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  • Now is the time..

    For all you rams fan. Now is the time! Now is the time to be positive about our upcoming schedule. Get optimistic and get pumped. I may be going out on a limb here but i say we make playoffs.

    I may be jumping the gun, but i don't care. I say the only game we lose from here on out is against Pittsburgh. I say we beat the San Francisco *****, i say your wrong, If we can pressure smith like we did brees we can beat anyone. And brees is a much better QB than smith.

    Let's believe guys, Spagnolo said that after the last game he challanged his team and called them out, maybe not as voraciously as SJ39 but, he did tell them "you guys flat out cannot tackle and your professionals, get back to the basics." as said by him in a video before the saints game. They came out and responded, i also think we should credit him and ken flajole and sj39 on getting the defense going on the mental side and helping them tackle better.
    Spags says were a couple games away from being second in our division. Which to me is a great sign that he believes in this team, and he believes in his players. I like that!

    I dont know about you but i am a tired rams fan, and i am ready for playoffs. lets do this!!!

    :8 I bleed blue and gold!

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    Re: Now is the time..

    Originally posted by hawaiianpunch View Post
    I may be going out on a limb here but i say we make playoffs
    Playoffs? We win one game and you want to talk playoffs?
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    It's Jim not Chris


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      Re: Now is the time..

      I am down with the faith for the team each week. However, the playoff talk is very premature.


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        Re: Now is the time..

        Let's try to string some wins together before we talk playoffs.

        The tired old cliche "one game at a time" applies here. We have to build on what we accompished last week vs. New Orleans. We cannot let all the good will we garnered after last week's upset get ruined by a disgusting performance vs. John Skelton and the Arizona Cardinals. It goes without saying that we are not in a position to overlook ANYONE. We are still a 1-6 team with a huge hole to climb out of. We must continue improving across the board. If we can make a commitment to doing things the right way and playing to potential, the wins will take care of themselves.


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          Re: Now is the time..

          I love the enthusiasm, my friend. Like the others said, and I agree, it's preemptive. However, who can honestly say they haven't thought about it?
          Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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            Re: Now is the time..

            Hey, some positivity is always nice to see. While making the playoffs might be a bit farfetched, as of now, theres nothing wrong with being optimistic about it. Thats why we watch our team. Im right with you buddy. Lets just hope they can get a W in arizona. A second when in two weeks would be crucial in the teams and the fans confidence. They NEED to prove that the Saints win was no fluke.


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              Re: Now is the time..

              Talking about the playoffs after one win is like a 18yr old about to get lucky for his first time and blows his load a little prematurely .

              Dont get me wrong I want to see it happy, let's see if we can win a road game first ya?


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                Re: Now is the time..

                If the Rams can get to the playoffs, it would need to be a record breaking run for the ages.? Stranger things have happened though. The chances of the two big St.Louis sports teams, doing it in the same season must be near zero.? All Im realistically hoping for is some increased consistency from both our offense and defense, and the results will take care of themselves.?
                GO RAMS


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                  Re: Now is the time..

                  The only thing that scares me is that we are a 3 point underdog this weekend. I thought that this would be a pickem' game....especially if Kolb is out.......Vegas know something we don't ? ?? ?


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                    Re: Now is the time..

                    Originally posted by hawaiianpunch View Post
                    I may be going out on a limb here but i say we make playoffs.

                    Out on a limb? You're standing on a TWIG. Oy vey.
                    "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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                      Re: Now is the time..

                      Isn't being 3point underdogs on the road a pickem game? Being that you get 3 points for being st home..


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                        Re: Now is the time..

                        This is the Mother of all trap games for us in what I'll call a trap season if it goes according to our m.o..

                        I'll not bite. I've been here before.

                        Be afraid. Be very afraid.
                        Look away. I'm hideous. __ Cozmo Kramer


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                          Re: Now is the time..

                          Just trying to keep the Optimism going.
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                          • jjigga3000
                            by jjigga3000
                            Last year we had lost all hope of doing anything after the 4th game of the season. The Rams weren't competitive or competent. This year is a whole different beast. We're two games out of first place and have the chance to enter the bi-week at .500. I know for a fact not many people in this forum believed or even thought that this would be possible. The fact that we're getting mad and upset that we lost a gave says something, with a couple of plays going our way, and I do mean a couple we could be 6-1. Our record really doesn't give a direct detail of who and what kind of team this is.

                            So we have many reasons to be excited about the state of the Rams, because we know we now have a competitive team. Look at the second half of the season, I don't see why we can't make a run for the playoffs. First off if we beat Seattle at home, then we have the tie breaker against them, in the case of a tie. and I see no reason why we can't because i think we match up well against them. of the rest of the 8 teams we face including the Cardiac Kats, I think it's possible we could go 7-2 or 6-3. The only teams I see us having a problem with are the Falcons, and Saints. I see us finishing 9-7, and this year I think that's good enough to make the playoffs. Reason's to be hopeful fellas.

