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  • Tucker in Saints Game

    Does anyone have any opinions on Martz talking about putting Tucker back in for the Saints game? Apparently Tucker has a new cast that allows him use of his fingers. I'm sorry, but I hate it when coach's do this with starters. If the man is hurt, then he's hurt. Why risk another day of sacks? Martz is risking Warner's health. I pray Tucker sits this one out.:upset:

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    Tuck Ryan away one more game...

    Max Q, according to Monday's The Sporting News,

    [quote] "A cast on [Ryan's] left hand makes it tough to grab defenders, so the Rams could rest Tucker for another game. They should be able to get by for another week with Rod Jones, even against the Saints' rugged front four." [end quote]

    Makes you wonder if a head coach like Martz decides whether to play an injured player like Tucker based on a) what the doctors see and say, b) what the players want -- which is usually to PLAY right away, or c) what he, the coach, thinks is the best action to take for a particular game. The correct answer, of course, is d) the right combination.
    Like a boxer being punched silly atop the reddish sweat of the ring, against the ropes, eyes so swollen he can barely see; mouth piece popped away by a blow, knees bending under savage hits, blood flowing from eyebrows, mouth and nose. Everyone knows... the guy's a walking zomby already knocked out and under the potential of serious injury.

    Yet often that boxer protests when a TKO is finally declared against him or the towel is thrown in from his corner: "I'm ok!, I'm OKAY!" --he yells while the opponent's buddies start jumping in to smother the winner with fanatical jubilation.

    Courage? A special plan? Can't afford not to continue? Gotta prove something to self or to someone? Does it make sense?

    I feel Coach Martz, despite his unusual tactics, toughness or unorthodox philosophy is good enough, smart and responsible enough to listen to those around him and to make the right choice on No. 50 for this Sunday. Keep Rod Jones in there.

    GO RAMS!!!
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      Winning with the Martz method...

      Max Q, I just found this in the 'Articles' section, under post titled "Martz gives his reasons for onside kick with Rams 31-7."

      Talking about Marshall's situation but obviously applicable to Ryan's, [quote] "The medical staff had really recommended that he not play," Martz said. "But Marshall's Marshall. He said, 'I've played in games hurt a lot worse than this, and I can do this.'

      "I said, 'I know you can do this. But it's in our best interest to keep you out of this thing.' "

      Martz said he'll take a similar approach in deciding whether Faulk plays this coming Sunday against New Orleans.

      "If the medical staff says that you go with him, then you go with him," Martz said. "If they recommend no, then you don't. You try to take the emotion out of that decision." [end quote (color and bold are mine)]
      Martz' cool, we're cool, all is :cool: with the Rams.


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        That sounds good...

        Thanks Jorge, those articles (especially the last one) make me feel like Martz will make the right choice. I was concerned because Martz had remarked that he should have taken Tucker out sooner in the Giants game -- which is what so many of us were thinking during the game.

        It'll be okay...The team will pull through this Sunday, regardless of who is on the bench.



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          Martz has said on more than one occasion that he let's the medical staff make the decision. I guess it depends on what they say before the game. Can't see Tucker being effective against the Aints with ANY kind of cast on. Wait and see. I can see him not wanting to be held out of it though. No player would, they all want a piece of the Aints, just like we do. :evil:


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            Re: Winning with the Martz method...

            Originally posted by Jorge Valdivia

            "If the medical staff says that you go with him, then you go with him," Martz said. "If they recommend no, then you don't. You try to take the emotion out of that decision." [end quote (color and bold are mine)] [/B]
            Now if the medical staff says to go with Tucker but he isn't performing and risking Warner's neck.......Martz needs to put Jones in.

            You can count on me yelling at the TV if he doesn't.


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              Glover and friends

              Worrying more now about that Saints front four with Tucker in there. They are worth worrying about. Normally I think we would be stacked up fine against them, but right now there are NFL linebackers dreaming of taking Warner's head off, and you can bet that every coach on our schedule is studying that Giants game tape.

              I heard a sports commentator announce Sunday night that the plans had been laid for beating the Rams -- bump their recievers hard up front and beat the crap out of Warner -- you could easily argue that this would be anyone's game plan against the Rams -- but, it's scary to think about linebackers specifically trying to truly injure Warner.

              We need solid protection this Sunday.

              Incidentally, I was at a bar watching the Jets game and a Jets fan muttered "good" when Hakim was limping off the field with the med staff. A Jets poster remarked that we have a "rash" of injuries coming our way. Interesting coming from people calling us classless.


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                Can Rams be conservative?...

                Solid protection it shall be, MaxQ. It's gotta be! :rolleyes:
                From my layman's view, I can only hope, wish that Coach M3 --MadMikeMartz-- will...

                Play more conservative football with two backs, one being a steady blocker such as Holcombe or Hodgins to play staunch bodyguard for Kurt the entire game! And maybe, if Aints D is on a different scheme, use that back as a safety valve for outlet passes.

                Use several screen passes to keep D-linemen on their heels, not their tows.

                Throw quick-release passes often, again, to keep N.O. D from going QB greedy.

                Keep OT Rod Jones, for sure! He's not a rookie, can spare Tucker for this game.

                Offer special incentive /treat to ea. offensive lineman for this one (plus whatever KW promises them).

                Must find a way now to send these recommendations to Mike Martz. RamDez, can you do this for me?

                GO RAMS!!! What a game this should be! ...for the Rams to go 7-0!
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                  I wouldnt be surprised at all if Martz doesnt try to run the ball on the Saints defense.Martz is pretty creative when it comes to game plans and I dont think he will put Kurt in harms way.I think he learned his lesson against the Giants.I would like to see Faulk and Tucker suit up for the game though.Let the Aints worry about it a little.I have a feeling our Rams will be well prepared for this divisional battle.This game is too important to take lightly.

                  GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!


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                    "right now there are NFL linebackers dreaming of taking Warner's head off"

                    Do you really think there aren't a few Rams dreaming of making a few Aints heads roll after last season? It's payback time and that's a great motivator. You can bet Martz and Co. are aware of the risks and are taking steps to ensure the safety of our players, but its hard to plan for the nasty tricks the Aints may have up their sleeves. We have to come back at them with a few tricks of our own, ones designed to win the game while they are busy trying to take out our key players. I think (hope?) that Martz has learned a lot in the last few games and will make the necessary adjustments.

                    I'd like to say I'll be yelling at the tv as well, but once again, thanks to that stupid local station carrying Nascar (just when does that end anyway?) I'll be right here in the chat room yelling at the radio. I appreciate those who are there to clarify what doesn't translate well over the radio.


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                      Ms. W - What about throwing on that Grant Wistrom jersey and heading down to your local sports place that carries all the games.

                      You can yell a lot and really get those non Ram believers upset


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                        Unfortunately I don't have a Wistrom jersey, I wish! I will have my lucky tshirt on though. I'd rather listen and share with my rams friends on here in chat than go to a noisy bar where I know noone, can't afford the drinks, and get hit on by idiots who aren't really there to watch the game. I just need to make Rams fan friends with people who have cable. ;)


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                          I can see the want ad now

                          Female Ram fan looking for fellow Ram fan with cable who promises not to hit on me. I will hug if we win. Person with a Wistrom jersey a plus! Please log onto to contact.



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                            Actually, they could probably get more than a hug if the Rams win (if they are not married);) ! Just don't hit on me DURING the game! All in fun.