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  • Keys to the loss

    Here's were it went wrong:

    1. Martz gave the team an extra day off on a short week? He says that he want's his players fresh...well, guess what, I'd rather be prepared than fresh. This incentive helps a tired team after a week 12 victory, but not when you have a bye week coming up the minute this game is over. They'll get all the rest they need then, not before. That is just a joke. This isn't a 6-0 team who just rolled over someone, they need EXTRA practice, not less.

    2. Play calling: Poor vs. Seattle. Poor vs. Miami. (Actually, pretty good vs. Bucs). Miami is a top ranked defense, and we should have went into this game preparing for both Miami and New England by playing a tough D. (again, see day off)

    3. (Should be #1) Special Teams. How can you expect to have a defense that ranks anywhere in the top 20 when the Special Teams gives the ball to the opposing team on our side of the field half the time. They seriously just need some Special teams 101. (Did anyone watch "in their own words" with Bill Parcells and he talks about the Punt Returner getting all the way back on a punt so that you are not still going backwards when you catch it....he went over and over and over this with his PR's. Our guys do it EVERY TIME.) There's just not enough basics being taught on ST and Defense. Didn't we get a new ST coach? I don't even remember. If we did, he's worse than the last one.

    4. Blitzing: Now I'm not saying NOT to blitz, but like Martz' play calling, timing is everything. Sure I'm happy when it works, but for a team to blitz and leave their corners on an island like that, you have to have some pretty good corners.... and guess what...the Rams don't have that. 3rd down blitzing for the Rams has been PATHETIC. Little Arch runs up from his safety spot and gets picked up by the running back. (like they didn't see it coming?) and then the QB has 5 minutes to throw. Don't they realize that it's 90% of our Blitzes and all they have to tell the RB is to keep an eye on Arc and you can burn the Rams on a blitz????????

    man, it's not even the talent, it's the coaching.

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    Re: Keys to the loss

    So, everyone took the day off yesterday. Not saying they didn't, but what I saw was one team making plays and the other team wasn't. If we are going to have a brain fart this year, at least it wasn't inside our own division like some other team did yesterday.

    Not defending anyone, probably the worst game of the year so far for the Rams. However, the season isn't over. They bounce back with two big wins over NE and SEA after the break and all is fine again.


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      Re: Keys to the loss

      I think they were suffering from PBWS (Pre Bye-Week Syndrome).


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        Re: Keys to the loss

        Well it just goes to show that the return of Fisher only made matters worse. Now the opponent had two sides of the field to pick on.


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        • djccon
          Now That I've Cooled Off...
          by djccon
          The results of the game with the 'Aints are inexcusable and unacceptable. That means I am inconsolable. There cannot be any consolation from this game, nor do I see any positives coming from it. However, here are some observations that I have come away with now that I've had some time to cool off and think objectively:

          1) I am FED UP with hearing regularly about the "ball maintenance" drills these guys run every DAY in practice, only to watch them cough it up week after week. Obviously it isn't working - so, Mr. Martz, FIND SOMETHING THAT DOES!

          2) I never cared for Bobby April when he was in Pittsburgh. I liked him less in Atlanta, even less in New Orleans, and I am convinced he must have pictures of someone naked with a hooker to be able to stay in the NFL. Who deemed this guy a guru? Every week we can count on opponents starting at least 2 possessions outside their own 35 after kickoffs. You can look it up.

          3) Was it just me, or did Canidate seem totally exhausted by half time? I thought Martz said he planned to rotate backs a little more. I think being tired contributed greatly to his struggles. As tired as he looked, I just KNEW it was only a matter of time before he put it on the carpet.

          4) The dropped passes are unforgiveable. When you get that much $, catch the dang ball, ESPECIALLY when you're trying to keep control and move the chains.

          5) 1st and 10 near midfield, up 24-6, and a fumble. The defense holds on 4 straight downs, again near midfield, and an INT. Control the @#$% ball, and put the game away ASAP! Blowing a 24 point lead at HOME is unforgiveable.

