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  • those that want the Rams to lose

    It sucks so bad every week to listen to the announcers trash the Rams. Last week all they talked about was the Giants defense and Collins. They didn't care to mention how well the Ram defense played. Now today all they cared about was the Jets. Aikman and Moose weren't as bad as fatasses Summerall and Madden....too bad his bus can't be involved in a mangled accident. Then you go to Bradshaw, Collinsworth, Long and out of all the game they pick out the on-side kick that the Rams used. Maybe it wasn't the opportune time to do it or maybe it was. Last week the Dolphins were shutting the Jets out and the Jets came back in the second half to win. A game isn't over until it's over. Where were all these bleeding hearts when SF was beating the Rams 17 straight games? And if that isn't bad enough, the officials don't like us and we already know the commissioner doesn't care for the Rams. Go get 'em Martz and no mercy. Over and out. jd:cool:

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    I know what you mean.The only announcers that seem to like our Rams are the MNF guys,especially Dan Fouts.He always has good things to say about our team.Oh well,who cares what the rest of the league thinks?Let them hate us all the way to another Rams World Championship.:p



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      When Green was getting ready to take over last year in Warner's stead when he was injured, the announcers were all full of encouraging things to say about Green. As soon as the Rams lost a game under his command, they changed their tune. The announcers tend to run hot and cold according to the trend. Some announcers I can stomach better than others. Fout, ok, Miller, NO. Madden not at all. The FOX teams changes their tune the most, except when it involves an individuals fave team and then they can do no wrong. I say, listen to your own heart. If you can't take them, turn them down and call the game yourself.

      All I want from an announcer is the facts. Verify what's happening on the field for me, if you can't do that, get out of the way and keep your mouth shut.


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        Bottom line on the onside kick: The Jets made a lot of noise this week about how the Rams were a "finesse" team. Whatever he says in public, I think Coach M wanted to make them eat those words.

        There is one good way to keep the score from being run up on you: Play defense. These guys are pros. If they don't like getting beat like that, they should get real jobs like the other 99.99% of us.

        I wouldn't spend 1 calorie of energy worrying about Terry Bradshaw; he's proven that he is a moron time and time again.


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          The Rams opened up part of their playbook to show the aints and the rest of the nfl what they got in store. I applaud the use of the onside kick, it was the third quarter, they put martin in so cut the sh!t to all those doubters. the fact is the jets are very streaky and they did put up those 21 points last week.

          BUT, the one thing people fail to realize is that by regaining the ball and running the clock down, they kept the defense rested and kept vinny and curtis martin off the field, something they did to warner et al in the previous half.

          Bradshaw is an idiot, he said that reverse lateral with trung and Az wasn't planned, a 5 year old could see it was planned and marshall even said so. Collinsworth is just a friggin' pansy so who cares what he thinks. Howie's the man, but no one's perfect.

          my props to Martz and co., it took a lot of balls...


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            I was as surprised as anybody about the onside kick and really couldnt understand why Martz called it with a 31-7 lead,but after the game when Howie Long called the onside kick "bush league" I saw the method in Martz's madness.I believe Martz wants the Rams to be completely unpredictable at all times.Plus,I think that Martz was well aware that even with a 24 point lead a knockout punch was needed.So Howie,Terry,and Crissy,being the offensive minded madman that Martz is,I am sure he will give you plenty more surprises for you guys to complain about before the seasons over.:p



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              Rather than commenting about the following in the ARTICLES section, I should have placed it here, in this thread (sorry):

              [Self quote] No doubt: Coach Martz definitely adds "color" to the game!

              Personally, honestly, I see nothing wrong with those funny [?] calls he ordered, albeit as MsWistRAM said, they were unnecessary. Or were they?...
              Besides making the St. Louis Rams dangerously unpredictable, it also increases their potential from 'very strong' to ...awesome!

              Not sure why Martz opted NOT to go for aggressive play with the ball when there was over 1.5 minutes left before halftime. Still, it is obvious he know's how to control the game; he know's what he's doing alright!

              Remember now, the RAMS ARE ON A ROLLING RUMBLE!

              7-0? Why not! Get atta the way! GO RAMS!!! [end self quote]

              Yes, I too heard FOX commentator Bradshaw call Martz' unexpected, successful onsight kick "stupid" --with Collinsworth agreeing. Apparently the wrong move was theirs, they spoke too soon in anwering JB's legit question. Theirs was the stupid play in LA, not the Rams in NY!

              To me, Bradshaw tries too hard and too often to be a comedian and ends up with a smelly foot in his mouth, thus the option to make a "serious play" on his part to sound intelligent once in awhile.

              The only part I think he's good at is when he takes on the Blonde Bomber roll to quickly report game facts /highlights like he should, again, as pointed out by MsWistRAM. Seems anything else coming out of his mouth is just too much, overdone and tiring.

