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Bulger's Biggest Improvement: Consistency

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  • Bulger's Biggest Improvement: Consistency

    Last year, some of Marc Bulger's detractors criticized him for being inconsistent from game to game. This year, his performance has been extremely consistent. Here are his game to game QB ratings:

    AZ 89.3
    @ATL 102.2
    NO 93.8
    @SF 103.1
    @SEA 76.0
    TB 97.1
    @MIA 80.6
    NE 103.7

    Interestingly, the game in which Marc had his worst QB rating - the Seattle game - was arguably his best game of the year as he shook off early interceptions to lead the Rams to a huge comeback win.

    I think one of the reasons for the improved consistency is that Bulger is spreading the ball around more. Both Bruce and Holt are in the top 10 in the NFC in receiving yards, and Faulk, McDonald, Curtis and Manumaleuna have all had their moments.

    I would like to see Bulger take more of the easy outlet throws when he does not have time to look downfield or the deep patterns are covered. I'd also like to see more screen passes, particularly to Steven Jackson.

    But, for those who thought we had seen the best of Marc Bulger before this year... its time to acknowledge that Marc is a developing QB who probably has not yet reached his peak.

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    Re: Bulger's Biggest Improvement: Consistency

    What is especially impressive about these numbers is that bulger is putting them up with less pass protection than he had last year. I dont know what the sack numbers indicate, but i think he has been under a lot more consistent pressure this year, especially of course, from the side of grant williams.

    I agree that the single biggest improvement is his ability to look at multiple options rather than locking in to holt.

    general counsel


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    • supachump
      Is Bulger Playing it Too Safe?
      by supachump
      There seems to be less and less passes over a few yards. I haven't watched the fortyniners game for a second time, but I remember very few passes past 10 yards (that were completed).

      Now, since Bulger is asked to be more careful with his options- are we seeing too much hesitation? The passing game has gotten very limited. I can't imagine that Holt, Bruce, and Curtis are being covered THAT well.

      I know the O line isn't exactly in good shape, but Bulger seemed to have some time yesterday to make a pass further than 4-9 yards. His few longer passes seemed to be off target and maybe he is a little gunshy.
      -11-27-2006, 09:50 AM
    • r8rh8rmike
      The Watercooler: Can Bulger Rediscover His Touch?
      by r8rh8rmike
      10.14.2009 11:49 am
      Can Bulger rediscover his touch?
      By Roger Hensley


      QUESTION: Given time in the pocket, do you think Marc Bulger is capable of rediscovering the accuracy that marked his play earlier in his career?

      When Bulger was at his best, 2006, he was throwing to Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce and Kevin Curtis. And Steven Jackson was having a career year in the backfield. The last time the Rams won a playoff game, 2004, Bulger not only had Holt, Bruce and Jackson, but Marshall Faulk also contributed 1,000+ yards from scrimmage (rushing and receiving). If the quality around Bulger is above-average, he can be an efficient quarterback. And thereís no doubt his completion percentage would go up. But heís not the type of QB who can elevate a team. He needs the cast around him.

      Sure. But it pays to have receivers that can consistently gain separation and get open. And that obviously hasnít always been the case this season with a young, unproven receiving corps.

      Heís very accurate in practice, when pressure isnít being applied. So, youíd have to assume that he could be accurate on Sundays if protected. It also would help him if the Rams had a more formidable stable of receivers.

      Accuracy from the pocket will not be a problem for Marc IF the Rams protect him. He will make some nice throws. But will the offensive game plan allow him to attack opponents with those mid-range passes he can hit all day? Also, will his lack of mobility prevent him from succeeding on the roll-out and bootleg passes that Kyle Boller throws so well? Those questions will remain even if the offensive line can build a sturdy pocket for him.

      Time in the pocket isnít enough to revive the passing game. The Rams need reliable receivers as well as improved pass protection.

