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  • Patriots Troll Alert!

    Hey guys...not really a troll. I am looking forward to the game next week. The Pats just got their ass kicked by the Steelers and they should be pretty mean, but things look real bad on the injury front. Dillon did not play. BOTH starting tackles got injured. Law went out in the 1st quarter. The UDFA that took his place got injured and they had the FS playing corner. Doesn't bode well for all of the excellent receivers that the Rams have.

    Anyway, I'll be lurking here for the next week, and you guys are all free to come on by PatriotsPlanet to talk about the upcoming game as well.

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    Re: Patriots Troll Alert!

    Many thanks, UT#59, for your up-to-the-minute update. Welcome to the Rams' ClanRam! :helmet:

    From your report the Patriots were almost decimated by injuries today. Sorry about that.

    I look forward to an exciting game Vs. NE. Can the Pats lose two in a row after being undefeated 'till today? Will we, the Rams, confirm that we are limping and lamenting as far as achievements from the defense is concerned?

    Big, BIG game for us at midway 2004. Let's get it on! :angryram:


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      Re: Patriots Troll Alert!

      With the way things have been going, I don't think 150 yds would be out of the question for Kevin Faulk next week. :redface:

      This should be a great game. The Patriots will be playing angry, while the Rams will get their first shot at avenging that SuperBowl loss.

      Hopefully the good guys can pull a strong defensive performance out of their ass and upset the mighty Patriots.


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        Re: Patriots Troll Alert!

        How is C. Dillon doing -- injured and out for Sunday? Or questionable...


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          Re: Patriots Troll Alert!

          The Dillon situation was weird. On Wednesday he was not on the injury report. Thursday he was questionable, Friday he was doubtful. But then he warmed up and ran before the game and looked fine, but was not activated. So who knows if he'll play? My gut tells me he will.

          What is more important to the Patriots offense right now is whether the two starting offensive tackles will play this week.

          We'll see what the injury report looks like on Wednesday.


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            Re: Patriots Troll Alert!

            Originally posted by UT59
            We'll see what the injury report looks like on Wednesday.
            Yea, like Billy B. will give anything away on the injury report. I don't know who's injury report is more mis-leading, Belicheck or Shannahan. Of course, not that there's anything wrong with that. I love watching the cat-and-mouse games coaches play with the NFL and the injury report. I wish more coaches were as creative. It's the best football to be found on Wednesdays.
            The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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              Re: Patriots Troll Alert!

              Oh yeah, he never gives away much, but its the best thing we Patriots fans can go by for any indication.


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                Re: Patriots Troll Alert!

                Hey Undertaker, what's the story in your signature of "Girlie Pic Thread?" I'm afraid I didn't have time to read anything. :redface: Do other team fan sites have those? I think Tx should set that up on this site. He made a nice contribution yesterday! How about it Tx? We could be onto something here!


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                  Re: Patriots Troll Alert!

                  Story? No is what it says. No porn, but lots of beautiful women. No reading required. ;) But, yeah, we got the idea from ChiefsPlanet.


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                    Re: Patriots Troll Alert!

                    Originally posted by Undertaker #59
                    Story? No is what it says. No porn, but lots of beautiful women. No reading required. ;) But, yeah, we got the idea from ChiefsPlanet.
                    The LPGA will never be the same.
                    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                    • txramsfan
                      Patriots limping into STL
                      by txramsfan
                      Well, with a running game on medical leave, O line banged up, Ty Law hurt.....does that play into the Rams favor coming off a bye week?
                      -11-01-2004, 08:24 AM
                    • RamOfDenmark
                      18-1! Patriots lose!
                      by RamOfDenmark
                      Haha, this is almost as good as us winning a Superbowl! Congrats to the Giants - well played! I loved how they got in Brady's face and kicked his sorry ass all day long. What a magnificent catch (by Tyree I think) on that one ball where he caught it between one hand and his helmet! What beautiful sacks of Brady! A great day to be a football fan!

                      -02-03-2008, 09:26 PM
                    • Tampa_Ram
                      Patriots lose! Rams rejoice!
                      by Tampa_Ram
                      Wow, i dont think i could be happier unless it was the Rams who won it!

                      Go Rams!
                      -02-03-2008, 09:23 PM
                    • evil disco man
                      Jaguars Blame Officials For Upcoming Loss Against Patriots
                      by evil disco man
                      From the Brushback (a satirical sports news site):

                      Jaguars Blame Officials For Upcoming Loss Against Patriots

                      FOXBORO--The Jacksonville Jaguars, bitterly disappointed about their upcoming loss against the Patriots, today blamed the officials for the loss, saying they will “hand the game to the Patriots” and “clearly want them to win.”