              Fortunately indeed, all one has to do is press a button or two on the remote while the baldy blabbers and blunders.
              Last edited by RealRam; -10-22-2001, 09:09 AM.


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                Congratulations on the win. The Rams thoroughly outclassed the Jets in talent.

                However the lack of class in the onsides kick was only exceeded by the call for a review later on when the game was even further out of reach.

                In case you are wondering why everyone is wishing ill on the Rams, look no further then their lack of grace in a winning cause.

                Martz is a classless punk who deserves anything bad that comes to him (professionally only of course)

                Enjoy the rest of your season.

                Whatever respect Dick Vermeil built for the Rams is gone ...


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                  Piper, you took a wrong turn. This is Game Talk, Smack is down the hall and to your left. Believe me, we WILL enjoy the rest of the season, and the trip to the SuperBowl as well. ;)


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                    My post was about the game, sharpshooter.


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                      i personally am iffy on the call and see both sides of the issue, my main beef is with fox in la...that's why you're there and not on the sidelines as a coach, idiots.

                      i see both sides of the "class" issue, we are definitely going to be on everyone's x-mas list for many years now, but like Jimmy Johnson, the smartest guys aren't always the most likeable.

                      I was waiting for herman edwards to go nuts and the press conference, but he was really good. if it's a lack of class its because you can't beat us. they pulled warner, they coulda left him in longer. just let it go guys...


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                        most everyone

                        understood where I was going with my post, but some of didn't get the heart of it. I wasn't necessarily hitting on this game, it's every game. I guess after a while it gets pretty old, but I suppose it's because most everyone in football knows the Rams are so good and overpowering that they have to root for the underdogs. Watch next week when everyone from the field booth to the studio is jumping on the Saints bandwagon. If the Rams fall, and that's a big if, all of those wise prognosticators will shake their heads and mutter "it was only a matter of time before they fell". I agreed with the relpy about the Monday night crew liking the Rams. Fouts does a good job and he enjoys an offensive show. After next week's win all of us can start looking at the undefeated Dolphins season and hear their remarks as each week goes by. Over and Out. jd


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                          Welcome to CanRam!...

                          Ten-four JDPBMO.
                          Good posting --welcome, by the way, to the one and only ClanRam! :cool:


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                            WOW!:o There were definetly a lot of interesting comments made in this post. Even if the Rams showed little class yesterday; they add excitement to the NFL. And lets face it; no matter what anybody says, they like the excitement that the Rams bring. Nobody knows what they are going to do or what they are capable of doing. And I love them for it.:p


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                              GET OFF OUR BACKS

                              Ok, we all know that all New York teams are the darlings of the media, but it's being taken way too far. I could feel the coldness towards the Rams as soon as I turned the game on. Stockton is a good announcer, but he made it clear right off who he wanted to win the game. At least Aikman had something nice to say about Aneas Williams. I agree that the Monday night crew loves the Rams. Dennis Miller is great when he's not in a booth at a football game. It's so hard to watch a Monday night game with all the jokes and philosophical references. As long as Dennis is good to the Rams though, I guess we should support him. As for Summerall and Madden, they need to hang it up. I love them and they were the best but they are just too out of it. In the last game they called, London Fletcher walked all the way from his middle linebacker position to the fullback's position with his hands above his head signaling a time out. Madden said "time out called by the Giants". I just don't feel like I'm watching the same game as they are anymore. I'm interested to know who some of you like to hear calling a Rams game.


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                              • HornedHell
                                Bad sportmanship, my ass.
                                by HornedHell
                                31-7 and Martz goes with the onside kick. I wasnt on the sideline but I am sure the talk of the Jets were about their Dolphin comeback on MNF. After that kick...They were doing nothing but watching the clock and Kurt Warner signing autographs. Hey Jets, if you dont like the way today turned out, maybe you should try STOPPING THE RUN sometime soon. Quit your whining. The same goes for the Fox crew. 31-7 in the 3rd quarter is too early to call off the dogs.
                                -10-21-2001, 09:38 PM
                              • Nick
                                Dr. Z's TV Commentator Awards
                                by Nick
                                TV Commentator Awards

                                Dr. Z,

                                I have streamlined my Seventh Annual TV Commentator Awards. No more pregame shows to be rated, no more postgame things, no talk shows, etc. Because -- and how can I say this without sounding like I'm about 90 years old -- the shows are basically top-of-the-head garbage.

                                Well, not every bit of them, of course. I'll catch ESPN's Chris Mortensen for information. And the same network's Andrea Kremer is the only one who presented, out of the great expanse of Reggie White memorials, a coherent and three-dimensional picture of the man. But in the meantime ... oh my God, the trash.

