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Bad sportmanship, my ass.

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  • Bad sportmanship, my ass.

    31-7 and Martz goes with the onside kick. I wasnt on the sideline but I am sure the talk of the Jets were about their Dolphin comeback on MNF. After that kick...They were doing nothing but watching the clock and Kurt Warner signing autographs. Hey Jets, if you dont like the way today turned out, maybe you should try STOPPING THE RUN sometime soon. Quit your whining. The same goes for the Fox crew. 31-7 in the 3rd quarter is too early to call off the dogs.

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    Disgusted and embarrassed.

    You're wrong, horned. Dead wrong.
    It absolutely WAS bad sportmanship, and TOTALLY uncalled for. I'm as embarrassed to be a Rams fan today as I can remember being since Henley got busted. Yesterday was a disgrace, and Martz made us all look like thugs. That's not the type of team I want to support. What's next? Bring back Phillips? Bring in Rodney Harrison, and celebrate when he cripples another player with a cheap shot to the knees? No way. I won't support that kind of team.
    I'm disgusted and embarrassed.


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      i too shook my head in wonder...but this is a many sided issue.

      up 31-7
      send warner to sign autos in other venue

      Jets came from behind last week 21 pts
      wholelottasmack come from NY - Jets and gnats

      do i think it was classless, no. the jets should feel that the rams gave them a great deal of respect. would i want them to do it again, no. i don't like it, but i see the reasons for doing it, and stand behind our coach and team. The NFL needs a bad guy...the 'boys suck so its our turn.


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        We are applying the wrong concepts of "sportsmanship" here. This is the NFL, not high school or college. These players get PAID to play football, just like Michael Dell gets PAID to run Dell Computer.

        If Dell senses any weakness at Compaq, HP, or Gateway, he pounces; cuts prices, offers service incentives, etc. Even if he already has "leading" market share, there is always an incentive to get more.

        So, lets return to our PROFESSIONAL football argument. The Rams have a lead on a team that is known for comebacks, and has repeatedly questioned their toughness (remember the "finesse" comments last week). Martz senses a weakness on their kick return team, and takes advantage. I have no problem at all with his actions.

        If the Jets don't like this treatment, they have the same options as Compaq and Gateway; fight back. Score points. Stop the Rams from scoring. In short, do what you are paid good money to do.

        All this hand-wringing from Rams fans makes me sick. This isn't sandlot football, where you want to have a beer with the other team after the game. I hope Martz and the Rams show the exact same killer instinct against the Saints next week, and score as many points as humanly possible.



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          Jeez, tell me you're kidding, DJ..."The NFL Needs a bad guy?" WHY? Why in the name of God does the NFL need poor sportsmanship? They absolutely do not.
          As for "The Jets were talking smack" I have an 8 year old who understands "He did it first" is not an excuse for inexcusable behavior. What we did was wrong, and whatever the Jets may have done to lead up to it doesn't make it not all.
          There was no fear the Jets would come back. Everyone in the stadium knew that game was over. This was running up the score, plain and simple, and it was embarrassing.


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            Bad Sportsmanship

            For christ's sake, that was the last series our starters were even in the game. If he kept pouring it on and took the score into the 50's that would be one thing...34? Let's get our panties out of a bunch a realize that this is pro football...God, you guys amaze me sometimes times. You talk about pro football like more than half of the players havent been arrested before...This is a tough mean violent game and it is for mentally and physically tough individuals...I have never been prouder to be a Rams fan and to compare what happened yesterday to Harrison's hit is just silly. It is becoming more obvious each week that no matter what Martz does, he catches some sort of backlash from the media...This time it is uncalled for.


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              hey, the nfl doesn't need a bad guy but apparently we're turning into it, i don't think we are nor do we need to be. :mad:

              i'm not wringing my hands, god no, i had a huge smile on my face after that onside kick...paybacks a ***** after all those losing seasons. Like HornedHell, i have never been prouder to be a Rams fans, Martz is totally the man.

              i may have misspoke or been misunderstood, my point was that of HH and everyone else, this backlash is unnecessary. Please don't think i'm ashamed or "wringing my hands".

              and I LOVE the analogy of longhornrams :evil:


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                I understood you DJ


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                  Being proud of unsportsmanlike behavior baffles me and saddens me. A lot.
                  I'm proud of the Rams because they've built the best team in football around good PEOPLE like Warner and Bruce and Conwell, and not a bunch of classless jerks. Now, people are obviously crying out for that type of behavior. Great, let's run up the score, let's act like Hollywood Henderson, let's be the Raiders.
                  And I'll continue to criticize it.
                  And Horned, being Mentally tough has NOTHING to do with this. One can be mentally tough and not run up the score and be classless. Martz is the man for coaching well, NOT for the classless onside kick yesterday.


