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Who knocked out Chrebet?

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  • Who knocked out Chrebet?

    Anyone know?

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    On that one 6 yd catch he made on the 2, he took a good hit by Perry. Before that Wistrom laid a good one on him. He had a concussion the week before vs Miami. That hit by Perry near the end of the half ended his day. :confused:


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      Mystery man...

      StLouy, you mean Aeneas?, or maybe another Ram defender?

      I couldn't find a Perry in the Jets roster either (if you were perhaps thinking of a teammate of Chrebet accidentally hitting this outstanding WR in addition to Wistrom's smack).
      Maybe that's why HHell is asking, Who was that masked man?


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        Little Wayne

        I know I am a fan of carnage but I am also a big fan of Wayne Chrebet. I just missed the play altogether that sent him packing..Evidently this is an injury that may have been happening to him for awhile. I'll just review the tape in a day or so and watch more clearly...


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          Jorge, it had to be Polley then (I didn't have my specs on) when trying to read the name. They were all clean hits. Wayne was suffering from a lingering concussion suffered from the prior week.

          HH, Chrebet walked away looking a little woosey after that play. The booth guys didn't really make a big deal out of it but did show replays of the hits. It was easy to miss the play & if the announcers hadn't mentioned it later, it would have gone unnoticed. You'll see it when you review the tape.