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Anyone still think we can win a game?

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  • Anyone still think we can win a game?

    ...I sure don't. I still maintain that, given what I have seen over the last month or so, we will not win a game this year. Yes, Cards and Seahawks are not very good, but as far as I'm concerned, last time I checked, they are better than us though, and we are not a very good football team right now, nor have we been for the last several years.

    Why is this the case? Well, like most of you, I am still searching for the answer. All of you should know by now that bad drafting/scouting has crippled this franchise up to this point. But my burning question is this though, not ignoring this fact: How did it get THIS bad? I mean honestly, it feels and looks like this team literally lacks solid depth ALL ACROSS THE BOARD!!! How can this be possible? I mean, you wouldn't mind it if its " Oh, we desperately need help at QB and SS, but we're pretty much secure everywhere else" FOR US, its like we need help at EVERY position!!! And, if this is so, then that means that, by logic, it will take this team years to be able to say that they have a steady, stable competitive product that they can put out there.

    I mean, seriously folks, the sky is literally falling in STL right now. Describing it as anything less would be a huge understatement. I just dont see how things could have turned so sour in just a few years, let alone from last year to this year. Its almost as if we did the league a huge injustice or disservice by being the GSOT, as ridiculous as it sounds. We are, by far, the worst team in the NFL right now. Anyone still think we will win a game this year? If you do, post on this thread LEGITIMATE reasons why you think we will win at least one game.

    I dont even know where to start. I just dont get it. Every other team in the league, including the winless Dolphins, have been competitive in most of their games. But us? We just look like we are lost out there and dont know what our individual assignments are. And its pathetic. My Cowboy fan friend asked me if I watched the game. He was very disappointed at my answer. I said " Why should I? The game was over from the Caddy fumble."

    I am trying SO hard to put together a scenario where the Rams will be competitive again. As of right now, I'll be VERY hard-pressed, and somewhat creative, if I do. Forget this season, this is as lost as the 101st dalmatian. But lets say in the offseason, that we sign a boatload of FA's and some good draft picks. I am still not convinced that that will bring W's. But we all want to see COMPETITIVE FOOTBALL, week in week out, not tired, I-give-up type of football. So far I have not yet seen it.

    What really ticks me off is these guys who we draft come to our team and literally do nothing to help. Chris Long and Robert Quinn are two good examples of guys who have done little to prove to me that they were worthy of being picked so high. Jason Smith is a colossal bust, and Brown and Bell are FA busts. And, the saddest part is, these are guys that most draftniks/so-called experts either recommend us to get or say " that was a good FA signing/ draft pick" afterwards!!

    Does anyone else agree with me on this? Unless there is a HUGE offseason, there may be reason to believe that this team will not be something to talk about for a few more years...

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    Re: Anyone still think we can win a game?

    robert quinn is a rookie man.. he's not getting PT and he will do better.. but everything else i completly agree.. but i think we can beat the division atleast twice.


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      Re: Anyone still think we can win a game?

      We will win two or 3 games and that is it. Someone else will suck for Luck we already have Bradford.
      Aim high Willis, Aim High!


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        Re: Anyone still think we can win a game?

        You know i been wondering the same exact thing. Everyone at this point on the rest of our schedule is playing better than us. Hell we might go 0-16! o_0 Last thing I would want but hell if that means we get #1 and trade it off it would be a nice to build up this team with talent THAT IS PROPERLY EVALUATED!


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          Re: Anyone still think we can win a game?

          We're bad, but as long as Bradford comes back healthy, we're going to win some games.


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            Re: Anyone still think we can win a game?

            We might beat Arizona or Seattle at home but that's about all I can picture as far as wins go.


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              Re: Anyone still think we can win a game?

              Only 2 teams were ever winless so imo the odds are in our favor to beat someone.


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                Re: Anyone still think we can win a game?

                I'm thinking Cleveland is a winnable game...maybe the Bengals.

