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Here we go, let's get psyched!!

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  • Here we go, let's get psyched!!

    Something I haven't seen a lot this season from the offense is them being extremely psyched up to get in the game and own the defense.

    I'd love to see the offense overly pumped up for the game today! It's for the playoffs! I wish I was at the game today! ;) If anyone happens to be at the game, GET LOUD!!

    I think our D shows this emotion constantly, maybe I'm not paying enough attention during the pre-game?

    Go Rams! Let's do it!

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    Re: Here we go, let's get psyched!!

    Lets go man


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      Re: Here we go, let's get psyched!!

      Lets go baby! Biggest game in the last 4 years lets go!


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        Beat Baylor
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        Do we really want this defence in the playoffs? Do we want to be emberassed that bad? I have tried to be optimistic but it just is not there. I am watching this game and I feel sick to my stomach. This defence sucks plain and simple. I wish I could sugar coat it but I cannot. Everytime a team does a shift at the line they look down right confused. This baffles me, this defence plays against a team that shifts on almost every play all week long. I mean who runs more shifts then the Rams? If anything they should be able to say hey he's in motion you move here you move here and we got it. Instead the whole defence seems to scramble around, I am just waiting for 2 players to run into each other b4 the ball is snapped. I dont care if it is Martz, Marmie, or the players. This team needs a defensive overhaul when this season ends.
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