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Let's give a cheer for the Super-Subs!!!!

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  • Let's give a cheer for the Super-Subs!!!!

    Some great performances by some of the players you expect to make plays (Bulger, Faulk, Bruce, A.Williams), but I want to give a shout out to some of the super subs who came up big:

    Grant Williams
    Though a starter at RT, he had to play over a quarter at LT after the (bogus) Pace ejection. He did a fine job (as he did all day - way to go Grant!) and did not give up a sack.

    Blaine Sapaia
    Coming in at RT, he also did a great job, particularly on run blocking.

    Tom Nutten
    Another mid-game replacement who did his job.

    Kevin Curtis
    With Holt out of the game, he contributed 3 receptions, 1 TD, and a huge 15 yard run on 3rd down.

    Mike Furrey
    Has not seen the field much this year, but made his first catch a big 8 yard gain and 3rd and 7.

    DeJuan Groce
    When Travis Fisher left the game, he had a target on his back. He held his ground. Well done.

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    Re: Let's give a cheer for the Super-Subs!!!!

    I must agree. For once this season, i have no complaints about the subs. Good job, guys...


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      Re: Let's give a cheer for the Super-Subs!!!!

      Great effort through out!!!!...... the WR's and OL did a superb job!!!...

      steve :ramlogo:
      "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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        Re: Let's give a cheer for the Super-Subs!!!!

        It wasn't until today that I realized how deep our receiving corps really is.


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        • MFranke
          RamView, 8/21/2005: Chargers 36, Rams 21 (Long)
          by MFranke
          RamView, August 21, 2005
          From The Couch
          (Report and opinions from the game.)
          Preseason Game #2: Chargers 36, Rams 21

          Rams fans wondering how the team would look against a better opponent than last week's had to cringe at the answer they got today, as the Rams got off to a lousy start, with flashbacks to last year's "defense" and offensive line. Though it is preseason, it also looks like the Rams still have a ways to go to improve on '04.

          Position by position:
          * QB: The Ram offense got off to a God-awful start: two straight 3-and-outs, one ended by Marc Bulger getting a pass knocked down at the line (AGAIN), another ending in a sack, followed by another drive ending in a sack. As San Diego charged ahead 17-0, things were not looking good at all. When the second quarter got going, though, Marc found his groove and played lights-out football, finishing the first half with 181 yards and 2 TDs on 15-21 passing. With his line finally slowing down the Charger rush, Bulger hit Isaac Bruce for 20, Shaun McDonald for 11, Kevin Curtis for 13, Steven Jackson for 9, and Curtis for 13 and a TD. The Rams got the ball right back. Bulger hit Bruce, who lateralled to Curtis, for 22 out to midfield. He next hit Torry Holt for nine, and on the next play, rolled away from a blitzing LB and hit Holt for 41 and a TD. With that play, Rams fans could feel good that Bulger had knocked off any offseason rust. Luck was not with Marc the rest of the half, though, as he gave up a well-played interception/TD (great play by Clinton Hart; 44-yard TD return by Drayton Florence) and got sacked on the last play of the half. Jeff Smoker (1-3-17) was the #2 (Jamie Martin sat out with an injury) but didn't show much. He fell on his first play from scrimmage for a loss. His first drive ended in a safety and his third and last drive ended in a sack. That made him look pretty bad when Ryan Fitzpatrick came in for one play, threw a picture-perfect bomb to Curtis for a 78-yard TD, and trotted off as nonchalantly as if he'd been doing that all his life. Again, it comes down to more than just the games, but it looks like Fitzpatrick is sailing away with the #3 job to me.

