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Run Game established!!!

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  • Run Game established!!!

    NOW this is what I was talking about!!!

    if it isn't the Marshall Plan the Marshall always has his Candidate to deal this duties too!!!

    YEAH BABY!!!

    Go RAMS!

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    A great pickmeup from last weeks win. That D. of ours is playing hard, they look really

    When the circus came to town they made a bunch of clowns out of the Jets! Lesson
    learned, Do'nt make fun of the Rams

    The Rams are not to be taken lightly!

    What great play Williams! Int. TD.

    That Candidate What a backup were not setting to bad right now.

    With Atlanta winning over ants. Ants ant the same team this year as last year!
    Two games out now! Lets go for three RAMS.

    [email protected] We are on our way back, To take back what is rightfully ours!

    RammStein! I smell Superbowl! Go!!!!!Rams!!!!!!!


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      Give Mikey credit....

      Trung Canidate was drafted and I thought...Huh? That is why Mikey is an offensive mastermind and I'm and just plain offensive.:mad:

      Could have run for 250 today. Trung was the man.

      Next week is the game we have been gearing up for gentlemen. Payback is gonna be a *****.

      Defense is solid. Depth at running back. Tell me Jamie Martin could come and and pass for 300 and I'll guarantee you a Super Bowl...



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        I was pleased as punch with Trung's stellar start vs the Jets. It was WAY beyond my expectation. The 'O' line excelled @ opening holes & blocking for him. I noticed also that on sweeps, his speed got him around the corner where Marshall would have had to cut back. I know, I know & I hate to say it but his speed over MF was noticeable on sweeps. He's not in Marshall's class nor does he have the game savy of MF.....But he's a hell of a back-up!

        The 'D' played outstanding also. I knew we'd have a pick off of Vinny, only I predicted more then one! Way to go RAMS!

        N.O. @ home next week, a Div. foe that seems to always play us tough.....7 & 0...Here we go!!