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  • O-line Must Protect

    There isnt any reason why bulger shouldnt pick the pats secondary apart, as long as he is standing upright. Even if dillion plays and shreds our weak d, we should still be able to quick strike and force the pats to pass. The receiving corp must be licking thier chops looking at these inexperienced corners.

    And Martz,



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    Re: O-line Must Protect

    Matz should give his O-line a jump start. Pound the ball the whole first quarter with a steady dose of #39, throwing in a bunch of #28 for good measure. That should set up the last three quarters for some STUFF downfield. Run, run, run, pass. Run, run, run, pass. Run, run, run, run !!!
    Got to take it to em Mikey. Keep the ball in our hands ALA the Steelers last weeks 42 min. to 18 min. ratio. That should help Mr. Williams confidence

    Maine - Ram :ramlogo:


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      Re: O-line Must Protect

      I'm expecting to see a lot of delays and draws from Martz, because I think that's one of the best ways to counter the blitz, which I expect the Pats to use in order to counteract their secondary shortage.


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      • Rambos
        This might sound strange
        by Rambos
        This might sound strange, but I think we need to come out passing to set up the running game. In every game this year we come out running the ball for about two plays, which go nowhere. We go three and out, then we fall behind and start passing to get back in it. This week we should come out passing, then run at them, once they (hawks) start to blitz to stop the passing attack, we run right over them. I donít think we can show run and just blow guys off the line, we just donít run block that well. Spread them out with 4 wide outs and run from that formation. Jackson is a load; he does fit what we do. We just need to set up the run better. He has great hands, look at the swing pass he caught and took it in for the TD. If we can get the lead on a team I think we all will see what Jackson can bring to the table, 14 carries is not enough to get a rhythm running the ball, he needs at least 25 touches to produce. I say run first pass second.
        -10-06-2005, 11:44 AM
      • RamsPorVida
        Take the Short pass when you can
        by RamsPorVida
        I put my main point in the title cause I know everyone has their longwinded griped with the game.

        They rushed four ans sat safeties deep gave Bulger time which he takes to mean go deep, however he should have went to check offs or releaseing backs. Martz didnt have a lot of them available so hes as much to blame. This is important because the three man front big DT scheme is dying, and 4 man fronts who get pressure will be the rave soon.

        Also too many slow developing tosses for a power back, let him hit the hole and GO. Defense against the run obviously awesome; safeties and deep LBs break too flat on the ball though something to work on adios
        -09-11-2005, 05:07 PM
      • general counsel
        We HAVE to run more
        by general counsel
        We HAVE to find a way to run the ball more consistently. The best way to protect the defense is to keep it off the field. If we can find a way to establish a running game, we can both shorten up the game and create even greater opportunities for bulger on play action.

        The defensive personnel is not going to change or improve between now and the end of the year. Haslett can try all the gimmicks he wants, but the fact is, we dont really have the horses to have a playoff caliber defense. In addition, i dont think our offensive line is good enough to score 35 points a week by throwing the ball all the time.

        Linehan has tried to establish better balance with the run but its not good enough. I think he should run more from the multiple wide receiver spread formation sets because from a pure power line up and play smash mouth up the middle football, we are still struggling. We really need help at guard but that isnt going to come until the off season.

        Ramming speed to all

        general counsel
        -10-30-2006, 05:16 AM
      • MauiRam
        Which will it be this year: Run to set up the pass? Or: Pass to set up the run?
        by MauiRam
        I believe opposing defenses are going to play us the same way they have the last couple of years or more. They'll load up to stop the run, and dare us to pass. If McDaniels can figure a way to burn opposing teams through the air, our run game will be pretty good.

        Have we acquired enough talent to enable Josh to create mismatches with our passing game consistently? That obviously will be the key. If Avery is truly recovered, and has his speed, Clayton is resigned and we get some production from one or two of our offensive rookies, we might surprise. No question that if we can spread the ball around through the air steadily, thus keeping Sam from having to bird dog one guy, our chances of success will surely increase. We came out of nowhere in 1999, no one saw us coming. That's one of the great things about the NFL - there's always a dark horse in the race somewhere.

        I think this year we'll pass to set up the run - not the other way around. Just a guess on my part, but we didn't hire Josh and pay Sam 50 million guaranteed to field a "3 yards and a cloud of dust" offense. Ball control can and does occur through the air as well. Running the ball is one function of ball control, not the only one ...
        -07-16-2011, 01:56 PM
      • txramsfan
        Running Game % at 6-1
        by txramsfan
        We are about 5 percentage points below our offensive balance percentage when it comes to running the ball compared to the Super Bowl season. This has taken more than just a psychological effect on Warner and the sacks, the WR's are dropping balls more often it seems due to the type of pass routes across the middle and know they are going to get leveled.

        When Faulk comes back, do the Rams run the ball like they have tried with Canidate, or does Faulk's receiving abilities make it so much more attractive for Martz to throw? Not sure, I think we need to run more.

        -11-03-2001, 04:54 PM