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  • The Bash/Home Opener Weekend

    It's Monday morning - tired as heck from the weekend, but overall, it was well worth it! If you haven't been to a Bash before, you MUST make plans to go next year!

    My weekend actually started out on Friday morning. My girlfriend, Colleen, and I dropped our two youngest kids off at their schools and hit the highway by 8:30. One hour into the trip, we stopped in Lebanon, MO, at an outlet mall to rummage through the Rams gear. Though the selection was limited, we still found a few bargains.

    Back on the road by 10, we drove straight into St. Louis. I took Colleen to Union Station for lunch and more shopping. There's only a few stores there, but a few of them are loaded with Rams stuff! We added more items to our Rams inventory, not just for us, but for the young ones for Christmas.

    Next, we went to our hotel, and the desk clerk was nice. He allowed us to check in a couple of hours early - I guess seeing a couple dressed in Rams stuff instead of Cardinals red was the key! We got cleaned up and headed out the door for a little sightseeing and then on to Llywelyn's Pub (Soulard) for one of the Rams Kickoff Parties. I thought that the other Clanners who arrived on Friday might make it down to the Soulard Llywelyn's since it was the closest to the dome, but we didn't see anyone else there. Trish and Shannon, a couple of lovely cheerleaders arrived at 6:30, making their way through the crowd and greeting everyone. They took the time to stay and visit with Colleen and I for quite some time, about 45 minutes. They were extremely nice, very friendly ladies. I did get a pic of Colleen with them. About 7:15, Danario Alexander arrived. He, too, made his way around in the crowd, greeting and chatting with the patrons. He was very friendly as well. Colleen asked for his autograph and a picture, and he was more than happy to oblige. I will say he seemed almost embarrassed by the attention - almost like he was uncomfortable with being in the limelight. There was also another man in a Rams jersey who garnered a lot of attention - he walked through the door wearing a #31 jersey. At least two dozen people flocked around him wanting his autograph. He soon found a dark corner at the bar near us, and I mentioned I liked his jersey, telling him you don't see too many Archuletta jerseys being worn anymore. He said he wished he didn't wear it - people thought that he was Adam Archuletta. I thought he looked a lot more like Will Smith of movie fame. After all, Archuletta wasn't African-American, was he?

    They had some great giveaways and prizes, too. Spirit towels, tickets, VIP box tickets, season passes, a Chris Long autographed authentic helmet, a Steven Jackson autographed football, some jerseys - we didn't win anything, but we had a great time. One of the great deals was the beer - draft beer was $3.75 but if you wanted to keep the Rams beer glass, it was only $4.00. I got two...I have to admit, I wish I could have drank more beer.

    Saturday we slept in a while, then hit White Castle for an early lunch. After that, we drove down south by Bevo Mill, in my grandparent's old neighborhood. It wasn't too hard to find the area with all the German names, but I didn't find my grandparent's house. I'll have to get the exact address for our next trip. Last time I saw the house I was 5 - in 1967. (I'm shocked I could even get close to where it was).

    After that, it was a trip to the Casino. We didn't win anything, but we didn't spend much, either. A walk through Laclede's landing and on to the Arch, then a security check later, and we were on our way to the top of the Arch. I've been there before many times - Colleen never had been there. Got a few great pictures and had a great time. After that, we went to the Basillica. If you haven't seen it, go. Built in 1824, it's unlike anything you might find elsewhere.

    By this time, it was time for the Bash dinner. We walked back to the Landing and met GoldenFleece. He was the first to arrive, but soon after we got there, others began showing up. I didn't get an accurate count, but I guess there was about 3 dozen who showed up, most from the Clan, some from Ram Nation on facebook. It was great to see RamGram there, and of course I must say having Becky (Big Red Man's wife) at the dinner made it as special as it was. I was hoping I could have finally met Randy, but after meeting Becky, I felt like Randy was there. Guys, I have to tell you - Randy was a unique person - let me rephrase that - Randy and Becky are unique people! Becky, thanks for treating us all to dinner - what a great tribute to Randy!