          6) I don't care what those two-toothed, cousin-marrying morons in Louisiana say, all the 'aints proved Sunday is they need 8 turnovers to beat us. Had they gotten only 7, they'd STILL have lost. How does that sit with you 'aint fans - knowing you only got 1 or 2 "takeaways" - you know @#$% well those were "giveaways" (i.e., you didn't TAKE, we GAVE)?

          7) This game convinced me of one thing - the only team good enough to beat the Rams, is the Rams. There is no consolation in this, neither do I consider it a positive since they were SO @#$% willing to do just that.

          Out for now. Peace!
          -10-30-2001, 06:43 PM
        • moklerman
          Did anyone enjoy...
          by moklerman
          Everybody Loves Raymond as much as I did? I mean, that's what I had to switch the channel to after a while. I kept flipping back, hoping that by not watching the game it might spark a big play. I tried all the superstitions I could think of.

          But, my fears were realized and I got to relive the embarrassment of being completely outclassed in the playoffs. In this age of parity, I assumed, gone were the days of the Rams being throttled by someone in the postseason. Anyone remember having to go against the likes of the Niners, Redskins or Bears? I had that same exact feeling today as I watched a one-dimensional offense spank the Rams' defense like a red-headed, step child.

          Just like the 80's, all I could think was: "what the hell are the Rams even doing in the playoffs?". How can a final four(NFC) team be so outclassed? It's pointless to even go into detail about all the same old issues the Rams have had the past three or four years. Has anything changed since 2000? Have any of the team's weaknesses been improved since then? After giving up, what was it, 270 yards against Carolina last year the Rams and Martz focused on bringing in a running back. That worked out well.

          Speaking of running backs, why exactly did Marshall earn so much pine time? He started off the game well, established enough of a threat to enable play action to be effective and then...hit the bench! I thought Martz like to keep running something until it didn't work? And, I'm sorry but I'll be damned if I'm going to be happy about being force-fed Eli Ma--uh, Steven Jackson just to justify or prove how smart of a pick he was. At least Faulk can convert a third and one or catch a freakin' swing pass.

          I guess this is better than in 2000 or 2001 when I thought the team going in, should actually win in spite of their faults, but I can't say that this game did anything other than add to the block of memory that I keep tucked deep inside my brain. Just like those late 80's teams under John Robinson, I now have a 21st century edition to block out. Even last year's playoff loss was something that I could go back and re-examine. Although disappointing, it was somewhat respectable. But, maybe...just, maybe this will force the Rams to make some significant changes. I don't know which one's they need to make to accomplish it, but obviously special teams and defense are what need to be addressed. Just like in 2000, 2002 and 2003. But at least the high powered offense that carries us put up 17 points. That makes all the neglect of personnel and units that comprise 2/3 of a team worth it.

          Just to add to the insult/injury theme, is Marc Bulger's injury plagued career now starting? It takes about three years in Martz's offense to show the limitations of the human body doesn't it? Just like other qb's the Rams have had, he hasn't played a full season injury free for three years straight. Some...
          -01-16-2005, 05:51 AM
        • sbramfan
          ground hog day
          by sbramfan
          Simply put, we've really haven't watched too many games in the last couple years. We've just watched the same game over and over.

          Same M.O. Same results. Same Reasons. Same Excuses.

          Many have said the Rams style would catch up with them. Martz' style actually dictates the game to go like it does. It's actually the only result possible. There is a big picture that is not taken into consideration. Each play is simply, each play.

          Whether the defense is good or bad is not even the issue, because they are not given a chance with having to be out there all day with turovers by the offense, or even quick scores. Not to mention a short field because of the special teams play.

          MacDonald should not have been in there. I'm tired of asking why. If the punter is not fired on the spot, I will not even watch Monday night. This one guy is indirectly, if not directly, responsible for 2 losses.

          Marmie's scheme on defense is also the problem. It may just not be good for the personell they have, but no matter who you put in there, they look bad...because the scheme itself is no good, and is being schredded by opposing offenses.

          ....but, shoot we'll fix that.
          -10-09-2005, 03:55 PM
        • Guest's Avatar
          Does anyone still think we are a playoff team, part 2
          by Guest
          Hi again. Repeating my post following the new england game.

          No one on this board has been more upbeat than me all year. I had us going 13-3. Coming out of the bye week, i was still talking 12-4.

