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The role players step up, a key to the win

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  • The role players step up, a key to the win

    Curtis, nutten, groce and sapamamiliamula to name four of them. Also a very spirited effort by grant williams. Huge third down play late by furrey. This is the kind of thing that has to happen if you are going to win games under extreme adversity.

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    Re: The role players step up, a key to the win

    No doubt, the St. Louis Rams played in response to a stern call to the front'n center. :helmet:

    I was impressed by how the OL played, including Grant Williams, including Manumaleuna, and how it responded after losing Big O (I'm sure Pace was proud in the locker room of the play by the OL).

    Jackson & Jackson, Bruce, Polley, Archuleta, Tino, Little, Curtis, Master Aeneas, Bulger, Furrey, Wilkins, Fisher & Fisher, McDonald, Coady, Butler, Faulk & Faulk.

    EVERYBODY. Despite the defense still suffering Vs the run, e.g., S. Alexander, they DID step up.

    How about that 4 and 1 stop by our D, ey? ;)
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      Re: The role players step up, a key to the win

      How about that 4 and 1 stop by our D, ey?
      I couldn't believe my eyes. That gave us back the momentum that we lost late in the 2nd half.


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      • AvengerRam_old
        Let's give a cheer for the Super-Subs!!!!
        by AvengerRam_old
        Some great performances by some of the players you expect to make plays (Bulger, Faulk, Bruce, A.Williams), but I want to give a shout out to some of the super subs who came up big:

        Grant Williams
        Though a starter at RT, he had to play over a quarter at LT after the (bogus) Pace ejection. He did a fine job (as he did all day - way to go Grant!) and did not give up a sack.

        Blaine Sapaia
        Coming in at RT, he also did a great job, particularly on run blocking.

        Tom Nutten
        Another mid-game replacement who did his job.

        Kevin Curtis
        With Holt out of the game, he contributed 3 receptions, 1 TD, and a huge 15 yard run on 3rd down.

        Mike Furrey
        Has not seen the field much this year, but made his first catch a big 8 yard gain and 3rd and 7.

        DeJuan Groce
        When Travis Fisher left the game, he had a target on his back. He held his ground. Well done.
        -11-14-2004, 02:14 PM
      • Bruce=GOAT
        Mike Furrey second in NFL receptions
        by Bruce=GOAT
        Mike Furrey ended up with 98 catches, over 1,000 yds and 6 TD's. I am not saying that we should have kept him, as we are so deep at WR and he was a ball-hawking S but got burnt too often. I just thought that he put up a very good season quietly.

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        -01-03-2007, 08:07 PM
      • RamWraith
        Young guns bring new energy to offense
        by RamWraith
        By Jim Thomas
        Of the Post-Dispatch
        Wednesday, Oct. 13 2004

        At its apex, the Greatest Show on Turf wasn't just about Marshall Faulk, or
        Isaac Bruce, or Torry Holt, or Kurt Warner. It was about all of them - and
        more. Az-Zahir Hakim and Ricky Proehl as the No. 3 and No. 4 wide receivers.
        Roland Williams, and then Ernie Conwell, at tight end.

        Make no mistake, Faulk, Bruce and Holt were the money players. Still are. But
        there simply were too many options across the board. You couldn't cover them
        all. And that was the beauty of the offense back in the "glory days."
        Which brings us to the Rams' back-to-back victories over San Francisco and
        Seattle. In those contests, the Rams' seven touchdowns were scored by wide
        receiver Shaun McDonald (two), wide receiver Kevin Curtis (one), running back
        Steven Jackson (one), tight end Brandon Manumaleuna (one), fullback Joey
        Goodspeed (one), and quarterback Marc Bulger (one).

        Since the start of the Rams' 1999 Super Bowl championship season, Faulk, Bruce
        and Holt have scored 159 touchdowns. Until that Oct. 3 San Francisco game, the
        Rams had gone 24 consecutive contests with Faulk, Bruce or Holt scoring at
        least one TD.

        But now, for the first time with Faulk, Bruce and Holt on the roster and
        available to play, the Rams have won back-to-back games with none of the three
        scoring a TD.

        Could it be a sign that the "good old days" are back on offense? Are the Rams
        developing the kind of multiple options that characterized the '99, 2000, and
        2001 squads? (All three of those teams scored 500-plus points.)

        Coach Mike Martz stopped short of such a sweeping assessment. Way short.

        "This is totally different," he said after the Seattle game. "This is just a
        completely different team. We're just trying to find a way to win."

        Not that the youngsters aren't making life easier for the Rams offensively.

        "Some of these young players are stepping to the forefront right now," Martz
        said. "These guys now are taking the load off some of the other players. And as
        they step to the forefront, that makes it easier to manage the game. These
        other guys, now, you've got to account for them."

