, no matter who we play.
    Originally posted by RamWraith
    Wraith summed it up perfectly. I don't why people thought Marmie was a good idea, but he's not. No more of Martz' buddies, find a DC that instill a pair into every man on that defense, because right now they're showing the world that we are going downhill fast on the defensive side of the ball.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      Re: even more embarrassing than the defense

      Again, the team lacked emotion. We need inspired play to overcome our obvious weaknesses. Even though we got six sacks against Miami, the defense can't stop anyone. All aspects of our defense need improvement.


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        Re: even more embarrassing than the defense

        No, the Defense was MOST embarasssing.

        So, getting ready for TMQ @NFL.COM (Gregg Easterbrook) I submit this TMQ hiku....

        Look away. I'm hideous. __ Cozmo Kramer


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          Re: even more embarrassing than the defense

          That was F.... UGLY. Our D made Fidler look like Montana out there.
          I can't believe that we lost with all the pressure we had on the QB we still cannot takle? WTF.

          I'm nominating myself to be the next DC.

          Wind sprints EVERYONE all week.

          Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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            Re: even more embarrassing than the defense

            the special teams have nothing on the defense... :disappoin


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              Re: even more embarrassing than the defense

              Can we really put all the blame on Marmie? He's still playing with Lovie's undersized defense.


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                Re: even more embarrassing than the defense

                That's the same "undersized" defense that was 2nd in the NFL at one time, give or take a couple of nobodies plus Fletcher(Big loss) and Wistrom.

                This is unexcusable- from the score, it looks like the "O" was slippin today too though??


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                  Re: even more embarrassing than the defense

                  I have a theory. Miami is close to the Bermuda triangle. The Ram's flight took the mysterious path once tread by Flight 19, the Mary Celeste, and many other vessels. However, this time, the aliens who abducted them realized that such high profile victims would surely be the subject of a major investigation, so they put in look-alike substitute clones that were acquired from a source unknown to us. Rumor has it that the aliens didn't have time to program these stand-ins with talent, so they sent mind-altering suggestion waves to the network broadcasters to force them to say things like "victory hangover" and "bye-week anticipation".
                  Sources say that the aliens will be returning the real Rams as soon as the anal probing is over, but no later than November 7th.
                  The same source also says that if Baldinger wore a tin foil hat, he would have seen what was really going on... :tongue:

                  Seriously, let's just hope that the Rams wake up before the 7th.


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                    Re: even more embarrassing than the defense

                    RamsFam, that's the best excuse I've heard yet. It's the only thing I can imagine happening.


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                      Re: even more embarrassing than the defense

                      Originally posted by PTHOR
                      This is unexcusable- from the score, it looks like the "O" was slippin today too though??
                      Did you expect them to put up 30+ against Miami? The Dolphins still have a very talented and dangerous defense.


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                        Re: even more embarrassing than the defense

                        Atleast you didn't lose 56-10


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                          Re: even more embarrassing than the defense

                          This Team today ..........sucked! period! Now MB is starting to feel the pressure from the opposing D like KW did.
                          To me it has never been the QB lacking all that much ,it's been the over paid under achieving O-line that we have! Along with the play calling!

                          The Defense was or should i say is alot worse that i'd thought! This is the coaches fault as well as the players! If a HC or any other coach that is on this staff cannot light a fire under these players a*****s then maybe they need to find another team as well!

                          This Team better go take a real long look at their selves in the mirror! You guys were horrible today! :tongue:

                          MB you need to maybe fire your o-line because they are not blocking for you!....(re: Kurt Warner)

                          4th downs were about the only bright spot today IMPO! Mike Martz a few more laughers like this and you and your coaches will be packing your bags and put on a plane out from St.Louis.....................................

                          I believe that Mok called it right! This team is in for a long season!


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                            Re: even more embarrassing than the defense

                            It's one game, that we aren't hurt thanks to Arizona. It's the NFL. Parity has this league where any week, the worst can beat the first. Especially on the road. Remember in 2002 when Oakland came into the Ed 5-0 and we were 0-5 and the Rams put a pasting on them? Oakland still went to the Super Bowl that year.

                            It was a big game for Miami. In front of some of their home crowd. Haven't won a game all year. They just wanted it more yesterday. They made plays. The Rams didn't. However, the team needs to forget about this loss as quickly as they should have forgot about beating Seattle. Tell you what, if the Rams beat the Pats and the Seahawks back to back after the break then this loss won't hurt so much.


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                              Re: even more embarrassing than the defense

                              We have 2 weeks to find a new d coord.

                              FIRE MARMIE now.

