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At the 1/2 way point

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  • At the 1/2 way point

    Things might not be all bad. I had us at 4-3, although we have not had the same loses as I originally thought, our record is the same. If all holds true the rest of the way that will put us at 11-5.

    The next 2 weeks following the bye will be the biggest for the Rams. If we can beat the Pats and end their streak, and we can beat the Hags and take both games from them, it will go a long way on the whole "karma" thing. Losing the two games could mean our season and losing the west. A lot remains in the balances for this team and they are going to need some big things to happen to them in the next couple of weeks.
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    Re: At the 1/2 way point

    The LB's have to step up or ship out. Polley is in a contract year and he's off and on more than Billy Bob and Angelina.


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      Re: At the 1/2 way point

      You're right TX. The LB's need to step up and the secondary needs to be more physical.

      Last year it was the D-line that was off, now they're playing well and the rest of the D is a no show.

      Special teams need to be more consistant; and Curtis and/or Mc Donald need to be returning kicks, not Harris.

      Hopefully all the injuries will be fixed come the 7th. "BIG SUNDAY" :ramlogo:

      Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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        Re: At the 1/2 way point

        I say we go out and sign Jason Gildon for the rest of this year. He's good against the run and could play off and on with Polley. He's pretty big for a backer and used to play DE so if we blitzed him it'd be like blitzing another D-Lineman. I just wonder why nobody has snatched him up yet?


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          Re: At the 1/2 way point

          Originally posted by ZigZagRam
          I say we go out and sign Jason Gildon for the rest of this year. He's good against the run and could play off and on with Polley. He's pretty big for a backer and used to play DE so if we blitzed him it'd be like blitzing another D-Lineman. I just wonder why nobody has snatched him up yet?
          Someone already has "snatched him up." I heard somewhere that Jacksonville has signed him for the rest of this year. Not a bad idea, though. Makes you wonder why the Rams didn't make a run at him.


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            Re: At the 1/2 way point

            Damn, I just read that too. What a shame. I think he could've really helped this D for the rest of the season.

            We'll probably bring in Levar Fisher, another ex-Cardinal.


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              Re: At the 1/2 way point

              We'll probably bring in Levar Fisher, another ex-Cardinal.
              I'm surprised it's taken this long to go after our 3rd Fisher.
              The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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              • MauiRam
                Burwell: Fisher has a chance to show why he gets the big bucks
                by MauiRam
                By BRYAN BURWELL

                If you’re wondering or worrying about the Rams bouncing back from their unsightly beat down Sunday in Dallas, Jeff Fisher wants you to know something.


                “They’ll be fine,” the team’s coach told reporters during his news conference Monday at Rams Park. “I’m not concerned about them putting this behind them (and) moving forward.”

                So you want to know why The Man with the ’Stache was trusted with the keys to Stan Kroenke’s nearly $900 million toy? So you’re wondering why the Rams’ owner made Fisher one of the most lavishly paid coaches in the entire football-loving world ($7 million annually) to run this previously dysfunctional organization?

                Well you’re about to find out.

                A lot of football teams have experienced a wretched Sunday like the Rams just did in Dallas. A few of them bounce back from those ugly losses and actually end up in the playoffs. A few even travel deep into the Super Bowl tournament.

                They will wobble along for a few uncertain steps, then suddenly find steady and confident legs, then look back on gawdawful Sundays like the Rams experienced in Dallas as a character-building moment that helped define them.

                That’s what good teams do. But bad teams — and sometimes very immature ones — don’t bounce back. They take that one bad misstep and it leads to another one, then another one, then another and another until it leads to a downward spiral and a long, ugly, season-long hot mess.

                We still have no idea which way this season will go for the Rams, whether it’s heading toward the NFL playoffs or another unfortunate visit to the top of another NFL draft. A lot of folks believed when this season started that the Rams were well on their way to being the former, not the latter. On Monday, Fisher made it clear that nothing has changed his mind about the direction of where his team is heading.

                No one should be all that surprised that the Rams are 1-2. If you polled a lot of preseason prognosticators, a lot of them reckoned the Rams probably would lose their first two road games and come home for Thursday night’s prime-time show against the San Francisco ***** with a chance to hit the .500 mark for September. I doubt anyone figured on such a bad loss to the Cowboys, and that’s why we’re about to see why Fisher was given that $7 million salary.

                He has a long list to fix in an extremely short window. This was perhaps the most disappointing and complete breakdown in Fisher’s 19-game era as the Rams’ coach. What happened in Dallas was far more surprising than last year’s sound drubbing by New England in London, because the Patriots were a perennial NFL power and the Rams were in the first year of a total rebuild from a 2-14 disaster that got coach Steve Spagnuolo and general manager Billy Devaney run out of town.