                                ESPN's NFL Countdown, for instance, is an exercise in noise, where facts flee like frightened forest things and a thought expressed at anything but full volume will be mercilessly ground underfoot. Fox's NFL Sunday used to hold my attention, but now they've tricked it up, first with some horrible cartoon, fan fantasy football creation that got you into the show, and which, thankfully they did away with, and then with that Ten Yards With Terry Bradshaw thing.

                                You know, the quick Q&As. What does Jake Delhomme like better, hunting or fishing? What do all of them like better, Play Station II or Xbox? My God, they're asking about toys. Toys! Why not just get my 4-year old grand-daughter on there. Natasha, what's better, jacks or Slinky?

                                The best one was when Bradshaw gave Jerry Jones the Q&A routine. "NFL before Fox or NFL since Fox?" Gosh, that's a tough one. Deep thought. "NFL since Fox." Wow? Sound the cannon. Release the pigeons.

                                And this is what we must listen to, pretending it has been created by adults, for adult consumption. Insults such as that horribly dull, wooden "You've Been Sacked" that masqueraded as halftime entertainment on the Monday night show -- before it got sacked itself. ESPN's Stuart Scott on the Monday Night Countdown, previewing St. Louis-Green Bay: "A game so silly good it'll make you want to sop it up with a biscuit."

                                Enough already. They'll just have to get by without my help. But I will mention one thing about a trend I've noticed in the regular game telecasts, something that was just raising its head last season but now seems to be spawning: Talking through live action. Failing to describe or even notice it. Talking through a referee's announcement of a penalty, even though it might be important to the game. They just turn down the ref's volume, so that, if I hold my ear next to the speaker, I might get a faint murmur, without really catching the words.

                                All at the expense of ... what? Story lines. Themes. Informal essays. Anything but honest reporting and a real interest in the panorama that unfolds on the field. The broadcast teams the network consider top of the line are most guilty of this. The guys lower down in the lineup usually...
                                -01-12-2005, 08:40 PM
                              • DJRamFan
                                [Jets] Edwards Relishes Jets' Must-Win Situation
                                by DJRamFan
                                By ANDREA ADELSON
                                AP Sports Writer

                                HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) -- The New York Jets could have wrapped up a playoff berth last week with a victory.

                                Ah, but these are the Jets, who seem to enjoy doing things the hard way. Now they face their toughest game of the season: They must win at St. Louis, in front of a hostile crowd, against another team playing for a postseason berth.

                                A daunting task, indeed. Unless you ask coach Herman Edwards.

                                "It's good for you," Edwards said Wednesday. "The harder, the better. Come on. The bigger the bully, the better. Come on. Because life is about a fight. You can't go run in your house and close the door. You're not in your neighborhood, so you'd better go fight. If we do that, we'll be OK."

                                There was not much fight in the Jets (10-5) last week in a 23-7 loss to New England. They returned to practice eager to make up for all the mistakes they made against the Patriots - and knowing a victory is the only thing that matters.

                                Whether or not this is a good situation come Sunday remains to be seen.

                                "I don't know why but we always play our best when our backs are completely against the wall," veteran receiver Wayne Chrebet said. "We could have had it locked up and go looking forward to the playoffs this week instead of sweating it out, but ... I think we'll see a different team out there last week."

                                It better be. But that will not be easy.

                                The Rams have won 13 straight regular-season home games in December and January dating to 1998. The Rams last lost late in the season at home on Dec. 14, 1997, when they fell 13-10 to Chicago.

                                St. Louis (7-8) also is alive for a shot at the NFC West title or an NFC wild card with a victory, thanks to a 20-7 victory over Philadelphia on Monday night.

                                "It's great," Edwards said. "It will be loud; it's a playoff atmosphere. It's everything you can ask for as a coach and as a player. I love it, that's why you do this. You want these moments for your football team."

                                He has gone through these moments before, in 2001 and 2002, when the Jets needed to win their final game for a playoff berth. They did just that both times, beating Oakland on the road in '01 and Green Bay at home in '02.

                                Perhaps that is why Edwards and his team are not panicking.

                                "Maybe we are a drama-filled team," running back LaMont Jordan said. "Maybe we like those exciting finishes. I am quite sure it gives some fans some heart attacks, and I am pretty sure there have been a couple of TVs in New York City thrown out some windows. But everything that has happened from Week 1 to Week 16 would be forgotten if we make the playoffs."

                                That means...
                                -01-01-2005, 03:11 PM
                              • NJ Ramsfan1
                                My Rant on Today's Embarrassment
                                by NJ Ramsfan1
                                In light of today's (non) effort, this post will be my sole post for the week, as I have no desire to re-live and dissect the minutae from today's game, which was a total embarrassment in every way shape and form. I have better and more important things to do with my time. How we could do such a great job against one of the league's best teams last week and then come out and put forth the type of game we did against the Jets is a disgrace, pure and simple. I am beyond discouraged and more than a little pissed off.

