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Rebuilding year?

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  • Rebuilding year?

    Yes that is basically what it will be for our defence next year. Our defence sucks plain and simple. It is so bad that not even our offence could protect it anymore.

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    Re: Rebuilding year?

    I agree... you can't give up 40 points (so far) and expect to win any game.


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      Re: Rebuilding year?

      REBUILDING?? Why is the defense the way it is?? Who brought in the current DC?? There will be no REBUILDING until it begins FROM THE TOP...THAT is where the root of the problem lies. Additional humiliating experiences lay ahead.
      "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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        Re: Rebuilding year?

        I love the variety of posts you bring to the table.

        We did make a huge mistake with the D coordinator, but even if Lovie was here we'd still be undersized, and under talented. The secondary is horrible. I think Travis Fisher could be a good #2 corner and Butler would be a good nickelback. Aeneas is reaching the end of the road which is why I think we are forced to play Rich "I Don't Know What I'm Doing Here" Coady, and he always seems to be in the picture on any big gain. Adam Archuleta needs to be gone. He has brought absolutely nothing to the table this year.

        Now the linebackers just aren't going to cut it. I still like Pisa but I don't know if I'm overhyping him because of his performance from last year. This team lacks a middle linebacker. Polley should, and will be gone.

        The defensive line is finally coming around but I still think we can improve with a big fat nose tackle. Kennedy looks like he's turning the corner, and I think Fisher could be good on the right side.

        ...and then there's the offensive line.


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          Re: Rebuilding year?

          Instead of everyone pointing out all of the players that are NOT doing their job, wouldn't it be easier to point out those that ARE?

          And I agree with the above comment. It has to start at the top...

          The Naysayers have spoken...
          This space for rent...


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            Re: Rebuilding year?

            Yeah we could start at the top. Yeah we could rebuild the defence quickly
            and become a contendor again next year. We could do alot a things that would make this team special.

            Unfortunatley we have terrible owners. Lets face it Georgia sucks and always will suck. She makes the majority of the poor decisions. All the fans and anylysts last year could se that Martz was not the man yet she is blind. She has stuck with him and will continue to do this until she ruins the Rams once again and they become the laughing stock of the NFL again.

            Does she do this because she hates us and wants to torment us? Maybe. Does she do it cause she is a bad manager? Maybe. Or does she do it because she makes a decision and figures that the decision is gold and she is afraid to show that she was wrong? DING DING DING We have a Winner. She is the most vain owner in sports and has been flying under the radar because the Rams have been a winning team. Trust me though she is now exposed and if Martz is the play caller again next year this team will be even worse then it is this year.

            Where will I be during all this? Watching the Rams lose and continually cursing at the television just like I have done since I was kid. At least most my childhood memories of the Rams will be resurfacing and I could finally be a nostalgic football Fan.

            "I Remember when the Rams were good, Could you remember that? Thats what I thought, call yourself a fan sheesh."
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            • Rambos
              Are we really this bad?
              by Rambos
              Are we really this bad or did injuries, loss of Butler, Fisher, Bruce, Holt, Little (Time off) Arch, Marc and Martz getting sick the reason for this year record?

              If we stayed healthy throughout the season would we be in the playoff’s?

              Do we need to break this completely apart? Or add a defensive HC and add and few players and we will be back next year with a shot.
              -12-27-2005, 11:40 AM
            • chiguy
              Breaking down the Rams defensive needs
              by chiguy
              As I read the threads on this forum, I'm finding out that you folks have a much different view of the Rams defensive unit than I do. I'm stunned there is so much support for putting a lot of picks into the LB corps. I just don't see it that way.

              First, CB is the deepest position on the defensive side of the roster and it has guys who can play. No stars, mind you, but guys who can play in Fischer, Butler, Bartells, and Ivy. That's decent depth and not the biggest need. In fact, I think with the right scheme (e.g., an effective zone package) and an improved pass rush, they would be good enough. The Colts almost have it right about CBs in my opinion.

              Second, we have a ton of cap money invested in LB. We couldn't trade Claiborne if we tried and, besides, he didn't completely suck in his previous seasons. Pisa is the only playmaker we have on defense, and Chillars and Faulk aren't bad depth players. If Coakley doesn't retire or get put on the unable-to-perform list, that's even more money at this position. As bad as our defense was, do we want to try to make this group work better in a new scheme or throw more money at it?

              Third, we don't have one safety on the roster who has proven he is a starter. Atogwae and Carter might be good enough, but its not clear at this point. Arch isn't under contract and I don't see us bringing him back. Furrey simply isn't good enough in zone coverage or run support to be counted on. Safety is a big need.

              Fourth, our line has been mediocre for years. Pickett played well this year, but I'm not sure he's worth the $4 million he's asking for ... especially because he only played well in the contract year. Hargrove hasn't shown he can do anything and, at a minimum, Little can't do it alone. Kennedy is a waste of space and Lewis isn't anything better than a backup.