      KEVIN WHEELER (Host of ďSports Open LineĒ on KMOX)
      I suppose itís possible but a lot of that accuracy early in his career was the product of having top-shelf receivers. Those guys caught everything they were supposed to and then caught some more just for good measure. More time to see a play develop is always going to help but having proven, Pro Bowl caliber receivers like Holt and Bruce had as much to do with those high completion percentages as the amount of time Bulger had to throw the ball. More time to throw would benefit Bulger, no doubt, but more time and more talent at wide receiver would be the only way to do a true comparison between Bulger now and Bulger back then.
      -10-14-2009, 12:43 PM
    • general counsel
      Name 10 qbs better than bulger
      by general counsel
      A number of people are bashing bulger again. Back up your point, rather than making sweeping statements about his shortcomings, which we all admit he has. NO qb can win on his own, they all need protection, receivers, a running game etc.

      For people that think bulger is the problem, name me ten qb's that are better than bulger. Make sure you factor in quality of offensive line, receivers and running game. How do you think cassell would have looked behind our offensive line today? How does carson palmer look without pass protection this year?

      A qb is NOT a superman no matter how much money you pay him. Why does matt ryan look so good as a rookie? Answer. Offensive line play and his running game. how do you think ryan would look behind the rams offensive line.

      Look at cassell. Makes some nice throws, but did he make a single quality throw today under pressure? If he did, i must have missed it because he spent the entire day all alone in the pocket getting quality snaps from center and an ability to step up in the pocket and hit open receivers. Bulger almost never has that luxery. Of course on the long td to avery, he had great protection and he threw a perfect strike for a td, something that certain people dont bother to point out.

      Its so easy to criticize when a player doesnt do exactly what you want him to. Name me 10 guys that are better than bulger. He is a top 1/3 qb and as a result, i think we have far bigger holes to address, starting with offensive line.

      Did anyone watch the giants steelers game today? Big Ben was terrible with the pass rush in his face. Three INT's and they lost the game. No way is anyone going to convince me that super bowl title or not a guy like big ben is better than bulger.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel
      -10-26-2008, 05:25 PM
    • Tony Soprano
      Marc Bulger
      by Tony Soprano
      Right now with 2 games left to play, Bulger leads the league in passing yardage and the closest competitor is 60 yards behind him.

      We had one turnover - ONE. We won the turnover battle in this game.

      You can fine tune things, but how can anyone point the finger at Bulger. He was hurried, pressured, and Sacked SEVEN times. He had a poor to inconsistent running game to support him and we were down big and forced into predictable throwing situations.

      I can guarantee you that he had a Higher QB rating than the Pro-Bowl QB for the NFC last year (Michael Vick 2004 = 78.1 ) AND Vick had the Number 1 rushing Offense in the NFC to support him (remember Warrick Dunn and T.J. Duckett).

      It's an over-simplification to blame the QB.

      Take Hall of Famer, Steve Young - Look at his stats and wins in Tampa Bay - and then contrast that with what he did in SanFran (night and day). The difference being his surrounding cast.

      If Bulger had a consistently good running game, he'd be the Number 2 QB in the league.

      -09-11-2005, 06:29 PM
    • AtlantaRamFan
      Bulger: Product of the system?
      by AtlantaRamFan
      Not sure if this is interesting to anyone but me, but a friend of mine keeps calling Bulger a product of the system because he has had Torry Holt to throw to. It kinda got annoying so I looked up all the games between the 2004 and 2006 seasons in which Bulger and Holt have played together. There are 11 games in which Holt had 51 yards or fewer. These are Bulger's QB rating and yards for those 11 games:

      2006 QB rating Yards

      @SF 81.1 (185)
      @GB 112.2 (220)
      @SD 109.1 (327)
      KC 106.6 (354)
      SF 80.6 (201)


      @SEA 90.0 (304)


      @SF 103.1 (186)
      @MIA 80.6 (295)
      SEA 100.4 (262)
      @GB 97.1 (448)
      @ATL 99.6 (299)

      Of the 11 games, he as a QB rating of 99 or higher in 6 of them, 3 games under 90.0 and his worst coming against MIA. It's my belief that Bulger is THE most unde QB, if not the most unde player.

      This is my first time doing this, so if I messed something up, or any stats are wrong, let me know.
      -05-28-2007, 05:14 PM