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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

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  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

    The good.......there was very little in the saints game.
    The bad.........there was alot!!!
    The Ugly........ditto!!!

    I was kind of afraid that the saints were going to pull off a victory. If anyone read my last post which read: Will the saints go marching on. It talks about a possibility of them having our number. For some reason the team plays with added intense due to their coach and team mates being fired up since we have been ex-superbowl winners who have won with bull **** flee flickers and screens and fancy plays. The saints coach seems to think that we are a bunch of crap players with crappy non-football plays.

    Truth is, the Rams beat the Rams fair and square!!! We lost the game due to silly penaltys, fumbles, interceptions, costly errors, un-special teams, blown plays and a missed field goal. If we played error free football or at least hanged on to the ball without giving it away with our fumbles and interceptions, we would have won yet as murphy's law plays out so many sundays, it was a game of 'what can go wrong will go wrong' and to think that the Rams are exempt from murphys law is wrong! It was bound to happen and I say good, why?

    Well, lets just say that the next time we play the saints on their turf, it will be a different game. We should learn from our mistakes and hopefully on the next meeting, we will be playing with a healthy Faulk, and fumbleless game, a zero interception, a game plan that will have many flee flickers, trick plays so that it will inferiate the saints coach and perhaps a few on side kicks to boot ;-). I think that the Rams have learned a valuable experience of this loss and that if they can bounce back and play with added aggression due to this loss, perhaps this will propel them into the nfc playoffs.

    This game against the saints truely was a horror film for the players as well as the fans and we didn't even get to see georgia for her halloween yearly appearance :mask: , darn!!! I believe that we see the saints mid december again. I will hope that we will bring with us a more intense game plan and an error free game in the georgia dome so that it can erase this bad taste that this last game left. And I hope that Martz will remember what the saint's coach said about the Rams and their so called plays so that he can fire up the team to seek revenge. I honestly don't think that the saints coach should be talking smack until he takes his team to the big dance and wins the big one! Rememeber, we walked the walk and can talk the talk since we are a past victorious superbowl team.

    We now have a 'bye' week to rest, gather our thoughts and hopefully allow Faulk to return with 100% healed on his knee.
    I predict a victory againt Carolina after the return from the bye week yet I will go out on a limb and
    I guarantee a victory (IE: Joe Namath/broadway Joe) against the saints on December 17th by at least 10 points :p that way we could listen to the saints coach come up with all of his excuses as to why his team lost against a team with bull **** flee flickers and trick plays.


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    Well Martz has decided to let the Rams take the bye week off and has been rather casual about our loss to the Saints.One thing about Martz,he does not ride the fence.With him ,it's either feast or famine,Glory or goat.Martz will never be labeled mediocre.That is Rams football,and one thing our team will never be is boring.



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      We are totally forgetting that there were good points in the game.

      1. They only beat us by a FG.
      2. Two back to back TDs, one because of an interception.
      3. Defensively, Zgonina was hungry for hits and Wistrom got 3 sacks and a big hit.

      I challenge all to look at the good in this game. It's there if you look. Sure, the bad offset it all in the end, but it was only a big win for the Aints because it was us. (sorry, the mother in me is coming out wanting to defend her children);)


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      • FirebirdRamsam
        Will the Saints go marching on???
        by FirebirdRamsam
        Whew...........what a game. I mean, we actually played a game so dominating without our mvp feature running back that it was almost un-believable. Coach Martz must have read my previous message reading: Take out your top mvp players if you are ahead in points!!! DUH! You don't want the risk injury to your top players if you want to make it to the superbowl do you???

        The game against the Jets was a classic. I think Martz finally learned just how good Canidate is and also learned that by taking out Warner towards the end of the game, perhaps will extend the life span of probably the greatest QB ever to play the game!

        I think the Giants game of last week was a very good learning experience that perhaps will prepare this team for its final hurdle down the streach as it reaches the playoffs.

        Before I talk about the Saints, I have to congratulate Trung for such an inspired game day. I think that if Trung can remain healthy, this will bring to the table an even more diobiolical offensive game plan than previously before. Trung was truely awesome and perhaps made the Jets seem like a one engine propeler with an oil leak making a kamakazi nose dive

        Trung was all over the field playing all kinds of positions, the play that turned the entire game into a mis match was Trung playing QB, I think that the Jets at that point should have either tossed in the white flag or made an s.o.s. call. Remember, this was really Trung's first real start, if he gets better (is that possible) I think that they might outlaw the Rams from playing in the NFL!