                Losing to the Cowboys was not totally unexpected....
                -09-24-2013, 02:34 AM
              • MauiRam
                What Fortywhiners Fans are saying .
                by MauiRam
                > No possible way this team travels on a short week to the Rams to win. We complete 2 passes in a half on offense. This is not an NFL offense. It's clear the defense has also dropped off. We can't stop anybody anymore. Plus the read option is worthless this year. All the WR's and TE's are hurt. Coaching and play calling are questionable. Forget the division. That's done. It's the Seahawks. Forget the wild card. I don't think we are making the playoffs. We will get a high draft pick.

                > Our read option has done nothing but HURT our REAL run game.... Unless we go back to what worked in 2011, we will lose.

                > I expect 1-3 to be honest. No confidence in this team until Harbaugh and Roman admit the pistol read-option does not give us the best chance to win anymore. We need to go back to the type of football that's proven to be successful for the last several decades.

                > A short week + travel + the Rams have our # + their stadium + the way our offense is playing. We aren't winning that game. I'd be surprised if it's close.

                > Final score: 2 - 0 Rams.

                > It's obvious we don't have deep threats right now. Instead of the deep ball, why not primarily run the ball, and when necessary, go to short passes and rely on YAC? I've read that the Rams' secondary is suspect to put it mildly.

                > Another loss coming our way. Actually make it 2 more, our next win might not happen until the Cards game. Right now, we are just too out of sync plus our mental game and confidence is to totally shattered.

                > I'm glad it's a short week, I don't know if I could wait till Sunday to get this taste out of my mouth.

                > Our passing offense is primarily Boldin, VD and Crabtree at full strength. Two out of those three are out, so we are running at 33%. Meanwhile, sure, why not give the others a chance...what is there to lose anyways. Better to have tried and lost than not try at all. There is something obviously/seriously wrong with the team right now...the ***** are not supposed to lose by these large margins. The coaching has to be questioned, everything has to be questioned before it's too late to change anything. We have a Coach of the year, Executive of the year, and an owner who has a lot of common sense. That's the only thing going for the team right now.

                > The Ram's passrush will eat us alive.

                > I don't understand the gameplan and offensive play calling the last 2 weeks. We have no WRs that can get open right now and yet we keep calling passing plays even though we were built as a run first team and had our best success the last 2 yrs on Gore's back. Harbaugh and Roman need to get their head outta their a**es and get back to running the ball and stop with the gimmicky read option BS

                > The Rams suck. Their offense is so bland... I swear it's from the 1970's. Sam Bradford is Captain Checkdown...
                -09-25-2013, 12:30 PM
              • 1980RAMS
                Are We in for more of the Same?
                by 1980RAMS
                Watching the first play of the game brought back memories of.... LAST YR...

                We looked horrible...I really hope some miracles happen in the next 3o Days...
                -08-13-2012, 04:52 PM
              • NJ Ramsfan1
                Can't Wait for Next Season
                by NJ Ramsfan1
                As I type, I remember with full clarity how I felt exactly one year ago: Disappointed, disenchanted and more than a little pissed. We had just finished a 2-14 season. After a brief glimpse of hope from the previous year, we reverted to form. Eight non-winning seasons in a row. And although at 7-8-1, we still failed to break that .500 mark, the mood is very different. No longer am I too disgusted to wear a Rams jersey. No longer do I feel a sense of hopelessness. And no longer is this team a laughingstock.

                We have some players in place to be a real good team next year. What's more, we're in position to add significant pieces thru the draft with the RGIII deal. We have a coaching staff in place that's first rate. We have an owner who is not afraid to spend or do what needs to be done to help us be successful. We have good, young talent. And while upgrades are needed at multiple spots, the product is so much better from 2012. It's fun to be a Rams fan again.

                No fan is expected to celebrate losing. But to not be proud of this team for what they acheived this season on the heels of such futility is to be completely unfair. And the way they went up to Seattle today- with really nothing to play for but pride- and hang with them for the entire game shows you the grit and determination in these guys that's been instilled by Fisher. The game was a lot closer than many of us, me included, thought it would be. It illustrates what good coaching can do.

                With improvement comes greater expectations. And I have no doubt the Rams are on their way to giving all of us long suffering fans some playoff appearances very soon.
                -12-30-2012, 06:26 PM
              • Guam rammer
                The worst thing
                by Guam rammer
                with all the improvement and the 2 division wins we're still bottom feeders. we'll get almost everyone back that matters before the ****** game and if we beat them in their house we still end up last in our division. Fact is, now this team is losing home games (including London) and has to start winning games on the road beginning at SF. after SF the schedule starts to get a little lighter but now we're playing AZ and Seattle on the road. we havent seen that defensive tenacity the last two games and it looks like the pack and pats wrote the book on how to quiet our D. i think this team is better then its record but we've got to put up some W's to make that case. i hate the bye week but this team needs it badly.
                -10-29-2012, 03:52 PM