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naming of kitty thanx all

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  • naming of kitty thanx all

    Well what can I say,you all did a great job helping me with my rescent dilema.I heard alot of great names and I'm proud to say that finally my boys(both RAM fans 8 & 4)and I have decided on a name,hold on to your helmets,the name we've decided on is Archuletta,not that his name or his play is feminine,his play certainly is not.As many of you already know,in latin based languages words ending in the vowel A indicate femininity,as I said before we do not think that Adam's play is fem,quite contrare,we feel his play is absolutely purrfect and expect that Adam will be a career RAM,as long as he does not listen or perform like Todd or Keith.Again thank you all for your help and Go RAMS KICK JET ASS!!!!!!!!!!!:mask: :mask:

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    I'm sure Adam would be honored!:o