                            For those who don't think so, I really could care less what you think, because even with our record this team has been very enjoyable to watch. Yeah it's painful to loose close games like we have. But hey at least we were close and considering where we came from as a team. I'll take that anyday. All this team is doing is learning how to win. We'll have more close games like that this year, believe me, and guess what we will win them.
                            -10-26-2010, 03:24 PM
                          • 1980RAMS
                            Tough loss
                            by 1980RAMS
                            Everyone lost in our division and we couldn't capitalize. Very dis heartening. This team has a problem closing games. We could have gained a game on the hawks. But instead we are in the same boat we where yesterday.

                            3 Games upcoming on the Road...... Scary
                            -11-21-2010, 06:33 PM
                          • RamsFanSam
                            I am so tired of this.
                            by RamsFanSam
                            Every game this season, the Rams have looked a little bit better. Our offense looked the best it has all year, Bulger led a two-minute offense that was reminiscent of days past, Amendola is giving our return game something it has been missing for years, and our defense is stepping it up, somewhat inconsistently, but still better than it has in the past two seasons.

                            We went into Jacksonville today with a desire to come out with a win. It came down to the last 7 seconds before we ended up going for a tie instead of a win. Spags played it safe for a chance to win instead of gambling and possibly losing. The decision to go for three may have been the wrong one (remember Carolina in the playoffs a few years ago?) but it gave our guys something they haven't had in a long time - hope.

                            So what am I tired of? I'm tired of the fans who are too busy whining about Bulger (who did a great job today), fans who are complaining about our defense (who actually did a decent job) to notice that we are getting better.

                            Yeah, let's trade our best player. That way, we can get a RB who runs like crap - because that's all that's left in free agency. Let's bench our QB - the one who knows the plays and is really showing that he can execute once again. That way, we can start someone who can't be consistent at throwing either completions or interceptions. Let's trash the whole team - after all, it's only been six weeks, and if they haven't won us a super bowl by now, they never will.

                            I'm not looking at the team through rose colored glasses. I'm being realistic. The Rams are bad - no doubt about it. But the Rams of week six are far better than the Rams of week one. I didn't expect a quick turnaround. Even Spags said it will take time. Anyone who thought we'd be an NFL powerhouse by now should at least try to be realistic.

                            Most of us on here thought we should have won today. I'm one of them. Anyone who is whining about the effort put forth by anyone on the team today needs to watch the game again, because the game I watched showed a Rams team that fought hard for a win. Had we won the coin toss in OT...we would have had that elusive "W".

                            For those of you who think whining about things will make you a good fan, or will change the team, I've got news for you.

                            It makes you look like a fair-weather fan, and the team isn't going to change the road they are on just because you think you know the way to go.
                            -10-18-2009, 06:41 PM
                          • renrawtruk
                            Did the Rams Chances of getting to the playoffs improve or worsen?
                            by renrawtruk
                            (BTW, what's the opposite of improve? Diminish? Decline?)

                            So really only 2 things changed in the race for the last Wild Card spot this week from last:

                            #1. Tampa lost
                            #2. There is 1 less game left to catch up

                            Point #2 point is major because now there is only 3 games left and Dallas and Washington both won games that were key in the formula of potential games they could lose. (yes, they play each other, but if either or both have 9 wins going into that game, we are in trouble).

                            #1. is almost irrelevant because we play Tampa and could have given them the needed 1 loss.

                            Still need a loss by Seattle which could happen vs. SF in 2 weeks.

                            HOWEVER, athough our chances of getting the last wild card spot may have went down a bit, the other wild card spot COULD open up if Chicago loses to Green Bay. (then, of course we need Chicago to lose to Detroit on the last game, but is only possible if GB beats Chicago this week.

                            ...and I know "we just have to beat Minnesota first", but entertaining the above.
                            -12-12-2012, 10:06 PM
                          • RamWraith
                            Get your emotions in check
                            by RamWraith

                            I am as excited as anyone with the last couple weeks...and love the feeling a win gives me. But slow down!!

                            I am reading so many thing about how the Greatest Show on Turf is back and how much these wins mean and how dominate we are against such tough opponents. I am all for the fun, but come on! This train wreck didn't happen over night, and it will not be fixed over night. Granted things are looking up, but we still have a long up hill climb through this season and into next. If you put your expectations so high that hiccup is going to feel like a heart attack.

                            Lets be excited, and stoked for the new Rams. Just remember where we came from and there are going to be bumps in the road. That I guarantee!
                            -10-21-2008, 04:39 AM