                Home against the Seahawks, both games against the Cards, and.......home against the Whiners (please)

                ....and that's probably about it.


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                  Re: Anyone still think we can win a game?

                  beat whiners cards hawk and browns.............4 wins this year...


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                    Re: Anyone still think we can win a game?

                    Yeah, but what makes you guys think we can beat these guys though? I said in my original post " Give legitimate reasons why!!"


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                      Re: Anyone still think we can win a game?

                      To answer your question, yes.


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                        Re: Anyone still think we can win a game?

                        With the injuries piling up on Seattle.. that could be close..

                        And you never know with the Tards.. but a split is possible, yet pointless


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                          Re: Anyone still think we can win a game?

                          We'll pick off at least one of Seattle, Arizona, and Cincinnati at home.


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                            Re: Anyone still think we can win a game?

                            I don't even know how to begin to fathom how terrible we are. I feel like our coaches are not coaching at all, our players are regressing and not caring, and our management and staff are asleep 24/7.

                            Every other fan of every other team watch football on Sunday to watch their team compete and play football. It feels to me on Sundays we watch just to see how bad we lose. It's ridiculous.

                            This team has no clue what the heck they're doing on the field. Don't give me that Robert Quinn excuses nonsense. Look what other rookie DE's are doing. Aldon Smith, Ryan Kerrigan, Adrian Clayborne, Cam Jordan, they're all contributing. It feels like we didn't even have a 1st round pick this year.

                            And what happened to Chris Long? Did he peak already? Because right now he's playing like a 2nd round pick, not a 2nd overall pick.

                            I also have a weird intuition that if Bell and Brown and Dahl were signed by any other team, they'd be having much more success playing their than here.


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                              Re: Anyone still think we can win a game?

                              I think most fans just don't understand the loss of key players on a football team. If you don't think they matter just look at the Colts.

                              It's hard for me as a fan to pass judgement on this team when we are a shell of the team Billy put together. Last year we where moving in the right direction, what is the change this year. INJURIES they matter. It's just a fact in the NFL you can't loss too many starters or key players and win.

                              If we had lost a few players and have yet to win a game I would be wondering what the hell.... but it's a no brainier that this is not the same team as last year due to injuries. IMO


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                              • rNemesis
                                I dont see how a team could be so bad....
                                by rNemesis
                                YEt be better than our Rams.

                                I mean I just dont get what it takes to win in this league man. I am just tired of hearing the SAME OLD RAMS talk from all these so called analysts and experts and whoever else. Whenever we are playing a great or good team, we never get the pick , and probably rightfully so. But whenever we play a bad team, no matter what their record is now, was then, or what they predict it to be this year, its like they always pick us to lose. I dont see how a team could lose 12 games a year yet be "better than us"

                                I dont see how a team could be 2-14 yet be " better than us"

                                I MEAN COME ON GUYS!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!! BULLISH!!!! You cannot sit here and tell me that EVERY team in the league is "LEAPS AND BOUNDS" ahead of us and that " they only need a couple of pieces" yet " we have so many gaping holes'

                                Let me tell you what I have been doing the past 3 painful years. I have been watching closely ( and understanding) what it takes to win in this league. I have watch us play every team in the NFL over that period, I think. And at some point you have to wonder " OK, when is this losing going to stop"? We have played everyone from the Colts and Saints straight down to the Lions and Chiefs. SO you sit and wonder after every loss if you are ever going to win because you see all the mistakes you make and all of the lack of impact players. Now all that is pretty much addressed, aside from a couple more positions, we have some good players on this team and we have STILL NOT won a game? BULLISH!!!

                                NOW think about THAT my friends!! Think about why some other teams "suck" yet they can find a way to win some games. Why cant we?