          * RB: My favorite Steven Jackson (7-51) play of the game wasn't the early 7-yard sweep with the nice cutback. Or the 17-yard run off an inside handoff behind a key block by Brandon Manumaleuna, or the 11-yard sweep behind Andy McCollum. It was the play that came on the Rams' first TD drive, where Jackson stopped a blitzer cold and then slipped right around him to catch a screen pass for 9 yards. I am totally drinking the Steven Jackson Kool-Aid after that play. What a superb play by a second-year player. Marshall Faulk (25 total yards) may have topped that in the 1st, though. Showing the damage he'll be capable of doing "in space" this season, Marshall took a swing pass and put the greatest hesitation move ever on two or three...
          -08-22-2005, 07:54 AM
        • general counsel
          Its a WIN!!!Ramming Speed observations
          by general counsel
          A few post game thoughts, in no particular order

          -We got a huge break at the end, the ref blew the call
          -Bartell was impressive in his debut. I predict that if he stays healthy, he is done for his career with the game day inactives
          -Hargrove continues to improve, very solid game
          -We need leonard little, holt, bulger and bruce back
          -mcdonald dropped three balls i saw, totally unacceptable
          -Jamie Martin was fine. Tough situation. No holt, no bruce, very limited running game, several drops down the field and terrible field position all game. Some misses, but some great throws, especially the bomb to curtis
          -Gutsy effort by the defense after the terrible start, especially considering how many times the saints had great field position
          -Terrific effort by the offensive line on pass blocking. How many times did martin get hit despite the fact that we had no running game after the first series. Pace was great and aside from the two holding penalties, baby alex had another strong game.
          -nutten gutted it out again, limping away and staying in there
          -timmermans run blocking is a shadow of its former self
          -Fisher had two INT drops within a span of three plays. Not easy plays, but very makeable
          -Mamliamula continues to disappoint. He has to hold onto that ball and not fumble it.
          _How can you not love mike furrey
          -ivey is great as a backup, as a starter he is very weak
          -haslett is awful. if you are going to go for it on 4th and a foot, you have brooks sneak.
          -Better game for steven jackson. After the first run, he didnt do all that much, but did have some nice hard runs. I still think the problem is that he runs sideways too much and doesnt plow straight ahead into the pile when the hole isnt there
          -some nice plays by marshall, always great to see
          -curtis was good, even with the one big drop
          The squad is alive and kicking. we should get holt and little back this week and if we can find a way to beat jacksonville, we are alive going into the bye week and can get healthy and gear up for the second half charge. Hopefully we can get another break, go cowboys over the seahawks!

          Ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -10-23-2005, 03:09 PM
        • Nick
          Nick's Rams/Lions Game Notes, Wagoner Style
          by Nick

          -Nice pressure on third down by Green. Little nearly beat his double team.

          -McDonald should not be returning punts until he learns not to run backwards.

          -Steven Jackson, first run... 64 YARDS!!! Talk about some nice blocking and a good job finding the hole.

          -Great run in by Marc Bulger to get the touchdown. Don't listen to John Madden, Marc. You may not be Mike Vick, but you're not exactly a statue in the pocket either.

          -Furrey makes a nice shoe-lace ST tackle.

          -Arch overpursues and is embarassed by Kevin Jones on a first down run. Ugh.

          -Little once again "nearly" has the sack.

          -Claiborne gets a nice sack after blowing past Kevin Jones. Very nice job after a couple miscues on D.

          -Great third down stop getting pressure on the Lions offense. Jackson came in free after a blitz by Arch and another DB.

          -Rams get the ball at their own ten, like always.

          -Great pitch and catch by Bulger to Manu from the two tight end set. How you leave a 300-lb guy that wide open is beyond me.

          -Toss that counter run from the playbook. Too long developing, and looked awkward.

          -13 yard pass to Bruce, and Bulger was very well protected. Bruce ran perhaps the perfect comeback route.

          -Jackson goes in motion and grabs a toss from Bulger that was thrown behind him. Nice grab!

          -Heck of a draw by Faulk, and it didn't even look like he tried to break the initial tackle. He just did it.

          -Another first down run by Marshall after another great run across the line. Very nice blocking to give him some lanes to hit as well.

