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  • Defense Comes Through!

    Big kudo's to the defense this week! They held Seattle to 4 field goals and came up big on the 4th and 1 play. The two turnovers were HUGE! I've been critical of both Aeneas and Butler but they stepped up to the challenge today. The run defense still gave up a lot of yardage but the pass defense was much improved. It looked like everyone was swarming to the ball. They came up big when they had to. All in all a fine effort.

    Go Rams!!!
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    Re: Defense Comes Through!

    yeah, i agree that the d came up big several times in this game with turnovers that directly contributed to a victory...but this game also showed me that our defense still has major problems with the run...

    the color commentator put it best when he said that the ram linemen and linebackers were having trouble getting off blocks. it seemed that the hawks offensive linemen were getting their hand on the outside shoulders of the ram front seven defenders all day. alexander ran right by defenders consistently because the ram players were unable to shed the blockers to make any tackles between the gaps...

    if the ram defenders don't pick up on using hand techniques to get the olinemen's hand off them, then i don't see this team winning many more games against run oriented teams like the bills, packers, eagles and the jets...


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      Re: Defense Comes Through!

      but this game also showed me that our defense still has major problems with the run...
      This is very true and a concern.Yet if the Rams could score quickly out the gate and build leads like they did then teams will eventually have to pass to get back in the Games. I am not happy about the Rams run defence but I really think they could win w/o it. Especially if they stuff the red zone runs like they did today. In this NFC that the Rams would play in the playoffs the pass is the most important thing to stop. I will agree though tighten up that middle boys. I say just stick Pace in at Nose Tackle that will clog the middle lol.


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        Re: Defense Comes Through!

        :tough: :redface: :king: :ramlogo:

        BIG WIN! WAY TO GO RAMS! :helmet:

        Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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          Effective blitzing.

          Pass rush.


          Pass breakups.

          And most of all A RUN DEFENSE !!!

          I still can't figure out why the most talented Offense in the league can't score ?

          Other than Fisher's guarranteed big play per game give up, it was a great performance...

          :ramlogo: :helmet: :king:
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