    We enjoyed the company of old friends and new friends, and Colleen said she felt right at home with all of you. She was very nervous about how she would be recieved, but soon felt very welcome as part of the group. I would like to thank everyone for that - I wanted to make sure she had a great time, and all who attended the Bash made that possible.

    Of course, we had the annual Bash raffle - it was a fun time as usual! I guess Phillip has the "bad penny" until next year! If you aren't familiar with the reference, it's ClanRam's version of a Christmas fruitcake that is re-gifted each year.

    Sunday morning was a blast! We were invited to a tailgate party thrown by King Ram and Ram Man. Steak sandwiches and beer for breakfast, the company of Rams fans, and seeing thousands of Rams fans all around us was great! It was my first tailgate party, and I am glad Colleen's first game included a tailgate.

    Around 11, we decided to head into the dome. We wanted time to look at the stuff the vendors had to offer and get into our seats before it got too crowded. It was great to see so few empty seats...when I say few, I mean very few. It reminded me of how the dome looked on TV back in 2001 - just one or two empty seats per section. When the 9/11 tribute and National Anthem were taking place, the dome was silent. As soon as the Rams came out of the tunnel, it was just the opposite - over 60,000 screaming fans makes that place LOUD.

    There were some Eagles fans there, but at least we didn't see Rams fans holding up signs for them to wear a bra or telling them that shampoo was a girls best friend. (A reference to the 2009 Bash!)

    The Eagles got the ball first - and our defense made some good plays to stop them. It looked like it was going to be a great game. When we got the ball, Jackson ran into the endzone from 43 yards out for the first TD of the game. Colleen found out why Steven wears those golden shoes. The dome was rocking! As he crossed the goal line, an Eagle defender tried to stop him - apparently this was when he got the quad bruise. No one in the stands knew he was hurt until a couple of series later when we saw him standing on the sidelines holding his helmet.

    When the Eagles recoverd the ball for a TD, you could feel a lot of the optimism leave the dome, but it wasn't over. All the way until the third quarter when Amendola was hit (a VERY dirty play - and the refs didn't throw a flag on Philly, even though they should have!) the crowd was into the game - everyone knew we should have been up by at least 3 for most of the game, and we still had the opportunity to get the win. Amendola came back out for one more play, and went down after catching the ball - when we saw one of the other Rams wave for the trainers, we knew it was serious. Danny doesn't stop playing after he gets hit - he is like the Energizer bunny. It had to be bad or he would hve gotten up.

    Add in a lot of bad calls by the refs, many non-calls (two of them MAJOR personal fouls), and some blatant favortism by the refs (giving Philly 30-40 yards they didn't deserve), plus Bartell and Smith going down...and the Rams were in a huge hole.

    Had the officiating been fair, things might have turned out much different. I know you who watched on TV didn't see everything we did, just trust me - it was bad. Those refs were on the Eagle's side as much as anyone could have bit een. They might as well have worn green instead of stripes. Hey, if any refs see this - I hear Vick can get you a great deal on a seeing eye dog!

    I wish we would have pulled out a win. That would have been the ONLY thing that we needed to have had the perfect weekend. As it stands - it was still a great time.

    Thanks to everyone - the fans we didn't know, the Clanners who came, the locals, the cheerleaders, and Danario Alexander - Colleen now understands why it has to be the Rams! She is already talking about going back to see another game...this was her first NFL experience, and it went almost perfect. I think we may have a new Rams fan on our hands - she has agreed to let me paint our living room Blue & Gold, and has decided she needs to order herself a couple of jerseys.

    David - thanks for all your hard work in organizing everything. You did an excellent job! Just one thing - next year, order the "guaranteed win" upgrade, OK?

    I took a lot of pictures, some actually came out halfway decent, some didn't, but here's a link to them:Facebook

    Once again, thanks to everyone for such a great weekend!
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    Re: The Bash/Home Opener Weekend

    It was great meeting you and colleen. I wish I had come to the dinner cause I only met u and la ram. Hope your daughter wasn't to upset at the result of the game when she watched it.

    Btw la ram u and ur wife are awesome. Tell your wife that my cousin and myself both said thank you. We were both pretty broke so the beers were very nice of her. I can't wait till next year then I can meet more of you. I seen avenger and goldenfleece but never got a chance to talk to ya. Some of you probably saw me and didn't realize. I was the one in the bradford jersey screaming his lungs out on all downs.


