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  • Whatinthehellhappened?


    I went quail hunting this morning, either that or watch the usual 2 lame games they substitute for RAMS games. Anyhow, my brother asked how bad I figured the RAMS would beat the fish? I told him, the RAMS defense can make the worste offense look awsome, (hence the TB game) among others.

    It looks as though they've done it again, So, for those of us who were not rich enough to pay for Sunday ticket WTF HAPPENED?

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    Re: Whatinthehellhappened?

    I watched the game and I don't know what happened. It seems unreal. It looked like a preseason game.


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      Re: Whatinthehellhappened?

      Here's what happened:
      1. A good offense ran into a great defense. The great defense won.
      2. A below-average defense rolled over and played dead for a horrible offense.
      3. A historically terrible special teams unit remained status quo.

      Our running game looked great, but we never committed to it. Instead, we threw right into the heart of their defense and it got us nowhere.

      The D-line played well. They held Morris to under 3 ypc. They put good pressure on Fiedler and disrupted the passing lanes. The back 7 looked terrible. LBs can't tackle and the secondary can neither tackle or cover. And nobody is creating plays. It's as if the entire defense freezes until the play unfolds and then tries to play catch-up.
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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        Re: Whatinthehellhappened?

        The front four did play a great game. Especially the DT's. Pickett and DLew were getting pressure on Fiedler and stuffed the running game. That penalty on Polley was a big one. The back seven of the defense isn't very good yet. That was the first game back for Fisher and he looked rusty.


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          Re: Whatinthehellhappened?

          the rams defense picked up where they left off against the jauggernaut bucs offense...


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            Re: Whatinthehellhappened?

            Maybe it's best I didn't see it then................. :confused:


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              Re: Whatinthehellhappened?

              Originally posted by PTHOR
              Maybe it's best I didn't see it then................. :confused:
              I almost wish I hadn't was brutal....


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                Where on earth did our Defense go off to?
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              • LARAM
                I'm not buying it yet
                by LARAM
                I didn't see the game last week against [email protected]#*, But from what I heard the defense played good.

                We'll I'm not buying it. They played against an average @#* team.......Look how bad the @!*# played against AZ the week before. How much offense was tallied up in week 1. Im not impressed with @&*!, which makes me all that more critical of the Rams performance

                I'm gonna have to see at least a 6-8 game stretch, before I can give the Rams an above average grade for the Defense.
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              • Jay324
                Are they really going with a Dime Base Defense All Year?
                by Jay324
                The Rams embarrassed themselves last night but the thing that puzzles me the most is that Fisher and Co. went with a Dime defense all night against a Chip Kelly run first offense. Four D-Linemen, One Linebacker and Six DB's is not going to get it done against Chip's run attack and it really put the Rams strength at a huge disadvantage. They basically started and ended in a prevent defense which looked lost against the run game but how can they get it done by playing six DB's throughout the game. The whole night I kept hearing that the Rams have a great front seven from Young and Berman but watching the game, they played with a front 5 without any comment from those clueless announcers who really didn't want to be there. And Barron is a more or less a monster back (hybrid safety/linebacker) who was dropping into coverage first all game.

                Teams will move up and down the field on the Rams D all year if this continues. Playing with this weak, soft dime package the D will wear out every Sunday. Teams will have 2nd and 5 against the Rams every drive, the front five will be gassed by the end of every half and it will be tough to watch great players like Donald lose their cool by the end of game after game. I actually can't blame Donald for losing it last night for if I was one of the top Defensive players in the league and was force to play a crap Dime defense like that all game I would lose it as well....
                -09-13-2016, 10:38 AM
              • PTHOR
                Who's Defense Was That?
                by PTHOR
                Why can't every week be whiner week?

                Effective blitzing.

                Pass rush.


                Pass breakups.

                And most of all A RUN DEFENSE !!!

                I still can't figure out why the most talented Offense in the league can't score ?

                Other than Fisher's guarranteed big play per game give up, it was a great performance...

                :ramlogo: :helmet: :king:
                -12-05-2004, 01:03 PM
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                So, the Rams defense showed up
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                Best showing this year I thought, how about you?
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