        This sundays game against the Saints will be very very interesting. Remember, on any given sunday, any team can win and for some reason, the saints gives me alot of worries. They are not a great team yet their coach pushes them to be the best they can be each sunday and if you all remember last year, the Saints had some of our numbers. Yet this year is different, we are rid of the cancer (ie:carter) which now gives our team an edge over the Saints due to our newly formed fearsome 8-some. Will the saints go marching on??? I firebirdRamsam predict no, the Rams will win, yet it will be a type of giants vs. Rams game. Due to our defensive improvements and having Trung as a backup if Marshall is still not feeling 100%, this will alow the Rams to beat the Saints by 10 points, the score will be around 21 to 17.

        -10-22-2001, 05:39 PM
      • macrammer
        Week 2 Predictions Saints @ Rams
        by macrammer
        I wish it never happened but it did. A blown call that lives in infamy.. A mistake that has been blown out of proportion. The Rams had to overcome a 23-20 lead by the Saints. Rams did, in waning moments. Saints failed to hold the lead. The Saints won the coin toss for OT. Elected to receive. The % were with them to score first. They did not. Fowler affected Brees throw and Johnson intercepts. Saints D need to hold Rams. They did not. In one of the most epic kicks in NFL folklore, the Leg nailed a 57 yarder to send the boys to the SB. Just an amazing game but one that is now mostly known for the blown call.

        As luck would have it, here we are in week 2 facing the Saints, I suppose I never really disliked the Saints all of these years. But hard for me to look at them with anything but some contempt over so much whining.

        Rams lead series 42-34. NFC West divisional rivals until 2001. Teams first met in 1967. Drew Brees, Kamara, Thomas bla bla bla

        This is the type of game Rams need to win but it won't be end all if they lose.

        Goff needs to improve performance....if he does Rams win 34 -27

        What say you?...
        -09-10-2019, 12:04 PM
      • live4ramin
        Just Thinking The Unthinkable Outloud
        by live4ramin
        Dirty Saints players you say? Last season was one of the worst for RAMS fans. We were never so bad - and we managed to defeat the mighty, head-hunting Saints. Looking back it seems like we whooped them handily too. I was ready then for us to take our ass kickin, but I guess anything can happen on any given sunday. Right?

        Well my question is if the saints played dirty, and other teams are dirty too I know, but couldn't it be possible that a few of those dirty players could have somehow "dialed down" the intensity just enough to, I don't know, like, lose?

        "Say it ain't so, Joe" It's just one game along the way. I'm not a conspiracy guy, but.....It's big money.
        -03-22-2012, 02:58 PM
      • Guam rammer
        Haslette aints the Saints
        by Guam rammer
        There's no way haslette lets the Saints beat us with their offense. If we lose, it'll be because our O really can't get things together. I'm really stoked about the posibilities of our D going in there and getting it done!!!
        -11-11-2007, 04:09 AM
      • r8rh8rmike
        Round Two: Saints Marching In...Any Chance For Rams?
        by r8rh8rmike
        11.09.2009 1:53 pm
        Saints marching in … any chance for Rams?
        By Roger Hensley


        QUESTION: If the Rams are to have any chance against the 8-0 New Orleans Saints this weekend, what are the keys to the game plan?

        JIM THOMAS
        1. Ball control on offense, the Saints are a modest 19th in run defense.
        2. Takeaways on defense, easier said than done against Drew Brees.
        3. Something special on special teams, be it long returns, blocked kicks, etc.

        This is a challenge similar to what the Rams faced against Minnesota and Indianapolis — but New Orleans may be the most high-powered offense of the three.

        If the Rams can consistently throw the ball downfield to balance their offense, maintain time of possession and finish off scoring drives, they can stay in the game. But apparently this is an impossible task for this offense, so the Rams are doomed to a blowout loss. Even if the Saints turn the ball over again and again, they will win this game unless the Rams used their bye week to reinvent their offense.

        After seeing Carolina run up and down the field against the Saints, the run-oriented Rams certainly have a chance. If the Rams can stick to a Steven Jackson rushing attack and keep Drew Brees off the field, the home crowd could become a huge factor.

        KEVIN WHEELER (Host of “Sports Open Line” on KMOX)
        Call Tonya Harding and ask for some advice on how to “handle” competition? Lock the doors of the Dome just before the Saints arrive and lose the keys?

        Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Seriously, there is no way this game is competitive. None. The Saints are the highest-scoring team in the league averaging 38 points per game and the Rams are the lowest-scoring team in the league at just over 9 points per game. Heck, the Saints are 59 points better than the next highest-scoring team this season (Minnesota). The Rams have scored a total of 77 points as a point of reference.

        But wait, there’s more. The Saints are +129 when points scored are compared to points allowed and the Rams are -144. That’s a 273 point difference between these two teams over eight games. That’s a 34-point-per-game difference in case you were wondering.

        There is nothing the Rams can do to be competitive in this game. Nothing legal anyway.
        -11-09-2009, 07:28 PM