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    • RamWraith
      '07 Bash Experience
      by RamWraith
      Here is what happened in a nut shell through RamWraith's eyes:

      ***If I miss someone or something I apologize. I am summarizing the best I can, and with so much information and good times I am sure I will miss something. So anyone that was there feel free to add to this thread

      Arrived after an hour and 10 minute flight from Minneapolis, in which I was held up at the security check point...I guess I looked shady. We arrived around 6:00pm. Got to the hotel and immediately ran to the free drink counter at the hotel before the time expired. Downed my drinks and 1/2 of my wifes and met Big Blue. Blue is a super nice guy. He hasn't posted much, but let me tell you he is a die hard fan. This guy puts the "B" in big. I would bet that if we could have introduced him to Linehan he just might have started at one of the line positions. The beer tickets ran dry so it was off to the hotel troth to meet Dez. Here is the best way to put it. Airline tickets; $600.00, Hotel Room; $550.00, Ram memorabilia $425.00, seeing Dez again; PRICELESS! I love my bro!! We (I) drank and caught up on old times. In honesty it was the highlight of my trip, and my favorite part.

      I did not realize how much I had consumed until I woke up at 6:00 with this awful taste in my mouth and a splitting headache. My wife figured I drank a little too much as we sat down and came up with the numbers...ooopppsss. It was off to breakfast where we met Dez again and his wonderful wife (she is as great as the big guy). This is when I finally met the guy I have heard so much about. Randy (Big Red Ram). All I can say is what a HOOT. The guy came dressed in his kilt and full Irish attire and not once did I see the smile leave his face. A few other came a short time later. r8rh8rmike was the first one I got a chance to meet. I love this guy. ALL CLASS!! He is as funny and exciting as any fan I have met. One of them guys that make you proud to have as fellow fan and friend. He keep me entertained all weekend with his wit and charm. RamGram also came with I believe was her daughter. She is one to the sweetest people you will ever meet. Her love for the Rams is as noticeable as the smile on her face.

      At this point after some good ol' B.S.'ing, we split up. The family and I went to the Brewery and the rest headed shopping. The Brewery was not a good place to be after a tough night the night before. The smells of hopps and barley were enough to make me pretty ill feeling, not to mention the 8 block walk around the facility. And then to top it all off...they gave me free beer. Needless to say a few sips was about all I could take. All in all it was pretty cool, it just should have been on better circumstances for me. After that stop the family and I power shopped. Hitting as many out of the main-strip shopping centers as we could. Wal-marts, Targets, and Sports Authority came away...
      -10-30-2007, 05:08 PM
    • r8rh8rmike
      A Bash Weekend/Game Perspective (It's a long one)
      by r8rh8rmike
      Amazing Amazing Amazing! This was the best Bash weekend I've ever had. A whirlwind of good times from the minute I hit town until the minute I left.

      After getting off the train in downtown, my brother and I met laram0 and his friend Chris at our hotel, got some Pizza and then went over to the Arch, which is the second best thing to do in St. Louis. While talking outside the entrance, I decide to call Ferter to see what he was doing, and as I'm calling him, I turn around and surprise, I see this guy a few feet away, looking at me with a smile on his face, to which I ask, Ferter?? And sure enough, it was the man, the myth, the legend himself with this beautiful woman who was somehow his wife. I don’t know how they found us, but I guess it was fate (just by random chance, we were also at the same 17 story hotel, with our rooms on the same floor, directly across from each other). We all went over to the Irish bar next to our hotel and had some drinks, talked Rams football, Clanram moments, and of course, had the now infamous Marc Bulger discussion, where I was ridiculed and pummeled by everyone involved. Good thing we all laughed and joked through the entire discussion.

      Saturday morning, laram0, Chris, my brother and I took a cab to the Anheuser-Busch brewery for the tour. Talk about a good deal, not only is it an interesting tour, but it's free, and at the end, you can sit in the tasting room and have your fill of several of their beers. laram0, Chris and my brother did just that. By the time we took off, they’d left about 20 empty glasses on the table. What a bunch of lushes! We decided to walk the three miles back to the hotel and got a new perspective on the city.