        Leave it to free safety Aeneas Williams to dream of the possibilities.

        "You have a dual threat at running back," Williams said. "You have four, five
        receivers. Why wouldn't you think that you have the potential to have an
        explosive offense like we did before?"

        The emergence of Dane Looker last season gave the Rams at least a reasonable
        facsimile of Proehl, who signed with Carolina following...
        -10-13-2004, 06:26 AM
      • AvengerRam_old
        My Offseason Scorecard
        by AvengerRam_old
        Given that the Rams probably won't make any major personnel changes from now until the season starts, its a good time to evaluate the offseason. Here's how I see it:


        2003: Bulger/Warner/Covington
        2004: Bulger/Chandler/Smoker

        The starter has not changed. Chandler, though not as good as Warner, may be better suited in the backup role as his presence does not create controversy. Smoker is a better prospect than Covington. IMPROVED


        2003: Faulk/Gordon/Harris; Goodspeed
        2004: Faulk/Jackson/Gordon; Goodspeed/Harris

        The addition of Jackson is an upgrade at RB. Harris at FB is intriguing. IMPROVED


        2003: Holt/Bruce/Looker/Furrey/McDonald/Curtis; Manumaleuna/Cleeland
        2004: Holt/Bruce/Curtis/Looker/McDonald/Furrey; Manumaleuna/Cleeland

        Same cast, but Curtis and McDonald are healthy. IMPROVED


        2003: Pace/Turley/Wohlabaugh/McCollum/Timmerman
        2004: Pace/Turley/Wohlabaugh/McCollum(?)/Timmerman

        Other than the possibilty that McCollum might be supplanted by a younger player, nothing has changed. SAME


        2003: Wistrom/Pickett/Lewis/Young/T.Jackson/Little/Fisher/Kennedy
        2004: Fisher/Pickett/Lewis/T.Jackson/Little/Kennedy/Hargrove/Moran

        The loss of Wistrom and Young put this unit in decline, but there is at least hope with the potential of players like Kennedy and Hargrove. DECLINE


        2003: Tinoisamoa/Thomas/Polley/Duncan
        2004: Tinoisamoa/Thomas/Polley/????

        It is uncertain who will emerge as the fourth LB (Chillar, Spoon, Faulk, Newson, Lloyd are all possiblities). But, whoever it is, the depth should be better than last year. IMPROVED (slightly)


        2003: Fisher/Butler/Williams/Archuleta/Groce/Garrett/Walton/Sehorn
        2004: Fisher/Butler/Williams/Archuleta/Groce/Garrett/Shivers/Walton

        Again, not much change. I expect that Shivers will be an improvement over Mr. Angie Harmon, but we'll have to see. SAME


        2003: Wilkins/Landeta/Harris(KR)/Furrey(PR)
        2004: Wilkins/Landeta/????/????

        Unclear who will be the KR and PR. I hope that Groce can emerge as the PR (i.e. not muff punts), as I think he has a lot of potential there. UNCERTAIN


        2003: Martz/Fairchild/Smith
        2004: Martz/Fairchild/Marmie

        The addition of Marmie should not change too much with the defense, other than the weight of the DTs. Fairchild seems to be getting more responsibilities. Too close to call. SAME

        Total scorecard:

        IMPROVED: 4
        DECLINE: 1
        SAME: 3
        UNCERTAIN: 1

        All in all, despite the minimalist approach, a pretty good offseason for...
        -06-10-2004, 08:26 AM
      • ZigZagRam
        53-Man Roster
        by ZigZagRam
        Here's my take on the 53-man roster. I can't remember if we IR'd Kennedy or not but here it goes.

        QB: Bulger, Chandler, Smoker
        RB: Faulk, Jackson, Gordon, Harris
        FB: Goodspeed, Massey
        WR: Holt, Bruce, McDonald, Looker, Curtis, Furrey
        TE: Manumaleuna, Cleeland, Brake
        OT: Pace, Williams, Tercero
        OG: Timmerman, Tercero, Dishman, King
        C: McCullom, Turner
        DE: Little, Fisher, Jackson, Hargrove, Flowers
        DT: Pickett, Lewis, Howard
        LB: Tinoisamoa, Thomas, Chillar, Polley, Newson, Faulk
        SS: Archuleta, Coady
        FS: Williams, Lucas, Shivers
        CB: Butler, Garrett, Groce, Anderson, Fisher
        K: Wilkins
        P: Landeta

        Notable Cuts: Greg Randall, Erik Jensen, Sean Moran, Brandon Spoon, Tom Knight

        Your thoughts?
        -08-31-2004, 10:40 AM