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                    Thanks; I appreciate the compliment on the analogy. I knew B-school would pay off somehow.

                    What I don't understand is how this is somehow "classless". Come on, folks, this is the NFL. All matchups are between grown men, who have the opportunity to sell their services (playing ball) to the highest bidder. There are no inequalities in home school district, recruiting budget, or any of the other things that give rise to unfair matchups in college and high school football.

                    Therefore, I don't see any "responsibility" for Coach Martz to stop trying to score points after we are up by a "sufficient" margin. While the Jets might not like getting whipped, they can respond in kind. Like I said before, there are two great ways to keep a game from getting out of hand. Score points, and stop your opponent from doing so. If you can't do that, its not your opponent's fault; your team is just inadequate.

                    And Coach Martz and the Rams can't be held responsible for the inadequacies of the rest of the NFL.

                    GO RAMS.


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                      I was going to stay out of this but I just can't. I respect what you say all the time casue you and I have simular views. This time though I am not so sure about. It easy to pass judgment from where we sit, Martz has his reason for doing it. I personal am glad we did it, we were getting killed on our kick off returns. Did you see t he very next kick off? It went from there 8 to the 20, they had to play things different. The Jets were cheating back so far that they were gaining field position leaving the on side WIDE OPEN.

                      If they would have returned the kick-off for a touchdown, like they had been threating to do all game, the score would have been 31-14 with a quater and a half still to play, it makes it look a little different now doesn't it with the come back ability that the Jets have had.


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                        Since when is a surprise play and running up the score a bad thing? It's not like the score was that high to begin with. I enjoy surprise attacks, keep them on their toes. I just wish I had actually seen it instead of just hearing it. I missed an entertaining show. Afterall, that's what they get paid to do, entertain, and they did not disappoint. No comparison to Harrison's hit.


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                          Hey .. guys .. wake up .. some think it was unsportman like conduct and others don't .. both sides can prove their point on why they believe it was one or the other

                          but I just want to point out one thing .. as stated above these are paid professionals .. and the Rams in the 2nd Quarter scored 14 points within 55 seconds of each other .. so who says 31-7 is out of the reach for any team to come back on .. when sometimes luck could be on there side and all of a sudden the game is 31-21 .. I thought the call was uncalled for but I'm not going to judge the call the coach made .. I'm not a professional coach of football .. so he knows his team .. and he knows what the Jets are capable of

                          a small note on statistics Kickoff return stats for the Jets 4 for 131 yards that's 32.75 average yards per return .. and usually after the kick return gains 30 yards he is close to breaking away for a TD .. so the kickoff return team on the Rams side was an off day .. and Martz decided to do an onside kick to get the ball back and run out the clock .. **** .. we didn't even score .. BUT they took off 6 minutes and 22 seconds! .. ending with a FG .. when the Jets scored the last TD .. it took them 5 plays and only 1 minute and 32 seconds

                          to me guys .. Martz was doing the obvious .. get the ball back .. take up time on the clock .. try to get some points out of it .. and the rest of the game is history

                          as for Warner signing Autographs .. PLEASE .. why is that a big deal .. I'm sure the fans in the stadium asked him to come over to sign .. let's not assume our QB is shallow and doesn't have a heart .. reminder guys the Game is for the Fans .. and him giving some Autographs is NO BIG DEAL!


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                            A good sign!

                            You know things are going good when Rams fans are debating whether or not we beat our opponents too badly..Bring on the Saints!


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                              I am a bit stuck on this one. Warner signing the autographs may have been a bit cheeky, maybe after all the fuss has been made The mighty warner may not do it again, I dont think he did it out of evilness. If the move is in the rules then it cant ashame too much can it? Norton jnr punching the uprights wound us all up in 96, and i am sure we would have liked revenge. The jets basically calling us a bunch of pansies was asking for a drubbing, they got it. Then Martz either rubbed it in or showed respect. You choose. I think he was rubbing it in and good luck too him. The nfl didnt like the rams winning in 99 and it aint going to change. But after the close call with the gnats and many saying we should be 3-3, he sent out a statement with a victory against the jets and an onside kick to finish them off and dishearten any comeback. Isn't piping sound to your opposing teams bench classless? Amplifying crowd noise?