              I look at this situation and can't understand why most people don't come to one of two conclusions:

              1. Find a way to shore up the line, preferably by finding a pass rusher. A better pass rush would make the corners and safeties automatically look even better. If its a DT we get, it would automatically make the LBs look better by giving them clean shots at the ball carrier.

              2. Find a safety who can tackle, hit, and make plays.

              If an AJ Hawk falls into your lap, you take him of course. Ditto a top notch corner. But that's not likely to happen. I think the route we pursue is going to depend a lot on what kind of defense the next coach is going to implement.

              Anyway, just my $.02 after reading the board for two days.
              -01-04-2006, 10:46 PM
            • AvengerRam_old
              One Trial, One Potential Position Change, and Two Safeties
              by AvengerRam_old
              Could those four things be the only things between the Rams and a greatly improved defense? I'm beginning to think so.

              For starters, I think there can be some encouragement drawn from the fact that (apart from the Falcon game fiasco) the Rams defense played much better last year towards the end of the year when Travis Fisher returned from injury and Jimmy Kennedy and Tony Hargrove were inserted into the starting lineup.

              So, the four factors that will determine next year's defense are:

              1. One Trial
              Despite having a somewhat off year, Leonard Little remains the biggest playmaker on the Rams' defense. If he is not available due to the outcome of his upcoming DUI trial, the Rams will probably have to expend a high draft choice in the hope of finding a suitable replacement. If he is available, the starting D Line of Little-Kennedy-Pickett-Hargrove (with D.Lewis backing up both the DE and DT positions) has quite a bit of promise.

              2. One Potential Position Change
              All indications seem to be that the proposed move of Pisa Tinoisamoa to SS may be aborted. If that is the case, you have to like the potential of the Rams' LB corps of starters Coakley-Claiborn-Tinoisamoa, and a second team of Thomas-K.Faulk-Chillar.

              3. Two Safeties
              While the CB spot is relatively settled with starters Fisher and Butler, the safety positions are in a state of flux. Will Pisa stay at SS? Will Adam Archuleta be healthy and, if so, can he play the FS position, or does he go back to SS with Pisa playing LB? And if that happens, who will the FS be? Will the Rams make a run at Darren Sharper? Will they target a FS in the draft?

              The Rams should be able to address these concerns in the coming months. If they do, I look for a much improved defense in 2005.
              -03-11-2005, 09:48 AM
            • tomahawk247
              This season has been alot different for the Rams then usual
              by tomahawk247
              ok so maybe losing to the niners wasnt much of a surprise after what we have seen over the last few seasons, but the Rams are still in position to make a good run for the NFC West title.

              The main thing that has surprised me has been the interceptions. Marc Bulger hasnt thrown one in 3 games! Now he has only thrown 2 TDs so far, and that will improve, but for Bulger and the Rams its really amazing that they haven't given up a pick, especially compared to what we are used to.

              Also, the defense is soon to surpass the interception total from last year. Looking at the defensive totals from last year, the Rams had 13 interceptions from 16 games. They already have 6 picks from 3 games this year. This is just great in my opinion. I think that the main reason for the change is not the secondary, although that helps.

              I think its the linebackers. Pisa and Spoon have both tipped a pass into the hands of another Ram player so far this year, and surely this wont be the last time that happens. When Lovie Smith was here, he made the Rams defensive players swat at every ball in the air, and a lot of the Rams picks from 2003 came off tipped balls. This was missing for the last few seasons, and its no surprise that the interception numbers for the Rams defense fell during that time.

              Also, just my two cents on certain rookies: I cant see it being too long before Tye Hill starts in front of Travis Fisher. Although Fisher has played very well at times, he has missed a few tackles, and i cant help but think Haslett could use that as an excuse to start Hill.

              And although the circumstances in how he came to be starting werent exactly desired, Victor Adeyanju more then made the most of his first start, and even lead the team in tackles. I see big things in his future. I just hope the team can retain Leonard Little, because having those two guys at defensive end in seasons to come will be devastating for the opposition.
              -09-27-2006, 01:45 AM
            • Guest's Avatar
              The play of butler and fisher
              by Guest
              I thought fisher was outstanding yesterday and butler played well also. We are so weak at safety its scary, given that we have aeneas and archuleta. Injury or not, i just dont think archuleta is very good in pass coverage and aeneas, got bless him on his way to canton, is not the same player this year.

              Fisher made two terrific plays. He was a big loss for us in the first part of the year. Did you guys see butlers coverage on the 50 yard completion? Lem Barney could not have covered any better than that. The throw by brady was extraordinary. he couldnt have put it in a better spot if he was standing three feet away from the receiver, rather than 50 yards downfield. Of course, as usual, we were not in bradys face.

              I dont think cb is a need for us. The need is to get fisher signed long term. I still have hope that groce and garrett will mature.

              The biggest needs are right tackle and linebacker. Our linebackers are very below average. We can kid ourselves all we want regarding the kids at linebacker, but we havent been the same since fletcher left. We need a trained killer out there.

              general counsel
              -11-08-2004, 07:32 AM