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Grade YOUR 2001 St Louis Rams!

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  • Grade YOUR 2001 St Louis Rams!

    Down here in Tampa I notice Tony Dungy has taken to breaking the season down into quarters and trying to win each one...I guess this is a good time to evaluate talent as well..So Clan Ram...Let's hear what you have to say....

    Special Teams:

    Any any evaluations of individual players are welcome too...As a group the Clan is a pretty educated bunch and I value any opinions or point of views you may have to offer..Thanks guys and gals..

    Horned Hell really has nothing negative to say up to this point...The offense has faltered at times, but it allowed the defense to show what it's made of and has put my mind at ease as far as their dependibility goes
    Offense: B+
    Defense: B

    Special teams has been solid. Kicking and punting has been reliable. Hakim hasnt broken a big one and when he does there always seems to be a flag. I personally miss Tony Horne who I thought added alot but understand why he is gone. Some players have emerged on this unit, but overall play has been average in my eyes.
    ST: C+

    Coaching: Last week kind of tarnished things. The late Tucker adjustments could have been worse. I felt he kind of toyed with the Lions a bit late in the game too..But Lovie Smith and the AMAZING job he has done with the defense more than makes up for it...
    Coaching: B

    and those are the opinions of someone who is far from an expert..Please share yours..

    Oh yeah..Individual props go out to my boy Adam Archuleta, Leonard Little, Grant Wistrom, Aeneas Williams, Dexter McCleon, Tommy Polley and pretty much the whole D....

    On offense..Kurt and Marshall are just the best. Ernie Conwell too! He needs some pub..Haha..Holt and Bruce havent even played their best and they are tops in the league. The OL deserves some credit too...

    Really no one needs a bashing...After last year, that is a relief...

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    Overall I'm going to give our Rams a B.Our offense has only reached MAXQ once against the Dolphins.Otherwise,there have been far too many penalties and turnovers.Our defense has been great,but we still give up too many yards and only turnovers have saved us from losing.On special teams,we are still giving opponents good field position.As far as coaching,we are doing well,but Martz sometimes takes scary risks.He should have pulled Tucker out as soon as Warner was getting hammered by Strahan.Having said that,the Rams are showing the character of a championship team.It's cool when your team isnt quite playing at 100 percent and is still undefeated.So all I can say is look out cause our Rams are the best.