                              If they were beat why should they care, if it was game over? Isnt players talking smack a bit classless? Teaching our kids that arrogance is good on national TV? Making a statement that brute force beats finesse? The big bully will win? We can go over the top and argue about class all day, but an onside kick, a woman beater, a smack talking roll model and drug dealers are a few worlds apart.

                              From a PR point of veiw the kick was bad. But I bet a few aints and whiners fans would have been laughing if they had done it to us?
                              The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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                              • jdpbmo
                                those that want the Rams to lose
                                by jdpbmo
                                It sucks so bad every week to listen to the announcers trash the Rams. Last week all they talked about was the Giants defense and Collins. They didn't care to mention how well the Ram defense played. Now today all they cared about was the Jets. Aikman and Moose weren't as bad as fatasses Summerall and Madden....too bad his bus can't be involved in a mangled accident. Then you go to Bradshaw, Collinsworth, Long and out of all the game they pick out the on-side kick that the Rams used. Maybe it wasn't the opportune time to do it or maybe it was. Last week the Dolphins were shutting the Jets out and the Jets came back in the second half to win. A game isn't over until it's over. Where were all these bleeding hearts when SF was beating the Rams 17 straight games? And if that isn't bad enough, the officials don't like us and we already know the commissioner doesn't care for the Rams. Go get 'em Martz and no mercy. Over and out. jd:cool:
                                -10-21-2001, 03:13 PM
                              • DJRamFan
                                [Jets] Suddenly shaky Pennington
                                by DJRamFan
                                Chad Pennington quickly has reached a defining moment in his career.

                                He will either guide the Jets into the playoffs with a big game against a bad Rams team or, after presiding over their first 5-0 start, be held accountable for the biggest collapse/choke in team history.

                                "I'm like a volcano inside," Pennington said yesterday. "Sunday can't get here fast enough."

                                The tension was evident in the locker room on a day the Jets followed the handbook for teams in crisis and held an obligatory players-only meeting. They've been going at this non-stop since the end of July and now for the fourth time in the last five seasons, their playoff fate will be decided on the season's final day. After not losing until Oct. 24 then sitting in great shape at 9-3, a team meeting to fire each other up was not supposed to be on the agenda. Neither was a potential single-elimination season finale.

                                But these are the Jets. So nothing ever comes easy.

                                Pennington is only 2-2 since coming back from his shoulder injury. He played horribly in the December losses to Pittsburgh and New England with one touchdown and five interceptions as the Jets scored only 13 points. Suddenly it was appropriate to wonder if he will ever be an elite quarterback.

                                "I feel good," he said. "I'm not down on myself. I don't doubt myself at all."

                                This has been a difficult few weeks for the $64 million QB. He admits it's been the most "challenging" time of his career. Two years ago, he was Joe Montana coming down the stretch. This year he's been Joe Pisarcik.

                                "Every game is a defining moment," Pennington said. "I'm excited about it. But you know what? I can't talk about it. I just got to go do it."

                                Reputations are made or destroyed in season-deciding games. Pennington's career was set to take off after he carried the Jets into the playoffs two years ago. But he's since gone backwards. Now, so much is at stake for him in St. Louis.

                                "It's a hump game. Get over the hump," he said. "It's a hump game for me to play well in a big situation and perform well and win."

                                If the Jets win, they get to 11-5, tying the second-most regular-season victories in their 45 years. If they lose, they still get in the playoffs with a Bills or Broncos loss, but they're out if they lose and the Bills and Broncos win. They don't want to back in.

                                So, what happens Sunday? The Jets will beat the Rams and Pennington will play like he did against Seattle.

                                It's evident the Jets can't yet play with the big boys of the NFL. The Patriots are better than them. So are the Steelers. Probably the Colts, too. When the Jets step up in class, they can't handle it. But they...
                                -12-30-2004, 02:15 PM
                              • DJRamFan
                                [Jets] JETS FANS FEAR ANOTHER FAILURE
                                by DJRamFan
                                December 30, 2004 -- YOU would think the shocking events of last autumn might alter the viewpoint Jets fans bring into these final hours of football's regular season. You would think watching the Red Sox celebrate on hallowed Yankee Stadium grounds would make Jets fans understand a few simple truths about sports:
                                1) Anything really is possible.

                                2) Championship droughts don't have to be life sentences.

                                3) The mystical forces that try to figure things out for the universe really don't have time to sit around and figure out how to best torture those select sports franchises - be they Red Sox, Clippers, Cubs or Jets - who some believe wander about the world with poxes placed on their homes.

                                You would think.