          However, please note that the sound you all hear in the background is the crashing closed of the window, which in reality closed the day turley was declared out for the year.

          This has been a tremendous rams run since 1999. It is over. End of story, there is no reason to believe that we are going to be a dominant team in the immediate future without addressing MAJOR personnel issues on this team. Complain all you want about martz, i just dont think we have the talent on the defense side of the ball. Our special teams are the worst in the league. We cant cover kickoffs or punts and our return game stinks.

          Our defense constantly gives up big plays. Again, coaching is an issue at the margain, it is not the issue when a team performs as badly as we have defensively week after week, dating, in fact back to the detroit game at the end of last year.

          We have got to get some impact linebackers. Our defensive tackles just have not stepped up. Archuleta may be hurt, but i think he is terrible in pass coverage. We give up big plays at a rate that is hard to believe. On top of that, our special teams are so bad that we are constantly giving up short fields.

          Last year we lived off wilkens and creating turnovers on defense. We have not created the kind of pressure on the qb this year that leads to excessive turnovers and on the few occassions that we have done so, we have gotten some wins. If seattles receivers can catch a ball that hits them in the hands, we lose both those games. We have not covered the tight end all year. Did the 3rd and 19 at the end of the half today remind anyone else of the 3rd and 28 against miami? Aeneas is a hall of famer but he is injured and at the end of his rope except as a situational player. Coady is a nice fill in guy, but hardly a starting caliber nfl safety.

          Stupid penalties, blown assignments, useless timeouts, where does it end? We just cant stop anyone defensively.

          Who knows, anything is possible as long as we are mathmatically alive, and i will watch every play every week and not give up hope. However, there comes a point where you really have to stop kidding yourself about things like potential and just look at execution and on defense and special teams, we do not execute like a quality football team.

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -11-21-2004, 03:24 PM
        • RamsFanSam
          Less than 3 hours to kickoff
          by RamsFanSam
          And I still have concerns about this game. Don't get me wrong, we will win, but it will be a nail biter.It is still early in the season, we could still go 15-1 (I wish), but there are things that keep nagging me, and I don't just mean Tawn.
          What's bothering me about this game is:
          Since Detroit, we have won two games, lost another. We played well, but didn't dominate. For some reason, teams don't feel scared of the Rams unless we completely dominate our opponents. I know it's a small thing, but the psychological aspect of the game is still important. Other teams need to fear us...not just a little, but enough to make the other teams wet themselves in cowardice when they see the Rams come on the field.
          Our offense is there...putting up the yards, the first downs, but not getting past the red zone. A lot of teams have the same troubles. It's not a lack of talent or desire, but for some reason, our opponents are able to read our plays better than they should. We have the manpower, the skill, and the coach to come up with the ideas. Yet, somewhere, the whole thing is breaking down. I'm not 100% convinced of this, but I think today we will see the beginning of the end to our red zone problems. Why? Well, one sore spot in the whole thing was the RT. Jackson could singlehandedly plow thru 5 or 6 defenders to score...but he needs blocks to open up holes. And, since there have been several comments made by Martz and some players concerning Barron, I wouldn't doubt that he may be on the field at some point today.
          Our Defense has come a long way since last year. Little has his groove back. Arch doesn't seem apprehensive to make a big play. Coakley, Clairborne and the rest of the guys are playing seriously. Our weakest point is in the back...but they are even doing a decent job. Our defense is, for the first time in a couple of years, above average. Problem is, they can't do it alone. They need our offense to put up some TD's so we can win.
          Special teams is better, too. Before anyone goes and starts saying they are still not making the big plays, look at it like this....are they making the stupid mistakes like last year, or are they finally getting the idea of holding on to the ball? Even if they are only average, it is still an improvement.
          So why am I really concerned? It is a home game. The Rams might come onto the field with the wrong attitude...the attitude that they will win since it is in the EJD. They need to get the attitude that they will win because they are the better team and will earn the win. The old guys...Pace, Faulk, Arch, Bulger...they know this. The younger ones might not.
          I see a Rams win....a hard fought, close win. This game will be good for us. It will reinforce what we learned in matter how good the numbers, every one on the field must give 100% and score some points to get the W.
          -09-25-2005, 08:36 AM