      Then later in the evening, we all met up for the Bash. We were back at Jake’s, and had some good discussion and bonding before dinner. It was great to meet some new attendees and see some old friends, especially RamGram’s family, who despite recent difficulties, made the trip. After dinner, we had the raffle, and I was lucky enough to once again clean up with some nifty prizes. Here’s where I need to give thanks to my buddy laram0. My eyesight in low light, looking at small type isn’t what it used to be, so when I couldn’t see if my ticket numbers were called, laram0 was kind enough to alert AvengerRam with, “Hey, numbnuts here has it!” So again, I want to thank him for that! We finished up with a few drinks, some more Rams talk, and a few laughs before heading out.

      Let me just say some things about the people at this year’s Bash. laram0 is now a close friend who I always look forward to hanging out with every chance I get. AvengerRam is someone I have a great repoire with, and a guy who keeps this thing going every year, always doing a magnificent job. Ferter said it well in another thread, we got along like we’ve been friends for life. He is the great guy I knew he...
      -10-02-2012, 10:39 AM
    • r8rh8rmike
      A "Better Late Than Never" Bash Retrospective
      by r8rh8rmike
      Once again, it was a great weekend from start to finish. The win being the icing on the cake. We had members come out from Massachusetts, Florida, Southern California, Northern California, Washington State, Pennsylvania, and a few from the St. Louis area.

      I started by getting up at 3am on Friday, drove down to Palm Springs to catch my flight to Phoenix, where my brother joined me for the connecting flight to St. Louis. Everything was going way too smooth, so of course, something had to give. As we taxied out for takeoff, the captain announced that one of the engines had to be shut down because of a warning light, and that it had to be looked at by maintenance back at the gate. Suddenly, thoughts of a screwed up weekend overwhelmed me. So....back to the gate. After watching a bunch of guys run around the plane waving their arms and some banging noises, the captain announced a loose fitting was tightened, and we were good to go. Then it was off to St. Louis as I held my breath, hoping the engine wouldn't fall off as we took off.

      We got into St. Louis only an hour late and headed up to the Metrolink platform, where I noticed someone on the train looking at me through the tinted glass, and motioning to the person next to them. I'm thinking, what's going on here? The door opens, and it's Steve (Majorram) and his wife Liz, who had just flown in from London. I stepped in to say a quick hello, and the door closes, the train takes off, and I see my brother still on the platform glaring at me with a "what the hell are you doing" look. No problem. I call my brother and tell him to meet me at the hotel, and then have a nice chat with the Brits until we get downtown.

      Once downtown, I get a call from Curly Horns (Ed) and his wife Laurie. We meet down by the barricaded Arch, and decide to get an early dinner. I give laram0 (Mike) a call, but he's off giving his girlfriend a tour of the city, so we go eat. At dinner, Curly Horns chastises me for not contacting macrammer (Mike) and MoonJoe (Joe - go figure), to which I fired back that they had to see the "2013 Bash!" thread that had been started, and that they would respond. Turns out Curly Horns was right, and we never got the Friday crew together. Sorry guys.

      Saturday morning, I get ready to go to breakfast, and no wallet. Panic! Lose your wallet in downtown St. Louis, forget it. I call the front desk and they don't have it, but ask them to try the Irish restaurant in the hotel where we ate. Hallelujah, they have it! Dodged a bullet there. My wallet stayed in my front pocket the rest of the trip.

      After breakfast, I talk to Curly Horns, who is going to the Farmers Market with Laurie (what fun), and laram0, who is going to the Brewery with his girlfriend and buddy Chris. Been there, done that, so we decide to take the train to Union Station to maybe find some Rams crap, but the place is dead, and virtually no Rams gear, I mean...
      -10-10-2013, 08:40 PM
    • r8rh8rmike
      The View From Section 152
      by r8rh8rmike
      After a great Saturday Bash Dinner, we were ready to make our voices heard at the game. Too bad the Rams ticket guy didn't have a clue on how to assign seats to a group. Instead of putting us all together, he had us spread out in every corner of the section with six near the top, four in the middle, four several rows down and who knows where else. I didn't even get to meet everybody because I had no idea where they were! I'm sorry, but that was just plain S-T-U-P-I-D.