                                "I've seen this script way too many times before," a Jets fan from Huntington named Kevin Slattery was telling me the other day, inside a sporting goods store at Roosevelt Field mall, a squib kick down the Meadowbrook from Weeb Ewbank Hall. "The Jets specialize in this kind of [stuff], right? They get you believing, believing, believing, then . . . "

                                He slammed his workboot onto the ground and began twisting, as if snuffing a cigarette. Only in this case, instead of a butt of a Pall Mall, he was crushing his own imaginary football soul (thrown on the ground, no doubt, by Paul Hackett).

                                "I'm tired of this [stuff], dude," Slattery said. "I've had it."

                                It really is one of the fascinating recurring stories in all of New York, these self-loathing, self-fulfilling prophesies espoused by Jets fans whenever their team provides even the slightest glimmer of hope. Yankees fans have their haughtiness, Knicks fans their cosmopolitan wistfulness, Mets fans their feisty complexes, Rangers fans their affinity for bartenders who believe in buybacks.

                                Jets fans believe in the Worst Case Scenario.

                                "Think about it," said Angelo Vardi, sitting with his Chad Pennington jersey in the stands at the Garden the other night, trying to enjoy a Holiday Festival basketball game but fretting endlessly about his football team. "These are our options: Get some help from the Colts [against the Broncos], who have nothing to play for. Or get some help from the Steelers [against the Bills], who have nothing left to play for."

                                I gently remind Angelo that the Jets can make the playoffs simply by beating the Rams in St. Louis on Sunday, that they don't need help from anyone else. He looks at me as if I am speaking Sanskrit.

                                "Sure," he said. "Maybe if the Rams had nothing to play for. But they got to play the Eagles last week, and of course they had nothing to play for, either. It wears you out, being a Jets fan."

                                It really is an amazing truth about life with the Jets. For years, players have talked...
                                -12-30-2004, 02:12 PM
                              • DJRamFan
                                [Jets] Edwards Relishes Jets' Must-Win Situation
                                by DJRamFan
                                By ANDREA ADELSON
                                AP Sports Writer

                                HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) -- The New York Jets could have wrapped up a playoff berth last week with a victory.

                                Ah, but these are the Jets, who seem to enjoy doing things the hard way. Now they face their toughest game of the season: They must win at St. Louis, in front of a hostile crowd, against another team playing for a postseason berth.

                                A daunting task, indeed. Unless you ask coach Herman Edwards.

                                "It's good for you," Edwards said Wednesday. "The harder, the better. Come on. The bigger the bully, the better. Come on. Because life is about a fight. You can't go run in your house and close the door. You're not in your neighborhood, so you'd better go fight. If we do that, we'll be OK."

                                There was not much fight in the Jets (10-5) last week in a 23-7 loss to New England. They returned to practice eager to make up for all the mistakes they made against the Patriots - and knowing a victory is the only thing that matters.

                                Whether or not this is a good situation come Sunday remains to be seen.

                                "I don't know why but we always play our best when our backs are completely against the wall," veteran receiver Wayne Chrebet said. "We could have had it locked up and go looking forward to the playoffs this week instead of sweating it out, but ... I think we'll see a different team out there last week."

                                It better be. But that will not be easy.

                                The Rams have won 13 straight regular-season home games in December and January dating to 1998. The Rams last lost late in the season at home on Dec. 14, 1997, when they fell 13-10 to Chicago.

                                St. Louis (7-8) also is alive for a shot at the NFC West title or an NFC wild card with a victory, thanks to a 20-7 victory over Philadelphia on Monday night.

                                "It's great," Edwards said. "It will be loud; it's a playoff atmosphere. It's everything you can ask for as a coach and as a player. I love it, that's why you do this. You want these moments for your football team."

                                He has gone through these moments before, in 2001 and 2002, when the Jets needed to win their final game for a playoff berth. They did just that both times, beating Oakland on the road in '01 and Green Bay at home in '02.

                                Perhaps that is why Edwards and his team are not panicking.

                                "Maybe we are a drama-filled team," running back LaMont Jordan said. "Maybe we like those exciting finishes. I am quite sure it gives some fans some heart attacks, and I am pretty sure there have been a couple of TVs in New York City thrown out some windows. But everything that has happened from Week 1 to Week 16 would be forgotten if we make the playoffs."

                                That means...
                                -01-01-2005, 04:11 PM
                              • RamDez
                                Trap game?
                                by RamDez
                                Is this a trap game for the Rams?

                                I have seen this all to often where the fans .... then the players expect to win. Lets hope not.
                                -11-18-2012, 01:56 AM