          -Nice inside run by Jackson, with solid blocking ahead of him. That's what the Rams have been missing in the red zone.

          -Man, Terrence Holt, I hope your brother gives you a beatdown for not only jumping offsides during an extra point, but then running right into Jeff Wilkins' legs!

          -Man, that kickoff runback toward the end of the first scared me. But knowing that the penalty was holding on Detroit makes me feel better.

          -Say a prayer for Terry Fair. I don't say that to sound cute, but the man went straight to the turf after getting his head crunched by Kevin Jones. Really hope he's okay. Thumbs up is a great sign.

          -Blitz after Fair's injury brings what looks like two guys, but can't get any of them free to the QB.

          -Rams did a nice job collapsing the pocket on third down despite holding, and Hargrove coming around to sack Harrington is very good to see.


          -McDonald fields another punt and, once again, runs sideways and backwards. DO NOT LET THIS MAN RETURN PUNTS UNTIL HE LEARNS TO GO FORWARD!!

          -Great 8-yard run by Jackson after the penalty,...
          -08-29-2005, 09:51 PM
        • general counsel
          My post game thoughts
          by general counsel
          HUGE win for the squad today. As we always say, a win is a win and you take them wherever, however and whenever you can get them. Another heart attack game, here is my view of the good, the bad and the ugly

          The Good

          We survived a must win game and we did it while resting orlando pace
          The offense finally put some real points on the board after a very slow early red zone start again.
          Marc bulger is truly a elite qb. I just hope everyone on this board realizes it and appreciates it.
          Stephen Jackson is truly a Big Boy stud. His enthusiasm and power running and catching are taking him to a higher level week after week. You cant blame jackson for his failure to run inside, there was no blocking at all for him between the tackles. He cut several runs outside and showed some real speed in addition to his toughness. The hurdle over dre bly was a classic.
          Jacksons run up the middle for 5 yards on third down in the last series when everyone in the stadium knew it was coming was great running and should have put the game away since it got money into field goal range, which somehow, he missed.
          Wilkins was great again today, aside from the miss at the end. Not a perfect game due to what could have been a huge miss, but his kickoffs were excellent and he was 4 for 5.
          Bruce and Holt are the best wide receiver combination in the history of the nfl over the last 7 years. There, i said it. Take your shots at it. Holt is a stud and all that crapola about bruce slowing down is nonsense. He is a top notch #2 reciever and he is getting one on one coverage all the time, meaning when bulger has time, ike is open on basically every play. The td and 2 point conversion at the end was classic rev ike.
          Nice game for the klopper, getting on the board with his first td. I believe that the klopper is ready for full integration into the offense, he will be open all day long and that will be a huge weapon for us.
          Very gutty performance by the O line without the Big Man, at least on the pass blocking side. I thought stuessie was excellent, and its really time to recognize baby alyx as a terrific right tackle. He continues to improve, he will be ready for the pro bowl in no time.
          NO TURNOVERS for the rams.
          There are not a lot of great things to say about the defense in this game, but i will say that we caused three turnovers, and that was the difference in the game.
          Stephen Davis looked good in limited action as a backup.
          The toughness and guts of pisa are hard to believe. We should lock him up contract wise.

          The Bad

          The kickoff coverage basically stunk. If not for tye hills speed, we would have given up two tds.
          Its probably as much ugly as bad, but our complete lack of pass rush today almost cost us the game. John Kitna is ok, but without a guy in his face and with roy williams (who by the way is just a fantastic player),...
          -10-01-2006, 07:22 PM
        • Guest's Avatar
          The role players step up, a key to the win
          by Guest
          Curtis, nutten, groce and sapamamiliamula to name four of them. Also a very spirited effort by grant williams. Huge third down play late by furrey. This is the kind of thing that has to happen if you are going to win games under extreme adversity.

          general counsel
          -11-14-2004, 03:37 PM