      It was a good crowd, very emotionally charged with the 9/11 tribute, although judging by the upper decks, thousands of no-shows. Most tried to create an intense atmosphere, but the crowd as a whole never could sustain that fever pitch. The fact that play deteriorated rapidly after the Jackson TD obviously didn't help. Speaking of the Jackson TD, after high-fiving txramsfan, TekeRam, and every other Rams fan within reach (giving air high-fives to Av and laram0 off in the distance), I noticed my hand was sticky. A quick look showed I caught someones nail and the blood was flowin'. Everybody around me was gasping in horror as the blood covered my hand, but I thought it was a little amusing. Besides, nothing was going to keep me from the game. Thanks to some quick thinking by tx and a tissue, I made a tourniquet and got my attention back to the game. I probably should have seen it as an omen of bad things to come.

      From then on, it was some sporatic moments of extreme crowd noise, but the numerous Eagles fans in our section ultimately were the only ones doing much talking. They were complete jerks too, as bad as any fans I've ever been around. I'd like to thank the Rams ticket guy for that experience as well.:o

      All in all, not a great time, although I did enjoy being able to discuss the game with tx and Teke, who are extremely knowledgeable, and great guys. It's a shame I didn't get that opportunity with the rest of the members in attendance. We need to make sure whoever is issueing tickets next year understands the concept of GROUP.

      I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing my first Rams win in the ED. Hopefully in 2012.
      -09-12-2011, 11:36 PM
    • txramsfan
      Ireland stuns Pakistan in Cricket
      by txramsfan

      The agony and ecstasy of cricket
      By Amar Shah
      Special to Page 2

      Cricket's Yogi Berra, Navjot Singh Sidhu, once warned, "Wickets are like wives -- you never know which way they will turn."

      Perhaps that's why my wife Tejal threatened to take off the Indian cricket jersey she had reluctantly worn when she saw the line in front of the NAZ8 Cineplex. I had woken her up at 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday to venture to Lakewood, near the city of Artesia, which is known as the "Little India" of Southern California. We were set to watch the India versus Bangladesh ICC World Cup match on the big screen with a movie theater full of wicket-crazy cricket nuts. By all accounts there was no better place in America where a cricket fan could go to experience the visceral feel of a real match. Plus, it was free. But now, with the sun still yet to rise, and a cold chill in the air, my wife crossed her arms and nudged me in the chest.

      Our correspondent and his wife show off their jerseys."We look like posers," she said. "We're the only ones wearing these shirts."

      She let me know that my brilliant plan of wearing the sky blue, Sahara-endorsed jerseys that I brought back from India was a stupid idea. Though the crowd was mostly Indian-centric, everyone was clad in coats, jeans and five o'clock shadows. Tejal also pointed out that she was the only girl.

      When one of the men in line saw us approaching like a pair of twin Smurfs, he blithely commented that Tendulkar and Dravid had arrived, referring to the last names of legendary star Sachin Tendulkar and captain Rahul Dravid. The rest of the crowd chuckled, but it was all in the spirit of camaraderie. Throughout, conversations stirred about whether India would make it to the finals, whether the selection committee made the right decision by picking an out of shape Virender Sehwag or whether Bangladesh had any real chance to topple India. Doors were to open at 7:00 a.m., but when we peered through the windows plastered with Bollywood movie posters, all we saw was darkness. It was 7:01.

      Started in 1992 in Fremont, Calif., by Shiraz Jivani, a Pakistani businessman, the NAZ8 theatrical chain named after his wife became one of the first movie theater chains in America exclusively showcasing Bollywood movies seven days a week. Box office success led to the creation of more multiplexes scattered across California, including the one in Lakewood. At the same time, Jivani bought the rights to show the Cricket World Cup. For the large South Asian population in Silicon Valley, this provided the only avenue for them to quench their sporting passion and show their national pride. Pakistan won the World Cup that year. NAZ8 continued to broadcast subsequent World Cups and other important rivalries like the always...
      -03-20-2007, 11:00 AM