                      One player, defensive end Paul Spicer, even called it “the worst officiated game” he will ever see.

                      “Saturday’s game is going to be a joke,” Spicer said. “Those refs are going to hand the game to the Patriots. My God, what will they be thinking with that phantom holding call in the third quarter? There will be barely any contact on that play.”

                      Almost to a man, Jaguars players insisted that the league is biased in favor of the Patriots.

                      “Oh the league definitely wants the Patriots to win,” said defensive end Bobby McCray. “You can tell. Every call goes their way. There are going to be something like five pass interference calls made against us Saturday that are going to be total BS. It’s going to be the worst officiating ever! I don’t care if I get fined for saying this, either. I don’t even think I can get fined for it, since the game hasn’t actually happened yet.”

                      Coach Jack Del Rio says the loss should do nothing to take away what the team accomplished this year, especially since they will actually outplay the Patriots.

                      “We’re actually going to outplay them. That's the shame of it all,” said Del Rio. “I have to go into that locker room after the game and look those players in the eye and tell them it’s okay, they should be proud of themselves anyway. And you know what? They should. We stood toe to toe with the New England Patriots, we showed what we can do when we play together, and now we have a chance to carry this momentum into…mini-camp, I guess.”

                      The Jaguars aren’t the first team to complain about the officiating in a game against the Patriots this season. Several teams have complained, and some have gone as far as to say that the referees have been ordered by the commissioner’s office to help the Patriots go undefeated.

                      League spokesman Greg Aiello called the accusations “ludicrous.”

                      “It is absolutely ludicrous to suggest that the officials are in any way trying to affect the outcome of the game,” said Aiello. “Nobody is biased for or against anybody. There are bad calls in every game because the officials are human. Plus, the Jaguars have only themselves to blame for Saturday’s loss. Maybe if they spent more time practicing and less time whining about the refs they’d have a better shot.”

                      Naturally, the feeling in the Patriots locker room was in stark contrast to the one in the Jaguars locker room.

                      Said quarterback Tom Brady: “We don’t let this kind of talk bother us. We hear it all the time. Personally I...
                      -01-08-2008, 11:07 PM
                    • DJRamFan
                      Steelers snap Patriots' record winning streak
                      by DJRamFan
                      By Bob Ryan, Globe Staff | November 1, 2004

                      PITTSBURGH -- To the question of whether it would end with a bang or a whimper, here is the unequivocal numerical answer: Pittsburgh 34, New England 20.


                      ''It was pretty clear the Steelers were the better team," said Patriots coach Bill Belichick. ''They outcoached us. They outplayed us. They certainly deserved to win, and they won convincingly."

                      Thus ended yesterday an almost unimaginable football feat. The New England Patriots had gone 21 games and 13 calendar months without losing a game, and had become the National Football League champions for the second time by winning the Super Bowl last February. But their bid to make it 22 victories in succession ended under ideal conditions on a late afternoon when the Steelers delighted a franchise record gathering of 64,737 with a truly inspired performance.

                      To the end, the Patriots stayed relentlessly on message regarding their endless succession of victories. The word ''streak" had been officially banned from their vocabularies by Belichick. In the team's pregame notes, the media was informed that "The Patriots have recorded a one-game winning streak 21 consecutive times, setting an all-time record for the 85-year history of pro football." "It was never about the streak," said linebacker Mike Vrabel. "It was not in our preparation this week."

                      Week after week the Patriots had, as the pundits like to say, "found a way to win." This time, however, they submitted a brilliant formula for defeat, combining a sputtering offense with a defense that allowed a disturbing 417 yards, of which a whopping 221 came on the ground. Four turnovers led to 24 Pittsburgh points.

                      "We didn't do anything near the way we are capable of doing it, and they played an outstanding game" said Belichick. "That's the result you get when those two forces collide."

                      There is nothing disgraceful about losing to the Steelers. Pittsburgh is a good team. The Steelers entered the game with a 5-1 record and they regarded this game as something akin to an mid-semester exam. They always have enjoyed the backing of a raucous crowd. No one ever looks forward to playing in Pittsburgh. This was true when they played in Three Rivers Stadium, and it remains true now that they play in the outstanding facility known as Heinz Field.

                      The problem is that the Patriots feel they didn't give themselves much of an opportunity to win this particular game. "We knew that, eventually, we were going to lose a game," said safety Rodney Harrison. "But we don't want to lose in that fashion."

                      The Patriots started the game the way they normally do, which is to say they scored first. Pittsburgh won the toss and elected to receive. The Patriots got them off the field quickly,...
                      -11-01-2004, 10:46 AM