                              :helmet: GO RAMS


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                              • maineram
                                Rams Defense
                                by maineram
                                This is not a negative post by any means but a fact finding post to the loyal fans that flock here from all corners.
                                What is up with the, "Rams style", of the feared Cover - 2 defense ??? Since it's conception at Ram park, I have been waiting for the smothering, in your face, earn every inch, style of defense that was the reason Martz brought it to St. Louis. I realize that players make and set free, the full potential of this type of defense, but it never has materialized on any type of consistent basis. It's not as if we have, NO ONE, to play this type of defense. Maybe not the perfect squad to run it but an able squad. It just seems to me that whenever the D really needs to go on the attack, we lay back and give up the plays to keep drives going. The Tampa game is a perfect example, drives are kept alive, but some turnovers in the end sealed Tampas fate. And yes that part of the defense,(forcing turnovers), is coming on, but when is the the rest of this style defense going to show up.
                                Sooo...when will this happen;
                                1. when Kennedy and Fisher return
                                2. when we stop playing the prevent D when the games on the line(coaching)
                                3. when the younger guys get more experience, Marmie can let em loose
                                4. all the above
                                I think it's a combination of all and a little more. Not sure, besides a couple of real DT studs, what'll put this D on the league map.

                                Maineram :ramlogo:
                                -10-20-2004, 03:47 PM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                The defense-leonard little and marmie
                                by Guest
                                Personally, i think blaming marmie is wrong. I respect those that have a different view, but i ask the following.

                                1) Leonard Little is not the same player. I wont speculate on why, but he just isnt. He was our #1 playmaker on defense last year, created all sorts of matchup problems, and helped force turnovers. If you didnt know he was a first team all pro, would you have any clue that he was supposed to be a star?

                                2) Our secondary is decimated by injuries. Is this marmies fault? We have safeties on the field that werent even on the team a week ago.

                                3) Did marmie drop the INT in the end zone that hit aeneas williams in the hands and would have completely changed the game?

                                4) Is marmie responsible for the worst special teams coverage in the nfl, giving up huge chunks of field position on every change of possession.

                                5) Is marmie responsible for how thin we are at linebacker? Is he responsible for the fact that PISA, god bless him, looks like he needs a seeing eye dog on pass coverage? Maybe he can help pisa develop, but not overnight.

                                6) Did marmie run into the kicker on what amounted to a turnover after an actual stop by the defense?

                                7) I agree with those that say keep a weak defense off the field with more runs on offense, but our offense was good enough to win that game. Bottom line is we were ahead with 24 seconds left and if you cant hold them under those circumstances you dont deserve to win anything. Nice of the fans to hang around and make some noise, i guess a bunch of the people in the lower decks were heading for the cardinals game.

                                7) I am not defending the defense, it was one of the most pathetic ram performances i have ever seen on defense in a competitive game. In 2000 we brought back bud carson, the architect of the steel curtain and it didnt help much because the players werent good enough. Think execution guys, this defense tackles poorly and it just is too banged up and not talented enough. This is not an excuse and i agree that marmie could be more aggressive, but calling for him to be fired and thinking that it is going to solve the problem just seems like an emotional overeaction to me. Personally, i think the defense was terrible in the detroit and carolina games last year and i blame that on the players more than lovie, so i am not going to use a double standard now and all of a sudden blame it on the coordinator.

                                ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -09-27-2004, 05:27 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                Sunday's game -- defense related
                                by RamWraith
                                Not much has been talked about the game Sunday with all the excitement. My question.

                                What got into our defense?? Wow, was that some inspired play and play calling. I can not believe we blitzed so much. Where in the hell was that all year. I do believe we have a lot of untapped talent on this team. Maybe we just need someone to figure out how to harness it. After Sunday's play, I do have some hope for next season with the players we have.

                                I just don't get why all of a sudden Marmie figued out to be aggressive. And further more. How about Little!! And Atogwe, man the kid played lights out and played only about 50% of the snaps.

                                Man I am sad the season is over!
                                -01-03-2006, 03:37 PM
                              • theodus69
                                This is it!
                                by theodus69
                                Rams got to take this off season by the balls and put together a team that ranks at least 10th..yes 10th in Defense, then solidify the O-line. It's not a rebuild like I had first thought, more like a tune -up! We have young guys in the year they will be better,providing some FA acquistions to make the front line force teams to react to quick!Alot of the probelm last year was no pressure and those young guys were left out there on a limb! We need a better than avg. LB and a better than avg.DT.This should be taken care of by march I would think. That way the draft will be much easier and possibly better than any Drafts of recent memory. I think Smoker should be thrown in the fire and be the back -up. If you really looked at the hits Bulger took last year.............Half of those next year put him out . We need a solid back -up. Let the Smoker clear! I know i'm not hitting on everything but that seems to me that those events could turn the team back to the land of OZ. Watch out for the flying monkeys.
                                -02-11-2005, 11:42 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                Defensive whys
                                by RamWraith
                                It baffles me Marmie called, from my account, only one blitz. Hasslebeck seemed to have way too much time back there for these little dink and dunk passes. Also, our corners played so deep on the receivers it almost made me sick. I personally hate this bend but don't break mentality. Although we won this game and we are noticeably better on defense, there still are a lot of questions in my mind about Marmie and his defensive tactics.
                                -01-09-2005, 06:33 AM