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    I know we have to win out the remainder two games to secure our playoff hopes but I couldnt help but think, which teams would I want us to face if we do make it in the playoffs and who am I going to be rooting to lose and win in the NFC these final two weeks. Here are a few teams I think we match up well against:

    This is probably the more obvious one but if we can eliminate some of the mistakes that were made the previous game and have a little more consistant running game and with the favorable home field advantage would be favorable towards us.

    It appears that the Packers are inconsistant at times on both offense and defense and to my memory it seems as tho they dont play very well football in the EJD for whatever reason.

    Just as long as all of our CB's are healthy and good to go I think this could be favorable especially with how the Giants ST's has been playing as of late.

    Im so looking foward to see how things play out but what more could we ask for? Win our final 2 games against 2 division foes and crash their and their fans dreams to finalize the year! I'd love that if it happened and it would put us back on the map as a NFC West contender not to mention the huge playoff experience and future resolve our younger guys on the team will get from playing in a big game.

    BtW Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you in ClanRam I didn't ask for anything this year but I do ask our team to rip the Whiners tomorrow!

    :ram:GO RAMS!!!:helmet:
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    Re: Ram Playoff Picture

    Rather play the Bucs. Pack can be scary good when their 'on'.
    If a team won their division seven straight times, that would be a NFL record. Now add on that team did it with seven different QB's in seven straight years,that record is unbeatable. To do that feat, you must of had a great Defense. Jack Youngblood was the captain of that defense.


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      Re: Ram Playoff Picture

      premature thread


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        Re: Ram Playoff Picture

        The Packers,, I would root so hard my eyes would bleed. I hate the Fudge Packers almost as bad as I hate the ninnies. It would be so cool to cap this year off with a ninnies loss as well as nocking the greenies out of the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          Re: Ram Playoff Picture

          Ya I agree totally with the Packers. It would be nice to have a match up with them since they aren't the most consistant team ever.

          Again as I said before in the thread, obviously it is premature since we haven't secured our playoff spot yet but just like any other fantasy or what if.. threads it is something to think about. I gurantee there is at least one person on the Rams staff somewhere that is accounting and looking into this.


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            Re: Ram Playoff Picture

            New Orleans


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            • renrawtruk
              Did the Rams Chances of getting to the playoffs improve or worsen?
              by renrawtruk
              (BTW, what's the opposite of improve? Diminish? Decline?)

              So really only 2 things changed in the race for the last Wild Card spot this week from last:

              #1. Tampa lost
              #2. There is 1 less game left to catch up

              Point #2 point is major because now there is only 3 games left and Dallas and Washington both won games that were key in the formula of potential games they could lose. (yes, they play each other, but if either or both have 9 wins going into that game, we are in trouble).

              #1. is almost irrelevant because we play Tampa and could have given them the needed 1 loss.

              Still need a loss by Seattle which could happen vs. SF in 2 weeks.

              HOWEVER, athough our chances of getting the last wild card spot may have went down a bit, the other wild card spot COULD open up if Chicago loses to Green Bay. (then, of course we need Chicago to lose to Detroit on the last game, but is only possible if GB beats Chicago this week.

              ...and I know "we just have to beat Minnesota first", but entertaining the above.
              -12-12-2012, 11:06 PM
            • tomahawk247
              Am i the only one that thinks it may be better to not make the playoffs?
              by tomahawk247
              I would love to win the division, and would love to get to the playoffs. But this team isnt ready for it. Not at all.

              At the moment the Rams are heading to the playoffs more due to the fact that the rest of the teams in the NFC West have regressed or played awful.

              In a normal year, in a normal division, the Rams would be bottom or third. This team just isnt playoff calibre.

              I don't know anyone who has watched this team, especially in recent weeks, could think otherwise.

              Despite this, it would be some feat to win an NFL division with a terrible WR corps, one where the leading receiver has the least yards per catch in NFL history for anyone catching over 60 balls.

              I love this team, but they arent ready for the playoffs.
              -12-21-2010, 06:38 AM
            • macrammer
              What the heck is our ceiling this year?
              by macrammer
              o We have winning season - Almost there, most assuredly will accomplish that with just one more victory in 5 remaining games
              o Make playoffs? - Unthinkable to most in July but we are on the doorstep. If we take the last three game against division opponents WE ARE THERE
              o Are we a one and done? - I think we could be. BUT I also think if this team puts it all together (as you need to in playoff football to win) we could do damage!
              Take advantage of opponents "gifts" Against Saints, we dropped THREE routine interceptions. We have to convert those
              keep penalties to under 50 yds
              Limit our mistakes - The 74 yd run we witnessed by the Saints cannot happen in playoffs. We have to be disciplined in our gaps.

              What do you guys think? What is our ceiling?

              If we are one and done, would you consider this year successful?

              As i said yesterday, I never thought we would be this good, this year. But I think that Rams have not reached the ceiling... yet........
              -11-27-2017, 10:05 AM
            • RamWraith
              Tiebreaker scenarios for the Rams
              by RamWraith

              Philadelphia, at 8-6 before today's game against Dallas, has a leg up on one of the two NFC wild-card spots. The Rams are among five teams in the NFC at 7-8 with Atlanta, Carolina, Green Bay and the New York Giants. Which one of the five will earn a wild-card playoff berth? Deciphering the Dead Scrolls might be easier than figuring out the tiebreakers.

              If teams finish with identical records, the first tiebreaker for a playoff spot is head-to-head results. The Rams would lose a tiebreaker with Carolina, having lost to the Panthers on Nov. 19. But they would win a tiebreaker with Green Bay, having beaten the Packers 23-20 on Oct. 8.

              But the head-to-head scenario won't be applicable in any scenario involving the Rams if more than two teams finish with identical records. In that case, the next tiebreaker is conference record. At 8-8, the Rams, Atlanta, Carolina would all finish 6-6 in conference games. But the Giants and Green Bay would finish 7-5 in conference.

              The next tiebreaker after conference record is common opponents.
              -12-25-2006, 06:35 AM
            • HUbison
              I hope the Rams go 4-12.
              by HUbison
              Not exactly. Just thought that might get your attention. Honestly, I don't think the post-season is an option anymore. Here's the NFC, as we speak (or type, you know what I mean):

              1. Seattle 7-2 West
              2. Carolina 7-2 South
              3. Giants 6-3 East
              4. Bears 6-3 North
              5. Falcons 6-3 WC
              6. Bucs 6-3 WC
              7. Cowboys 5-3
              8. Redskins 5-4
              9. Eagles 4-4
              10. Lions 4-5
              11. Vikings 4-5
              12. Rams 4-5

              Granted, that's only 2 games out, but that's a whole lot of teams to leap-frog. Maybe 10-6 makes the playoffs, but it looks like 11-5 will be the only sure thing, and then means running the table for the last 7. Folks, we all saw the game yesterday. As much as I love'em, we don't have a team that can run a 7 game streak.

              In theory
              We should play rookies and experiment from here on out. If there are FAs that we know we're not resigning, keep them off the field. Put guys on the field that we haven't seen much of. Make the final 7 games an incubator to develop our youth for next year. Not to mention, with every loss, we slide up the draft charts.

              In reality
              They're still the Rams, and there is no way, I say again, no way, that I'm going to wish a loss on them.

              My head tells me the season is over, but my heart just ain't listenin'.
              -11-14-2005, 08:29 AM