                                Biggest question I have ever tried to find the answer to, and probably also the most annoying. Dont tell me its because we have too many holes.
                                -09-17-2010, 01:56 PM
                              • rNemesis
                                When can we be "relevant " again?
                                by rNemesis
                                First off let me say "THANK YOU SAM' for playing very well against the Patriots in his first career NFL start and third preseason game. It was an excellent display of poise, arm strength, confidence in the pocket and durability of his shoulder and ability to take sacks and hits and stay cool under pressure. However, while I am very proud of it and it was nice for him to get this off his chest, he still needs a lot more work and reps and this will only come with time of course and its to be expected from a rookie QB. But he did what he HAD to do, and it was a good thing AJ Feeley got injured, because it seemed to have come at the right time. This was exactly what he needed to feel even more confident and comfortable in the NFL. I watched the game myself, and let me tell you I was very impressed with the way he looked and the way the team looked in general. Accurate zip on passes no matter where it really was, he made those passes. He got good protection from the O-line and help from Jackson and little bit of Darby.

                                Was anyone looking for an identity for this team? Well I think its this. If you notice, either good teams, especially with great defense, play to their level of their opponent or they dont. I feel like the Rams have just recently been a team that plays to the level of their opponent. When we play sub.500 teams, we play a good close game. When we play a good team, we fight hard to stay in the game, but our OFFENSE just lets us down; had they scored some points, they would have been much more manageable games for us. We will DEFINITELY establish SJAX and whoever else for the running game to set up PA to whoever is open downfield. If we have to run the ball all day, we can do that. If we have to air it out, I feel like we are capable enough of a good passing game too.

                                SO MY QUESTION IS THIS: When can we be back in the the playoffs and start being an elite team ? It is possible, although rather very difficult, to turn a 1-15 team into a 9-7 or better team. ( aka 08 dolphins to 09 dolphins, I'm sure there are other examples but that one always come to mind) . But this is exactly what I could'nt understand for years. The fact that other teams had seem to be winning year in year out and if not winning, at the very least having respectable records. But no, not us , because why? We're the "same old sorry ass rams" to a lot of critics. WHY? where did that name even come from anyway ? A bad 90's decade ? SO what who cares? I just dont see why everyone is/was making a big deal about our losing seasons, albeit it was very dismal. But it would have had to been the horrible draft picks during that previous regime. Thank God we have sensible people in place running this team that know how to build and run one, no matter its history.

                                What all do we need? A playmaking WR ? A legit backup to steven Jax? A premier pass rusher? Someone mentioned somewhere a couple of days ago on this forum that...
                                -08-27-2010, 03:16 PM
                              • general counsel
                                Controversial Thread: Do you want us to win anymore games?
                                by general counsel
                                Time for the controversy of the week, a topic that will be discussed heatedly from now to the end of the year.

                                Question: Do you want the rams to win anymore games?

                                Before you jump all over me, consider that we are out of the playoffs. There is a material difference in where we pick in the draft IN ALL 7 ROUNDS based on how we finish. We desparately need IMPACT players on defense. Better picks, while no guarantee of course, give you a better shot at better players and a better shot to trade up if there is someone you really want (ie whoever is the top defensive end coming out, i will leave that to nick and the experts).

                                Just my view, but i couldnt care less about the difference between 8-8 and 5-11. I want to see the rams do well offensively and i want to cheer for our guys, and most importantly, i dont want to see anyone get hurt. However, whether we win or lose from this point on, we wont have a chance to win it all. I am not going to be in a great mood for a week if we beat oakland and then the skins like i would be when we are in the hunt.

                                I am about trying to win superbowls, not trying to go .500. This year we have no shot of getting to the superbowl. I believe that we have a better shot of getting there next year if we wind up 5-11 then if we wind up 8-8.

                                One subtle distinction. There is a difference between my point which is that i wont be upset if we lose the last three than saying that i am actively routing against us. At best, i am indifferent, but the reality is that i believe intellectually that we are better off for next year to lose now. Part of that, and i think a critical part, is i dont see any value to having timmerman, glover and some of the other vets in the games. They may be better than the kids but so what? They are not part of the future. I want wroten, bartell etc to get real world game experience. Lets see what we have for next year, or at least get a glimpse. Put richie at guard if that is where he is headed and romberg at center and run the ball more so bulger doesnt get killed.