                                I knew it would happen. We came off an emotional game last week. All week on local radio, the Jets were absolutely hammered for their failures this season. People were sure Schottenheimer would be extra motivated to play the team that fired him last year. Surely, the Jets would not be mentally into today's game, right? And of course, none of this panned out, as the Jets- in desperation mode to save its season, outplayed, and outhustled the Rams. And Rex Ryan- the guy who everyone regards as a buffoon, outcoached the "genius" Jeff Fisher, who apparently has trouble with basic addition, as evidenced by his late game decision to go for two points down 27-13. Why? And to not have this team ready to play an opponent down on its luck is shameful. I expect a helluva lot more from a guy who is regarded as one of the better football coaches in the NFL.

                                There were few positives. Steven Jackson played hard and played well like the true professional that he is. Chris Long had 2 sacks. Janoris Jenkins acquitted himself well. Other than that, I saw few things to be proud of. The effort and production, particularly on the offensive side of the football, were terrible. Sandwiched in between his 2 TD passes, Sam Bradford played one of the worst football games I've seen in recent memory. Absolutely awful, and there's no defending it- the poor pocket presence, dunk downs, 2 critical turnovers and inaccurate throws- he looked like a guy who took up the sport a week ago, and today, he provided plenty of fodder for the anti-Bradford contingent. I've defended the guy and will continue to do so, but he cannot have games like this-period. At home?? Against the Jets?? Please.

                                The receivers didn't help. With Amendola basically neutralized, no one stepped up. Gibson had the two TDs, but did little else between the goal lines. Pettis had a great opening drive catch then was a non-factor. Quick was invisible. Givens did nothing. There was no attempt to try and stretch the field on a team missing its best shut down corner for the season. No daring or chance-taking. That's either an indictment of the playcalling or an indictment of this team's dearth of quality wideouts- and either way that's not a good thing. Special teams coverage is poor, as is the return game. The Jets consistently had good field position, while we did not. Givens' one return was negated by penalty. Otherwise, he dances around too much, doesn't aggressively...
                                -11-18-2012, 01:25 PM
                              • jjigga3000
                                PUTTING THE SLEEPER TO BED (LONG READ) but good read
                                by jjigga3000
                                PUTTING THE SLEEPER TO BED.
                                By Bill Simmons
                                Page 2

                                After five weeks of the 2006 NFL season, we've only learned 10 things:

                                1. If you're a QB, and you blow out a knee or smack your body up in a motorcycle accident, definitely take your time coming back. No rush. Seriously.

                                2. The Bears have a chance to be historically good.

                                3. The Raiders have a chance to be historically bad.

                                4. Drew Bledsoe has added a degree of difficulty for blowing big games. In the old days, he'd just throw a back-breaking interception at the worst possible time. But since everyone knows that's coming now, he added a fascinating wrinkle: An improbable play to throw us off and make us forget he's about to blow the game (like last week's fourth-and-18 bomb to Glenn), followed by the back-breaking interception that becomes doubly back-breaking because of the preceding events.

                                WEEK 5 REDUX
                                Last week's picks found me on the wrong side of three killer gambling moments:

                                1. With the Pats giving 10 and headed for a push, Maroney gets a game-clinching first down inside Miami's 20, only nobody tackles him, so he keeps going and it looks like he's going to score ... NO! He gets pushed out at the 4-yard line. That's followed by three Brady kneels.

                                2. The Browns are getting 8.5 points and trailing by 11. Fourth down, 15 seconds left. Instead of taking one more crack at the end zone, Romeo Crennel sends out the FG team for the cover. This actually happened.

                                3. The killer of killers: Getting 6.5 points, the Lions are trailing by two at midfield and it's fourth-and-10 with less than 90 seconds to play. Kitna scrambles, two guys pull him down ... and as he's falling, he flips it right to a Vikings lineman, who scrambles untouched for a clinching TD and the cover. I hate gambling.

                                5. You're not winning a Super Bowl with Brett Favre or Steve McNair. They're both washed up. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's true.

                                6. San Diego has the most talent in the AFC. Unfortunately, the Chargers also have an uptight coach who runs his team about as loosely as Ted Knight handled his daughters in "Too Close For Comfort."

                                (Note: Sadly, that show was canceled 21 years ago, making the reference Bermanian for everyone younger than 30. Normally I avoid doing this, but I have two defenses: First, it's the perfect comparison. You really had to see the show. And second, Ted Knight was a comedic genius. So I'm standing by the reference. Now if I only had a clip of me and Glenn Frey standing outside the Hotel California. Back to the column.)

                                7. If you're getting points with the Lions on the road and covering in the final minute, and the Lions have the ball, and they're driving, and the only way you could ever lose is if Jon Kitna fumbles a touchdown, throws an interception...
                                -10-13-2006, 10:26 AM