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    NOTE: This is for a previous question by ZOLTAN, asked during a mad posting scramble [Bad Sportsmanship...] where apparently all of us ClanRamWarriors wanted to discuss and defend --or prosecute-- our Rams Coach regarding the a) Black Sunday Kick, and b) Sportscasters of the Game.

    He asked, "I'm interested to know who some of you like to hear calling a Rams game."

    A few years ago I could still enjoy the Summeral/Madden duo live on TV for an NFL game. Can't believe how old Pat looks now -- or is it me, getting younger thus making the age differential more noticeable?

    I think Dick Stockton is fortunate to have two 'how-bout-them-cowboys' by his side to contribute with conservative, accurate and amiable comments, as in the still-buzzing Rams /NYJets game. I like Aikman and 'Moose' Johnson there; they may lack some TV microphone experience but they know plenty of non-biased football. Besides, sometimes experience gets in the way...
    Here's how Troy Aikman wrote about it and how impressed he is with the our 2001 Rams--

    [Quoted 10-22] "I can't think of another team in the league that is so balanced offensively, defensively, and on special teams that the Rams. The team completely shut down the Jets -- a team coming off of a huge win last week against the Dolphins. I hope the Saints paid close attention to this game, because I think the Rams were trying to send a message before their game in Week 7.

    There's been a lot of talk about Rams head coach Mike Martz ordering an on-side kick in the third quarter with the Rams leading 31-7. I didn't have a problem with it, especially considering the comeback history of the New York Jets. They did it last week against the Dolphins, and how many times last year did the Jets come back from a deficit? Now if it were 31-7 with five minutes left, yeah that can be tough to understand. I wouldn't expect any coach to do an on-side kick with 5 minutes to play and a big lead. Obviously, coach Martz determined that there was enough time left for the Jets to stage a comeback and he didn't want to blow that lead.
    " [end quote]

    Yu da-man Aikman! Perhaps another Dan Fouts as a sportscaster.

    Probably my all-time favorite sportscaster was Ray Scott of the mid to late 60's, early 70's. I think he was the voice of the GB Packers then. What a thrill it was to hear that clear bass tone when they'd play the Los Angeles Rams! I still can...

    "Rams at the Packers 28 yard line: Snow to the left, Casey to the right, Gabriel takes the snap and drops back to pass, has great protection..." Ahh! yes, final score Rams 27, Packers 24 at the Coliseum, late Dec. 1967 --it was a dramatic, emotional, last minute must-win for the Rams that year.

    P.S. That game, by the way, is one of the NFL's best all-time Greatest Finishes, known as "The Block."
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