                                Training camp and pre season games are very very difficult to evaluate, lets have some baptism by fire for the kids and find out if there is a shot that some of them can contribute. Many on this board have advocated this theory, which i think is really making the same point as me in this thread. Bottom line- we are better off now to play for the future and the future of this team is better served with the kids on the field and better draft picks in april 2007.

                                Lets have a debate on this, should be a good one.

                                ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -12-14-2006, 01:37 PM
                              • RamsFanSam
                                Where do we go from here?
                                by RamsFanSam
                                Hello, fellow Rams fans and others. I've got a few minutes between drinking the first pot of coffee and taking out my two dogs, so I thought I'd post a few thoughts on here to ask "what next?".

                                In my home, the Rams aren't just a football team. They are a way of life. When an eight year old girl would rather watch the Rams play a game they will probably lose instead of Hannah Montana, then a father knows he is raising a child right.

                                So, we have gone from 8-8, to 3-13, to 2-14. We have changed coaching staff more often than some people change their oil. We can't seem to find the answers. But still, on any given Sunday, the Rams can look like the meanest team in the league for 50 or 55 minutes...then somehow, they blow it in the last few minutes of play. When I look back on the Rams teams from the last few years, I remember noticing a slow, steady decline. Sure, there were some bright spots - SJ and Bulger both looked fantastic just two seasons ago, Bartell looked like the miracle man this year, OJ has shined, but overall, the intensity of the entire team has faded. Much of this had to do with injuries - it's hard to keep your runningback in the game and your quarterback upright if your O line isn't blocking anyone. Those rare moments when the O line did mesh provided a chance for a big play, but something seemed to always go wrong. Our WR's had WD-40 on their hands, or a route was run in the wrong direction, or the QB was so gun shy that he just wanted to get rid of the ball before getting hit.

                                This year, it was different. We had all the pieces of the puzzle, but the guy who was trying to put it together didn't know how they fit together. Four games into the season, he was let go. The entire team seemed to change overnight. The swagger was back. The players no longer looked afraid of contact. We won a game against a better Washington team and stunned the league. One week later, we made Dallas a laughingstock. (Kind of like the Eagles did last night...hahahahahahahaha!!!!) People actually began to notice us!

                                Of course, we all hoped this was the real Rams, but most of us were careful. We'd been burned before, but those guys in Blue and Gold sure looked like winners!

                                Reality set in way too soon. We couldn't get a "W" the rest of the season. It sounds strange, but until week 9, we actually had a chance to make the playoffs with a 2-6 record. Of course, we all know how that story ends.

                                But are the Rams really as bad as Detroit? No. Not even close. Think about it. Most of the last 12 games, we were within reach of a win for at least half of the game. More than once, we were within minutes of a win - then disaster struck. Each game had ONE pivotal moment that I wish we could take back and do over. Yesterday, it was the onside kick being called back - OK, two moments: the lack of coverage on that long run. Yet, the Rams did not give up - not until...
                                -12-29-2008, 07:28 AM
                              • Varg6
                                The season so far, is it a success?
                                by Varg6
                                We are rebuilding. Who doesn't know that?

                                I've said it before and I'll say it again, each week regardless of win or loss I want to see progress. What we saw yesterday was progress. Do I want to win every game? Of course, but we can't expect that just yet. However, I know we are headed down the right path and the beautiful thing is, we are young. These guys are just going to get better with more experience.

                                I think we are finally developing that team chemistry we've desperately needed for years. I'm so proud of these guys and I feel like if we play like we did on Sunday, we can beat just about any team in the NFL. I don't expect us to go 8-8 but honestly I wouldn't be too shocked if we got on a roll and achieved that record.

                                Going back to the thread's question, is the season a success so far? On paper it isn't, but progress wise, absolutely.
                                -11-16-2009, 07:01 AM